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Found 148 results

  1. tonyman

    Pest Control Companies

    Anyone used a good for value pest control firm for outside /inside, WA ,SOR although most cover NOR too ..............ive just done it myself and realized i used weed killer instead......:embarrassed:..................got a big problem with red backs at the mo .......they seem to be getting bigger too.....Budget control have just told me the gear sold in the shops is a complete waste of time , his gear can last up to 3 yrs ...? but defo 1 yr ...thats $270 inside and out with the loft dusted ..........swat a pet is $120 for ouside only.........how do these prices sound .....?
  2. Hi Everyone, I thought I would do my little bit by posting some information on this site regarding shipping costs ets....I have got so much information from POI...I thought it was time to see if I can help others in return. I looked long and hard into shipping as it can be a considerable cost. I decided to get the following company's out to quote my removals: Pickfords =£4000.00 PSS International =£2860.00 White & Company =£2685.00 Excess International =£2877.00 John Mason =£ 2650.00 Doree Boner =£2613.00 Crown Relocation =£3779.00 Anglo Pacific =£3999.00 I used the same speech for every company that came round to quote as I wanted the best overall quote and estimate on cubic feet. I specified that I would flat pack as much of my furniture as possible as this can save you tens if not hundreds of cubic feet in your removals. My first quote was from Pickfords who decided that I would need sole use of a 20ft container and that it would cost me 4k....I was a little surprised at first as i thought in my own mind that we would only need part, due to the fact we had no fridge or freezer and our main bedroom wardrobes were built in. I was in fact glad on the next quote that I had other companies to price, as PSS said I was only part container at 597 cubic feet.....This excercise went on for the next two weeks...as you can see from above list the cost varies a little and most companies were close on cubic feet except for Anglo Pacific & Pickfords. As a note 5 of the companies came in at 592 - 620 cubic feet of each other!!!! I decided to get the closest 4 to re-evaluate there costs to see if I could lower the price...three of them did...inbox me for details on those and prices...I can also send you an inventory of exactly what we are sending so you can gauge a price on your own belongings. I hope this is of use to anyone seeking removals!...if you require any further information drop me a line! All the best! Si:biggrin:
  3. Reading around on the forum, it seems companies like Aldi and power playes like Steve Wozniak are seeing opportunities for beating the established players (most of them would be local I guess)... and the government seems to be of the mind that there is some foul play involved in the local market. SO, do you think the government should open the market for foreign companies?? Personally, I am ALL for protecting weak sectors... as long as the protections are enshrouded in legislation that force the businesses to work towards recovery (rather than knowingly remaining weak and enjoying the protections). But in many cases, Aussie companies are well placed to compete with global players... they just need to make themselves more nimble and competitive... and they have the talent and resources to do it. Opening up the market would force the local companies to start thinking out of the box... and one avenue for 'getting even' would be aggressive targeting of foreign markets. That would make Australia a global brand... which would be a very good thing. What do you say???
  4. we know of freo, but are there any other bigish crane companies in OZ that offer 457s? without one we are going nowhere!
  5. Hi, I'm new to poms in Oz but have found loads of information from people posting on here. I'm hoping that someone knows what the restrictions or limitations there are on moving companies whilst on a 457 sponsored visa? My partner and I have been living and working in Brisbane for over 6 months and loving the city and lifestyle here. However, we have just started a fly in fly out job in central Queensland and hate it. The camp we are staying at is similar to a prison and we are now being told to work 15 days straight for 12 hours a day. we are finding ourselves exhausted and unhappy. With this we are looking to find another company in Brisbane that I could work for but I'm unsure of how easy it'll be with a sponsored visa from our current company. Has anyone else moved company within the first 6 months of getting their 457 visa? If so is it easy or hard to do? We are kind of balancing on whether to give another company a go out here or pack everything up and move back to the UK. Thanks
  6. Hi there Anyone got any recent experience of air freight. We've asked DHL and Singapore Airlines so far and Singapre is cheaper at the moment but need to go back and understand exactly what you're paying for. Also have recent bad experience of DHL not delivering something in Oz so loathed to go there again. Any help gratefully received. We live relatively near Heathrow so could in theory take a box there but to be honest, we've so much else to do would rather it got picked up from home. Roughly how long does airfreight take? If we sent the box a week before us would that be too early? Can't believe we are still sending stuff after all the shippers took!! Thanks all! TNR
  7. We'd like to ship a bedframe from the UK to Aus - the UK supplier is unable to export it themselves but happy to transport it to a suitable UK port etc. I'm struggling to find a company who will quote on this as it's not commercial and/or a container load. We can wait for it to be shipped - we don't want the high expense of air freight. Total weight of the 3 packages is approx 180kg. Any suggestions on who could help? Thank you!
  8. Guest

    Oz to UK Shipping Companies

    Hi All, I've seen a lot of threads about what shipping companies to use when moving from England to Australia, but who are the best shipping companies to use if moving back to England from Australia? When we moved to Melbourne from Reading, we used PomsInOz to find Voovit as a decent company to use. And they were just what you'd hope for in a shipping company I suppose, no nasty surprises or bad experiences. So now I'm hoping PomsInOz can assist once more and provide some options for shipping Australia to England, based on past experiences. Googling for reviews gives more questions than answers! Has anyone used Seven Seas Worldwide, and if so, would you recommend them? Thanks.
  9. Hi We have had quotes from Crown, White & Co, Dorrer Bonner, PSS & Anglo Pacific. Crown & White and co are coming out at the most expensive. What experience has everyone else had with Dorrer Bonner, Anglo and PSS, We need to make a decision in the next few days, as stuff is being shipped out 2 months before we leave. We have already got reduced quotes and it looks like its between these three We are really struggling to choose. :arghh: Thanks Becs
  10. We're on our validating trip to Tasmania and we're getting a idea what living is Tassie is. I love a lot of things, but also worry about a lot of things also. :nah: One of them is a job for my husband, he just realised over here that an own plastering company is not his ambition. He's really thrown by this.... :no: Now he's looking for larger companies he can apply for a job. Or at least get a feeling what plastering in Tasmania is about. He will also ask his friend who has a handyman service here, but I would really appreciate your input too. :hug:
  11. gazsmith

    Shipping companies!

    Subjects along this line have probably been kicking about since the site started but i shall ask and hope you can advise! Is there any shipping company that stands out from the rest? Is there any to avoid and is the top insurance package worth taking? Has anyone recieved there furniture etc and its been broken, missing etc.....? Also is it wise to let the shipping company pack all our items? Had Britannia here on Friday but not recieved there quote yet but they estimate 636 cubic feet, not even half of our possessions, dont think its right so will see what whites amount it to next week! Thanks in advance Gary & Sue
  12. Lukas Atkinson

    Migration companies

    Hi, My name is Lukas and I am registered with a recruitment company called Live The Dream Australia. Can anyone offer any advice on this organisation? Thanks
  13. nicolaj

    Shipping companies

    I'm need to get some quotes for shipping from the UK to Sydney. The business will pay for this as we are relocating due to hubby being offered a job/transfer to Sydney. I want this to be as hassle free as possible, :daydreaming: I know I'm day dreaming a little! LOL! I want a company to pack it all in their van and it arrives at the other end. Any experiences of shipping companies would be useful, who people have used and would recommend etc, please PM if you would like as there maybe some companies to avoid as well. The recent post regarding costs was very interesting.
  14. Guest

    Relocation companies help

    Gud morning all, we have only got just over 3 weeks before we fly out to the Gold Coast:cool:, and was woundering if anybody had any details for relocation companies, we have email 1 several times 1st time told it was to early now not getting no feed back at all, we just need help with finding a property etc, have got a holiday rental for the 1st couple of weeks but its for after that, any help would be great. chris & Donna :chatterbox:
  15. Today is day one of getting all the shipping companies in. For the next two weeks we have all the usual suspects coming around to check out how much junk we have and give us a quote for shipping it to Melbourne. What kinds of questions should I be asking? Is there anything you wished you had asked? All advice greatfully received :cute:
  16. Hi Any info on Insurance Companies we could use instead of locking ourselves into the company moving our stuff to WA. Or have you found the deals given by the removal companies OK. Thanks
  17. JuliePaul

    Removal Companies from Oz to UK

    Hi Guys Just wondering from all you guys that have returned or are returning to the UK which removal companies are good ones to get quotes from to take furniture and belongings back to the UK...? Thanks :wacko:
  18. zara283

    Help with Visa Companies & Costs

    Hi there Wondered if anyone knows of any good visa companies that we can use in the UK for applying for 457 Visa. My partner's sponsorship will be in the Agricultural Industry & we have been told very few companies deal with this because of the complexity of it. Does anyone know of any companies that are any good that may deal with this & if so rough costs of it & the time span it took??? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!:biggrin:
  19. Does anybody have any recommendations for cheapish car rental companies from Melbourne Airport? We arrive on 2nd Nov and will be looking for a rental for around 3 weeks. We will need a hatchbatch type car or similar as need to pick up our labrador from the airport in a crate a day or two after we arrive (we are from NZ so he doesn't need to go into quarantine), so will need something big enough for that to fit into. We are family of 2 adults 2 kids, and will have a bag each, plus carry-on type bags. So just a standard size car, but with the hatch at the back for when one of us goes back to pick up the dog. Have tried google, but lots of confusing info and don't really know what sort of "add ons" I need?! Thanks in advance. Michelle :biggrin:
  20. mr luvpants

    Shipping companies

    Hi Guys I need advice and recommendations for Furniture shipping companies please. I have already booked appointments for Anglo pacific and PSS. JOHN
  21. Hey guys From Ireland so wondering who people found the best/cheapest for shipping goods to OZ. Also as part of the 457 visa we need to take out private healthcare to cover us until we get medicare.. is it possible to take out a policy for 1-2 months and what companies are best value?
  22. does anyone know of any good big buildingin companies in PERTH, my hubby as been working within insurance claims for building for ex : fire & flood damage and also has a contract with b & q doin kitchen and bathroom intsallations, we are lookin to start a new life in Perth but ideally would like a job to go too. any help or info will be wicked! lisa
  23. Guest

    Shiiping companies back to u.k

    Can anyone recomend shipping companies for shipping back to u.k. We are taking back some stuff we came over with, and it seems to be twice the amount when you compare it to what you paid to bring over here..:arghh: So any help would be greatly appreciated....
  24. Hi All We have just had Anglo pacific around to take away out years of hoarding and was a bit shocked at the amount of boxes they went away with. Our original quote was for 28 boxes and they totalled 39 on departure. I picked up a few of the boxes as was curious and the felt near empty! Has anyone else had this experience? Has anyone else challenged them on it? Also more nuisance than anything else but they packed stuff we asked not to go (like the foot and pipe to our vacuum cleaner that we were giving to a friend. It's going to be hard work cleaning the flat now without the foot! Bit random as they picked this up from the don't take pile). They also forgot some stuff from the do take pile. I have half a mind to call Monday and ask to go to the warehouse and ask to retrieve the misplaced items and put back the things that should have gone but I'm not sure if this is the done thing or not?) has anyone else had experience of this? Thank you very much in advance for any advice offered.
  25. Hi, On considering our move to australia, we have come across several companies who offer to buy your house, even though it is in negative equity. We are about 10k neg equity on our house Has anyone used these companies and if so, are they safe?! thank you kate