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Found 13 results

  1. Guest

    New & concerned

    Hi there, this is my first post so if I'm in the wrong place sorry in advance. Well, we have gone and got ourselves an agent and are in the process of collecting refs for my husbands TRA application. But we have got a concern with our daughters health. she is 6 and has cerebral palsy! It is very, very mild and affects her right leg so she wears a splint. It doesn't stop her from doing anything any other 6 year old would do ( you would know what I mean if you saw her fighting with her brothers!), and our agent thinks it won't be a problem. We are worried about getting our hopes up and getting knocked back at the medical stage-if we get that far! Just wondered if anybody else had a problem anything like this and what happened? Sorry its a bit long-winded but any responses would be gratefully received, thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, not sure if anyone can offer me any advice. my partner and i are applying for the 175 visa as it is our only option if we want to emigrate to Queensland to be near other family members. If we were willing to go to Melbourne or Western Australia, we would be eligible to apply for the 176 SS visa.. however, hardly anyone i have spoken to applies for the 175 visa and question us when we say we are going for the 175! is it a bad idea? and what are our obligations if we go for the 176? is the waiting time that much difference? would really appreciate any info!! :eek:
  3. Hi all, Situation goes like this: OH & me have PR - am the primary applicant . ( both have Validated last year). Now,Applied for Child visa 101 for our 2 kids( waiting for one of the gal's Court Orders). Now , My OH has job offer from his current company in the UK for their branch in Aus. In the mean time we are waiting for Child Visa for our kids, can my OH reach sydney & start working with out me? Is it OK to do? we are planning that he goes to Aus first , me & the kids wait here for Chid PR. once done we will join him in Aus.:yes:
  4. Hello, Ive been having a look on domain and realestate as well as the bank home loan pages and have started to panic slightly about the repayments and prices of the houses. My husband and I are 30 and 33 and have just been granted a 175 visa we are planning to move to melbourne. Sadly we have never owned a home in this country but we have rented for the last 4 years. The deposit has always been a major issue. We have a small amount of money saved for Australia. Can anyone please tell me their experiences of buying and repayments in Australia. We are going to Melbourne. My cousin lives in Brisbane and has been there 3 years but they have rented the whole time so have no idea what to do. Would really appreciate any advice you may have. Thanks Gem
  5. ...I lodged our visa application in the UK last week and yesterday received an email with a ref number and what I assume is the name of our Case Officer?....if someone could confirm that it is a CO, that would be great, as I wasn't sure if it was just acknowledging they had received it.....Anyway, back to the concern....I today received an envelope containing: a receipt of payment, two original credit card statements, 1 australian stat dec (I had sent 4) and 2 supporting statements from people in the UK (I sent 3). There was no note with the documents. I understand the original bank statements coming back, but not the stat dec and supporting statements. I had got the impression these were important and I personally thought the stat dec that was sent back was the most impressive one. Has anyone else had parts of their application returned to them and returned so soon? Makes me wonder if they were properly read. Thanks....so anxious about the processing and I had thought the worse bit was going to be putting it all together!
  6. Hi, My husband is a self employed bricklayer, our agent has requested his accounts for the last 3 years. Today we received an email informing us they were concerned as last years accounts showed a significant drop in earnings. I have replied this is due to the recession and my husband had to reduce his wages and hours dramatically. We are both very worried now it could interfere with our 176 application or at worst, end it! Does anybody know why this is so concerning? If it helps this years accounts show a significant improvement as work has increased. Thanks
  7. I am concerned about how all of the recent movements (and especially more recently emails from states such as ACT evaluating suitability of candidates of even existing SS's - see positing "State Migration Plans - Numbers to be limited") will affect my existing granred visa subclass 475: I am particularly concerned about comments such as "It may be that the states can withdraw sponsorship for people already sponsored..." and "I think all the states will be forced to make life and death decisions concerning the people they have already sponsored as well as the ones they want to sponsor now" My situation: - I applied for my SS through SA sometime in 2008 and was granted not long thereafter - I applied for Visa Subclass through DIAC Jan 2009 - Visa granted 1 July 2009 - Visa activated 6 March 2010 - Visa valid from 6 march 2010 to 5 March 2013 (3 years, in which time I have to live in SA for 2 years, and work there for 1 year) We returned to the UK and plan to settle in Aus approx May 2011 (which means we will miss the 2 year living requirement by 2 months, but will hopefully rely on obtaining a visa 487 which applies if you "...need more time to meet the residence and/or employment criteria for a permanent visa, you can apply to extend your visa...you will be granted a Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa (subclass 487) that expires four years after your first provisional skilled visa was granted", which means we will be okay till 30 June 2013, which means we will be able to fulfil the 2 and 1 year requirements for PR My question is: All this talk of SS being re-evaluated based on possible employability in states, and threats to excisting SS's. Does this apply only to existing SS with no visa grant from DIAC, or can DIAC turn around and withdraw the immi visa completely
  8. Hello, We are moving to Sydney from Lancashire at the end of June. We have two dogs, a Beagle and a Bullmastiff that we are bringing with us. Their flights have been booked through Pet Exports UK LTD, however i have been searching for reviews on this company and am struggling to find any. I am concerned about the legitimacy of the company. They provided quite a reasonable quote and we have obtained the import/export permits ourselves and have used our own vets for the bloods etc. If anyone has used this company please can you let me know so i know i am not handing over my money to a rogue company. Another thing that concerned me was that they would only accept payment via cheque/bank transfer/bankers draft. Thank you Louise and Stuart
  9. Hi Just read this article on 'Perth NOW' online and i was wondering if currnet WA resisdence can tell me if the energy bill increases of 23% in 09 has been felt as much as this article is making out? Shock for households as power bills to surge $270 a year | PerthNow We move to Perth in the next 3weeks and seeing that there has been such an increase this year, and a planned 26% increase next year, it is a worry what with us going out with no jobs and starting a new ect ect. They are saying that the average family has had to find and extra $270 already to cover the increase, that will surely double with the 2010 planned 26% THATS MASSIVE! :wideeyed: Obviously you find it, you have to find it, but how do energy bills get paid in Aus, can you do monthly direct debits or do they have to be paid in one big hit? If so then a hit of over $400 in one month is nasty. :huh: Is this increase to be a yearly thing!?!?! Any advise or info most appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi, I completed my online application for 176 family sponsored visa on 04/09/09. At the time i applied i was aware that my visa, if approved, would most likely take 2 years + to come through and therefore just resigned myself that moving to Oz would be a while off! I also took the family sponsored route so that i did not have to commit to living in a certain state for 2 years on arrival. However, since i lodged my application a few things have changed that may invalidate the sponsorship part of my application so any advice on the following issues would be gratefully received: My sister (who is my sponsor and an Australian PR) may be leaving Oz in 6 months time to live overseas for a few years due to her husband getting a new job (they are planning to return to Oz but this may not be for 2-3years). If she is not living in Oz does this affect her suitability to be my sponsor? and therefore invalidate the sponsorship part of my application? Due to this i am considering swapping to state sponsorship with the ACT as my occupation (Public Relations Officer) is on their Skills in Demand List. However, now (as of Sept 1st) it is only on their SDL ‘Off-List’ Quota and although as a standard requirement Professionals need 3 years work experience, the list shows an additional requirement for this particular profession for 5 years work experience. As i have only 3 years work experince as a PR Officer does this mean they wouldn't even consider me if i applied for ACT SS as a PR Officer? Therefore, worst case senario, if my sister moving provents her from being a suitable sponsor and i don't meet the requirements of ACT SS as a PR Officer, what are my options? Thank you in advance for your help! Sarah
  11. thekevjones

    Should I be concerned?

    Hi all, I got a c/o last Dec'08 and was requested to complete our medicals & PCC They were done in Jan '09, completed and uploaded electronically in Feb '09. That was about 6 weeks ago now and I've still not heard anything. Am I jumping the gun or should we have heard something by now? Part of my eagerness comes from wanting to book flights for Oct '09, 6 months in advance (ie. NOW!) so I can validate a 'potential' visa... Thanks for any comments? I was thinking of calling DIAC tonight and giving them a nudge.... Kev
  12. mullsey

    Police checks really concerned

    Hello I am in the process of applying for a 457 temporary work visa and I have found out that I have to declare any convictions. 20 years ago I had a lodger who hid some forged money about £700 and a small amount of Class A drugs. He was arrested and the house was searched where this was found. He blamed it onto me. To cut a long story short i was found guilt of this offence and was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment where i served 3 months. 2 years later I was arrested for cultivating 6 cannabis plants. Since then I have had a clean record where I have built a company from scratch and employed over 300 people. I also donate a lot of my spare time as a volunteer for a charity that helps young burns survivors coming to terms with their injuries. The two incidents were many many years ago, I am now worrying they will come back to haunt me and ruin my dreams. Has anyone been in a similar position. I really need to understand my chances. Thanks
  13. just concerned about the health check in regards to the 'prospective marriage' visa. mt partner suffered from post traumatic stress and because of this was on meds for a couple of years. he has since gotten off all the medication and it has been 2, nearly 3 years since he had any mental health issues because of this. will this hinder our visa application? any feedback would be great. thanks!