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Found 28 results

  1. According to the new priority, IT graduates who have already applied under the occupation 2231-79 Computing Professional (ICT Recent Graduate) will fall into category 4? This is very illogical because for new applicants, they can now apply as one of the ICT occupations on the new SOL (eg. Developer Programmer or Software Engineer) instead of being grouped together as Computing Professional (ICT Recent Graduate), which is no longer on the SOL. Would this mean that new ICT Graduates who apply under the new rule will fall into category 3 but ICT Graduates that already applied under the old rule will fall into category 4? So, given two people with the same qualification from the same university who finished at different time, the one who finished later and applied using the new rule will get the application processed before the one who finished earlier and applied using old rule? Does anyone know if there is a work around to this problem or if they are attempting to fix this problem? This is because there seems to be no way out. You can't change the occupation and get new assessment. Also, for graduates who have been graduated for over 6 months can't even make a new application even though you can be assessed as one of the ICT occupations in the new SOL. Edited 12/04/11: Link to 2231-79 timeline spreadsheet: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?hl=en&key=tHQP8Hpmu2NRl1EfjvQw3YQ&hl=en#gid=0
  2. I am new in sydney and i have 6+ years of software development experience with: 1 year and 8 months in mobile application development ( Nokia QT, Android, BREW Motorola, training on Iphone) 5 years in C, C++ and java on linux and windows. Is there anybody who can assist me finding job. I tried using seek.com.au and I am receiving the calls from consultants and recruiting agencies. I am not getting what they exactly look for, and refuses on the call. I am not even getting a chance to have an interview with company. So, I need a help, is there a central body/organization where all australian software or technical companies are registered so that i can directly approach companies. Any other websites. How to find good s/w houses and companies in Sydney. Thanks
  3. Dear All, As there has been change in priority processing which definitely has thrashed a lot of minds & souls Now what is the fate of Computing Professionals which were on MODL/CSL like Computing Professional (Network Security) before these priorities. Are we coming under this statement: "Applicants with a nominated occupation of Computing Professional (nec), Hospital Pharmacist and Retail Pharmacist, who have already been allocated a case officer, will be contacted directly by their case officer to advise processing arrangements." Please professionals specially agents, guide for the sake of all which are depressed due to new changes. Umar Farooq.
  4. Hi all, i've been a little lazy with my australia visa application recently and have not really kept up to date with all the changes. I called IMMI just before Christmas for a general update. My family and I applied for a 175 Visa back in May 2009. I was advised that as I was assessed by ACS using an old SOL code (2231-79 Computing professional (NEC)), it would be in my interest to get a reassessment done. I was advised I should look for a new code from the ANZSCO Schedule 3 list (which I can't find anywhere). If I don't do this, we could be waiting a very long time to have a case officer assigned. Also, I am not sure what to get my reasssment completed in. I don't know what code I should be using. Therefore, I don't know how my old SOL code maps across to one on the new list. Has anyone got any experience in this because i'm either being really thick or things just seem to have got more complicated than before. :arghh: I hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks in advance.
  5. 2 years ago, I applied 485 Graduate visa under the recent graduate 2231-79 because I didn't have four 7 in IELTS :mad: . After 1 year of working experience in IT company (Programmer) I applied 885 GSM August last year without changing my skill assessment. So my skill assessment is still under the recent graduate. Since Priority Process, I realised that I need to wait forever and ever, also my application priority fall into Category 4. But I saw 2231-79 in Category 1, Is it different as the recent graduate 2231-79 ? Could anyone give me advice what I need to do next? Some said do re-assessment with ACS to make my skill is under Category 3. In that case, should I withdraw my GSM 885 application and apply new one to change my skill assessment? or It is possible to change it without withdrawing my 885 application. If possible to change it without withdrawing the application, what should I do? Is it true that an immigration agency can change my skill assessment by contacting Immigration office without withdrawing the 885 application? :no: I really don't want to apply new application to change my skill assessment because I have to do from the scratch if I need to do so. :arghh: Please please help me, I am getting freaked out because of Australia immigration law. :Randy-git:
  6. Inspired by the similarly named thread for ICT recent graduates, i have decided to set up a thread for Group A applications. Given the new release from DIAC: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/acs-skills-assessment-review.pdf Are people looking to get their skills reassessed/reviewed? Has anyone done this already? If so please do share your experiences with the rest of this group. VISA SUBCLASS 175 CLASS VE, 2231-79 (nec) applied may 2009, priority gp 4
  7. Hi Friends A quick question i applied as a csl modl network security professional in jan 2009, co alloted in june 2009 submitted all pcc and meds completed in july 2009, csl was finished in 2010, and 20 july priorarity list came out, and i fall in computing professional with nec which are still i cat 3, My question is do i have to change to SS or my visa will be processed as it is? I contacted my co he said they are just waiting for my checks and did not ask for any change. Please guide me where do i stand Thankx in advance for your help
  8. The following advice received from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program Director David Stewart: DIAC is aware that there is a degree of confusion regarding the situation of GSM visa applicants whose skills were assessed by ACS as Computing Professionals NEC pre 1 July 2010. DIAC are discussing this issue with ACS and hope to resolve this matter in the not too distant future. DIAC's current advice is: The following policy settings remain unchanged: Applicants cannot change their nominated occupation; Computing Professional (NEC) in ASCO does not currently map to an ANZSCO occupation on Schedule 3. Applicants can always submit new information to DIAC and if regulations allow it must be considered. DIAC would not advise clients to get reassessed by ACS unless it is determined that Computing Prof NEC maps to occupations on Schedule 3. If such a change were made DIAC would process applications generally in order of original date of lodgement and not date of "reassessment". Any such change will be advised via Department of Immigration & Citizenship and GSM auto reply processing information mailboxes, Adelaide and Brisbane.
  9. Hi Guys, I am starting this new thread for Computing Professionals NEC and CSL applicants who have not heard any thing from their CO yet as we suppose to be contacted by them. Please let us hear from all the Computing Professionals NEC and CSL who have CO but have'nt got their visa yet and also from people who have been lucky in this category and got their visa approvals. Those who fall in this category please add their information so all other applicants can have an idea that where they stand at the moment. please keep posting as other applicants will be kept updated. Please also add your application timeline as well. Good Luck ITpro Application Date: jan 2009, co assigned: May 2009, PCC MEDS sent: June 2009, job varification: May 2010, Visa Grant Date: Still waiting :arghh:
  10. ptlabs

    IT Occupations and the new SOL

    Hi all, Gill (our ever-helpful moderator) has asked me to pen a few lines to try to explain the situation for IT professionals in the new post-1 July 2010 world. A summary of which IT occupation is on the new SOL and which one is not on the new SOL here: Ptlabs Consulting - IT Occupations. Existing overseas students currently studying IT in Australia will, in general, need to nominate an occupation on the new SOL to stand a chance of getting permanent residence. This change which was brought in in 1 July 2010 has obviously caused a fair bit of confusion and nervousness amongst overseas students who are not yet in a position to apply for a skilled permanent visa. Aspiring migrants who are overseas who plan to apply for a skilled visa will need to have an occupation on the new SOL. Alternatively, state migration plans (SMP) may offer a separate pathway to those whose occupations are not on the new SOL. However, SMPs are not expected to be published until Sept 2010 at the earliest due to the upcoming Australian federal elections. Applicants who have previously obtained a ASCO-based ACS result may need to apply for a review (if the result was issued between 1 May 2010 and 30 June 2010) or apply for a new skills assessment if the result was issued before 1 May 2010. If the latter, the new application will be based on the current 1 July 2010 ACS guidelines. DIAC has issued an "endorsed" mapping between ASCO and ANZSCO codes, which includes some IT occupations. Anyone holding a 2231-79 whether including MODL or not will not automatically map into an new SOL occupation. This means if you hold such a 2231-79 result, you will need to go back to the ACS for a new skills assessment application or for a review to "translate" the ASCO code into an appropriate ANZSCO code. There is no automatic/default mapping for 2231-79 to an SOL ANZSCO code as 2231-79 was used to place a multitude of IT sub-occupations in the past. There are clearly a number of competent registered migration agents who are active on this forum. I would urge anyone in an IT occupation who is thinking about applying for a skilled visa to seriously consider engaging the professional assistance of such an agent, especially one who is IT aware, as the complexity of an ACS-related skilled visa application has risen significantly from 1 July 2010. Regards Peter
  11. Hey all, Well today we got a little bit of shock when our agent emailed us to say that our 175 visa on the 2231-79 Computing Professional (nec) occupation has been granted. We have smiles from ear to ear that is probably lighting up the whole of Southern England at the moment :biggrin:. Don't think it has sunk in yet, but it looks like we need to start planning our move. There have been some threads on here about people who are waiting in limbo on the same visa path, so hopefully this result brings some hope that they still are processing and granting them. Right, where to begin! Nick, Debbie and Alfie.
  12. Guest

    Computing Professionals NEC

    Hey guys, I wanna ask you guys, is there any chance DIAC will allow pre-July graduates to change their occupation, if they can manage to get new ANZSCO code, based on their experience or studies?
  13. Hi All Would like to know if any of you fall under the following and if any of you have been contacted. I have not been as of yet so a bit worried at the moment "Applicants with a nominated occupation of Computing Professional (nec), Hospital Pharmacist and Retail Pharmacist, who have already been allocated a case officer, will be contacted directly by their case officer to advise processing arrangements." Many Thanks
  14. Hi, Apologies if this has already been asked elsewhere as I'm sure someone else will have. Last year I was accepted for State Sponsorship for the ACT. The occupation ACS assessed my skills was: Computing Professionals - Systems Programmer I have been in Cat 5 for the last year waiting for News (Post September application). Now DIAC have renamed all the occupations on the SOL (and the SMP I believe?), I am wandering if 'Computing Professionals - Systems Programmer' is covered by any of the following that's on the SOL (Systems Programmer was not on SOL): 261111 - ICT business analyst 261112 - Systems analyst 261311 - Analyst programmer 261312 - Developer programmer 261313 - Software engineer I would have thought it would come under 'Software Engineer'. My question is - as the occupations have been renamed, do I need to reapply for skills assessment (ACS) to receive new occupation and possibly as I may be on SOL be moved up a Category? Or do DIAC do this automatically and readjust people's Occupation and therefore category automatically? Also same question goes for the SMP which is due out next month for ACT... Do I need to do anything or just sit back and relax (and let DIAC\ACT deal with)?! I'm confused! Thanks, Mike.
  15. Guest

    Computing Professional nec

    This is from one of the FAQs of new changes. I am a computing professional employed in an occupation on the new SOL but obtained a skills assessment as Computing Professional nec to enable me to access priority processing. What can I do? Your nominated occupation on your visa application must correspond to the skills assessment obtained in an occupation. Can someone explain to me, what above statement means?
  16. Hi guys, Pretty depressed about the whole suspension of the GSM visas. Currently in the process of getting skills assessed through the ACS. I was wondering what you thought the chances were of Technology being on the new skills list? Do you think these categories may be in demand? Computing Professional - Specialising in CISSP Computing Professional - Specialising in Network Security / Firewall / Internet Security Just wondering whether to give up the dream now... so much effort has already gone into the ACS and getting all the documents ready for the actual visa application, not sure I can take any more bad news. Thanks, and all the best to all of you! TeddyBear
  17. Guest

    advice welcome please

    Hi there, wondering if anyone can help with some advice. We were hoping to apply for a skilled 175 visa once I had gained 12 months work experience, which will be February 2011 (I am a podiatrist). Due to the recent changes we're wondering if there is another route to follow or do we just need to wait and see what is happening at that time? My partner is also 36 and is a project manager, lead designer and frontend developer for a successful web development company. He has over 9 years experience and his key skills include: xhtml/CSS Kentico CMS design, configuration, and frontend build. Flash (interfacing, animation, video) Jquery Iphone web app design/development Wordpress Touchscreen kiosk interface design and development. He is also outsourcing manager for the company with 2 years experience in working with Indian development companies. I'm pretty sure we still miss the pass mark by 5 marks even if he fitted with an occupation on the skills list. Does anyone know if the above would fit any of the occupations on the skills list, or if there are options which we are not aware of? We aren't able to speak to an agent at the moment unless anyone knows of any that work Saturdays? Any info or options would be greatfully received! Paul and Sarah
  18. I am a month away from submitting my visa application subclass 175 , but am not sure where I stand now with the new rules. My occupation is on the CSL list as follows... CSL list: Computing Professionals -- where the applicant's specialisation is listed on the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL). and then on the MODL list as... MODL list: Computing Professional - specialising in CISSP * As far as I understand the CSL list still applies, at least until the new SOL comes into force. However the MODL list is now revoked, so would my application still be valid or not? :confused:
  19. Hey, I have spent the last 12 hours looking for info on applying for a 176 sponsored visa to Australia. And this looks like the best site for help,I would be so grateful. First of all I can only get 95 points in the assessment test which I'm upset about. I am finishing a bachelors degree in Information technology support so I have put down computing support technician as my occupation which is only worth 40 points. my questions are as follows and as I said before any help would mean allot! 1.by having a bachelor degree in IT support + 1 years work experience be enough to receive those 40 points? 2. Under the computing professionals (nec) The entry requirement for this occupation is a bachelor degree or higher qualification or at least 5 years relevant experience. In some instances relevant experience is required in addition to the formal qualification. my course that I am currently studying is more about networking,security, and system administration rather than help desk support. even tho my qualification is called IT support since it is a Bachelor Degree can I put this down and anvil of the 60 points? has anyone any expertise in this area or have gone through the same problem? If any more info is needed i will be more than happy to issue more Thank you Davie
  20. Guest

    ACS Assessment

    Hi All, This is my first post on a trail of possibly many more to come! My wife and I are in a position where we have decided to bite the bullett and go for it. What I am trying to establish is if my HND Computing studied at the University Of Central England is the equivalent of an Australian Diploma? Also does anybody have an idea on how to go about the ACS assessment. I have an MCSA Windows 2000 specialising in Exchange, MCP's in various areas and am also a Certifed Lotus Professional in Notes I am already a member of the BCS, does this help in any way? Unfortunately I am in the process of being TUPE'd from my current outsourcing company to Barclays where I have worked for 10 years, and we have already been advised that we may likely lose our roles in about 12 months. In total working in IT for 14 years. I am a windows infastructure engineer provinding 3rd line support for Data centre, also with Exchange, Blackberry, Citrix, MOM, Clustering and more. :cool:Please, if anybody can provide any guidance it would be greatly appreciated Perth here we come!
  21. Hi All, Can someone please help me for my query? I am Computing professional (2231-79, NEC - CSL) and applied to DIAC in Sept 09. Till now, I was thinking that my app. will automatically consider as CSL after the lodgement. However, I came to know from various threads that all computing professionals need to intimate DIAC separately for considering their application under CSL and other hand some members said that we won't need to inform DIAC as our app. will automatically flagged under CSL. I AM REALLY CONFUSE and don't know what to do?? Thanks in advance, Poms
  22. Hi All, Firstly what a great forum - really glad I stumbled accross this today... I am just starting to look into applying to the ACS for assessmant as a SAP proffessional and am not sure exactly what that entails. I have 9 years experience working as an IT Proffesional (Functional Consultant, PM, Business Analyst), the last 4 years have been working with eProcurement/Purchasing systems interfacing with SAP modules (MM/FICO mainly).... I believe I need to have references for 12 month specifically with the technology in question. so most of my work has been managing the testing and interfaces between 2 systems.. Integration testing and making sure the expected data/resulte are passed between Procurement system and relevant SAP module (and vica-versa) ..but I am by no means a SAP developer/Configurer but have a solid understanding in the technology. I was just wondering.. Is there an actual examination that needs to be done? - If so is this very technical, as I may need to read up and refresh on certain areas... - Are Proffessional IT qualifications such as SAP awarded to people who Project Manage end-end implementations with SAP as the back-end ERP system. sorry, one more question... If succesful, is it possible to get a bridging Visa until a skilled Visa comes through, I have 5 months left on a working holiday visa currently? Apologies for the slightly long and techy post but hopefully someone out there can help me out! Thanks a lot in advance. Max :mask:
  23. I think I have got good news from the ACS. I am suitable under the following Computing Professionals – (nec) 2231-79 but not specializing in any of the areas, so I would not be entitled to the each MODL points. But I think I only need to complete the English test (third time lucky) I found the reading quite tough, so any tips let me know. I have some questions for anyone that might know. What is the next step (other than IELST)? Am I at the stage where I could lodge an application? I know everyone is changing to the 176 visa I was looking at the 175 before all the changes. I am not sure that the 176 is right for me as I would like to be as near to Perth as possible and to be on a PR visa. Does where is the nearest region or place to Perth for the 176? :wideeyed:
  24. Firstly, let me take some time to panic :arghh: Secondly ... right after sending an enquiry email to DIAC checking my application status, I got the usual auto-reply that tells the inquiry reference number and etc... I noticed the following paragraph at the end of the email I already had a case officer last month, so how should these changes affect my application. Should I recontact ACS and have my occupation under any MODL or what ... Pleaaase ... somebody do something ...
  25. I need a bit of advice related to work experience. When I obtained assessment letter from ACS. I showed them 4 years of work experience to ACS. I provided them with reference letters for all the four years. Now when I am about to lodge an application, I need to obtain work references addressed to DIAC, for which the requirement is last three years for work experience. So will it be suffice for me to obtain references for last three years and not the entire duration for which I have worked. Please advice.