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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I am 28 years old looking for work experience in Refrigeration and/or Air conditioning. I am here with my wife in Melbourne and I am studying Refrigeration and Air conditioning as a mature student. the course is only on a Wednesday to Friday so available any other time. I require 400 hours to pass to the course then 900 hours for TRA. I am happy to travel and to even travel to other cities during term breaks. If anybody is looking for a trainee please contact me thanks Jim Harrop 0416 003282 jim.harrop@hotmail.com
  2. Hi everyone, I am newish on here. This is my first post, anyone wanting help with Vetassess on the Air Conditioning practical, contact me and I will be glad to help having done and passed this in June 08:yesxmas:
  3. Hi I am Air Conditioning & Refrigeration mechanic/ Project Manager looking for work in the Perth area. We have our visa and plan to emigrate to Perth ASAP. Anyone willing to offer employment I would be truly grateful. I have 20yrs experience A/C, Refrigeration, Mechanical and BMS Controls experience on the tools as well as Project management experience to boot. C.V available if requested. Or PM me. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon. Si and family.
  4. I have just recently been denied a TRA as a refrigeration mechanic in australia as i did not meet the scope required. I only have a city n guilds RaAC level 2 qualification. Im currently on a 457 visa, living in brisbane and working for a AC company. Is there any way of obtaining a level 3 qualification in australia?????
  5. Hello everyone, Me and my (soon to be, shh) fiancee are planning to move out Sydney-way in a couple of years time, think between Feb and Aug 2013. I've had a look through the first 5 or so pages here and I can't find anything on this so I thought i'd ask. What's the air con industry like over there? I've worked for BT for the last 7.5 years over here and part of my job has been on air conditioning, and of the aspects of my job it's the one I most enjoy and the one I think i'd have the most chance of finding work for in Aus. I passed the new FGAS regs last year. My main questions are, are there many jobs going in air con generally? Do Australia, NSW specifically, recognise UK qualifications such as FGAS? And are there any courses I can do once i'm in Aus that would get me up to the required qualifications if the UK ones aren't enough? Any experience stories from those who've already done it, or already work in the industry, would be very welcome too Thanks
  6. Has anyone got any experience in moving to brisbane and getting work in the Air Conditioning industry. I'm 32 i run a small company in Huddersfield with me and 3 others fitting commercial air conditioning systems, VRV, close-control, split systems. Are these systems common in oz or is it more chiller systems. Is there much of a demand for people in my line of work in brisbane??
  7. Hi I am thinking of going to queensland later this year and thinking of going into the swimming pool industry or air conditioning indusrty,but i was just wondering if I need a licence at all even if I worked under someones supervision for either of these things. I would be glad to hear of someone. Thanks Alistair
  8. Does anybody know if the new skills shortage list out for WA. The latest I have seen is for June 2010. I have searched and not found a new list, but you guys may have seen something I have missed. Hellllllllllp me Please......Thanks guys and good luck???:wub:
  9. Guest

    Help - Air conditioning in Vic!!

    Do you feel its neccesary to have air conditioning to cope with the summer or can/do you live without it? Would you say its unbearable to be without it? Enquiring minds NEED to know. :wubclub:
  10. Hi has anyone obtained a positive skill asessment from TRA after completing this course in Australia? is so, can you please advise which institution? thank you
  11. Hi, My family and I are getting nearer to our relocation to Brisbane area and I am starting to think about work. Could anyone please give me some information on the air conditioning, refrigeration and HVAC industry? I specialise in technical sales of equipment or contracting and I want to understand more about the industry in australia. Is it similar to the UK where you have smaller specialist contracts who do split systems, VRF/VRV installations and ventilation?? Or is this work done by contractors who also do mechanical and electrical services?? Is VRF big in Australia like it is in the UK or is it mainly done by chilled water systems as in Europe and USA? Any help would be appreciated. Best regards, Martin
  12. must have drivers license will be assisting in the installation of reverse cycle ducted air conditioning systems experience not essentail but will be an advantage we are based NOR but we carry out work north and south of the river both residential and commercial immediate start for the right person if interested contact us mark riley rileys refrigeration and air conditioning services tel/fax 08 9404 8814 mob 0406688987 email markriley2@bigpond.com
  13. Hi I am a Mechanical heating ventilation and air conditioning engineer looking for work in Victoria - We already have our 176 visa and hope to move over in the next few months (going for a reccie at the beginning of March) so if any one knows of any companies that are looking please let me know Many Thanks for all your help Cheers Tim
  14. Hello all, this is my first post but i've been frequenting the site for a while now. I'm planning on taking a year out to travel around oz with a view to possibly emigrating eventually, if all goes well. I'm currently working as an air conditioning engineer and have been doing so for the past 3 years since leaving the royal navy, i've got my city and guilds in refrigerant handling and numerous other engineering qualifications. I was just wondering what the situation is over there with regards to work, I won't be qualified at all to touch refrigerant - i appreciate that. I did read somewhere about a plumber with the same problem who was taken on as a skilled labourer and basically did the same job unofficially. I would just like to get an idea of how common this situation is and what my chances are of finding work on a short term basis, I don't have the time to get the necessary qualifications to allow me to just walk into a job over there unfortunately. Sorry about the long post people, any information would be very much appreciated though. Thanks. James Liverpool
  15. Guest

    Air Conditioning Licences!!!!

    Hi, Can anyone please help!!!! Im going to :arghh:scream!!! Am currently attempting to go down the ENS(121) route(its a nightmare) We have now been told by job agencies that my OHs air con licences need to be transfered from european licences to oz licences but can this be done offshore. I dont think job agencies want to deal with you if you havent got them but i have a feeling you cant get them if your not in the counntry!! Sorry about the waffling! Jodie
  16. Hi, Weve just lodged our visa and looking to move to perth september 2010. My Oh is an air con engineer and were hoping to make friends with people who are in the same boat! Jodie
  17. Hi all trying to find any threads relating to the Refrigeration Air conditioning practicals, what they are looking for, whats the hardest part, what to be aware of Etc etc..... I have a date for my practical on April 9th at North West London, long long way to go so want to be 100% sure i am fully prepared as i dont want to make any errors, any help or info on other threads would be great..... Thanks in advance:spinny:
  18. Hi all my wife and i looking to make the move to oz in a few years time and qualify with my wife as a teacher. i am looking to retrain in the air con industry and was asking if any one knew of any training centres or colleges in the notts/lincs area where i can do this. thanks sam123321
  19. Hi all, I have briefly outlined our circumstances in the dilemma topics but have also posted this as this area is a bit more specific. Anyway my wife and i both 34 years old are in the very early stages i;e only just speaking to agents and doing research etc. I have been driving construction machinery for around 10 years mainly on rivers and sites and also in the forestry trade however as work was slow and wages not great i started retraining in the air con trade around 12 months ago and have really progressed as i am now specializing on the commissioning and service side,i've looked online and there does seem to be plenty of this type of work paying around 65-70k$ per year and it looks like it's a required skill on the list.The ideal outcome would be for me to learn a bit more then maybe get a position with Mitsubishi or Daikin (main UK A/C brands)followed by a transfer to their Australian branches although i would have to be very very lucky for that to happen, i doubt that i would be granted a visa unless I'm fully trained otherwise i would look into carrying on my training over there but again that's unlikely to happen.My wife works with adults that have learning disabilities,downs syndrome and autism etc,she loves her work and would like to continue that career,does anyone know the correct name for that job over there?.Here she is a day services assistant within social services. As we are only just starting we are planning the move in around 18-24 months to allow for visas and tying up of various commitments here, also to allow me to gain a lot more knowledge in the a/c trade. Any ideas/advise on any of the above would be great, we are most likely looking within the Perth area if that helps. many thanks DEC
  20. hello i am new to pomsinoz.com and i am after some advise on air conditioning jobs in south australia/adelaide. we are hoping to move out to australia soon and we qualify for the skilled visa as my wife is a teacher. i am think of retraining as an air conditioning engineer. can any help with the average wage foe doing this job in oz? i have searched the web but i am struggling to find any info. any help will be appreciated. thanks.
  21. can Anyone Advise Me, i Am Qualified In Automotive Air Conditioning And Intend To Work Mobile In Wa. Do I Need To Gain A Different Qulification In Oz And Register The Same As The Uk. There Does Not Seem To Be Many Mobile Technicians In Wa So Hopefully Ill Make A Killing.........
  22. Hi does anyone know if Air Conditioning is in Mechnanic Worshops as my b/f is getting worried?? Many Thanks
  23. I am looking for air con work in the Brisbane suburbs especially Coolum Bay as that is where i hope to live.I have CITB, City & Guilds, NVQ etc and a lot of experiance,I am ex Royal Navy engineer with lots of other skills and looking for employment,can anyone be of help?