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Found 9 results

  1. We keep being told things (through our agent) and then they do a U-turn and say they're not doing them anymore. Which is costing us time and money. And now we may not be getting a Visa due to these constant changes in decision. Is there anything we can do? All to do with our application: (as you'd imagine) We were given as long as we needed. Great. Then we were then told 2 months and no chance of extention. What? Then we were told we had another 2 weeks and this would be extended as long as we could prove we were working towards getting it sorted. Okay. Now we're told we have 2 more weeks and no further extentions possible. Back to What? The thing is we are (and have been for a long time) waiting for various other governmental agencies to recognise qualifications. We weren't told we needed them when we applied. We were then told (3 months after our application was received) that we did need them. We told them it was an 8 week process and we didn't want to pay money for the prcoess if we weren't going to get extentions to cover the length of time. We were told we would get extentions. Now 2 weeks after sending all the docs off to the agency we've been told we have 2 weeks? And this is from our case workers manager - as our case worker was off on holiday, again, for the second time, without any notice or notification (or cover?) They believe we should have handed in these qualifcation recognition as part of our visa application. But they were never required for the role, or requested until 3 months after we applied? Oh and one more diamond: we were also told the only reason the qualifications needed to be transfered over, was as there 'may' be a change of law in 2014 (the qualifications held now, work now - my partner working in the role she's being sponsored for) Anyone made complaints and have they made any difference? We are in Oz, on a WHV - bridging visa. Applied for a 457 about 7-8 months ago. Any advice? Anyone? Anything?
  2. Could anyone tell me whether there is an official governing body with which we could raise a complaint against a Relocation agent we used to relocate from London to Sydney? The Relocation Agent promised us she would not charge a fee should she not be able to find us a suitable property to rent in Sydney. Long story short... she didn't find us a property and has now taken payment for a full service fee (to which we had not agreed). Does anyone know how we can raise this dispute with a formal governing body in order to get our monies back??
  3. Guest


    Hello, Has anyone raise a PLE to OMBUDSMAN , asking to process the applicantions///???. Like mine application stuck in external checks.....do you think complaining HELPS.... Comeon guys applicant of 2009 Jan, when i can see applicants from 2010, 2011 getting grants. Why me???? :arghh:
  4. JaseandAnne

    Complaint? What you guys think?

    Hi Everyone, I am wondering whether I should make an official complaint to the DIAC but I dont want it to hamper my application but nothing seems to be getting resolved. See what you think. I got SS on the 4th Feb 2011 and completed the main App and sent it via recorded post on the 15th March. By middle of April I had not heard anything and the tracking number never worked from the Post office so I could not say whether it had arrived in Oz let alone the DIAC. I made a number of calls to the department from Mid April and they looked around but all said that it had not arrived, It was explained to me how all the post arrives and the first thing done is payment is taken and its lodged on the system. No money had been taken from my card so on the 29th April I was officialy, by email, advised to complete an On Line app so as not to lose or have to apply for an extention of SS. I sat up till late in the night and applied and uploaded all the documents. It was sent and received and we got our TRN aand I completed the SS form and got that off, Phew :unsure: all ssent by the 3rd May!! Scathing letter also sent to post office! However, on the 5th May I got 2 receipts for 2 lots of process fee!! One clearly stated that it was lodged on the 7th April and the other 3rd May. I called again and was told that they had BOTH applications and I had to cancel one and it was nt as easy as me calling it had to be in writing and signed by all applicants over 18. So I did this on the 7th May, todate nothing, no refund no response to my email to the cancelation dept. However, (again) I have recieved a case worker who is starting to process the online app, now, she/he has asked for documents that they have (twice) and when I pointed it out she said that the stautory declartion signed by my childrens mother allowing them to migrate, giving her passport details, address etc and signed by her the solicitor and stating that she allows them to migrate was not good enough because it doesnt have the word "Permenantly" in it. I got the wording required from the OZ commission in LOndon and the solicitor I used stated he had done lots of then useing the same wording and had had no problems. Should I argue the toss or is it not worth it ,after all these solicitors letters cost a bit each time. Should I make a complaint about the 2 applications, as they quite clearly had the first one all the time, and should I complain that I have had no refund and its costing me interest and 2 currency conversion fees? Do you think it will "hamper" my application by p**sing people off. Not sure what to do but really frustrated and out of pocket!! Jase
  5. Guest

    Complaint To Admin.

    I know we are told often that if we have a problem with admin (Rob) or any of the mods we should use the PM facility etc, but I think it only right and proper that I highlight a certain issue that I find a bit disturbing. As some of you will be aware I have a 'thing' for certain cartoon characters, among my favourites are the Caramel Bunny, Penelope Pit stop, etc, but my dream lady is Betty Boop,:wubclub::wubclub:, a hot chick if I ever saw one. Now, very innocently I changed my avatar recently to one of my love goddess, I did this in the spirit of fair play and hoped some of you would realise my love, lust for Betty, BUT. She who shall remain nameless, no bullocks to it, shame on you Kate (Moving to Melbourne) told me in no uncertain terms that I had broken the rules of PIO, :shocked::policeman:. I was told in no uncertain terms that if I continued to use Betty as my avatar then the wrath of Admin would come down on me like a tonne of bricks. I know Kate is Robs wife, but all the same, is this a stretch too far, is Kate abusing her position not only as a mod, but as Robs long term partner,:biglaugh:. I don't know if Kate is aware of the heartache she has caused this end, I now feel as if my relationship with Betty is in someway dirty and wrong, :shocked:. I know Kate has my sweetheart as her avatar as well, but surely in the spirit of fair play I should be allowed to 'use' Betty to a certain degree. So get voting folks, who's right, don't faff about worrying that Kate is a mod and Robs wife, fairness to the common man I reckon. Love ya really Kate.:wubclub::wubclub::biglaugh::mad::embarrassed: PS. I would happily include a copy of the PM Kate sent me, but in truth I know children and those of a sensitive disposition use this forum, and my modesty does not allow for me to let you see the PM. Suffice to say, the language was somewhat 'colourful', and if truth were known, Kate is a lady I held in high esteem, but after the tirade of abuse and vitriol used in her PM I am for all intents and purposes rather perturbed and upset. I've even changed my avatar to an old and wrinkly Betty in the hope that it will build bridges with Kate and show I am willing to compromise.:hug::wubclub: Cheers Tony.
  6. Jeffster

    Complaint to Ombudsman

    Sorry this has taken a while, I have been on hols all week in Sydney following my football team and thought I would have more time than I actually did! Attached below is the draft, it's in 2 parts as it is too big to upload as one file. It still needs some work so questions, comments, suggestions are welcome. I will start looking for online petition sites now so we can gather signatures.
  7. I was just wondering about anyone stuck in the waiting game process and chucked left and right due to mad changes that keep place. Has anyone lodged a complaint with DIAC before and got any positive outcome/feedback??? There is also the route of complaining to commonwealth Ombudsman but it is advised that you should file a complaint first with the dept. Any advise given on whether it is a valid complain the idea of being stuck in rut waiting for nearly 2 years with no feedback from diac regarding timelines, and the agony of the changes coming down on us every now and then. Anyone please share your experiences or advise on that matter.
  8. Hi, I understand that there is already a thread/post about how to make a complaint to the Immigration Minister about the effect of the recent changes to the priority processing of skilled visa applications. I thought it may be useful to point out that another authority which handles complaints about the DIAC is the Australian Commonwealth Ombudsman. Unlike the Minister, the Ombudsman is completely independent of the Department of Immigration and is there specifically to deal with administrative complaints against Australian government departments and authorities. The Ombudsman's office can be reached by email: ombudsman@ombudsman.gov.au So if you are sending/emailing a complaint through to the Minister (who is, after all, responsible for any changes to the law or procedures regarding migration), it may be worthwhile copying the Ombudsman in so that he is aware of the issues as well. Alternately, you can fill in an online form on the Ombudsman's webpage: Ombudsman, Australia - Home or even call through with your complaint. If this has been mentioned already, apologies.
  9. Guest

    Air con / heating complaint

    Being fairly new here in Oz, just 5 months or so, I’m not very clued up on the air conditioning system here and how it effects others. (Reverse Cycle heat/Cold system.) But an interesting situation has developed. Try and tell as quickly as possible here. Set the scene, We live in a nice modern house, about 4 year old, very pleasant well laid out estate, rent the property, deal just with the agents and the agents are absolutely first class, can’t fault them. Neighbour next door has invited us in for a lovely meal and drinks, we have done the same and all is well. All good so far. About 4-5 weeks ago the site manager here came to see me, introduced himself, pleasant chap, came in had a cuppa and explained to me that he had received a complaint from a person opposite our house that our air con machine is making too much noise. Naturally I was concerned and told him I would get on to the agents straight away. He went on that he had checked my machine one morning early around 6.45am and it was making a racket. I was mortified that we may have caused a problem and apologised sincerely. He showed me the person’s house who had complained. They are opposite and up from my house, about 20 meters away from where our air con machine is located. I run the machine for him while he was here and he said Yea, your pump is knackered, it’s had it. (note he's not an engineer, just a local guy looking after the site and residents) So I inform the agents, few days later an electrical engineer calls. I explain it all to him, run the machine, the engineer, laughs and asks me Is this for real, the machine is fine, the sound is not too loud, and how the hell can She hear it from that distance. Engineer reports back to the agent. Few days later, the company who installed the machines for the whole entire site, and have maintained them all along call me. Our agents had asked them to also call and check it out. The M.D from the firm, the top man comes with one of his engineers. Real Aussie bloke, great laugh and nice guy. Greats me from his Yute with the words, “Who’s F****ing complained” I was quite amused by this and explained it all. They switched the machine on, run it listened and he again went off on one, “30 years I have been installing machines, and there’s F**** all wrong with that. I’m happy to go to Court if She want’s too." OK I said Whatever you say. I’m only the tenant here, so I’m not really in a position to comment. In fairness he confirmed it was nowhere near an unacceptable level of noise, which has to be around 5 whatever at her garden fence???? (Not my words) Well he had a beer with me, good chat all about UK and Aus, and off he went, really nice bloke, Great. Fair play to our agents, they had done all possible within a few days. Recent weather has been warm, but last Thursday and Friday saw a downturn in the Weather. So Friday night we put the heat on for 20 minutes to take the chill off the room. (wife had a start of a cold and was taking meds) It was the first time in 3 weeks we had put the heat on, and it was on for just 20 minutes. Well guess what ?, Yesterday the site manager returns, the same woman opposite had reported our machine running at 11pm Friday night and complained and he says is going to report it to the council. This time I was more standing my ground, and explained the result of the company and comments of the 2 different engineers, and that they thought it was farcical and laughed about it. He suggested He would put a few bales of Straw to try and block out the sound, but I told him No way, One that’s a potential fire hazard and two why should I have Straw bales near my air con machine when I’m paying big rent for my property and two engineers have said the machine is fine. Imediately directly opposite our house, the one neighbour’s bedroom is in the direct line from us, yet they have not complained or said anything to us, yet this person who is further away, opposite and up from our house seems to have a problem. I’m passing it back to the agents, and they can do what they think necessary, but I would be interested to hear your comments. We have never met or spoke to this lady or her husband, and never had anything to do with them. She's aware we are Foreign (Poms) people will have told her that. I’m told she’s a teacher, and according to the site manager she can lose it a bit when she starts. (So be it) This house was rented before us by an American family who returned to the USA, and who looked after the place well just like we do. We are a very quiet couple, pretty boring couple to be truthful, on our own and make as little noise as humanly possible, never any visitors or cars parked outside or music playing and so on. So I’m not sure what to say about this complaint. Any advice??? REDDERS