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Found 10 results

  1. ozerjon

    removal companys

    Hi I am looking for recommendations for removal companys from uk to perth. I have received a quote from anglo pacific for 4300.00 for a full container. I am obviously looking for a reliable company but as everybody is i am trying to reduce our emigration costs. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Cath:goofy:
  2. Guest

    job refs.. companys gone bust!!

    hi all, just a thought are visa app went in to diacs in nov 08, since then two of the companys ( subies) have gone bust over the last year, so what i am asking is does diacs contact them or was that left to vettasses at the time of doing the paper base paper work?? many thanks Andy
  3. Hi. I am about to change a lot of money and send it to a bank in Oz via Halo Finance. Tonight someone asked me " How do you know for sure that Halo are a proper company and its not a scam" now that got me thinking that all ive got is a web page to look at and some paperwork, all of which would be easy to set up. Now i dont want to get into any legal trouble by doubting/ or people slating a companys credability but has ANYONE used or know any thing about them. I am certain its all ok but ive never sent several £k out the country before and its quite scary. So any advice please.
  4. Guest

    construction companys

    hi all im a 40 yeard old man coming to perth in october to have a look around. while there im looking to drop of my cv i presentley work as a site foreman for a refurbishment company, but have woked as a site manager and am a joiner by trade. any info on what companys are recruiting, and which to avoid will be of a great help. thanks john
  5. Guest

    UK-Perth-Shipping Companys?

    Hi All, Is there anyone on here that could help me out regarding removals from the UK to Perth AU. We have merely the matter of 5-6 large boxes to take, mainly toys!! Does anyone no of any good companys in the south-east of England or else where that is reasonably cheap? Has anyone sent similar over and what was the cost? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Many thanks Dan
  6. Ok, this is for you lot who are already on the other side of the world and transported your household goods over with you. The main reason we are not going to just sell every thing and buy new when we get there, apart from the cost, is that we feel it would be really hard for our girls (4 & 6) to give up all their toys. It’s bad enough them having to leave their friends and family and our two cats. So to make life easier for them we decided that we would take these along with our own stuff; electrical goods, photos and things. My main question is; When the people come and pack your goods up do we need to supply the boxes that everything went into when purchased, or do packers prefer to just put everything into their own boxes. For example I keep just about everything and have most of the original boxes for our electrical items. However, the boxes are dirty now (been kept in the barn), and wondered if it would be better to just get rid of all the boxes and let the packers pack everything in new boxes? Can anyone tell what the process is? Also, for anyone who may have moved over from France, can you recommend a company to us? Thanks for your help. :wubclub: Tasha x
  7. can any one tell me which shiping company did you use were they good or bad? all comments gratefully received. thanks in advance. tess xx:unsure:
  8. A plea for help form those of you in perth.Would any one know of any reputable roofing companys in perth that we would be able to contact with ohs details with a view to possible sponsorship.we will be in perth for 3 weeks in may/june So thought we could email companys then if any are remotely interested they might be willing to meet oh when we're over there. thankyou Margaret.:notworthy::notworthy:
  9. Guest

    migration companys

    Has anyone been with a company called Thames Consular Migration . We had are consultation with them but they charged us for it and i have noticed on some posts that people havent paid for consultations .would be good to have some feed back on them before we carry on with things .. thanks karen
  10. I am in the earley stages of trying to sort out an I.T. sponsorship contact out in oz, i would like to know if anybody has any information on how one would go about trying to secure such a contact and which companys to target? My field of I.T. is Support. Any help would be great thanks! :?