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Found 37 results

  1. chrisandangela

    No further stay condition

    Hi We are in Oz on Subclass 676 Tourist Visas. We are wanting to apply for Sponsorship Visas to continue our stay in Oz after the Tourist Visas expire, but we've heard that the "No further stay" condition in the Tourist Visas means that we cant apply for the new visas unless we have left Oz. Does anyone know if this is true? We can't understand the reason for this if it is true and is there any alternative way to avoid leaving, as we have family connections here and we've made many new friends. Thanks Chris
  2. srg73

    Existing condition.

    This is a bit personal however here we go. I was taken into hospital a few years ago in very poor health due to possible maleria following a trip to South Asia. I recovered to full health however a consiquential find was made resulting in a lenthy period of observation and quite a few chest x-rays etc. The conclusion is that I am in good health however my diaphram in my chest is deformed resulting in 1 lung being larger than the other. There is no immediate or long term issues, its just one of those things and my lung capacity has been passed as very good etc? Can you see this being an issue with the medical exams especially with chest x-rays being required. I intend to get a copy of my most recent x-rays from where I was discharged in mid 2011 and maybe a copy of the discharge letter? Thanks S
  3. Hi all, hope someone can help, we have just been granted our 457 visas with health insurance in-place of course. I have previously read from other people that they have cancelled their health insurance on arrival in Oz as the reciprocal agreement with the UK is pretty good and all emergency health care is covered with their medi care system etc..Query is if in 12 months time we are wanting to sit TRA and go for PR employer sponsored visa, is their any requirement to show proof of ongoing health insurance cover during life of the 457 for this PR employer sponsored visa? Would we be disadvantaged in applying for the PR Employer sponsored visa if could not show ongoing health insurance, as it is apparently condition 8501 stated on visa that we have the Insurance? Any advice appreciated folks, and thanks in advance....
  4. Hi guys, I am just flipping through my passport and was reading the label for my just approved SC119 visa. I was reading on the DIAC website that you must stay employed for 2 years and that your visa might be subject to cancellation and all that stuff...I think everyone knows it by now. Weird thing is though that when I look on the label there is no condition on it and the same applies to the online E-business check website where you type in your passport details,DOB and so on. When I click on "Entitlement" it comes up with no conditions either. It only says AN, subclass 119, Permanent resident , Indefinite stay. In my PR grant letter on the other hand it says that the visa might be subject to cancellation when my employment ceases within 2 years. Well, thats a bit different than what I was reading on the DIAC website. There it says that when I am out of control it wont need to fear cancellation. Different words in my letter...there is not in - or out of controll. Is the SC119 having a condition by regulation already and DIAC doesn't have to set it out when issueing the visa ? On the other hand I remember my student visa was also bound to many restrictions and conditions...and they were all listed. Anyone with the same situation ? EDIT : I forgot to mention that I have worked , so far, the last 2 years in the ACT as a Cook (my sponsored position). But only 1 years was full time out of this. The other year was part time. I have proven these years by accurate work references to the CO. In total I have worked 3 years in the ACT before the PR was granted. Might that have be a reason ?
  5. Hello PIO's I've got my ETA approved and its for 12 months - multiple entries - 3 months per stay. My question is; Can a 8503 be put on an ETA upon entry? Cheers, SW
  6. Hi there, I am planning to go study for a year in Australia so I can fulfill the 12 month living requirement with my boyfriend (we lived together on my working holiday visa but when it ended I had to move back. Now we're doing long distance). However I saw the 'no further stay' requirement and am now wondering whether it will work or what we have to do? I still have my working holiday visa in New Zealand that I can use when the year's out I guess... but will that work? Can anyone give me any info on this? I am a UK citizen.
  7. Hello. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if this is possible... I am here on a working holiday visa (I am british). My partner is Australian and we are planning to apply for the defacto visa. We have only just started sharing a house where both our names are on the bills and lease etc even though we have been living together for 6 months already and been in a relationship for one year. My visa will expire in June which leaves 3 months until the full year of the proper evidence we will need to be successful in our application. Anyway, I am planning on finishing my education and was wondering if it would be a good idea to leave Australia when my visa is up and then apply for a student visa straight afterwards meaning that not only can I finish my studies but also have more than enough time to get things ready for the defacto visa. On the immi site, on the page for studend visa obligations, it says ... "'No further stay' condition Some visas are issued with a 'no further stay' condition. This condition means that you cannot apply to stay in Australia beyond the date specified on your visa, except in extremely limited circumstances." Does that mean that my plan is useless or does it depend entirely on the student visa I would need as it does say "some visa's" not "this visa" Anyway it would be a great healp if you could help me. Thank you so mcuh Helene
  8. Hello I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with a query regardeing a British citiizen going to Australia with a medical condition. My long term partner is hoping to work and be sponsored in Melbourne as his line of work appears on the required skilled workers list for Aurtralia. However I have Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis and realise that this could be a hurdle to over come, if at all. I understand that there is a reciprocal agreement between the two countries and that this may help when it comes to treatment, etc. I'm just not sure if I would be able to get a visa in the first place or whether my treatment would available for me whilst being out in OZ. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Alix
  9. Hi Dear All, Are there any visa condition differences between 475(family Sponsor) and 475 (State Sponsor)? I checked the DIAC Web site. It has mentioned following details. i have few doubt about that. "Specified Regional Areas If you apply for a Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa, you and any secondary applicants included in your application must agree to live and work or study in a Specified Regional Area in Australia. The definition of Specified Regional Area depends on whether you are being sponsored by an eligible relative or nominated by a state or territory government. State or territory nomination If you are being nominated by a participating state or territory government, you must agree to live in regional Australia or a low population growth metropolitan area. See: Regional Australia/Low Population Growth Metropolitan Areas If you wish to move to another regional area to live and work, you must notify both your current and new state or territory government of this change. Eligible relative sponsorship If you are being sponsored by an eligible relative, your sponsor must be usually a resident in a designated area of Australia at the time of the sponsorship. You must also agree to live in a designated area of Australia. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/specified-regional.htm What is different between " regional Australia or a low population growth metropolitan" and "designated area of Australia". Please reply me..... Thanks Samk6
  10. Hi all. We had our meds on friday and all was going well until they got to my 4yr old son who has a medical condition called Tuberous Sclerosis. Basically it means he has benign tumours on his brain & in his heart which causes Epileptic fits. Sounds serious but if you knew him you would see he's a normal 4yr old, no learning/behaviour problems on any other problems. He was diagnosed in January 2009 after having 5 seizures in a week. He was put on medication (which he takes twice a day) and thank god he has been seizure free since. His consultant is hoping to take him off his meds if he is seizure free for 3 years, fingers crossed. The dr that did our meds has asked for more info on his condition, and long term prognosis even though we gave her 12 pages of reports to read. Im very concerned now that they wont give us a visa because of this so I wanted to know what medical condition you have had and still been given a visa? Has anyone with epilepsy or simular ever been given a visa? Also if we are refused can we appeal? Sorry its long but really worried and need advice please :unsure: Thanks x
  11. I'm totally lost here! I've included my parents as non-migrating dependants in my application, a confiramtion for which has been sought by my CO. I understand that my confiramtion will make them liable to undertake medicals & police checks. My Mum's all clear, but my Dad's had a two heart attacks(most recent last year) for which he does take medication. Will/Can this affect the overall Visa outcome? :confused:
  12. Hi! Back in town after a couple of weeks in NZ- it's been a pretty stressful experience with immigration and their concerns with me wanting to stay here illegally, still they've granted me a 3 month tourist visa with a "no further stay" condition. I have just been nominated fr a business sponsorship 457 visa by a company for the position of Flood Recovery Worker in Brisbane, so I need to have that no further stay condition removed to be able to apply for my visa and start work. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Conrad. :biggrin:
  13. Guest

    475 visa confusion condition ??

    Can anyone explain me the bellow statement in my 475 visa grant letter. Period of stay 03 years stay on each arrival ? what they mean by EACH ARRIVAL ??? does it mean each time i arrived in OZ I'll be granted 3 years visa?
  14. Guest

    waiving condition 8503

    Hello out there, i am married to an australian citizen and willing to apply for a spouse visa but i can't make a valid application while i am in australia because the visa on which i travelled to australia carries the "NO FURTHER STAY" condition. I am about requesting the 8503 to be waived. My wife is suffers from epilepsy and severe stress. will a letter from the doctor/psychologist help in making this request? thanxxx
  15. Guest

    condition free visa??

    Hi does anybody know what a "condition free permanet resident visa is "? :confused: Thanks
  16. Hi All, We are in Adelaide on 176 visa. We came in March, and it's been 5 months but have not able to find a job till date. We are really worried now. Do anybody here have any idea whether there is any chance of removal of 2yrs work and live condition on 176 visa, if yes what's the process? Waiting for suggestions. Regards
  17. Hi, Is there any one here who experienced the same predicament as I'm in right now? I have hypertension (mild) for more than a year now and have been taking medicine since I was diagnosed with such a health condition. I'm worried of the impact that this could bring to my medical exams which I'm planning to take early next year. Should I declare it or not? Any advise would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance and happy new year to all. 3jps
  18. Dear forum readers, I’m posting to let you know about an Australian parliamentary inquiry into the migration treatment of disability. The Joint Standing Committee on Migration will look at whether visa decision-makers should be able to take into account the social and economic contribution, as well as the anticipated health care costs, of potential migrants identified as having a ‘disease or condition’. I’ve seen there are quite a few postings on this site from people having problems being granted an Australian visa due to their own, or family member’s disability or health condition. If you’ve had issues with the health requirement and would like to tell your story, please think about making a submission to the inquiry. Submissions can be of any length or format. It doesn’t matter if you’re not Australian or not in Australia. Following the inquiry the Committee will make recommendations to the Government about potential changes. More information is available at www.aph.gov.au/house/committee/mig/disability/index.htm or contact me.
  19. New to the PIO forums so a hello to all. I've recently passed my skills assessment and next stage is to apply for our visa. One question we can't seem to get answered is relating to medical insurance for our son who was born with a severe heart defect. He isn't disabled and appears as a normal, healthy 1 year old that just gets tired easier. We need to find out who we need to speak to and who would be the best insurance company. He is due to have a major operation when he is about 4 or 5 so the insurance would need to cover that and any little operations he may need and ongoing prescription drugs. Am I asking the right questions and have the right understanding of what we need? Appreciate any advice. Cheers, Dave.
  20. Hi all. I am currently receiving some help from a user in this forum (thanks Ramot) for the issue i am to about explain, but due to time constraints, i thought id better exhaust all resources... Again: I'm an epileptic that's looking to attain a WHV for this summer. Now as i have previously explained to Ramot; the on-line visa application form contains no section that directly asks if one has a medical condition. The closest the form comes to asking about health is "During your proposed stay in Australia, do you expect to incur medical costs, or require treatment or medical follow up for:". As it stands, for my condition, i would say no. It asks whether or not you have TB and if you'll be visiting certain institutions, all to which i said no. Now i understand that it is entirely possible that i can complete the form as it is and not declare i have epilepsy, however, many have advised me to be upfront with the Australian government, in case my failure to declare my health condition comes back to haunt me later down the line (if i wanted to move Aus permanently for example). Im fine with declaring that i have epilepsy. So, my question(s) is this: Do i really need to declare my health condition for this visa and if yes, how so? Thanks all!!!
  21. Hi, I am a British doctor coming to work in Sydney on a 457 visa from Aug 2010. I require private health insurance to fulfil this visa but I also need cover for a pre-exisiting medical condition which I understand most plans don't cover for the first 12mths. How can I arrange to be covered for a pre-exisiting condition, or do I pay extra for the prescriptions and blood tests etc for the first 12mths. Thanks
  22. Hi all, I am starting new thread for all who are worrying for visa just because of some health related issue. This might help other people to share their own stories atleast to have idea what affects and what not. My own concern is: Applied for 176 visa : Biochemist SS: NSW Applied on : 30th April 09 Medical : Frontloaded on 19th August 09 ( which i shouldnt have) PCC: No CO: No We got letter from immigration in January 2010 saying that my spouse have to go for another X-ray as they suspecting something (god knows what). He is extremely fit and never had to take any medicine apart from panadol in his life. However, we went for another X-ray and with relief, doc said, there isn't anything worrying in X-ray. It's just spasm. Well, though, I am bit worried that this could be visa refusal ?:confused: I assume its duty of health centre's doc to say us that there is nothing but he might written down something in report and send it to the DIAC... Assumption...is it the case? Thanks guys
  23. Guest

    Student Visa -condition 8503

    Hi any potential international students I tried to get a student visa - enrolled in a TAFE college - paid the $ course fees then was advised that CONDITION 8503 precluded 'any further stay' so I could not be a student:mad: Watch this one. My agent, the college and even IMMI themselves didn't mention it but if you're on a long stay tourist visa you will have condition 8503. You can try to have it waived. Good luck with this!
  24. Guest

    child with heart condition

    Hi everyone, this is my first post, so i would appreciate any help.:biggrin: I am hoping to migrate to Adelaide in the near future, but before i make the application for the business visa I am trying to establish what my chances are passing the medical with a child who has a heart condition. She is 12 years old and has had open heart surgery 10 years ago, she doesn't take any medication, but will need aditional surgery (replacement valve) - sometime in her lifetime, the indications are at least 5 years away, could be a lot more Has anyone applied for a visa with this type of condition? Does anyone know where I might be able to get advise/ info/ help Any help will be gratefully received...........