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Found 28 results

  1. Hi This is my first post on this forum and I was wondering if anyone has had an experience where they were refused a spouse visa due to Hypopituitarism (or if they were granted their visa and have this conditon). My husband, who has this condition, is currently applying for his spouse visa (I am Australian and we are planning to move there permanently from the UK). He has undertaken his medicals and we just got an email from our case officer saying: 'Your medical reports were referred to the Health Operations Centre (HOC) in Australia for an opinion on whether you meet the health requirement for the grant of the above visa because a health concern was identified by our panel doctors during your medical examinations.' I am only assuming that they are referring to his Hypopituitarism, unless he has something else we don't yet know about! What I am wondering is - is this just a normal response for someone who has an existing medical condition? Do all/most medical conditions need to be referred to HOC? My husband's condition requires him to take medication everyday, which we are obviously willing to pay for ourselves in OZ (he gets it for free here) and he does not require any hospital treatment or any other type of medical treatment apart from his daily medication. Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help :cute:
  2. eddieb7

    Medical Concerns - 190

    Hi All, We have recently submitted our 190 and are just waiting patiently for a Case Officer to be assigned. Yesterday, I was informed that I have a tear in my Meniscus (a cartilage in the knee - Injured playing 5-a-side football) which can only be repaired by Keyhole surgery. I am a little concerned as to how this could affect my medicals. What if I have the surgery and while recovering I am asked to get my medicals done. Will this affect my medical? Would turning up in crutches be an issue? Is there anybody out there who has any similar experiences? Thanks Eddie
  3. HEllo every1 @ POMS Starting just another thread for skill assessment queries. I have applied for a ACS Skill assessment and was wondering if any of you Experienced pll around can help in my queries 1> How long does it take to get the skill assessment. The ACS website say 12 weeks. But just wanting to know the approx time.. do they take full 12 weeks. (Since i applied on 15 March and the new pts test comes in effect on July 1, was kinda worried.) 2> IF a candidate has had a address change while he has applied for the Skill assessment, does it affect his assessment.. Does he have to inform the ACS about it..?? Cheers..PEACE:hug:
  4. ukdcsengineer

    457 Visa Offered: Real Concerns

    Hi Guys, I have been offered a 457 visa by a company in Brisbane, but after reading a number posts i am concerned as i have a young son and i also believed i was going to be offered a permanent residency visa. I have a number of concerns as to whether i should accept the offer or maybe try and persuade the company to offer a different type of visa? I have copied the wording of the visa offered: :confused: "[Company] agrees to sponsor your visa, being a Temporary Business (Long Stay) – Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457), to a period of four (4) years." My main concerns are: (I am 44 yrs old, married and my occupation is an Engineer) How difficult is it to obtain PR after arriving on this visa? My son who has asthma might require medical treatment when here, would the treatment be free with this type of visa? What would be my options should my employment with the sponsoring company not work out as i have heard a couple of horror stories? What are the main differences between PR and 457? I have been offered $115,000 pa: could anyone advise if this is an amount that would afford myself and my family a decent living in Brisbane as my wife would probably not be able to work due to us having a young son? Many thanks, Brian and family
  5. Hello PIO's, As the subject says; I am in need to some clarification regarding our 856 ENS application. My husband's company lawyer had lodged his application in August with me as the non-migrating partner. I returned back to OZ on a Tourist Visa and the lawyer had my husband sign a letter advising DIAC that he would now like for me to be added onto the application. I am not sure what else the lawyer would have sent with this letter to advise DIAC to add me on. We have asked the lawyer to clear the doubts but its been extremely frustrating for us to get anything out from him as he's not helpful at all. That is why I need assistance with the following; 1. Should'nt I be on a Bridging Visa already? I am concern as I do not want t be unlawful should I still remain assuming my Bridging Visa has kicked in when my Tourist Visa expires. I am also afraid to contact DIAC to enquire incase I alert them to the fact I am applying for PR whilst on a TV. 2. Would'nt DIAC send some sort of an acknowledgement to advise that they will add me onto the application? Many thanks in advance for any assistance provided with clearing my doubts. SW :hug:
  6. Hi guy Can anyone tell me what a rmn with 5 years experience be earning. Been told it was roughly about $62000 including living away from home allowance. Have done costing ie cost of living and as a family of four my working out says we can live of this. Would you agree. This is concerning us
  7. Guest

    skill assessment concerns

    Hi, My husband keeps stalling with getting our visa app started....he's worried about the skills assessment. He's often had people misinterpret what he does (programming) and expect him to create things he has no idea how to do! He thinks that the skills assessment will be the same!! I've told him they'll only test him on what he SAYS he can do, but still he keeps dragging his feet with getting it organised. Has anyone got any advice or words of encouragement/reassurance that I can show to him? Cheers
  8. Guest

    Employment history concerns!!!

    Hi all, I have been offered a job by a company in WA, they are offering to pay for my 457 visa as well, so its a golden opportunity...however, the role I have been offered (welder) is not the role I have been employed as, for the last few years, until this year!! I have been working in other area's, mainly customer service management, but have kept my skills current and can prove this with various references... I won't go into to great detail, however all I can say is that my skills and experience total to about ten years, 4/5 employed by companies, the rest is mainly working as favours for friends and a few months as self- employed and what I have been doing this year?? Any idea where I stand with the DIAC, I have fears that they are going to say that my experience is not recent or not enough employed experience... the job I currently have is heavy duty welding work, so suits the job which has been offered..... the sticky issue for me, is that finding full time permanent jobs in my trade in the UK is rare, as everything seems to be through an agency of one type or another... Any advice of experience, PLEASE!!!!!! Thanks Steve.
  9. hi all just wondered if anyone got very rough estimation of fees from gomatilda. have fee from asa so want to compare. Was going to do alone but think with new points test coming into effect from july think will take pressure off us if an agent is involved!!! i am a nurse applying for 176 but worried that visa will not be in before july 1st only application for skills assess and possibly state sponsor so not sure if that counts as already starting the process???

    Financial concerns

    Well we should be seeing a visa soon & will put the house on the market & ideally be in Oz at the end of the year. However, the long term future is starting to keep me awake at night. By the time we have paid for everything, shipping & restart costs we will be left with about 60k AUS in the 'pot' - the worry is that we will need to take a large mortgage out to buy somewhere over there which in the long term will mean we will be worse off financially than over here, if that makes sense! I know we will have a great quality of life, outdoors a lot & we as a family will reap the rewards, but my sensible head is starting to get a bit concerned that we may come unstuck financially - has anyone else had these thoughts too???
  11. Guest

    Age concerns

    Hi, its been a while since I was on the forum as I was/am getting nowhere with convincing my OH about migrating. I was having a read through yesterday & realised that my OH may now be classed as to old to be accepted as he will be 45 in December. Could someone give me advice on this please as I really do not want to give up my dream, thank you
  12. Guest

    Return to oz......visa concerns

    hi there I went to oz last year on a working holiday visa for a year and wish to return to visit my friends my friend has a 18 year old daughter and he has asked me to look after while he works away on the mines two weeks at a time, in return for this he will keep me in food etc does anyone know if this would be accepted as i am hoping to apply for the long stay visitor visa so i can stay there for a year i was a little concerned about proof of funds etc I also have crohns disease but im guessing with health insurrance i could sort that out any advice greatly appreciated thanks dougie
  13. Guest

    residency concerns

    Hi I wonder if anyone can help me please? Ive been here (Brisbane) on the 457 visa for 8 months and love it. I plan to apply for permanent residency through my employer after a year. I have an empty house in the UK which I am selling. My sister has just been to visit me, all of my UK mail is redirected to her. While she was here a letter for me arrived at her house, from the council demanding council tax, with a threat to take me to court. I had paid up to date prior to leaving and was reassured that there would be no come back. They took me to court, while my sister was on holiday here, so we were completely unaware, the subsequent bill trebled due to this. My sister is home now and has paid them in full on my behalf. Apart from being extremely angry about this, my biggest concern is getting residency here. Will this affect the required police check from the UK, when I apply for residency? Can anyone answer this for me? thankyou Rachel:arghh:
  14. Guest

    Privacy Concerns.

    Reading back through old posts whilst trying to get a "measure" of the forum, I noticed that quite a lot of private information is divulged here. I'm not attempting to scaremonger, teach you how to "suck eggs", or otherwise patronise, but I think that in some cases, there is serious cause for concern........(mine and another PIO member's concern for others). As someone who has been cyber-stalked in the past (yes, I'm that popular) :biglaugh: and subsequently stalked by email and phone calls, I can assure you that it is not that hard to trace someone simply by divulging your real or username, coupled with your location. In my instance, I simply posted that I was having trouble with my server (Primus) and from that info alone, they got to me. How? They simply guessed that my username (on that particular forum) was also my email addy ie. itcouldbeworse@iprimus.com.au (this isn't my addy by the way). They then used what is called an Anonymous Re-mailer to send me malicious emails. On another occasion, I divulged my given and surname, and location, and they went through the phonebook till they got me...........which was pretty easy really 'cause I was the only one with those initials. There then commenced a couple of months of my house, boat, and vehicle being egged, because of course, they got my address from the phone book. In this instance, I am certain that the perpetrators were members of PETA who targeted me because I was a fisho and was "cruel to animals" I'm sure that UK forces members and ADF members are well aware of security issues and take precautions, but family members of same, should be aware of these issues and also post in relative anonymity. I worry constantly in regard to ex-forces (3 older boys ex senior NCO's) who post images and details in arenas such as facebook, and online Regimental re-unions and the like, add to that worry. I have also seen kids divulge their telephone numbers here. A few things that I have learned and recommend: When using forums, have a different user name for each forum (different sites). If there is any controversy on a particular forum, where someone feels they want to "have a go" outside that forum, then if you have a different username, they can't google you, find your other forum postings, and follow you to another forum. Don't use your email addy as a username, or divulge your server, then they can't put two and two together and get your email addy. Don't use your real name as a username if you have divulged your location, then they can't look you up in the phone book. Don't divulge your telephone number or address in an open forum. Don't think that because you are "non-controversial" that cyber-stalkers will leave you alone. Although being controversial can invite retribution, often stalkers will target those they feel are more vulnerable........those who by not engaging in controversial threads, may appear more "timid". Remember, if you post photos of your kids or self, outside your property and you have a general location with your username, then a search in the general area via google maps, can find your property, now that they've imaged and listed street images. Stay safe, and please add other recommends if you can think of any. kev
  15. seekingsunshine

    swine flu :( anyone else have concerns?!

    hi! was just wondering what peoples views were on swine flu and flying at the moment?! i know the media hype it all up but obviously with these 'healthy' people dying especially the poor children... i am a little worried! i read the daily mail today which was full of doom and gloom (as usual!) we've booked our flights out to adelaide for this coming september....i'm not too worried for myself and husband, but am concerned for three year old twins... i ALSO have a newborn who'll be just twelve weeks when we fly. obviously he has no immunity at the minute though i am feeding him myself and now plan to do so until we get to adelaide (if i can!) simply because of swine flu! hopefully he'll get some immunity from me! we're going to take hand sanitisors etc and use them constantly! i'm just worried because my sister in law put the frighterners on me by saying she would 'think carefully about flying' - she's a head nurse in a&e! thing is, theres always flu and bugs and when is going to be safe to fly! we're probably at just as much risk staying here as my older two would be attending school..... at least we're going into summer in oz and leaving the winter behind here! apart from washing hands etc all the time are there any other precations people ho are flying can take? apart from requesting seats away from people with coughs and colds lol!
  16. Guest

    457 Visa Questions and Concerns

    Hello, I am new to the forum. My partner may be getting a job offer to work with a large consulting firm in Oz. We believe they will be sponsoring him under a 457 Visa- which is making me a bit nervous given some of the conditions. Will this visa allow us to bring over a container of household goods without paying duty? If so, does anyone have the link to the gov't site concerning restrictions, rules etc? Does the 457 allow someone to get permanent residency at some point? If so, how long does it take and do you know of a government site that states these requirements? We would also like to get citizenship at some point in the future. Is the 457 sponsoring employer required to pay transportation to and from the worker's home country ie a round trip airfare? Thanks in advance! Wendy
  17. Guest

    Year 12 Concerns

    I'm 16 and I will be turning 17 in two weeks time. I'm currently in year 12 doing my AS levels in the UK and me and my family are hoping to move to Oz in September time. I know that the Aussies do there A-level equivelent in years 11 and 12 but I was wondering if it would be possible to start year 12 at the beginning of the January term and do year 12, without doing year 11? Would that be possible or would there be too much to catch up on? Thanks
  18. I am a painter and decorator with full qualifications, AQF level 3 I have been pre approved by Australia and I am now about to apply for my Visa. I have been sent an email which has concerned me greatly as my trade now is not even in the list of critical skills as required. I will be speaking to my agent tomorrow (23.02.09) to disscuss the info as below,If there is anyone who has any info I would appreciate the advice as the goal post's keep moving ARGH! ********************************************************** New Visa Processing Priorities Australian Department of Immigration changes to the processing of skilled related visas. The following are the priority in which skilled visa will now be processed: Employment Sponsored State or Territory Sponsored Critical Skills List (CSL) Migration Occupation in Demand List (MODL) All other Visas. So what does this mean? Well what I have experience so far is those who have already submitted their visa and are in the top 2 priority categories are being processed now. The indication is that if you have submitted a State Sponsored visa today then it will take up to about 4 months to process. Employment Sponsored visas will be considerably quicker than this, in some cases under a week. For those whose occupation is on the Critical Skills List (see http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/critical-skills-list.pdf for details) they have advised us that they are hoping to clear those within the next 4 to 8 months and this can be the expected processing time for any new visas that fall into this category. For those of you who fall into the remaining categories I am afraid you are going to have a very long wait on your hands. They would not commit to processing these visa until all the other categories have been cleared and with new visas coming in all the time, you could be looking at years. Why have they done this? Well the explanation we received is that it could have been a great deal worse, as the other options that were available to the minister were to cut migration altogether or at least cap it. They are not looking to stop migration at all, in fact the minister is very aware that Australia needs migration for 2 reasons. Firstly because they have a large number of the work force that are currently coming up for retirement and there aren't enough people in the working system to make up this deficit. Although the population is growing in Australia, they are all too young or too old - they need more working people. The second reason is that they still have shortages in certain skills and to stop migration could end up crippling the economy. They want to prevent companies shutting down or losing orders because they cannot get the right skills to keep working and so keep Australians in jobs. What they have done is make the visa system demand driven, which means that if an employer needs a skilled employee that cannot be found in Australia then their visas will be processed the quickest. The States and Territories will also be able to specify what their state/territory needs and hence they get second priority. Finally the critical skills list is a general list of occupations that appear to be required through out Australia and this is why this is given the 3rd priority. They have said that the CSL will be reviewed regularly to ensure it reflects the current situation. So What Can You Do? Well ideally if you can, submit an employment or state/territory sponsored visa, or failing that make sure you have an occupation on the Critical Skills List. If you do not fall into these categories then you could have a long wait for your visa and some people maybe happy with this as they are not in a rush. Now if you have already submitted your visa what can you do? Well the good news is that the Department of Immigration are allowing you to transfer over to other visas without having to pay their processing fees again. So for example if you are not currently on a State Sponsored visa, but you have been able to get Sponsorship from the State you want to move to, then you can just upgrade your visa. The same applies for the Employment Sponsored visa, but you would need to submit a new application as they are processed in a different place to the Skilled Visas. Just remember for both of these visas you will need to obtain sponsorship first. Also if you are not sure you could start on one type of visa, but realise it is going too slow and if you are able change over to a priority visa.
  19. I'm not using an agent so I'm getting confuesed! I've got a few queries, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Here's the deal. Me and my mother are applying for a remaining relative visa, following my father's death. The relatives we have in Australia are: My mother's brother (my uncle) and my half-brother and half-sister (or my mother's step-son and step daughter) However, My mum is the main visa applicant and I am over 18. How do i prove i'm dependant? I live at home, after quitting uni without a degree. Nor do I have a skilled trade. Although not currently working and regretably on benefits to pay off the student loan, I am starting a new job that won't earn me anywhere near enough to move into my own place. Will my situation count against the application? Also, do we need to submit evidence to prove we have no other immediate relatives left in the UK?
  20. Guest

    Medical concerns and CPV

    Hi All, I have few issues concerning medical for tourist visa and CPV. My mum (Age 59) recently went for the 676 tourist visa. And her panel doctor informed slight enlargement in her heart. Therefore her medical is referred to MOC in Sydney. She is applying for 1 year tourist visa multiple entries. This sort of a health issue is a deciding factor for her visa? I am getting bit worried about the situation. However panel doctor told us nothing to worry about and this sort of slight enlargement is normal due to the aging process. Anyone else experienced this sort of a issue? Also I am planning to apply for her CPV end of this month. This medical issue will come back on her for the CPV medical test?. Can she apply offshore CPV while she is in Australia? Thanks heaps. DP
  21. Guest


    :unsure:Hi, my name is Angie, my husband Dave and son Olly (11) are thinking about emergrating to WA. Dave has applied to WAPOL, is there any British police officers on this site who has made the move who can give us some info about WAPOL how different is it from the British police force. also which are the nicest areas to live in as i have been looking on the property sites but have no idea what the areas are like. Our son is 11 yrs and we are concerned about how the move will effect him and his schooling has anybody else had these fears. Any advise or comments will be appreciated Kind Regards The Mitchells
  22. Guest

    concerns over TRA

    Hi we are in the very early stages of applying for a visa and are currently writting a satutory decleration tothe TRA.We have recieved an e-mail and now a phonecall to tell us that our application will be delayed due to the TRA changing their requirements with regards to the MAP (migration application process),and this is all the information they could tell us at the moment.I am a fully qualified welder and fabricator but only did 3 years training not 5 as they seem to prefer.Can anyone shed some light on this and with regards to the TRA and is this normall behaviour when trying to apply for a visa.Little concerned as we have gone down the route of selling our house first as my understanding was that oz were desperate for qualified welders , have i been a little naive ? Thanks
  23. Guest


    Hello there Poms in Oz I've just joined today and got plenty to ask. We are a family of five adults with two beautiful boxer dogs, waiting in the queue for our visas with a view to emigrate early next year, specifically within the Peel region of Perth as we have state sponsorship. One of the five adults I mentioned is my daughters boyfriend who as been accepted for sponsorship at Toni & Guy (Hairdressers) in Perth on a seperate visa so we would need to be as close to Perth as possible with easy access for travelling, I have done some research on the net and Mandurah appears to be the perfect location. My main concerns at the moment are location, access to Perth fairly easily without prolonged travelling times, voltage, we know it's 240/250 with a 3 flat pin but does that mean it's like ours and most of all affordable accommodation we can rent on our arrival that will accept my dogs. if anyone can help please reply. regards Celia :smile:
  24. mr luvpants

    Employment concerns

    we are looking to go to Oz in the next 2 years. My wife is a Student nurse and qualifies at the end of the year. I am a Firefighter. I am really concerned about the move.My nature is that I risk assess things! I dont want to end up on a till at Coles or Woolworths and want a worthwhile career. I quite fancy getting into the Fire service over there or the police or even the Correction service as I used to due this before I joined the Fire service. A few questions: Anyone gone over there and done something completely different with less money but it is worth it? Any got into the police, fire or correction service in Oz and got any tips? How long did it take? Have some states got more employment prospects than other Anyone went to college as a "mature" student and retrained into a another career? Many thanks for your help in advance! JOHN
  25. Guest

    Medical Concerns

    Hi Lulu Myself and my husband were ticking all of the boxes for our PM visa, until a few months ago he was mis-diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. He was taking azathioprine for it, which poisoned his liver and he ended up in hospital. They since found out that it was another auto-immune disease called Dermatomyositis (very rare). He is undergoing a gentle regime of chemotherapy every two weeks for the next six months, so that his hair doesn't fall out and doesn't suffer the side effects too badly. After that, he should be on a tablet form of medication to keep it under control for the rest of his life. We are due to undergo our medicals on Jan 2nd 08 and we are really loosing hope. Since travelling and working in Oz five years ago, emigrating has been our dream and the thought that we may not get it is so depressing. Our emigration lawyer can't really shed any light on it as she has never come across this disease in any applications before - I think she is just keeping her fingers crossed for us. We also have a family sponsor to give us points over the threshold. I wish you all the best and If anyone has any experience to give us, we would be very grateful, as we are so upset and losing all hope of ever having our dream! Jodi & Tony x