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Found 33 results

  1. kernow43

    Congratulations Melbourne. 2011

    Melbourne judged world's most liveable city. Fully deserved! Melbourne has trumped Vancouver to become the best city in the world to live, according to the latest Economist Intelligence Unit's Global Liveability Survey. In a ranking of 140 cities around the world, Melbourne was given a score of 97.5 per cent. 4 Aussie cities in the top ten! Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/business/melbourne-judged-worlds-most-liveable-city-20110830-1jjaq.html#ixzz1WTSSPHTF
  2. Congratulations to Sabira on being accepted for nurse training................you'll make a good 'un :yes: kev
  3. The Pom Queen

    Danny Coyles Congratulations

    Danny and Clare just want to say congratulations on the arrival of baby Orin what a wonderful end to 2010.
  4. Congratulations Keily's 2 years in oz even the storms don't drive you out lol well done guys will catch up with you soon.
  5. Guest

    Congratulations Pablo.

    Might go unnoticed by some, but I am a bit anal when it comes to 'statistics'. My congratulations to you mate on 10,000 thanks in less than 10,000 posts, if that makes sense mate. That's some achievement my friend, well done, particularly on what you bring to this forum, honest, funny and educated. I'll stop there mate, as I KNOW you hate this type of thing, and I would also like to say there are some on your tail mate, Susie and some others. I KNOW the thanks button is often over used, but in many cases it just goes to show how helpful people are on PIO. Well done mate.:notworthy::wink: Cheers Tony.
  6. Guest

    Congratulations Richsalt

    Steph many congratulations to you and the family on your lovely new home! All your positivity is paying off and I am so delighted that you have managed to come so far in such a short space of time! Love Susie x:notworthy::notworthy::hug:
  7. TheOptimist

    Congratulations A380! (Tony)

    I think (though not 100% sure) that Tony was getting married this weekend. If this is the case, then I would like to raise a glass to the second time around newlyweds and wish them both the very best from all at PIO. :wubclub: Congratulations guys - we wish you both well and may the force be with you both. :hug:
  8. Guest

    Congratulations Andy Peppin.

    Not sure about massive unrest Jim, we are all to weak to complain and march for what we believe in, take forums for instance and people like me who moan about how i want things to be and what everyone else is doing wrong but i never do anything about it because i wouldn't know where to start, politicians will take advantage of that and just do what they please and that is one of the reasons we are in the poo, we as the people who hold the country up and pay for everything are to afraid to stand up and be counted. I am starting this thread for several reasons, firstly the above sentiment that was posted by Andy on a completely different thread, Andy you have my admiration and I applaud you mate. You were honest, educated and totally unbiased in your opinion mate.:notworthy: I realise that a lot of us have very, very, busy lives, careers, kids, worrying about money etc, are all integral parts of us as human being beings, especially in these troubled times, but Andy has summed a lot of what is wrong with this country at the moment. To use the word lazy would be wrong to describe peoples attitude to this country, it is rather a case of apathy, a sense that no matter what is said and done by the vast majority of people in this country then nothing will change. I can understand this point of view completely, to even think that OUR opinion will be taken notice of is to some degree farcical and beyond our imaginations, but the truth is simply this. That if enough of us took direct action then things will change. By direct action I am not speaking of breaking the law, more the ability to stand up and be counted and MAKE sure the authorities of this once great country sit up and take notice of the people they are MEANT to serve.\ For far too long the powers that be have ridden rough shod over the populous of this country and the reason is simply this. That when we do not like something there is barely a whimper from certain quarters that in the grand scheme of things just get shoved to the back of what is going on and little notice is taken. It could be argued that we can all have our say when there is a general election, but in truth only 65% of people even voted in the last election, AND over the past twenty years that figure has not changed to any great degree. That equates to over 18 million people of voting age did not vote for a party that for all intents and purpose was going to tell us what to do for the next five years. Andy also said that he wouldn't know where to start, and this is a sentiment I couldn't agree with more. My own 'action' has been over the past year to form my own political party in the hope that it will bring about change. It has been a loooonnnnggggg drawn out process. The paperwork needed by the Electoral Commission is immense, rather akin to trying to submit an application to DIAC for emigration. To ask anyone to form a political party is a step too far, but there are other avenues we can take, letters to MP's, marches, flyers, the list is endless. And yes I realise that to do such things can seem to troublesome to worry about. As I said, we ALL have very busy lives, BUT. Until we as a people realise that the government, (ANY GOVERNMENT) will choose to ignore us, admonish themselves of ALL responsibility etc, until the people shout and scream from the rooftops then NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING will ever change. The time has come people to tell those in power that purport to lead us that we will have our point of view heard then we will continue to go round in circles and once we will find ourselves completely devoid of having a say in this countries future. It is very often the case that some of us only take up arms and complain when it affects us very personal. Instance like your local hospital being closed down, another death by knife crime in our neighborhood. Then you will often find that the locals of the affected community may ask for some sort of action to be taken. But at the end of the day we have to look at these types of things on a NATIONAL scale, just because it isn't happening in your neck of the woods does not mean that it is right. Local issues are all well and good, but the bigger picture is simply this. Until we as a people look at the real issues on a NATIONAL scale nothing will ever change at all. The country we inhabit is just that, a country. One that we should all have a say in on a very personal level. Surely there must be enough of us in this country that can make a difference, until this is done nothing, for better or worse nothing is ever going to change. Cheers Tony:mad::wink:
  9. mr luvpants

    Congratulations to Mrs Puff puff

    One of our friends has her visa but keeps failing the IELTS test which means she wont be able to practice as a nurse. Today she got her results. It was the fifth time that she had done the test and she told me that she had failed again. Then she shouted "april fool" and told me that she had passed on her fifth attempt. Well done Angela! See you on the beach! LISA AND JOHN
  10. Guest

    Congratulations Magnetic

    Natalie, we are over the moon you received your visa today, absolutely delighted, it couldnt have happened to a nicer person and hey you did it yourself as well which is such an achievement. Cant wait to have you over here..... Crack one for the three Amigos this evening. :hug: Love Susie & the other 2 Amigos:wink: xxxx
  11. Bobj

    Congratulations Eera.

    Just received great news...Eera has been safely delivered of a bouncing baby boy. "Hi Bob After 64 hours labour Blake Ryan arrived on the 21st weighing 9lb 1." Cheers, Bobj.
  12. Kazzarazza

    Congratulations Gollywobbler

    I bet you all thought this was going to be yet another thank you for the amazing effort by Gill to get the meeting with Australia House. WRONG!! This is a big CONGRATS for reaching 10000 incredible, amazing, knowledgeable, extremely helpful posts. :notworthy: There aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe the effort that Gill puts in. Well done. We couldn't ever thank you enough. Kazza xx
  13. Guest


    to my hubby who has made the final 10 in the pioneer pro dj australi search. not ad out of over 500. Now its down to the judges.... Ohhh its almost like pop idol
  14. Guest

    Congratulations ali

    10,000 posts there Ali! Nigel remembers what you look like right????? Congratulations! See you soon x:hug:
  15. tracy123

    Congratulations Socceroos

    Another win by Australia 3 - 0 Republic of Ireland
  16. Australia Up 13 places, England down 1 FIFA.com - The FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking
  17. emmaroo


  18. Guest


    I haven't been on line for a few days now (computer problems) and I've got over 3500 post to read............ But I would like to add my CONGRATULATIONS to everyone that's got their visas in the last few days. Good luck in your next step of the journey to get here. KP Nuts
  19. Well done and good luck to all new July 1 visa holders!
  20. I know that you in particular Jo will be getting really excited about your citizenship ceremony this week. I also know that you've both had other stuff to worry about recently and I just wanted to wish you both well and hope you have a perfect day when you finally become Pozzies. I'm sure Kevin will love the photo's and they'll make him smile xx Luv Ali, & Co.
  21. Young Brit is 'Best Job in the World' winner BEN Southall from the United Kingdom is the winner of Tourism Queensland's World's Best Job competition, according to its official website.Queensland Island Reef Job Official Website
  22. TheBrammies

    Congratulations to wolves

    just wanted to say congratulations to wolves on there promotion and impending championship title
  23. ali

    Visa Congratulations

    There's been quite a few of you who have been granted visas over the last week. I haven't had time to congratulate you all, but would like to say Congratulations - what a wonderful Christmas present. Enjoy what could be your last Xmas in the UK (for awhile at least), make lots of happy memories!! Ali x
  24. ali

    Visa Congratulations

    Noticed that there are a few visa grants on the board ... CONGRATULATIONS
  25. tracy123

    Congratulations to Angie*mark

    Congratulations to Angie for getting her 1st PIO stalker. Angie*mark Platinum Member Join Date: Jul 2008 Location: BRISTOL, shirehampton Posts: 618 aunty liz u can stop pm'ing me as i will just keep deleting them without reading them. I have tried blocking u but it wont work. __________________ Angie, Mark, Melissa, Holly & Ebony I'm so proud of you keep up your good work and may you have many more All the best Geoffrey