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Found 12 results

  1. VicBStard

    Oz compared to New Zealand

    Hi, I've been living in New Zealand for six years, having moved here from the UK in 2006. I'll be honest and say my experience in NZ has not been a bundle of fun. Whilst I've pretty much got used to the NZ way of doing things, there are still things that drive me insane every once in a while. When I came to NZ I never even considered a future move to Oz. After a year living in Auckland, I went to Melbourne accompanying my wife on a business trip. I'd made loads of excusses as to the reason why Auckland was so shabby and why the people in New Zealand didn't really care about the state of their houses, their cars and stuff in general. I figured any place this remote from the rest of the world would need to make do and use "frontier spirit". Two days wondering around Melbourne on my own, whilst my wife worked, was a real eye opener. Melbourne was so clean and tidy compared to Auckland. Subsequent visits to Sydney and Brisbane have really hammered home to me just how much of a poor relation NZ seems to be to Australia. I now have Oz PR, so I'm currently doing my reseach into Australia- my experience in NZ was taught me not to be quite so nieve this time. Whilst I'm sure the Oz isn't going to be as bad as NZ, I've been trying to look into the more negative things about living in Oz. As they say, being forwarned is being forarmed, or whatever. For New Zealand there are a number of websitesthat will specifically discuss the more tiresome issued that migrants face in the country. despite trawling the depths of the internet, I can not find one post, let alone a website weere anyone REALLY lets rip at Oz. Sure there are many very grounded and honest posts on this website, but nobody seems to be really upset with Oz, not in the same way the folk are about NZ. So my question is, for anyone that has lived or experience both countries, what are the differences between NZ and Oz? Also, will someone who, after six years, has pretty much got used to NZ be OK fitting in to the Australian way of life? It is no good asking these questions of a Kiwi in New Zealand as they seem to pretty much hate Australia and Australians!
  2. AUSTRALIANS are more concerned about the level of sex and violence on television than their English counterparts, according to a new study by the broadcasting watchdog. But the Australian Communications and Media Authority report has found excessive commercials are our biggest bugbear. The focus groups and survey of 1250 people over the first half of this year found 44 per cent of Australians had general concerns over risque television content. In a result attributed by experts to looser laws in Australia, ACMA noted the proportion was more than the 40 per cent identified by a similar British Government study. The report found 45 per cent of Australians listed excessive commercials as their biggest concern. Television violence (43 per cent) was the second biggest concern followed by too many reality programs (36 per cent).
  3. While our police stood and watched while the riots went on the Australian authorities in major cities get on top of a problem with no messing about, I found the police in Oz much more robust and on the ball with any trouble that the rather timid policing here in the UK. Well done Oz. VICTORIA Police will soon begin a recruitment drive in a bid to hire more than 900 armed guards to work on trains after legislation passed through the upper house of state parliament overnight. The new legislation gives Protective Services Officers the power to arrest people found to be drunk and disorderly, detain a person who is believe to have committed a serious offence and conduct searches where there are reasonable grounds for suspecting a person has a weapon. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/more-news/recruitment-drive-begins-for-psos-to-work-on-melbournes-trains/story-fn7x8me2-1226126217067
  4. I was thinking about this carbon tax and thinking that Oz is a large country with huge forests and a small population. Surely all the trees absorb a lot of our CO2 emissions compared with other countries. So I dug out some information off the net to find out for some countries; the land mass, % of land covered by trees, total area of trees, total number of trees (assumed an average spacing of 20m), CO2 emissions per year, how much CO2 each tree absorbs per year and hence finally calculated the % of CO2 produced which is reabsorbed by the trees. (This is apparently more for mature trees, which I expect there are more of in Australias forests than forests in the UK for example. Results are below Country %CO2 absorbed by trees US 1.38% Germany 0.33% UK 0.12% Australia 12.3% So, as Australia has been careful to preserve its forests instead of cutting them all down and concreting over them like the US and the UK, we still have forests to absorb 100 times more of the CO2 we produce than the UK for example and many more times the other countries here. So are we justified in having such a harsh carbon tax compared to other countries. Has the amount we absorb with our carefully preserved forests been taken into account?
  5. I've lived in Sydney a couple of times & loved it, however there are potential work opportunities for me Melbourne & I'm wondering whether to apply, (from the UK), but without really knowing Melbourne. We are a family of 3: 2 adults and a 2 year old, love being outside & active, I run competitively with a club in the UK, my husband would love to join a mountain bike or triathlon club but not as a serious athlete, more as a hobby & to meet people. Just be interesting to know what people's thoughts are. The job I'm thinking of is based in Seaford which looks a long way out and would focus on the Southern metropolitan region, or based in Southbank and servicing the Western metropolitan region & as my husband is in IT he'd most likely need to be working in the CBD. The other quesion is around childcare, whilst we were in Syndey last year there weren't many places around, now that my daughter is 2 I think it would be easier to find places, anybody aware of how difficult it is to get a place in good childcare? Thanks guys. :wink:
  6. Hello, We left Oz a year ago, having spent 8 very enjoyable months in Sydney whilst I was on maternity leave. At the time we left because I couldn't find a job so we were better off coming back to the UK where I could go back to my pre-maternity job, but we always said we'd be back... now there seem to be more opportunities coming up I'm debating about whether to apply for a job, especially as there's a high chance of huge job losses in the next 6 months, but nobody seems to know yet, so just looking at Option B. When we left we had found Oz expensive but then the UK had been very cheap for a while, now that alot of things have gone up in price here & seem comparable, eg to the food prices when we left Sydney, I'm wondering wheter prices have stayed the same or also gone up as much as they have over here. I don't really want to be moving across the world to have to watch a every single penny every minute of the day. I'd be interested in peoples' opinions. Thanks
  7. Quick summary of experiences and issues we are facing. * no standard short assured agreement, in uk..you rent for 6 months then have 1 month break clause. In australia...there is NO break clause, you rent for X months and that is that. You must pay, you can not break, unless...you find someone else to take the property. * if you do try get someone else to take the property you pay advertising fees....I dont know what that is but expect it will be expensive. * we find a good property goes fast, has 4-6 applicants and the person who takes it for 1 year or more even wins! the fact is we can't and dont want to commit to anywhere for 1 year and are suffering, so forced to take somewhere else. Issue here is actually taking somewhere for 1 year could play out better since the property will be nicer and subsequently easier to find new people if you must break the contract. * if say you have a family and a job in one area for 10 months but want some flexibility..then can you make the lease last 10 months and then ask for another 1 month extension? it is normal and ok to get extensions for short periods? or do people end up paying for months where the property is empty. I must admit I was happy renting in the UK but this forces me more to buying (in an over valued market, not so good) * when you apply for a property you need to fill in a form and give over a weeks rent in cash, and then pick up the money later...when your application fails. pain in the back end. Plus they take references from australia first since contacting the UK is tricky.
  8. Its a hot one here in the Uk at the moment....:cool: Whilst we love the sunshine & the way it makes you want to get out of bed in the morning, everyone is cheery & its just so nice to feel warmth on your skin But this heat isnt too nice, no breeze & very humid Now I keep re-assuring myself that its because we arent used to it here etc, etc But please someone tell me, we're not gonna melt in Western Australia, are we? :shocked: Love to hear your views on the heat & if you acclimatised, what type of heat it is in your view....(ive heard about the Freo Doctor!) Does this really make a difference
  9. Hi What is the average salary in Auatralia and how does it stand up against the cost of living their. Moving to Perth in January Thanks
  10. Hi Guys We normally use Qantas, but are going to fly back to the Uk using Singapore Airlines. only because they are coming out slightly cheaper. Have you used both airlines, how do Singapore compare to Quantas food in air entertainment etc? Thank you for taking the time to read my thread.:yes:
  11. Can anyone tell us how Australian plumbing compares to English plumbing. It would be really useful to hear from someone already there and working. Is it relatively easy to find a job? How hard is it to obtain the license/registration in order to work unsupervised in Oz? We are looking at Adelaide or Melbourne on an independent visa. Bradley is a self employed plumber here in Norfolk and is 34. We are just starting the process of emigration but looking forward to a new life down under with our four young children. Regards Brad and Tracy
  12. We were wondering if anybody knows/has an opinion as to why the $AUD is so weak compared to the £ at the moment, compared to what it used to be like? (Could it be a sign the Australian economy is struggling a bit etc) The reason I ask you this, as the exchange rate seems too good to be true right now!