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Found 14 results

  1. Cadas

    Internet & Phone Connection

    Hi, Have any other new arrivals had difficulty getting internet & phone connections? I´ve just taken a let on a property and going through the process of getting utilities connected, all going ok so far, until got to internet. Evidently I keep failing the credit checks! Hardly surprising as I´ve only been in the country a couple of weeks!
  2. Guest

    Electricity Connection

    We the keys to our rental on Friday and I just checked to see how we get the electricity connected. Apparently it takes 3 working days???? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo:arghh: I can't select a date before next Tuesday online. Does anyone know if I'm likely to get any help if I phone up? Can but try I guess! I just want to move in!!!!!!!!!!!! Fed up in temporary place now as nice as it is it's not a holiday and it's not our own and it's been 3.5 weeks now. This is not helping my new found Tim Tam addiction:no:
  3. redditchcouple

    uk-aus telephone connection

    hi, does anyone know if the connections in oz are a standard bt connection like here,or can we buy an adaptor to fit?? cheers
  4. DEar friends would appreciate if some could provide me with the cellular and ISP market information: - which type of Documents are required to buy and activate the SIM - How many popular ISPs, GSM and CDMA operators existis in Victoria - which one of them is a SMP (significant market payer as per their number of subs), because that will be more beneficial to utilize the free minutes promotions provided for on-net calls - Are there any hidden charges - what is the minimum top-up amount - Mode of charging, is it CPP (Calling party pays) OR sub has to pay for both incomming and outgoing calls - Are the mobile operators charge Romming charges between states - if there is no balance (funds) availabe in the account does the incoming and GPRS also stops - If I have a mobile set available with me can I buy SIM only - Is there balance transfer facility avaiable from sub to sub - Is there emergency balance available (if there is no balance in the account is there a facility provided by the operator that sub can make a 1 or 2 min call on a specific number Regards, Wasif Saleem
  5. maybe a stupid question to ask....but does anyone know how you can get a faster internet connection in perth? ours is with telstra but it takes forever to load a page :SLEEP: i know we haven't moved here to be on a computer all day, but sometimes things have to be done...paying bills, e mails etc and this is driving me mad!:mad: any ideas?.....Thanks
  6. Guest

    tv connection

    hi can anyone tell me where yu can get a connection for television uk i took my connection from my hp printer the three pronged one that plugs in to printer to use for the television , i think there a common connection in the uk tried jb electrics but the auz fittings all seem diffrent any info most helpful thanks
  7. Guest

    telstra connection fees

    wonder if anyone can help, jus got phoneline connected ,had internet connected through telstra too, the salesman told us it was free connection . on our first bill they have charged 350 dollars for the so called free connection , i phoned telstra bills dept and said to the person about the above to which he replied that once we pay this bill you will be in credit for the 350 dollars and it will come off your next 3 bills , he said this was standard practice , i dont understand why we should pay 350 for something stated as free then be credited it on your next 3 bills ,i'm a bit wary of this ,has anyone else had this issue ,the guy said all new customers all asked the same thing ,but i dont know if he was just fobbing me off , any info would be most appreciated thanks :huh:
  8. Looking for advice on a phone connection to a newly built rental property (house). When we viewed the property the main question we asked the agent was whether the property had a phone line installed as we need broadband for Skype and I am currently studying online and need internet access. We knew that if the house had no connection to the road then it would cost $299 to install so we would have negotiated a deal with the owner before we signed the contract as this is the normal thing to do, but we didn't because the agent informed us that a phone line was already in place, so we put in an application was approved and moved in this week. I called iinet on Friday to have a phone/broadband bundle installed only to be told, guess what? Our property does not have a phone line from the road to the house which will cost us $299 before they can proceed. I except I am responsible for the connection of phone/broadband but there is no way I am paying $299 for the install. I spoke to the agent about this to be told I will have to pay it as it is not a legal requirement of the owner to have this in place. I then reminded her that she stated the phone line was in place, her answer to this was, did I ? Yes I said, you did. So she said she would talk to the owner about a compromise and will call me back on Monday but I don't hold out for much hope on that one as it's my word against hers. My question is this: If they decide I have to pay, should I or should I fight it? Has anyone been through this and what are your thoughts or experiences...?
  9. Guest

    Life after Visa Connection

    Hi all just a quick update for all. There is hope after V/c. I went with George lombard who has managed to get me assessed by vetassess which got approved tonight YEAHHHHHH!!!!. So after all the mess V/C left me in George has picked up the pieces and has rescued my application and i have just submitted my sponsorship for SA tonight and am now waiting for a yes or no from them. Fingers Crossed. So to everyone like me who was with V/C don't dispare there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck Everyone
  10. Hi, I just wanted to start a new thread, and I hope this is allowed, if not I am so sorry, and will understand if it gets taken out, but I just wanted to do it to warn people who still do not have agents picked to make them aware that Ashley McEwen is now working for a different company based in Manchester. As some of you may be aware of all the problems Visa Connection has caused, mainly being Clare Molnar herself, but I feel Ashley had a huge part to play in this also, and he managed to cause us quite a few problems a long the way. The thing I found out today is that Ashley McEwen, aswell as still working for himself, he is now working for Four Corners Emigration as an Employee, and I just wanted to warn people if they were going to use this company, that he is working there. I know nothing about this company, and therefore I can not comment on them, and they are probably a very good migration company, but I would be worried for anyone who got Ashley as their designated agent, as he was useless with Visa Connection. I just want to make this 100% clear I am NOT putting down in any way Four Corners Emigration, just Ashley McEwen. Thanks Andi.xx
  11. Guest

    Visa Connection Victim

    Please, please, please can someone help me. Visa Connection took all my money in May and said the TRA had been sent off the following week! I have been chasing them every 3-4 weeks chasing progress and they ensured me each time that the TRA was in and they were merely awaiting the results - then I see on here that they have gone bankrupt. I am soooo gutted it's untrue. Me and o/h scraped together that money and I am lost as to what to do. Please help and give me any advice you can - it will be appreciated. Many thanx, Katy, Anthony, Kian and Ruby
  12. Guest

    Visa Connection Victim!

    Hello, Im new to the forum, can anybody help me, I have been with visa connection since april, I paid the full £2,500 for them to complete my visa's, I dont know how far they have got, I think up to the skills assesment. I went to edinburgh to confront them about a month ago, was met with dumb and dumber (who shall remain nameless), asked claire if she would do my visa personally, she promised me she would and that was a month ago. Since then I have recieved a letter saying they have gone bankrupt, when she promised me they weren't, now I dont know what to do, can I claim my money back or has it gone forever?
  13. Guest

    Visa Connection Update

    Here is my update:- My Skills assesment forms have been delivered to Vetassess and Vetassess have taken the money from my account so they are processing my skills assesment which is a wieght of my shoulders for now just hope i get it. Danielle at there head office is contactable and seems to be catching up with things. Clare is still in contact with me as soon as i email her. So if you are with Visa Connections i suggest that you contact them and keep calm and collected as they have a lawyer in OZ who is a MARA agent and is also contactable i have a bad experiance with V/C but after they had addressed and sorted out the mess that was created they have been very good and efficiant. If you need anymore information if you are V/C please contact me but dont worry as V/C seem to be coming through for me. Hope this helps
  14. I have just spoken to ACS In Sydney and they have told me that they have no record of me on their system and that the application number that Visa Connections have given me is wrong. I Strongly urge anyone who is still with Visa Connections to get in touch with them A.S.A.P as i will be doing so in the morning. I will keep you all up to date with what is happening.