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Found 16 results

  1. JoRed4

    Completing 176 Visa Online?

    I was wondering if anyone who has applied for the 176 visa online recently could offer some advice. We have completed the form and were about to press submit when we remembered our certified docs that need to accompany the application, so I've gone on DIAC & found out that once you've submitted your visa application you get a TRN & you log back in using this number to upload any additional docs; however on the 176 visa checklist form it says that the checklist is for paper applications and should only be used as a guideline for online applications; apparently the checklist for online applications becomes available once you start your online application, we've been back and forth 10 times and we can't see where this checklist is!! We are just a bit worried as we don't want to submit the form without seeing this online checklist first to make sure that we have everything it's going to ask for... Regardless of whether you complete a paper application or an online application does everybody need to complete Form 1276 & Form 80? Help!!
  2. Hi, I am just completing my online application for 457 visa, they ask for visa numbers in current or previous passports. I have a visa in my previous passport but it was for the year I travelled in Oz, 10 years ago, do I need to include this or does it only apply to those currently in Oz applying for a new visa? Thanx for any help. :cool:
  3. I was put in touch with Geneva Health - recruitment agency and was advised to do the IELTs academic test, which I did, passed and I am now making a start on my registration paperwork. However, I've been thrown really as there is a box to tick to indicate whether or not secondary education was taught and assessed in English. Of course, I am English and was about to tick the box when I realised that I would have to provide evidence of this. However, my recruitment adviser told me that as I've done the IELTs test, I should tick 'no' to the question and provide my IELTs results. It seems a bit odd....has anyone else done this or can any advice be offered? I'm keen to get this out of the way!!!! Zoe
  4. Hi I am applying as ICT Business Analyst and currently completing the 1276 application form and have a couple of questions. I was reading some posts and I have to say you all are very helpful and really look out for everyone on the forum - thank you in advance. My questions: - My occupation is in State Migration lists of WA (and waiting for the NSW one to be published) so do I need to apply for the state sponsorship first, wait for a response, then submit the main application? OR - Can I submit my application as it is now and then if I receive a positive response for state sponsorship then update my application? - On form 1276 there is a question number 19. Where do you intend to live in Australia. This gives check boxes listing all states. Is it ok to select more than one? I have 2 options of WA (as I have family there) or NSW (friends there and may be better job prospects) Please let me know - thank you in advance.
  5. Is there anyone who has applied for PR before completing your 2 years of studies in Australia? My husband will complete 2 years of Master degree end of June next year and we want to apply for PR as soon as he finish his study. As you know that immigration law is gonna be changed from next july of next year. With old law we have enough point to apply for PR, so we want to do it, but the problem is that he can't get his graduation cetficiate by the end of June cause he will finish his study the end of June and it takes 1 week to get the certificate, which means it may not possible to apply for PR with old law just due to one week of gap. If anyone who applied for PR before completing study, would you give us some advice? If it's possible, what other valid documents we can sumit?? Please help... if we don't apply for PR with old law, it's gonna be big hassle...Thanks!!!
  6. lavender776

    Completing medical history online

    Hi all I have my meds booked at Handworth Wood. I think I may be scuppered as I've just remembered that my bloody passport is off for renewal and I need that for ID. I have got a copy of the data page, but I don't think that will be enough. I'll ring them tomorrow and see what they say. Anyone had a similar experience?
  7. bennyboy

    Completing form 47sp.

    Hi all, I am just going through form 47SP in great detail. I am unsure of a few of the questions: 1. No. 80. Is a warning/Section 5 classed as a conviction/offence? 2. Our son, age 6, is mentioned on the form. He is not migrating as he is a Citizen-but do i include any info on him, such as photo, birth certificate etc... and do we put his UK passport details on form (it's now expired though) 3. On page 24, it states at the top If you are applying for a Partner Visa, you must also provide the following documents with your application: If you are applying on Marriage grounds: Marriage certificate. I assume this means you are applying as an already Married partner? I am assuming that it's just my husband on the form as it's only him that needs a visa, the rest of us are Citizens, although we have named my son on the form-he is coming with us but he is not classed as migrating because he is already a citizen, the same with our other 2 grown up children (19 and 21). Also, q. 32 Not sure what figure to put as not made any calculations yet, is it ok to assume a rough estimate and do you have to prove what you are taking? Cheers. Any help greatly appreciated.:biggrin:
  8. Guest

    Help completing e-visa please!

    Hi guys & gals! Do we need to get colour copies certified that we attaching by pdf file. Also can we exit the online application & attach in nect couple of days for example? Would very much appreciate any help! Sorry if this has been covered before...searched a little bit & hubby is getting impatient & grouchy now..!!:err: Trudy
  9. Hello! I am not a Pom and no one in my family are, but I find this forum very informative for finding infos on visa sub 143 so I hope I am allowed to join the party.... We have just started the journey into CPV sub 143. My parents are gathering the documentations and I am filling out the forms. There are a few things I am not clear when filling the forms so any help will be very much appreciated: Form 47PA part B which is on withdrawing other existing parent visa application. If my parents do not have any existing parent visa application, do we still need to complete this part? (put N/A in "previously applied visa classes " and sign the form or do we completely leave it blank? Form 40, just confirming that my hubby will need to sign the "partner approval"? The applications are for my parents and 1 dependent sister. Also, I obtained Australian citizenship 2 years ago and I will be enclosing the citizenship certificate and Australian passport with Form40. Is it better if I also enclose a copy of my old passport & old PR visa as well? Just to show I have been hear for ages? Thank you.
  10. Hi there....just a little question... Below is part of the letter from, the CO regarding the medical examinations. The last part mentions that the file reference number and the ICSE Request ID number have to be added to the "Office use only" on the form. Now, when I printed the form, there was the TRN number there and also my passport number at the bottom of each page. My point is that I forgot to include the file reference number and the ICSE Request ID number in the "Office use only"! Did you guys put them down there? If so, shall I contact DIAC informing them? 24 days have passed since the CO had requested the medicals etc and nothing has changed online. I'm getting nervious! Thanks! Health Requirements ● All applicants and secondary applicants are required to undergo a medical examination to determine if they meet the Australian health standards for migrant entry. Dependants, who are not migrating with the applicant/s, must also undergo a medical examination. Further information on health requirements and the necessary forms are available at Health Requirements for Visa Applicants Please pay careful attention to the information available on this page including Form 1071i detailing health requirements for permanent entry to Australia. Applicants should be aware that they are responsible for all costs associated with medical examinations. Visa applicants in Australia must contact Health Services Australia (HSA) to arrange a health examination. A medical appointment can be booked with HSA at Who we are - Medibank Health Solutions, Corporate Health, Injury Treatment, Injury Prevention, Flu Shots, Pre employment medicals. Health Assesment Applicants outside of Australia must arrange their health examination with a panel doctor and/or radiologist nominated by the Australian Government. A list of panel doctors and radiologists is at Contact Us. Please note that the panel doctor is required to send all medical results to the Local Clearance Unit in Australia and not give them to applicants or their representatives. Before attending a health examination applicants need to: 1. Print off the required numbers of forms 26 and/or 160 to present to the panel doctor and radiologist; and 2. Complete the “Office use only” box to indicate: ● the visa class applied for: VE 175 ● the file reference number KKKKKKKKKKKKKK ● the ICSE Request ID number 1111111111
  11. Hiya, I havent completed my online application yet as I am still awaiting registration/pin details from NMBWA before sponsor can provide me with nomination approval number. As im hoping to be in Perth in time to start my job on 1st Feb 2010, any forewarning or advice prior to completing online application would be greatly appreciated. I have been on the Dept of immigraton & citizenship website many times and each time I keep finding new information to contradict the information I had picked up on previously. Sooo confusing!! Today, I decided to download the paper copy of the applicaton - so that I can handwrite it in advance and if theres any unexpected information I need to provide then I'll be more prepared when processing the actual online application. Is the information required for paper copy exactly the same as the online application?? If so the application should be quite straightforward. Or, is there additional forms I have to complete?? I tapped into some of the hyperlinks online and more detailed information was required ie. exaustive lists to include addresses in last 10 years, every job since leaving school etc etc ... does this form part of the application?? Any advice on offer would be greatly appreciated, if my agent had been more helpful in past months I would likely have my registration now & visa already processed, time is running out now & I need the visa process to be seamless!! Thanks Nats
  12. Zoks

    Completing form 40SP

    Hi all, My wife and I are currently living together in the UK. I'm British and she's Australian. We've been looking over form 40SP. There is a section asking for her address. It asks the question as if she is in Australia and I'm not with her. It seems to suggest that for her to sponsor me she has to have somewhere I can move into in Australia. At the moment we live together in the UK. We do plan to move to Australia at some point but in the meantime I though I should apply for my spouse visa as soon as possible. My question to you is : Is it possible for me to apply and receive my spouse visa whilst we are both living in the UK with no address to speak of as yet in Australia? If so, how should my wife complete the form 40SP? She doesn't have an Australian home for us to move into. Thanks for your help in advance.
  13. Hi All Just hoping someone can give me a bit of help on part of the 175 application. It asks: Have you or any other person included in this application previously been to Australia, held or currently does hold a visa for travel to Australia? Does this mean an ETA? We went on holiday there in April on a ETA tourist visa but if I put in yes it wants to know the visa number and with it being electronic I dont know it! If you don’t fill in all the boxes you cant move forward. Any Help would be most appreciated Jen x
  14. Guest

    Completing paperwork for 457

    Hi there, wondering if anyone can answer me a couple of questions I have in respect to completing the 457 visa. Firstly do I need to do my ANMC assessment for this because I orginally thought I didn't but I am unsure. I have emailed employer in Oz but won't hear from them till tomorrow earliest and am in the process of copying all my birth certs, passports etc in the meantime. Secondly do I need to copy all my school certificates eg GCSE's through to any inhouse training I have had (even though most of them are not relevant to nursing)? The employment references for the 457 - is this the same as the one for the QNC application? It asks for evidence from relevant Oz reg that applicants hold or will be able to meet necessary registration? As I have already applied for my QNC reg this is in process - does this mean I cannot complete my 457 until I get my QNC reg or can apply because this is in process, sorry I am confused here? What is the identifying number for the nomination? It states "nomination permission request identifier or nomination approval number". Is this my TRN number? Um think that's it for now although I am sure I will have more questions...... Cheers Jx
  15. Hi Everyone We have medicals booked on 22nd of this month and on looking at the forms have a question. On Form 26 it asks if we've had any medical, physical, physiological or other treatment in the last 5 years, and for dates!! Do minor things like getting antibiotics for tonsillitis or taking my son to the doctors for a cough or my daughter getting some cream for teenage spots need to be listed here?! Certainly hope not. If so, I may need to get in touch with our GP to find out dates of these things. I'd hoped these forms would be less hassle than previous ones for skills assess and visa app!! Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks alot. :arghh:
  16. :policeman: THEN GET ON WITH IT:biglaugh: what is it about this process that makes you want to do anything else except crack on with getting the evidence together It took me ages to get my stuff together, I faffed about, every time I thought I had everything together I needed another peice of evidence or something verified/certified........................ it takes way longer than you think and then it takes ages to come back and then they go and pass you in a different category (long story) and then you have to reapply, so you go with an agent (because time is getting tight due to 45th birthday in nov) and of course they need to make sure they have everything dotted and crossed so it takes weeks to put that application together and then TRA take ages to reply so you have weeks of stress and doubt and the visa application will be going in three months later than you wanted it too, so you are now stressed because it will be tight getting acknowlegement and then case officer and visa to be in Oz for xmas 07:arghh: so stop ya faffin and get on with it:v_SPIN: