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Found 17 results

  1. Hi I am coming to live and work in Perth on a sponsorship 457 visa in Sept/Oct 2011, this will soon be applied for the company employing me. Once I gain my 457 visa I would like my transgender girlfriend to be added to it as a defacto partner. Our situation is somewhat unique though and trying to find out if this is a possibility is proving very difficult. I am British, male 31. My partner is 22 Filipino and Male. The facts: We are in a same-sex relationship, I am male and my partner male but transgendered and living as a female. We met on an internet dating sate in April 2010. I lived in the uk and my partner lived in Italy. I flew out to Italy in May 2010 so our relationship I assume officially began from then. Between May 2010 and Jan 2011 I travelled to Italy at least once a month (sometimes twice) to visit my partner in Italy. We have full records of all flights/hotels/photos. We also had 3 short breaks to Eurodisney Paris, Tuscany & Rome, again which we have records of. This year we have been on vacation to Verona and Sabbiadoro in Italy, not sure if this is relevant but we have records of these trips as a couple. My partner was granted a six month visa for the UK in November 2011 and has travelled to the UK twice to meet my family and friends. We have photos & records of flights/visa docs to prove this. Whilst in our "long distance" relationship we continued to stay in touch virtually everyday via internet and telephone. We have full records of our conversations that record our internet communication (700 pages of A4 paper) and records from October 2011 to Jan 2011 for using a long distance phone service. I left my job in the UK and emmigrated to Italy in Jan 2011 to live with my partner. Because of the language barrier (I didn't speak Italian) this has caused massive difficulties in me finding work in Italy. We have lived at my partners family home with her mother since Jan 2011 to date (approx 8 months). I am now resident in Italy and no longer resident in the UK, this is obviously a large commitment I made towards our relationship so we could live together. I anticipated the difficulty in finding work in Italy and saved money to live on before I came (approx 6k euros), I've used this to pay her mother for rent. My partner also pays her mother rent and all our services are included in the rental fee and paid for directly by her mother so we don't have proof of joint utility bills for electric/gas etc because of this. We have however recently opened a joint savings account in preparation for my partner and I to save money to cover the costs of coming to Australia. We also have rent receipts produced. We also don't own a car as public transport is good here so don't have joint car documents. We do have lots of official paperwork though in seperate names to our address at my partners mothers house in Italy proving we've lived together. My partner speaks and writes fluent English her occupation is an apprentice hairstylist (with 3 years experience). Providing statements and witness statements of our relationship from friends wont be a problem. We want to, but can't register a civil partnership here, as Italian law doesn't recognise civil partnerships, does this grant us any special circumstance waivers? Although our relationship started in May 2010 I was previously married (but seperated for some time and awaiting divorce), my divorce was finalised in Jan 2010 before I moved to Italy. So technically I was still married whilst we were together in a relationship. Will this have a negative effect on the way our relationship is viewed for the period? e.g. will they only consider our relationship from the date of my divorce. Q 1) I am concerned whether the defacto visa is the right one for us at this stage and because of the 12 month cohabiting rule that we don't meet (at the moment) and looks extremely strict..... or is our case so unique that we have a good chance of being accepted? Q 2) Or would a better option be for my partner to apply for a tourist visa to come and "visit" me in Australia and live together there making up the shortfall of time cohabiting? If we did this, would the time spent living together on my partners tourist visa count so we meet the 12-month cohabiting rule thus enabling us to apply for a defacto visa eventually? Q 3) Are there any other better options? Please help! All the information I'm getting conflicts!!!!!!!!! thx Leonard
  2. Hi all, I have a complicated situation that I need answers too. This isn't related to me as I've got an Australian passport. I live in Manchester and I have a boyfriend who I want to bring to Australia with me who is a British citizen and 23. Problem is, he was convicted of hit and run and sentenced to 6 years prison (big mistake, I know). Soon his to be having an open prison setence and I told him I'll be taking him to OZ when the first opportunity arises. Now I am sick of horrendous salary, uncompable government benefits and the continuous cuts in jobs, pensions and increased educational fees. I told him I wouldn't leave without him and my brother won't go to Australia unless I do, which in effect has a negative impact on him. Now I am wanting to know what I should actually do. If you're going to say - find someone else or some other rudimentary response, then don't bother posting. Should I inform the Australian government that we are in a relationship? How should I start organising things for our relocation? Furthemore in relation to his sentence, he has served almost three years with another three that will be on open prison. This is absolutely heartbreaking but I'm unsure of how to begin preparation for our relocation. Does anyone have any suggestions? Would his visa be refused applying with an Australian citizen? It was a once off offence if that helps. J
  3. :wubclub:Hi I thought i would start this thread ...wasn't sure what to put in the title lol hope its ok I just thought it would be a good place for ex/serving/forces peeps and spouses of course too. To have a place where we could query .help ..other people ...or hear of other peoples experiances trying to get a visa and the complications of applying ie paperwork ... its so hard explaining to people outside of the forces the complications sometimes with paperwork . :wubclub:ok my story we are trying to apply for a 176 we have WA SS and we have hit a brick wall because we have been told that a serving member of the forces can't usually get a visa becauase they have to prove they can migrate freely .... depending what co you get:wideeyed: thought they all have to go by the same rules hmmmmm ........ problem is we all know we have to give 12 months notice :twitcy: and to put notice in before we are granted a visa would be totally nuts ! We are working on it with fellow pio ex/serving forces pio peeps ( have to thankyou you all you jumped to help us :hug:) Anyhow i have talked to much now ...i'm not great at putting finger to keyboard ...so i hope you understand what i mean by this thread lol Brides x
  4. Hi, Was just wondering if anyone rents properties out here,and how does it all work,rules ,regulations,Tax,Insurances, The Laws,Safety etc.Would you recommend it as a long term investment?is it a lot of hassle?Me and Wife were thinking of doing this in a couple of years if we can,Renting out furnished to Newcomer Poms.Any Advice please,thanks.:biggrin:
  5. Guest

    Complicated Corporate Confusion

    I'm posting this in the hope someone else has been through something similar maybe even with the same company I work for... I work for GE Healthcare. GE Healthcare is a small part of the rather large and incredibly varied GE. I applied for and have got a job based in Sydney doing pretty much what I do now. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to do that and even better, it's a really good pay-rise. As per usual with HR Dept's, I don't think they know exactly how this cross-border stuff actually works (all will become clear). They did a contract for me and I signed it. They were saying that I would have to pay for everything and they would re-imburse me the money. Needless to say, that gets expensive FAST... Now, today, I got an email saying HR in Oz had put all of my details onto the 'tool' without telling me what the 'tool' is. So I did some research and then asked a friend who moved to Canada 18 months ago... Apparently, there is a part of GE that deals with what they call 'Global Mobility Services'. They employ a set of lawyers who's speciality is Immigration (Fragomen) and do a whole lot of the move themselves. From what my friend told me, they actually give you a purse of money to arrange things yourself (moving, flights, accomodation etc.) or you can go with their choices to do all this. The visa nomination/application process is done by them. So, what HR told me is quite likely to be complete rubbish and I will, this really made me laugh, get another interview and a contract to sign. Sometimes there are really good benefits to working for a large multi-national organisation. Has anybody else been through this process by any chance or something similar?
  6. Hi, This is not really a migration issue (as I'm not migrating) and I'm not really a Pom, so first of all sorry for "hijacking" the forum, but I'm hoping someone might be well-versed in this visa business to offer some advice or help.... I have a bit of a complicated situation... I am a Canadian who has been in Australia for about 3 and a half years. For the first year and a half, I was here on 2 working holiday visas. Since the end of August 2009, I have been on a 457 visa which is valid for 2 years. Obviously that visa, and the associated work contract expire in a few months. I have recently (last month) married my Australian husband. I know you're now thinking, great, just apply for spousal sponsorship. Our issue is that we don't plan to stay in Australia. We would like to move to Canada for personal reasons. We don't feel that us spending $2500 for apply for spousal sponsorship is worth it when we plan to move away anyway. He is currently on a work contract until the end of this year. He is a teacher, and cannot leave in the middle of the year. Initially, we had planned for me to head back to Canada at the end of August and start getting us settled, and he would join me in December. However, it seems like such a long time to be seperated from my husband, and besides that, it leaves him to pack up all our stuff and organise getting it shipped over all on his own (and we have a 3 bdrm house worth of stuff to sort through - so not an easy task). Now I'm wondering if there's anyway I'd be able to be granted a tourist visa at the end of my 457 visa. I know that I would not be able to work, but since it would only be a for a couple of months (I'd probably want to leave in November due to some things going on in Canada) we would be fine on one income, and it would allow me time to get all our things organised. Can anyone give me some advise with this? Would I have to leave (to New Zealand) and gamble on being able to get a tourist visa granted from there to come back? Or is there any way to apply from onshore? What would my chances be of being approved? Obviously, I'm not applying for "tourist" reasons, but one of the reasons listed for granting a tourist visa says "to visit family or friends" and technically I want to be able to visit with my husband until he moves. I know my other option is to try to get my company to renew my contract and 457 visa... but I'm not sure if they would be willing (or able?) to do this for such a short period (3 months?) or if I'd have to lie to them that I planned to stay, and then quit after a few months, which I don't feel very comfortable with. I'd appreciate any advice that anyone can give me... I may contact an immigration attorney at some point but I thought I'd test the waters here first. I really want to make sure I don't overstay or do anything against my visa conditions as obviously, with my husband being Australian, we do plan to be back here visiting quite often, so I can't afford to become subject to an exclusion order. Thanks for any guidance that anyone can give... and thanks for reading my long question!!!
  7. Hi everyone, So, I should be studying for my end of year exams right now, but as per usual I just can't get our potential move to Australia out of my head. I still have another 2 years until I graduate, but I want to be prepared and ready to get my visa applied for at the earliest opportunity. Is there anything I can do in advance of my graduation to speed things up? Btw, I'll need my degree in order to successfully apply for my visa.... Also, something else thats been bothering me slightly is my husbands age. He has just turned 50 and works as a wastewater planning engineer, however doesn't have a degree, just a hell of a lot of knowledge. As well, my step son is wishing to come out with us but will have just turned 18 when I graduate, but has decided to stay in education in order to try and get on our visa. Then there's the dog, do we or don't we bring her??? Such a hard decision....... The only simple thing that I can see with our move will be our 5 year old daughter who is very excited and laid back about the whole thing. So reading my situation, do you think our visa will be a complicated one and which type of visa do you think would probably be our best bet? My job role as a Podiatrist is on the shortage list for the whole of Australia and fingers crossed that will still be the case in a few years. I'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts and in the mean time I best get revising for my exams or I won't be going anyware....:wideeyed:
  8. Hey, Myself and partner have finally submitted our de facto visa (subclass 309 and 100). He is from Australia and I am from the UK. Prior to meeting, I had obtained a place on a 2yr radiotherapy course in England. As I planned to live and work in Australia for a yr, this course was deferred and then deferred again due to the situation with my partner. Although course fees are paid in the UK, living expenses for 2 yrs would not be and so we decided my doing the course was not affordable (he has a yr left on a UK work visa, but we were quite certain if he managed to obtain work that it would be difficult to pay rent, bills etc with me studying) and so we went ahead with the de facto visa. However, the day I posted off the visa I had a call saying I could now be given a wage to complete the training and so this option has now become feasible. My question is that if granted the subclass 309 visa, what would happen to it if the majority of the next 2 yrs were spent in the UK completing my course? I know I have to enter Australia to validate the visa if granted, but I am assuming if I don't reside in Australia for the majority of the 2 yrs then my visa will be cancelled and I couldn't gain PR on the subclass 100? Once the course is completed and I have worked for a year, we would hope to return to Australia. Is there any rule that states that you cannot apply for a de facto visa again if you have previously had one that you did not use to reside in Australia? Any advice or anyone who can point me in the direction of answering this question would be appreciated. I have been googling and getting myself more confused! Thanks!:huh:
  9. Hi, I met my partner in a house share in Sept 2009. We became a couple by the end of Oct 2009. I had moved into his room by the end of Dec 2009. My room then initially became a storage/junk room until Feb 2010, when it was rented to someone else (I was on a WHV and work was intermittent, so this was done to reduce my rent). My WHV just expired and we have both come to the UK for time with my family/holidays. My partner returns to Oz at the end of October and myself a month after this, on a tourist visa. We then hope to apply for de facto early Feb 2011, currently unsure as to whether this would be better on or off shore? The only issue I have with off shore is that it could mean a long time apart whilst the visa is being processed and for any possible interviews, we would not be in the same country. My other concern is do we meet the 12 months? I understand that to be classed as de facto we have to have been living as couple, sharing a room, bills etc and so this was from Dec and our housemate can write a statement describing the nature of our relationship. Obviously having someone else move in Feb 2010 is proved by paper; rental agreement, bank statements etc. My concern is that there will be an issue with the month my partner spends in Oz whilst I am in the UK. He cannot stay any longer as he has a job to return to, whereas I obviously do not and would like further time with my family and friends, given I will hopefully not be returning for a while if we are successful with an application. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks!!
  10. Hi all, I have been lurking a while and read alot of posts in the forum, but cant find anything to match my dilemma.Am so confused. Me and my bf lived together for 2yrs.after that we split although we maintained contact and spent time together like bf gf.we then split completely and have been apart for one and a half years.We always stayed in touch during this time through a variety of methods,and took a holiday together a few months ago to see if we could reconcile. My point is this, we have decided for me to move to Sydney where he lives and I think the defacto visa is the right one.But with their 12 month living together, because we have been apart, will this affect my application. If so, what can we do to resolve this or is there another approach we could use. Thank you for reading this. Confused tomato
  11. andywo21

    Advice for something complicated

    Hope someone can help me on this one. I have currently held a 457 Visa since Nov 2008 and was due to relocate Jan 09, thanks to the global recession I am still here in the UK :sad:. However my sponsor is now in a position to take me probably in Jan 2011. Do I need to get the x-rays and medicals redone, is my visa still active? On the 457 Visa is my wife, my daughter age 17 and myself. Next Question: The daughter now has a boyfriend and he wants to come with us too. I have an inclin that he may be able to go on a working holiday visa or a study visa, is this correct? Next Question: My other halve has now said her son (my stepson age 24) wants to come too, it doesn't get as complecated as this. Again I think he can come on a working holiday visa or a study visa he is a bar manger with a liquor certificate. Any help will be much apprieciated :notworthy:
  12. Hello all PIO people. I am after some advice and thoughts from you guys. I want to migrate to Australia, but am worried about the visa changes preventing me from getting in. I am a 28 yr old management consultant (29 yrs old in June) with 19 months experience working for a large management consultancy company in the UK. Prior to this I served in the Army for 4 years, leaving as a Captain. So I have direct management experience within the last 5 years. I was going to get my Vetasses application completed and sent off on Tuesday morning (13th April) for Management Consultant and then cross my fingers and hope that I get a positive assessment within the 8 weeks. So that would then give me 2 weeks before the July 1st cutoff to get my application in for the 176 (I have a relative who can sponsor me and 105 points). Now this is incredibly tight and clearly a big gamble. The wait seems to be very long, and the main motivation for doing this is to demonstrate to a potential employer that I am 100% committed to moving to Aussie full time, and so I don't have the insecurity of a 457. I am also going to apply for jobs from the UK. My concern is that if someone offers me a job that is different to Management Consultant would I be making it difficult for myself by having a vetasses already underway / done for a different skill? If nothing has happened on the job front by mid June, my intention is to quit my job in the UK and move out to Aussie in September on a WHV (I have not used one before). This would enable me to try and get onto a 457 whilst onshore and waiting for my 176 (If I apply). However if the new SOL does not have Management Consultant on it or another similar skill (which it does not seem to have), can I even get a employer sponsored 457? So, there are loads of questions contained within this post. To summerise the key questions as I see them are: 1) Would pushing through my vetasses for Management Consultant be wise, or could it potentially prevent me from getting an employer sponsored 457 in anything but Management Consulting? 2) If my 176 is processing what sort of current processing time am I looking at (ballpark) and would I be able to get a employed on a 457 whilst I wait? 3) If Management Consultant or similar occupations are not on the new July 1st SOL, would I even be able to get an employer sponsored 457? 4) Why is this all so complicated!!! I wish I had started this off 6 months ago but didn't see the new regulations coming:SLEEP: I would welcome any comments. I will speak to a migration agent tomorrow, but as there is no clarity on the new SOL, you guys know as much as them at the moment and a lot of you (like Gill) give some really clear and insightful advice. Thanks and sorry for the essay. From reading other posts there are a lot of people in similar positions so hopefully this will benefit more than just me! BTW, Loving the pro- aussie threads as well. I have been over 6 times, for a couple of months each time and love it! Thanks again, pomtobe
  13. Guest

    complicated visa questions

    hi guys, without going into a bg long winded story, wonder if anyone can answer some questions please. 1, Defacto visa - lived together only 11 months not 12, and visa runs out before 12 months, I have been on a tourist visa, can I leave oz for a few days and come back for another 3 months then apply for defacto? 2. Have daughter from a previous marriage, her father sponsors her (parent visa)(although I have had custody in the UK, we now share custody so that she can spend time with his new family, hence main reason we cam back to oz), will I include her in my application for defacto? Any help hugely appreciated:cute:
  14. My name is Kim, I am 20years old and came back from a gap year in oz just a year ago. I came back pregnant and had my baby in January this year. I met my boyfriend in Oz and he is still there on a student visa, he visited me in England for 10weeks after our son was born but had to leave again before his Australian Visa was stopped. Its become a lot more difficult for him to come to England, and when he visited he wasn't very happy here. How can I go to Australia with our son. I don't know what kind of visa I can get. Its all pretty unclear on the website. I think I can be added onto his visa but then on the website it says I should have been declared on the visa when he applied. I'm so confused with all this visa stuff and need some help!!!!! Thanks
  15. Hi folks, First post so thanks for reading. So to cut a long long story very short.......if it's possible, bear with me. Mum is british, brother is british, both living in uk and father is british with australian citizenship. Not sure where he is right now. (Father and I not on speaking terms since 2005) Father remarried after divorce in 1983 to my mum, has 5 children, all australian with 2nd wife.. I've always known about them but have been told that they wanted no part of our lives. After argument with my father whilst on last visit to Perth in 2005 I decided to try to get into contact with the eldest 'half' brothers and sisters. Eventually found the two eldest via internet, thankfully........... To my absolute astonishment and horror, they had no idea who I was or that they had two elder brothers in Europe!!! They we're as astonished as I was. More of a shock to them. So when eventually I get to speak with their mother it turns out that my father had always maintained that WE never wanted contact with THEM!!! Go figure! I was sooo angry. They have no contact with my father and nor do they wish to, not since their mothers divorce from him 12 years ago, which seems funny as he suddenly got into contact with me at that time after a long time........ you see a pattern developing? Anyway, my wife and I went to visit them in Perth to meet them for the first time in February just gone, it was so emotional, a wonderful yet surreal experience and we so wish to emmigrate there now to be with them and forge some sort of relationship. My question is, does anybody know if this is possible? I have scoured the family stream for a relevant visa but have found nothing.........Is there a special circumstances route? secondly, if I were to have to study or work to begin with,.......Is an NVQ level 2 in Warehousing management and distribution enough, followed by 6 years Royal Airforce experience in the same field? I truly am stumped, (like the aussies right now, watching the cricket, 117-7 ) any advice would be greatly appreciated ......... thanks for reading........ Nick
  16. Hi All, First time poster so please forgive any mistakes! Here's the situation: we are currently in the process of applying for PR with an agent. We're going based on my partners 10 years + IT experience and we're just at the stage of submitting our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to the ACS Board and then we can submit our permanent visa. Our agent has informed us that once we have our RPL approved we can go to Oz on a temp work visa until our PR Visa is approved, at which time we would just have to leave Oz for a day or two and then re-enter the country. We are now just about to submit our RPL and then that takes around 3 months for approval then we hope to (try to) get my partner a job and apply for a temporary work visa so we're hoping to get there by Jan/Feb/March next year (or sooner if possible !!!!).:jiggy: The problem is that we are now talking about having another baby (2nd) so I'm not sure how this would affect our visa application and the cost of medical care when we get there. If my child is born in Australia will he be an Australian Citizen? Would they allow this? My sister has been in Perth for 5 years now and that's where we're planning to go so I'd have all the family support I need and hopefully wouldn't have to worry too much about getting a job straight away but I would hate for our temp work permit or permanent residency application to be rejected because I am or get pregnant.... The idea would be to have the baby over there as the plans are already in motion for us to get over there as soon as we can.... we are eager little oz bunnies!!!! Any help or clarification anyone can give would be really useful so many thanks in advance! Lausy
  17. Hello Everyone Might be grasping at straws here but had a thought!! My ex husband and father of my children was born in NZ which is obviously on their birth certificates. We have no contact with him and he left the UK last year and now lives in Australia (Perth) ..... in hiding somewhere from the CSA ( another story). I was wondering if we can use their descent to help us get into OZ ..... long shot I know but maybe?? Thanks Jen x