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Found 44 results

  1. Hello I’m about to enter Australia on a multiple entry eVisitor (651) and intend to apply for a student visa shortly after. If my student visa application gets refused will my multiple entry eVisitor then become void/cancelled? Most people I’ve asked have said no it should be fine but just wanting to be sure. Thanks in advance.
  2. Majestic

    Sub class 175 conditions?

    Hello, Firstly thanks for the response from my previous thread. What i am failing to find on the "DIAC" at the moment is what time i need to spend in Oz to maintain my full resedency. As due to family matters i may not be able to stay indefinately, but fully expect to return when i can.
  3. Hi all, Quite interesting forum, pleased to read so much information conveyed in one place! I'm a Security Professional with 12+ years experience in the field, also holding market recognized certifications such as CISSP, CISA, CEH, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, ITIL and Prince2. Could you please share how the Infosec Market currently is in AU? I'm moving to Australia by december, and just trying to figure out how long it might take for me to find a job, since I've got no local experience (what seems to be a big issue). If you are IT, but not into security, your opinion will also be appreciated! CISSP
  4. Dear Experts, What are the consiquence if a employer breach all the conditions of agreement paper in rsms visa..for example no super, no penalty rates, no award wages, no fulltime work. will the employee visa b cancelled if he leaves the position.. What if DIAC finds the employee later that he left the position ..will the above reason be sufficient to prove that the employee have done best.. or does the employee needs to notify diac that the he have left the position.. can some one give me a proper advice ..what an employee should do in this circumstances.. Thanks in advance..
  5. Hi I need some advise on whether my mums medical condition of 20 years will affect her chances of gaining residency in Oz. Once we are there all of her offspring will be in Oz with my brother sponsoring her on a Contributory Parent Visa (subclass 864), as he is a citizen of 3 years. She has a blood disorder (high platelet count) which is managed with regular blood tests and medication and has been fine since diagnosis. Is there any PIO's out there who can advise if they've gone down this road or someone who can help with an insight into "if" the medical condition may or may not be acceptable? Thank You Karen
  6. Guest

    475 Visa Conditions

    Hi, My wife and I should be granted our state sponsored 475 visa for SA anytime now as we completed medicals and police checks at the end of March.. I have a few questions about our entry date into Australia which we would like to delay as long as possible as we are both is secure jobs here in the UK and are obviously concerened about getting good jobs in SA in the current climate.. The visa conditions are that it is granted for 3 years from the earliest medical or police check date and of those 3 years you need to live for 2 years and work for 12 months in SA. We took the medicals on 23rd March 2009 so we presume that when the visa is granted (fingers crossed) it will be dated from 23rd March 2009 or around that date. 1) On the 475 visa do you have 1 year to activate the visa (enter Australia)..? 2) Would it be possible to activate the visa by taking a short holiday to Australia before March 2010 and then potentially entering Australia to live in Feb 2011 (2 years into our visa) and then apply for the 1 year extension visa thus giving us 2 years in SA and hopefully 12 months of work experience!!?? Basically we want to delay the move for as long as possible due to the job situation and want to give ourselves enough time to save up enough back up funds here in the UK as possible.. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks
  7. Hi, I've been granted an ETA to visit Australia (by thevisabureau) and was careful to read everything to make sure that I do not violate any of the conditions. I have Ulcerative Colitis, which is under control and I am taking Mesalazine and Mercaptopurine for it. While in Australia, I will of course need prescriptions of these medications (no problem as far as I can tell) as you can only bring two month's supply across the border and I am staying for three months. The Mercaptopurine requires blood tests, which I will require three or less of during my three month stay. To ensure that I would be abe to get these, I contacted eta-general (at) visabureau (dot) com and the reply stated: "the conditions of at ETA for Australia state that you must have a clean bill of health when entering Australia. If this is declared, you may be refused entry to Australia with this particular visa. I recommend you apply for a tourist visa - 676 for 3 months. This will give you the opportunity to declare any medical issues and provide further information to the Australian government" I don't remember it saying you have to have a clean bill of health, but something more along the lines of "you must not require treatment that could reduce the quality of care we provide to Australian citizens". What are people's thoughts on this? Where can I find the requirements that I saw (and can't access again as my visa's been granted) while applying? Thanks for any help PS: I'd be particularly interested if George Lombard or someone else authoritative would reply to this
  8. I've asked a question here regarding using Australian healthcare with an ETA, so maybe it should have been under "Migration" in the first place: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/flights-holidays/131658-eta-medical-conditions-under-control.html (Apologies if I'm not supposed to "double post" like this, just let me know and I won't do it again)
  9. Amnesty International says the Federal Government needs to be internationally shamed into addressing poverty among Indigenous Australians. Secretary-general Salil Shetty yesterday toured remote towns in the Northern Territory, including Utopian communities north-east of Alice Springs. He described the plight of locals as "devastating", saying people there are living in inhumane conditions that are almost third-world. "I've been to many places in bad shape in Africa, Asia and Latin America but what makes it stark here is when you remind yourself you're actually in one of the richest countries in the world," he said. "I can't believe I'm actually in one the richest countries in the world and you have people, Aboriginal communities here who are living in conditions which are really almost inhumane," he said. A two-bedroom house he saw had 15 people living in it - others had no toilets or showers. Some had been without electricity and water for months. Mr Shetty says the Federal Government is contravening its human rights obligations. He says the community has been stripped of funds that provide basic services, including running water, electricity, and hygiene services. "I think it's quite shocking that you can have this level of poverty and this level of lack of basic facilities in one of the richest countries in the world," he said. "Their housing ... is really not suitable for habitation. They have no power, they have no basic facilities, sanitation, toilets." Source: www.abc.net.au/news/2011-10-09/amnesty-slams-indigenous-conditions/3403030
  10. Hi Can anyone let me know how many hours a construction site Manager/Project manager works in the Perth area. I been told some horror stories of working 10 to 14 hrs a day plus travel over 6 and 7 days. Is this correct?:arghh:
  11. Can anyone please help me what the visa level on my passport means.. what's Nill means ..does that measn i dont have any condition and free to work any where now..i recently got my residency but im still confused abt the condition mig.regs.sched.8 NILl means.. any one have the same visa label on their passport ..please post some information.. cowboy:eek:
  12. Hi everyone, Is it normal for a company to pay 25% of an hourly rate as a bonus and if the employee leaves within the two years then that 25% has to be paid back to the company? I have heard that relocation, flights and visa costs being repaid but this 25% would far exceed such costs and in this case the relocation isn't being paid! It would be great to hear from anyone who has this nature or similar clause in their contract of employment. Thanks
  13. Hi everyone! Would be great if someone could tell me whether the following terms of employment are standard for Construction Professional on 457 sponsorship: > 20 days holiday > 38 hours a week (city based location) > Tied in for 2 years, if you leave within the 2 years you have to repay visa costs + 25% of the annual salary as a lump sum > No relocation costs paid for - just flights > Taking leave in between projects not when required > Employee responsible for providing own computer equipment > Paid hourly as opposed salary Cheers!
  14. Had a look and couldn't find any other threads. Can anyone offer up a quick overview on the general package that you get down under in full time employment. So for example in the UK you get £243 Child care vouchers 20 (ish) days holiday per year. 8 Bank holidays + 1 for a Royal wedding, gawd bless 'em :biglaugh: Contributory pension around 6% per month. Just trying to build up a picture at the moment as all the adverts seem to say is the salary + "Great package"
  15. cutiemcprettybobbi

    visa grant notice and specific conditions 176

    hi, can anyone help decipher this? Visa granted 9th feb, very happy, whoop whoop. Was so excited yesterday i could barely read the grant notice letter, but just been through all again, Grant Notice document has a bit about Visa Conditions, and it says 'no conditions', for 176 VE skilled sponsored, doesnt mention state. the i have a grant notification document, same visa 176. but the third doc - visa grant important info, says 175 visa. There is no mention on any documents about ss and being obliged to live in sponsoring state. What is going on?? have i had my original visa granted?? any knowledge appreciated, ta muchly x:err:
  16. Dear Expert in forum, please tell me what those conditions are as present in immi website? copy paste below............... Changes for applicants for subclass 475 and 487 – 17 December 2010 Applicants for subclass 475 and 487 visas who applied between 1 July 2010 and 1 January 2011, and whose visa was granted in this same period, are not subject to conditions 8539 or 8549 which require the applicant to live and work in specified regional areas. This affects the ability of applicants granted visas in these circumstances to subsequently apply for a Subclass 887 visa. Changes will take effect on 1 January 2011 which enable applicants in this position to apply for the Subclass 887 visa, provided they meet the requirements of living and working in a specified regional area.
  17. Hi, Once we got our visa (175) approved it said: Your visa is valid until: 23/06/2015 You are allowed to make: Multiple entries to and from Australia during the validity of your visa You must not arrive in Australia after: 02/03/2011 Your period of stay is: Indefinite What will happen after 23/06/2015? Do we need to do something before this expiry date??? Cheers B!K3R
  18. Guest

    Visa Conditions

    Hi, i am one of those waiting for the WA smp to come out, (may 09 applicant). i've got a question to anybody that might be able to help. when the SMP gets relesed, and if carpenters are on it, then i will be bumped up to cat 2, and going on current cat 2 rates get processed pretty quick, proberly entering oz end of next year. can i then return to the UK for three years to gain a degree and then return to oz and carry on regardless? MY visa being 176 WA sponsered visa i think is a 5 year visa, and i did read once somewhere,that as long as i was in the country for 2 of the 5 years i could stay longer. can anyone confirm this?:wideeyed: cheers terry (caught in two minds bushell)
  19. Guest

    medical conditions

    hi my husband is currentley working in melbourne on a 457 visa arriving in June 2008 i have stayed on in the uk but am considering joining him permantly . I suffer from relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis i am generally well and manage to hold dowm a full time job in the uk does anybody know if i would be refused pr with this condition thanks x Andrea h
  20. Guest

    GSM 176 conditions

    Hi all, Looking for a bit of advice on my secured 176 Visa and it conditions. I recently arrived in Australia on a 176 and am currently looking for work. Some of the positions I have been interviewing for have a requirement to travel overseas for periods of time, perhaps living in other countries for months at a time. My question is this; with a 176 PR visa, is it possible to set up residence here and then work for an Australian Company overseas without having any seriously implications down the line when time for visa renewal or application for citizenship? I would certainly want to have this option come the time but am concerned that if I work outside the country as an expat, though have a base in Australia, that the Immigration dept might not look favourably at this and may reject applications for renewal / citizenship in 4 years. I have searched for info on this but struggle to find much. In my discussions with my lawyer at the time she mentioned i must remain in the country for a period to maximise chances of renewal. I asked even if I had a house, car, credit cards etc. and paid Australian tax, would this not be considered fulfilling the requirements of Permanent Resident status? The response wasn't overly clear. can anyone shed some light on this and advise? Many thanks in advance.... Dave
  21. Guest

    Visa Conditions Schedule 8

    my Brain hurts reading all this jargon, can any body please explain in "English" :err: what it means when on the visa stamp it says conditions mig.regs.sched.8. don't know if you have ever read schedule 8? it doesn't make any sense to our 176 visa?? the reason why I am asking is I am planning to go out ahead of the main applicant, my husband who will follow once the house has exchanged? thanks
  22. Hi, I have a rare but desperate situation - please help!! I am really desperate. My partner is a permanent resident in Australia and we are now in the UK but planning to go to Australia. I applied for a partner visa and understand that I will be granted one - but not sure if it is temporary or permanent. My partner's company has been saying there were job openings in Australia until recently when they told us that Australia has slowed down and so there is no job opening until early next year. They asked us to stay working in the UK until the Australian opening comes up. We need to go back NOW to live for a few months for my partner to fulfil the two-years-in-five-years residency condition to renew the permanent resident visa. If we only go back early next year, my partner's PR visa would have expired. We are of course looking for other jobs in australia BUT if we can't find one, we cannot just live without jobs for so many months. So we are thinking of staying here until either of us have found a job. Question: if by the time we go to Australia, my partner's PR has already expired - will it affect my partner visa in any way? If it does not, then we can wait until at least I get a job. If someone has experienced similar things, please do let me know!! If not, can anyone tell me what visa conditions are printed on your partner (temp/permanent) visa? Do u know if there are other conditions? Thanks a BILLION!!
  23. Hello everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with the 457 visa. My partner is on the 457 and we have applied for a de facto visa onshore (I am Australian). His sponsor has been very difficult to deal with and now wants him to move states for work which means we will both have to move. Our CO hasn't given us a timeline, just the usual anything between 6 and 12 months and I've left a message asking for a timeline and wanting to explain our difficult situation but I don't expect a helpful response. Is there any other visa we can apply for that would be quicker than the de facto so that he can work for someone else? A bridging visa or something? I assume the 176 takes just as long as the de facto and we might as well wait. If he resigns from his sponsor he could risk getting his visa cancelled alltogether which would also mean a difficult situation.. Has anyone had a similar experience and found a solution? Thank you. Mayday
  24. Hi all, my partner and I are looking to apply for state sponsorship visa. He's a welder so is on the skills list, he makes up 115 point so qualifies for that. He could sit the ielts test for an extra 10 points but I'm not sure I wanna put him through that as I hear of alot of people failing and the test's aren't cheap I hear. He got a gcse C when at school In English but his spelling isn't the best so I think if they are as strict as I have heard I think its best we just go for state sponsorship, as after 2 years you can go anywhere else in oz anyway. Has anyone else done/ all having their state sponsorship processed? Do we have to choose a state when lodging our application? As we were hoping to choose where we wanted to go by doing a working holiday visa whist the permanent visa is being processed. An agent we are talking to at the moment,(Go Matilda - great by the way. Thanks Marina for your help in answering all our annoying questions at the moment) has told us the states that are on offer at the moment for welders is Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Northern territory. We have never been to any of these places, only went on holiday down the East coast of Queensland and Sydney. We want to apply within the next couple of months before any changes are made in July, even if they are unlikely to affect my partner's trade as told my agent. He's just applying under his name for moment, as we won't be offically living together in a manner of shared bills etcs till the end of the month, so after 12 months we can add my name on visa as de-facto relationship. Does anyone know how strict Australia are on medical conditions? As I was born with no thyroid gland and take thyroxine tablets everyday and always have done. (Hormone replacement type pills.) It doesn't have any affect on my day to day living in any such way, I just take my tablets everyday(free on NHS) and ahve a bloodtest once a year with the nurse to check my levels are ok. I wouldn't think they wouldn't allow it in, but I don't really know what they are like? Any feedback would be great, Many thanks :hug:
  25. Guest

    New 457 conditions

    My daughter's boyfriend has been offered an apprenticeship as a trainee chef. He is hoping to be sponsored by his prospective employer for a 457 visa, but we are unsure of the new conditions. Could anyone advise us about this and also about how much this visa would cost. Thanks