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Found 33 results

  1. hi there! I am 26 and have completed 2 years studying Electrical Intallation at college here in england. I need a company to take me on as an apprentice so I can complete my training and become a qualified electrician but as there is such a slump in our economy i cant find an apprenticeship anywhere over the last two years!! perhaps because i am a little older i dont know... does anyone know if it is possible for me to move to australia to complete my training and work and live? i have spent some time in australia before over 4 different visits and my plan has been to live there for years now,I didnt expect to hit this hurdle in my training.... if anyone can help me with any info then i would be so gratefull, many thanks, rynoward
  2. Hi We have returned to UK but realised we did not complete our tax returns. Can anyone give us some advice on how we can do them while being in the UK. We dont want to be in trouble in Australia.:no::no: Thanks
  3. Hi I'm struggling to fill in the places I have lived over the past 10 years and countries I have visited, it's a complete nighmare but I'll try not to rant about it!! I dont know exact dates Any advice???? Thanks!
  4. hi everyone, I'm a complete novice at this. I'm in my 60's and want to find the best visa to apply for to join my son in queensland. He has been in oz for 15 years and is a citizen. can anyone help me. thanks
  5. Hi everyone. Im a student nurse currently about to start my last year of my course.Me and my husband are considering a move to Australia as one of our options and have no idea how to go about anything. Where to find info etc. Im hoping you can point me in the right direction and help me get all info needed. Thanks in advance Joanna
  6. Hi All, I am very new to this and only decided to start the process to move to OZ a month ago. What a Mine field!!! :arghh: My husband is a joiner and is just completing his evidence form but wanted advise before he submitted it. We are not using an agent and going it alone, all other forms and doc's are ready to go, any advice from anyone would be much appreiated. Thanks Sporty :notworthy:
  7. Looking at form 1221, this seems like a repeat of form 80! I know many people do take the initiative and complete both the 80 and 1221 whilst waiting for CO, and that the confirmation email from DIAC after lodging your visa mentions both will be needed, but it mentions a few other documents not relevant to my application ... wondering, has anyone actually been told by the CO to fill form 1221 in?
  8. woodsy16

    medicals complete

    Hi Just a quick post, my family and I have just had our medicals done by Dr Smith in Manchester. I was a bit apprehensive about what to expect even though I had read posts on here detailing what was entailed. I would like to add to what other people had said about Dr Smith being lovely, the medical was both quick and easy nothing traumatic unless you have a fear of needles! I must say I felt a bit cheated we were in and out in just over an hour and most definitely did not get value for money, but for a medical practice it was the easiest £700 they will ever make! Just playing the waiting game now for our police checks! Getting a bit real now that we are getting to the end of the process. Kate
  9. laneyD

    Next Stage Complete

    Our Youngest had medical yesterday & both police clearance's in Visa application sent today anyone any idea's on the timescales for kids visa?.. Then all that has to be done to send us on our merry way is the house to sell!:err:
  10. My 176 Visa has been granted today. What am I gonna do? I feel so empty now, so releived, its like .. its like .. its like .... OMG .. Thank you everyone here !! I really don't know how I express my gratitude to you guys. You are simply THE BEST. I want to THANK from my the bottom of my heart to "GOLLYWOOBLER" ( our dearest Gill ) for her encouragement, the way she stood beside us in the dark days when we felt we lost our way and spoke for us. Her every words, explanations helped me ( and I'm sure a lot of others ) a lot to keep myself on the road, learned not to loose hope. THANK YOU GILL.
  11. I have been granted the 175 independent in Sep 2010, I plan to move to Oz, but am finding it difficult to move before Sep 2011... The reason for thinking of moving in before/in Sep 2011, is the 4 years of stay requirement for citizenship.... My question is what if by the validity of my visa i.e. Sep 2015, I cant complete the 4 years required for citizenship........
  12. I am having a change around in the house, and we are clearing out our office that now doesnt get used any more. We have on offer: 2 bookcases with 4 shelves each 2 closed cabinets with section on top with 2 shelves again for books/files/folders etc 2 cabinets for under/next to desk with 3/4 drawers plus one deep draw for hanging files. 1 large L shaped desk I do have other bits and pieces such as a revolving chair, desk mat for writing on (metal covered in vinyl) etc which can be thrown in. Everything is from Ikea office series from 8-9 years ago in the Effektiv series. It is a red/brown colour. Very heavy duty (and also very heavy) . It is collapsible, but not the normal Ikea quality, once put together, dont take it apart !! quality. We originally paid about $4000 for the whole set. It does have some signs of wear, but has always been used as a home office, so only a few hours per week max. I dont have pics at the moment but they will be up soon. I am looking for $750.00 for the lot. I also have a Pc for sale. Complete new re-install Vista home premium (including original CD), all updates done, 500GB HDD, dual core 2.0 with 1 GB internal memory. Asking price $275.00 I dont have a screen for it, but will include keyboard, mouse, any cables you might need for free. Even have a couple of reasonably new Modems if needed (for free as well) Send me a PM or call me on 0487 487 499 We are up in the Dandenong ranges. Paul.
  13. I know this form is free from DEFRA but my vet is trying to charge me £65 to complete it! They said this was the price for my two dogs as they can share it.....but my understanding is that each dog needs a separate form! So thats £130 to fill in 2-forms that literally require a few boxes being ticked and a few dates!! Seems a bit extortionate! The original quote they gave me for everything was around £500, to date I have paid £600 and this doesn't include this or worming tablets! Told them to go away and look in to it as I do not want to pay that!
  14. Here we go.... State Sponsored Migration List :: Make The Move
  15. Guest

    Complete beginner....

    Hello My Company approached me yesterday with an opportunity to move to take up a position in Sydney. Its a great career move but quite honestly I know nothing about the city. I believe the office is somewhere near Rose Bay. I have a husband and two children (8&6). i need to understand what areas I should be looking at for renting a house. I have looked at the real estate websites but there is so much choice, and not knowing about roads and transport is not helping. I anticipate we would be looking at up to $1000 per week rental for a minimum three bed - cheaper would be better - and obviously schooling quality is very important. Any ideas? Hope you can help.:biggrin:
  16. This is quite possibly the most painful thing i've had to do in my whole life lol.. to the point i'm considering dragging the whole setup about with my whilst i travel to perth lol. For sale. Everything you need for a great home cinema setup. LG 50" full hd 1080p plasma LG surround sound home theatre, with 4 tall boy speakers, 1 sub, 1 centre speaker and cd/radio/dvd player Sony blu ray player all cables e.g two hdmi cables, digi optical etc $1500 ono i'm currently quite close to sydney, canberra and melbourne so could arrange to meet anyone from there for delivery within the next couple of weeks, after that i'll be heading too Perth so if anyone there is keen i can deliver... don't leave it too long though as, as soon as i have a job in perth its no longer for sale.
  17. does anyone have The Tribe Complete Series season 1 2 3 4 5 DVD in WA , if so please get in touch with me and do a deal .............nick
  18. Gday! I am new to this website, and to this community, but I always find help here by looking in threads and conversations. I hope someone can help me in my dilemma. I am applying for Onshore skilled sponsored residence visa (886) via online. I almost have all the requirements I need. My question is, I am married, and I have my wife and son back in my country. Unfortunately, I cannot include them as secondary applicant since they are not here in Australia. Now what my problem is if I apply for DRC, do I need to have their medical results ready? For what I understand in the immigration website suggests not to attend a health examination before you lodge your visa application unless the information about your visa specifically asks you to do so. But how can I get a medical booking in my country when there is no request from immigration yet? How will the panel of doctors be able to forward the results when there is no reference number given yet? Now, I want to know, if I can apply for DRC even if without the health requirements from my dependants? I hope someone can help me. Thank you.
  19. If are one of the numerous people who is emergrating to Australia and are looking to take their car with them, this post is for you. I can honestly say that there was very limted information when I was in the same situation before our move to Sydney in November last year. I am delighted to tell you that my beloved Volvo S60 is now sitting my secure garage in the Western Sunburbs of Sydney. It was very expensive and as I couldn't get a reasonable price for it in the UK, due to it being 18 onths old and Godon Brown introducing a scrappage scheme (devastating second hand values - effectively a negative equity situation!) There was also a sentimental element - so decided to take it with me. My Removal company told me that in the last year that they have seen a 50% rise in people importing their cars. So you maybe likely to go down this route. You will need to ensure that the car is in a good condition and as clean as possible but the Australian Customs will steam clean it whatever happens and it is expensive. You will need a Personal Import Licence via ACT and this takes sometime. DO NOT IMPORT your car unless you have this piece of paper. Your Removal Company should tell you this. We arrived in Oz in Dec 2009 but the container didn't arrive until February and we didn't see the contents until much later that month. See a separte post on this - not best pleased by our removal company - as car and contents sat in the UK for a month before even starting the shipping process. I found Australain rules and regulations very complicated and the RTA in NSW is a complete nightmare. Red tape in Oz is significantly worse than the UK - beware!! Whilst fighting the battle with the RTA I had an agency recommended to me. In short, they were superb and looked after all the paperwork, registration and minor modifications needed to the car (replacement mirror to drivers side and child restraints to rear seats> They were: Complete Car Care, Seven Hills NSW 2147 If you are importing to Sydney mero area or beyond - give them a call - Ask for Robert and I can honestly say that the service was excellent and he will provide the level of service you don't often find in Australia. He was helpful and courteous. All you need to do is sign a Power of Attourney and then he will do the rest, just pay the bill and collect the car. Although it was expensive it was certainly worth it. Good luck. One final thought - unless your car is precious to you - it would be worth offloading before getting to Oz. You can get good value for your Dollars over here (subject to a decent exchange rate!). The total cost to ship my car was about £6,000 - not worth it unless the car is of some value! Happy to answer any further queries you may have on the importing experience. Tracey Burgess (via Martin's log in!)
  20. Swannie

    Complete confusion

    Well this is my first post in this section, I joined the site because we were set in stone at looking at Australia but recently the other half has said that she is more interested in New Zealand. This is mainly because she works with horses and in the Eventing world New Zealand is king, well she is now thinking that NZ would be a better option for her. Me, I'm easy, I don't take too much to convince me to leave the UK so here I am, asking you guys, help me out. What is the place like? What would we have to do to get there? (We have looked at the immigration website and its a lot more confusing than the OZ website) We both have family in NZ but no one close and no one either of us have ever met.
  21. Can't help but notice the complete lack of visa's being granted lately. Whats it all about?! VERY frustrating!!!! Come on DIAC get the finger out !!!!:arghh:
  22. embydoops

    Complete house hold for sale

    HI,Complete house hold for sale,Good Quality Queen size beds x2 wardrobe double shabby chic stripped old ,Chest of drawers,microwave,ikea 2seater modern leather sofas x2 small 4 seater light coulered hard wood dining table pine bookcase large beige 3 seater sofa suede fabric effect v comfy 1 x super king sealy matress and divan 1 x hoover various bed side cupboard 1 x balineese funky cabinet chest high 1x balineese display unit dark hardwood cuttelry kettle toaster pots pans cooking utensils oven dishes juicer plates glasses bowls iron laudry basket ironing board iron running machine computer desk and chair new duvets and covers bedding for all 3 beds good quality all 1 year old (egyption cotton sheets ) mirrors clothes rails x3 large afgan rug red pattered 1,000 dollars year old size approx 7 feet x 3 foot printer for cuputer compact hi fi system cd player ipod station thingy loads more cant remember everything u need for house 2 adults 2 kids all in storage can bee delivered basically we packed our clothes and photos and were going to ship household back to uk ,have rented furnished house in uk so dont really need anymore as most of stuff is only a year old not attached 2 it .is in storage with international shipping company and is all wrapped exetra (sydney)please message me if interested mrs emma wagstaff.This will save you time and money if u are emmigrating to aus as beds alone are approx 2500 dollars dont make the same mistake we made shipping is very expensive as is setting up complete house from scratch .3500 dollars for the lot if someone benefits from our mistakes then good luck to you hopefully it will make your transition to auzy life easier and give us some money for brollies rain coats and help towards the cost of petrol .
  23. Guest

    Who has to complete a form 80?

    Tara and myself have just lodged our 176 visa application and are busy trying to complete the relevant forms to go with it. We have sent our form 1100 to WA and Tara has completed her form 80; I was wondering whether I, as a de-facto partner on her application, needs to complete a form 80 too? Also are there any other documents that need to be completed at this point? Any help would be much appreciated, Paul
  24. Guest

    Help required complete newby

    Hi all thanks for taking the time to read this ME my wife and our 6yr old son are looking into moving to Australia i have been looking a various different emigrating sites and am a little lost with who to use or should i do it myslef ??? I am also talking to a dealership in Brisbane and trying to get them to sponsor me I have been in car sales fot 7 out of the last 10 years i came outof it in 2008 to work in thw welfare to work sector to be able to study a degree in soicial policy which i'm about to start but if i can get a sponsor im right in thinking i can just come straight over. If this is the case can my wife and son come straight over with me, Many thanks
  25. Guest

    TRA form complete

    Yippee! TRA is finally completed. All 125 pages sent off. If they come back and say no, I think I will cry. This form takes over your life and drives you up the wall. No amount of wine makes it better.:biggrin: