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Found 7 results

  1. I would like to apply to travel back to the UK in August on compassionate grounds - to see my 75 year mum. She had bowel cancer and is in remission however she still suffers pain because of it. She lives alone and has no carers. I was due to travel back in April to be with her. The immi criteria states she needs to be ‘seriously ill’. We don’t think she is seriously ill but she needs us. What do I need to ask the GP to write in order to get a positive response to my Exemption application? Any advice much appreciated. Many thanks
  2. Hello, I’ve only just come across this forum today. I’ve spent the best part of the day browsing and reading information to get some advice on our situation. My boyfriend and I have been together just over 3 years, and lived together over a year. I am Australian, and he is Canadian. We live in the UK where (I have lived there approx 16 years now). Around January of this year, we had made the decision we want to move to Australia. We want a family, a house, sunshine. A good quality of life and to be near my family. We had not yet submitted our application, but had started gathering the paperwork and filling in the forms. In early May, I go a call from my mother to tell me she has MDS. It’s a blood cancer that can develop into leukaemia. There is no cure. There is possible treatment but it will likely make her very sick. Both my parents are elderly, my father is disabled and in a wheelchair. My mother is his primary carer. She has been given a prognosis of 12-18 months. I am currently in Australia helping her come to terms with it and trying to get as much information from her doctor (fortnightly) appointments as we can. My return flight to London is booked this friday and I am terrified of leaving. I am needed here now. There is so much going on with both my parents and their conditions, I really want to be home to support them emotionally and help where I can. We have gathered most of the information we need to submit the visa, but I am now torn. I recently learned about a bridging visa which would allow my partner to come immediately and stay until our application is (fingers crossed) granted. If there’s one person I need close to me right now with all that is going on it is him. So my questions: Has anyone had any success with compassionate reasons on prioritising the application? I have read I can submit a letter, which I will do. Is a on-shore application / bridging visa a good option for us? I see the wait times can be longer, but if it means he can come and be here with me at this time, we would consider this. We were applying for the off-shore partner visa. Does applying on-shore complicate anything? Does it change the application we have already started. I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you so much!
  3. Artisam

    Carer Visa

    Hi my partner and I have recently lodged an application for a medibank medical examination, a requirment of the carer visa, I am the carer and my partner the caree. Her condition is undiagnosed auto immune, the application was sent a few months ago and due to the complexity of her condition has taken until now to be processed. The doctor has requested a current, Australian nurological report and we have been adviced that no appoints are available until June. My current visa expires in 5 weeks, if we are lucky we may be able to get the application in for processing in 6 or 7. Esther's condition is greatly effected by climate, if I have to leave the country I can not leave her in Australia and brings her back to England could cause Esther's condition to become fatal, due to pass in her windpipe exasipated by the cold. Does anyone know if there is potential for an extension of my current working holiday visa due to extenuating circumstances, or compelling or compassionate circumstances. Once medibank confirm her medical condition I beleive the process will be relatively quick and once the results are received by immigration I will be placed on a bridging visa. Any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks, sam
  4. Hi and a very Happy New Year to one and all! I've been living in Aus for 10 years and I'm now both an Australian and British citizen. My wife is on a Thai passport and also has Australian residency. We want to return to the UK in 2014 to take care of my mum who is now 84 and struggling to live independently - she has no other family here in the UK. My wife wants to be my mum's carer and I will return to teaching in the UK (am I mad?!) having spent the last 3 years working for Education Queensland. I appreciate that I will need to read up on this in some detail, but I was hoping some of you may have done this recently and have a few ideas about the easiest way for my wife to obtain residency in the UK? As I'm no longer a resident in the UK myself, I don't think I'll be able to sponsor her as I did when she first came to Australia. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Regards, Mart.
  5. Hi all, i'll be really greatful if someone could help me out im on a bridging visa for my onshore spouse visa and one of the conditions is that i cannot leave australia unless there are compassionate reasons. my sister has been very unwell reacently, she seems to have some form a thriod problem but is also suffering from neological symptoms such as panic attacks and paranoia. She's been referred to a specialist and have had a MRI scan done but the doctors still cant find a diagonsis for her as of yet. Without a disgonsis would i be able to apply to leave to go back and visit her? i could get a statement from her specialist saying that she's been referred and have had an MRI but i was wondering if this would be enough for immigration. im very concerned for her and would really love to go back and be with her, we're 2 peas in a pod! if anyone has even a hunch it would be appreciated!
  6. Hi there, I’m an Australian and my husband is British. We’ve been living in the UK, and were planning to move to Oz at the end of the year, but my father has suddenly gotten seriously ill, so we’ve decided to move immediately. Dad's prognosis isn't good so I’m moving back as soon as I can get things sorted out – probably 3 weeks. I understand that we could try to get my husband into the country on a tourist visa, and then apply for a partner visa once we’re there, but I’m afraid that they’ll get guess what we’re up to because he won’t have a return ticket and will give him that ‘no further stay’ restriction, or whatever it is, so he can't apply. So instead we'll probably do it from the UK, and he'll have to wait 12 weeks until he can join me. With Dad's illness, it's not the best time to be separated for 3 months. Is there a way to ask for fast-tracking on compassionate grounds? Many Thanks
  7. matjones

    Chris Evans.. compassionate?

    Who'd have thunk it? Joy for adopted twins after Immigration red-tape U-turn | Perth Now