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Found 22 results

  1. ozgooner

    Confirmation on how long to move

    HI we have just validated our visa on a three week trip to Ox had a great time. Just need confirmation that now we have validated we have 5 years to move but must be living at least 2 out of this, so if we move in 2013 this will be fine, stressing out as don't want to lose visa.:eek:
  2. I am very much worried right now since I send signed sponsorship agreement to WA on 28 May but didnt get any reply yet. I mailed them couple of times, but no reply. Should I ring them? Anybody have their number?
  3. Well after 1st applying in April 2009 on a 175 then trying for SS in 2010, rejected in Feb 2011 we have now been given a CO for our original 175. We have been on a major rollercoaster. All police checks are in clean and Medicals were done monday presuming all is clear on them does anyone know how long it is taking at the mo. to get your final answer? Our life has been on hold for so long so am now so anxious will it actually be a reality? :unsure:
  4. Anyone who has a confirmation on the emails selectively sent to applicants by DIAC? Are they choosing just particular professions? Have they done away with processing based on dates of lodgment?
  5. Our agent informed us he'd just recieved our ss application confirmation!! He said he rang to ask why they had only sent it now but not sure what the response with as my partner dealt with it!! Ha!! Is this time frame normal??
  6. Hi guys, I need to submit my application to ACS for skills assessment, but I cannot get a statement from my employer for my work experience. This job is my first job and I have 3 years of experience. Is payslip enough to prove experience? Payslip shows the start working date. What if I ask a customer (as a third party) to confirm that? Should the guy be of a managerial position? Should the paper be on company letter and stamped? By the way, I have a bachelor's degree in ICT. Did anyone face the same before or know anyone who did? Any advise will help and highly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. mandymcqueen

    Confirmation on ENS visa

    Hi guys This has probably been asked before and I am sure I know the answer but want to double check, too much info running round in my head haha. Ok so if you applied for a RSMS visa you dont have to do the TRA? If you applied for ENS you have to do the entire job ready program? Is this right? Thanks Mandy
  8. Guest

    Job experience confirmation

    How do we confirm our job experience of the 3/4 years if we are asked for by the case officer for the 175 subclass visa? Is it rather possible that this comes from our skills assessment?
  9. hi guys I received SS from WA in July 2009 . In August I sent them the form 1100 + SS agreement that they sent me via mail along with the SS approval. In October I lodged my 176 PR application. Few days ago I called DIAC to enquire about the status of my 176 application and they told that they never received confirmation of Sponsorship from WA. They told me to ring up WA Skilled migrationd department I rang them up and told them that DIAC did not receive confirmation of SS from them and they checked my file and told me that they seem to have misplaced or never received form 1100 + SS agreement. They asked me to fax it to them. I faxed it yesterday. What is it going to happen now?
  10. Hi everyone I submitted by 175 visa application online last night but haven't received an e mail confirmation. Does anyone know if I should be worried about this? Do I need to contact DIAC? Thanks Jaffy
  11. Guest

    How long before confirmation ?

    I lodge 175 application on 7/4/2010 , but have not received confirmation and receipt from immi until today. how long usually it takes to get the confirmation and receipt ? regards
  12. Hi, Have seen a few posts recently regarding whether you're definately allowed extra baggage allowance when migrating. We were told when booked our flights with singapore airlines that we would get 40kgs each if had permanent visa in our passports, our tickets still stated 20kgs each so decided to e-mail them for confirmation. Thought i would post the e-mail we received back to let everyone know: We are pleased to inform you that Singapore Airlines offer double baggage allowance for the first time migrating passengers holding an Unused Migrant Visa which states that it is valid for an Indefinite stay in Australia. If you are holding correct visa, you will be eligible for double baggage allowance i.e 40 kilos per person upon check-in at the airport. If not holding correct visa, your baggage allowance would be as per your ticket. Please be informed that Singapore Airlines has a strict procedure with the migrant baggage polices. Passengers will not be entitled to double baggage allowance, if they are holding a dual nationality or any other visa e.g: Temporary, Spouse, Provisional or a Stamped Visa. You are not limited to the number of bags that you check in for your flights as long as the sum total does not exceed your free baggage allowance. But due to health and safety laws each checked in bag must not exceed 32kgs in weight. If you exceed with your free baggage weight limit, you will be charged excess baggage rates. For excess baggage rates, may we request you to log on to www.singaporeair.com. You may navigate through to this information from our Home Page/Before You Fly/Plan&Prepare/ Baggage/Excess Baggage. I hope this helps your enquiry. Thank you for choosing Singapore Airlines. Have printed the e-mail off and will take it with us - just in case lol Maz x
  13. Oh did his joinery vetasess on 6th august. We have had successful on the Tradassess website for over a week now, when will we get the certificate/letter that we can send off with stae sponsorship?
  14. Hi All, We pretty much have everything to send to TRA for our assessment and was going to get our family friend who is a Qualified Accountant to certify our docs as he did this for our passports. I have looked on the immi website (got mega confused and lost!!!) and cannot find clarification who can do it. I know most pay a solicitor but if we can save money then great. We have our accountant friend or a friend who is a Bank Manager would they be able to do it? Thanks Hydie :notworthy:
  15. Guest

    state sponsorship confirmation

    Hi there we have been thinking about going for state sponsorship (Queensland) as we are only on the 115 points for 175 so 176 seems to be calling LOL does any one have any idea how long it takes for them to get back to you after sending application this is just for the first instance of being told yes or no to state sponsorship, and then is the wait once visa application is made around the same amount of time as the 175 or longer, any advice would be great :idea: cheers Erinfay
  16. Guest

    We just got confirmation

    Hy Just want to say that we have just received confrmation from Australia that they are in receipt of our final application and am now awaiting dates for medicals etc. I would like to know how long roughly now providing all goes smoothly from other peoples experiences it should be before i get the visa. Thanks in anticipation.
  17. Guest

    ACS - Confirmation YEY!!!

    We received an email early this morning confirming that my partner can go on the MODL list in Network Security. Really pleased as means hopefully our visa can be fastracked (if that really happens) Just need to send off Visa now. Still more money required as three of us need passports including the main applicant. Still looks like we are getting nearer. I havent been able to tell the family as they do not talk about the move at all. Leigh
  18. Has anyone done this? Do you still have a certain amount of time in Australia before you need your Visa to have been granted? (assuming you are not working in that time) Basically we are still waiting on our 457 Visa to be granted and hopefully it will be before we want to fly out at the end of January. Is anything stopping us from flying out before we get the Visa? (we are very confident of getting it) :unsure:
  19. Guest


    :)Hi all, hope everyone on pio is ok:spinny: Just to let all of you who are still waiting for any sort of acknowledgement,,,that we received confirmation of receipt of application for a 136 skilled visa today,:jiggy: They received our app 20-8-07. An acknowledgement email will(hopefully as we`re doing it ourselve`s) be sent in approx twelve weeks....yep twelve:swoon:. They do say also that if it is a valid app this acknowledgement delay will not impact on the time taken to be allocated a CO. Anyhow`s us clan hope all you who are waiting get sum news v v soon. Regard`s Mark
  20. Guest

    Confirmation help needed!!

    Hi, wonder if anyone can help. We have just been informed that the MODL list has changed and that Painter and Decorator is now on this list. Not only that but they are accepting 12 months experience. My husband has the necessary qualifications although lacked the 3 years experience previously required. We are now looking for some confirmation that our interpretation of these changes are correct and if my husband is a registered self employed painter and decorator with 12 months experience (providing references from suppliers and clients) that we should be able to apply for the skilled visa. We would be extremely grateful if you could help in this matter, or alternatively if you know where we could get this confirmed. Thank you very much. Molloys
  21. Guest

    How long for TRA confirmation

    Hello all How long was it before you received confirmation that your TRA had been accepted ? i have confirmation that Australia are in receipt of it but that was a week ago. How long should i expect to wait for final confirmation ? FREE LUGGAGE TAGS and a FREE £10 I think some people may get use out of these and i have loaded the link to my blog, however i would like to say i make no money from my blog and do it purely for enjoyment (weird i know) so if i come across anything that may be of interest i will add it to my threads. If people object to this then i will respect their opinion and cease. Cheers
  22. Guest

    Visa confirmation

    Hi, I wonder if any of you guys can put our mind at rest??? We sent our visa application to the DIMIA through the post on 11th November, and to date we haven't received a reply back to say they have received it. Are we worrying unnessarilay, or does anyone think that we should've received an acknowledgment by now???? Thanks. Amanda