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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all :wubclub: I was just looking to hear about peoples experiences nursing in an Australia and how it compares with nursing in the UK. At the moment i work in a hospital environment in Scotland and feel that its becoming more and more stressful due to cutbacks, increasing workloads etc. My job satisfaction is pretty much non existent which is sad really as nursing can be so enjoyable and rewarding under better conditions. Im hoping theres light at the end of the tunnel, please dont burst my bubble :laugh: x
  2. Australia has avoided the worst aspects of all-out private care, as exemplified by the US (high cost, lack of cover for the poor and chronic sick, which is only now being put right). It also largely escapes some features of NHS-style state-funded care (lack of choice, treatment delays, questionable quality of care). It does well on the universally acknowledged standard of infant mortality, at 4.2 deaths per 1,000 live births. Britain records 4.8 per 1,000 live births. Life expectancy at birth for Australians is 81.4 years, compared to 79.5 in Britain. Calculations of potentially preventable deaths in advanced economies put Australia at a commendable 71 per 100,000 population (for 2002-3) compared to 103 per 100,000 in UK. Healthcare expenditure in Australia as a proportion of GDP is 8.9 per cent, 0.5 per cent more than Britain. The country also has more practising doctors than Britain – 2.8 per 1,000 population, against the UK’s 2.5
  3. A lot has been said on here in the past about how important it is not to compare things here in Australia against how things were at home in the UK or elsewhere.Even though the ability to not compare is an admirable quality in some instances I really think it is the wrong approach to take in a lot of circumstances.I would even go so far as to say it is probably a very unrealistic approach to take when it comes to such a life changing event as migration. Let me explain my reasoning. First of all,life in general is full of comparisons.Comparing is something we do every day.This is how we determine the difference between one thing and another and also how we determine similarities between things.Comparing is not restricted to tangible things either.It is important to compare how you feel in different situations too and how you react to different scenarios.Comparing is an essential element when it comes to choosing and deciding what you prefer.We do it all the time. *Those of us who have kids will know only too well that the second childs milestones are compared to those of the first child. *We compare price,quality,taste,durability etc...when deciding what to buy. *We compare schools based on factors we see as important for our childrens education,or indeed our own education. *We compare states,cities,suburbs and streets when deciding where to live based on our list of important preferences. The list goes on...... Now don't get me wrong.I am not saying you should land here and compare absolutely everything.For example,comparing the cost of every grocery item would be a pointless excercise.But..... It is good to compare your quality of life to what you had.How else will you determine if it is better/worse for you than what you have come from if you do not compare it.It is good to determine your future prospects here compared to what they were at home for the same reason.It is good to compare things that really matter to you.It is no good putting blinkers on and assuming it is all better just because you worked so hard to get here.You have to sit,think about it and rationally compare your life and happiness to what you had so you can determine if it is the right choice for you,not just for now but for the future.Usually it is best to do this whilst you are still in a position to change things if they need changing. Some will compare and decide life here wins hands down,others will have home winning hands down but others still will not compare and maybe sometime down the road wish they had taken the time to do so. Just my perspective on things,it would be good to hear what others think.
  4. I'm a fan of the good advice given by moneysavingexpert.com Foreign Currency: Send or spend money internationally ... HTH Louise
  5. Hello! I'm just going through the arduous process of having the shipping companies around the house to carry out a survey of the goods we plan to take to oz with us. Would be very interested to hear: What sort of things did you compare shipping company quotes on? Do you have a list you might be able to share with me?:wacko: I've only seen Pickfords and John Mason so far, but they're already quoting different volume sizes for exactly the same stuff! Many thanks in advance for your replies! Laulau
  6. We are in Adelaide and every summer we have loads of flies they get in your mouth up your nose and iswear there are half a dozen of them that follow me around (can't think why) but they seem to be everywhere in summer is this the case in GC gotta mate there who says they are no way as bad....fault finding outside a lot in my trade and it's like they wait for you to have both hands full and then pounce sick of being out smarted by them:huh: Cheers Lee
  7. Quick one for you. Has anyone on here gone from the RAF to the RAAF? If so, how do they compare? Just after some basic info as I know a lot will differ from trade/location. I don't really mind anyway as I will be there in 21 days but it's always good to get the heads up. Thanks.:daydreaming::daydreaming:
  8. There is a website where you can post your visa application timeline & information. It also has a page to show the latest case officer assignments & visas granted. www.beupdate.co.uk You just add yourself to the list with all your dates & away you go. The more of us that add our details the fuller picture we will have of progress. As it is us that add our own details & lets face it, we have managed some amazing feats of administration so far, it is going to be more accurate that a generic update from the admin dept at diac. Please add your details & respond to this thread to keep it near the top!!! Feel free to post your comments on the site & hopefully the joy you feel when you see real progress is being made. I am obsessed with checking this website & find it much more cheerful than the weekly diac update that never seems to change. Good luck everyone.
  9. :wacko:Hi this my first post ever!!! scary Don't know where in Oz we will be thinking about going to Sydney or Melbourne. I am a Peadiatric Occupational Therapist and just want to know what the jobs are like health care wise in relation to the NHS over here? Just want to start thinking about the possibilty a little bit more seriously...scary stuff! Thanks sarah aka UG
  10. We had a BBQ yesterday at home in England and were wondering what BBQ's are like in Oz! For example most I have been to in the UK are mainly burgers, sausages, kebabs and chicken (I know some people do more but just being general). Of course accompanied by boatloads of beer!!!!!! In Oz what are the main differences??? Interested to here peoples thoughts/experiences.
  11. Hi Guys, Sorry for a really boring thread!! I know there has been many questions asked regarding which bank to open with and we are currently looking at Commonwealth and Westpac (and really need to get it sorted this week!!) Unlike most of you (to our downfall) we have never owned a home in the UK (living always in Married Quarters with the RAF) which means we are not heading to Aus to live a mortgage free life..... Does anyone down there know which bank would offer the best rates for a homeowner loan/mortgage (1st time buyer) if lets say if you are putting down 30 - 40%? Any information would be great. Thanks so much
  12. Guest

    How do schools compare?

    Hi I have a child in nursery who is 4, two in middle school (year 5 and 8) and one in High school (year 10). Do the Australian schools have league tables like ours or can anyone recommend good schools. We are heading for near Melbourne. Is there support for dyslexic children - its been a huge battle to get support here!!! Thanx in advance :lol: Angie :lol: