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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm in a pretty unusual situation here. Basically I was on my first working holiday visa and met my partner on November 27th 2013, meaning we have been together only nearly four months. I had arranged to do my regional work beginning in January so that I could stay another year and allow things to develop with us at a normal rate, but on 2nd January I was a passenger in a car crash and broke my neck. My partner and I had only been together 5 weeks at the time, but things had been serious from the start and he flew straight to be with me and has supported me ever since (I've been living with him rent-free but am not on the tenancy agreement). My problem is that because of my injury I have been unable to do my regional work (I was in hospital for 3 weeks, and am now in a hefty halo brace with pending spinal surgery), and as such my visa will expire on 25th May. I am completely confused as to what to do about visas now, as a medical treatment visa (602) wouldn't give me the right to work and I am almost out of money. My partner says he will support me, but he is just about to buy an apartment for us to move into and I think it will be a stretch financially for him. On the medical visa application form there is a section where you can state your case in applying for the right to work - does anyone have any experience of this right having been granted? I'm not sure how best to outline my case. And I'm not even sure whether applying for a medical treatment visa is the best thing to do - in these circumstances would it be best to apply for a de facto visa and hope for the best? The cold hard facts of our relationship are as follows: Together 4 months Living together since 18th January (2 months) Have a joint bank account Evidence of him having spent a week with me in hospital, hired a car, paid for things I needed He is buying an apartment where we will both live His family are very supportive of our relationship (mother is a Justice of the Peace) He will support me financially Holiday plans for the future (tickets booked to see my parents in the UK in December) The issue with a medical visa is that A. it might not last much longer than my existing visa, and then I'd just be left with the option of a tourist visa. Also probably worth mentioning that I am going through the process of a CTP claim which will cover all my medical costs and loss of earnings. Thanks in advance for your help - any input would be gratefully received!
  2. Guest

    Tennis/Golf Complex

    Hi there, Wonder if anyone can help us. We are in our early 50s and want to dip our toe into Ozzie life. We have one son who has been living in North Bondi for 2 years and looks like staying in NSW - OH needs to still work for the foreseeable future but can do it on a 6month on 6month off basis so we are thinking of coming out to NSW to live to 6months at a time - obviously rent will be high around the beaches so wonder if there is a good area where we could maybe rent an apartment on perhaps a golf/tennis complex but with great rail links into the City. As we live in the North of England we probably could only get £1000 a mnth for our house and so looking for similar type of rent in Oz. This is first time I ever posted on a forum so hope not asking too many questions. Many many thanks for any replies..............
  3. Say you have a portfolio of - foreign shares, canadian, singapore..etc, all over the world. - assets in the UK, rentals - gold/silver bullion - also hold different currencies as cash - plus do online trading frequently, margin. I am interested in learning about oz tax, so my thinking so far is... - rental income and capital gains charged to oz...based on valuation at date or PR activation. otherwise pay CGT to uk...when you sell? - owning foreign shares is a nightmare under the current rules, but those rules are being repealed (last 2009 budget but i have no details), so I assume I can still hold these shares and only pay tax on sales and dividends. The idea now is I pay CGT on these quarterly even if i dont sell them. crazy! no wonder they repealed this. - the CGT tax is great if you hold assets more than 1 year, 50% redemption, so assuming a tax of 40%, then its 20% you pay, same as UK BUT, in the UK you dont need to hold for 1 year! so oz is frankly worse if you are holding investments short term. - gold, silver, i assume there is no GST to pay, and it is simply a normal asset..let me know. is there an issue if gold is held outside country. - being a trader, does this help you tax situation, should I try to get this thru? i would be interested to know. I assume being a trader means all profits treated as income not CGT. so probably makes no difference! - holding different currencies, now here is the tricky one, i think i pay CGT on these currencies...which is absurd! not fair, it is cash! my risk. can someone agree with this? uk of course does not charge CGT.
  4. I've been looking on the real estate websites and noticed quite a lot of properties on private, gated complexs, complete with tennis courts and swimming pools etc. I've never come accross this type of housing before. What are the pros/cons of renting or buying on one of these developments? Are there restrictions on what you can do to your house if you own one? Do you own your house freehold or leasehold? We are coming to Brisbane with our young daughter (3) and will be initially renting, we want to be in a nice quiet family area, close to shops and parks. I'm thinking (but probably incorrectly) that the gated housing areas are a bit like holiday parks, maybe just because they remind me of them. :skeptical: Many thanks for all your help Chewy x
  5. saunders 5

    Living on a complex.

    We are soon to be moving to the Gold Coast in November and have been looking at rental properties on the net. Can any one advise us whether the properties in complexes are residential or more for short term / holiday makers. I`m also going to be working in the Gold Coast Hospital - is there anyone else out there that could tell me what it`s like ????:wacko: Cheers, Ali x
  6. Hi all Really desperate for sound advice over what to ship or not. We have found so many pieces of info on Customs/Forums/ExPat sites that to be honest are plain confusing!! :arghh: It is quite clear that the Oz Customs are mega protective over soil contamination and sounds like they will open ANY container that they suspect may have soil in it. Someone mentioned having to clean 41 shoes.....that's a worry as I have a wife and two teenage daughters...they probably have that many EACH!!!! Therefore, any advice would be great against the following list of what we have thought of bringing....... Leather Sofas Dining Table and Chairs Mirrors Memories Bikes Books TV's DVD Players Freeview Boxes PC's Laptops Clothes (coz it will never all fit in a suitcase!!!) DIY tools Microwaves Kettle Toaster I will probably think of a thousand other things as well, but have people just got rid of basics such as cutlery/cups/crockery and just started anew? Also, any nightmare scenarios with customs related to items not mentioned above would be good. It's such a quandary having to think of all this on top of redecorating the whole house!!! Help much appreciated Geoff & Katherine