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Found 5 results

  1. mrsindecision

    confidence hammered

    I have been back in Uk for 8 weeks and am just coming out of my fog to realise how much confidence I have lost in Australia. I was at the top of my game in UK before we left - great job, professional respect and fantastic friends. In Oz I had my professional status hammered into the ground not once but repeatedly. I received lots of "pommie know-all" comments (even when I was really holding back on what I do know). Now I am back and am facing myself in reverse realise I have become a shadow of former self my husband feels the same de-skilled and undervalued. I know time will sort this out - but job hunting in this frame of mind is not good.
  2. just a thought. is it possible that on this site we have a tendancy to undermine each others confidence with regard to work. its like coming out of a school exam when you compare notes and think you have failed because the other guy had different answers than you. while i agree that you must be furnished with all the information i am finding lately that the tone is much lower. how about some of the good stories. try and get a bit more balanced information. we all now it is hard to find work anywhere, but you will do it. when i went to sydney a few years back i had work within three days just by cold calling. i know what your going to say....... that was a few years ago. this may be so. but assess yourself as an individual not as a group of immigrants, forget all you now and embrace australia and whilst job hunting think like an australian. have faith in yourself, be prepared to do what it takes to get working and find your feet. be flexible in your approach and you will get what you want. the right job is rarely the first job. there are more jobs out there than the ones advertised. this is of course just my opinion , my thought for the day. but i like most others would like to hear some encouraging tales aswell.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a bit of a dilema I am not sure if this is the right place to post it but if it is sorry I would be greatful if you could point me in the right direction. Right here goes, almost a year ago I elected to use a migration agent who I wont reveal for the time being but I will eventually as I think others need to know what they are like. I signed up with them they sounded very positive and that I could proceed immediately excited I paid them a huge well huge to me ammount of money and since then they have given me problem after problem that according to them only I can deal with, my current job means I virtually live at work and have very little free time this is the main reason I went with this particular agent and chose their 'premium service' as they made it seem like they would do this hard work and running arround for me. So I am stuck a year on at the skills assessement stage I have taken all my anual leave to sort out chasing previous employers for references which havent materialized I have only workd for 3 companies one was a small business which went under and I have been unable to trace the owner, the other was for an extremely well known American multinational who also havent sent me a reference although I left there on very good terms about six years ago my current employer of 5years has given me an excellent reference, but my agent says I canont lodge with out other references, also my apprentiship I cannont prove I have all my qualification certificates but because my first employer was who I did my apprenticeship with I have no proof of this. I am an Electrical Enginner (Electrician special class) but because of my lack of apprenticship proof my agent told me that application would more than likely fail and my only choice would be to apply as a general electrician, and because I cant get more than 1 reference they are umming and ahhhrr ing over wheather the application of a general electrician would be sucessfull I am at the end of my teather and I really dont know where to go from here I have just had my 30th birthday which I was worried about loosing points but my agent didnt seem to think this would make a difference.......what I loose FIVE POINTS when I apply over 30! I feel that my agent who is registered is incompetent and has not helped me in any way and have not given me any information I didnt already know, except negative oh this wont work and that wont work! I am considereing quitting my job and going it alone applying I was ready to leave a year ago and nothing has moved in the process since does anybody have any experience with any of this? any help would be appreciated! OH AND THANKS FOR STAYING AWAKE THROUGH ALL THAT ABOVE!:laugh:
  4. Some good news for a change. Consumer confidence booms on positive economic growth data | Business | News.com.au
  5. I found this very useful document that provides a quarterly SensisĀ® Business Index is an ongoing series of surveys tracking the confidence and behaviour of Australia's small and medium enterprises (SMEs). http://www.about.sensis.com.au/media/pdf/SBA-Archive/sba/sbi/2008/November2008SensisBusinessIndex.pdf You will notice that it covers all states and most industries. Once you identified the performance of your market segment of interest, you can view an indepth research report here: http://www.ibisworld.com.au/ Now for the good news: These reports are expensive but can be viewed at now charge at your nearest WA Small Business Development Centre http://www.sbdc.com.au/drilldown/drilldown.asp?refid=5