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Found 33 results

  1. We have been living in Sydney for the past 6 years and the for the past year we have been back and forth in deciding what to do long term? We never actually moved to OZ with the intention to stay, we came as backpackers and an opportunity arose and we decided to make a go of it! Up until recently we had decided to move back to England but recently we have started to doubt our decision....we had a visit from family recently from the UK and even they thought we were mad leaving Oz when we both have great jobs with very good money! One of of our main reasons for wanting to leave Sydney was the ridiculous house prices! I'm sure this same issue comes up again and again so it will be interesting to see what other people have decided. We also do miss family and friends but in all honestly it's the cost of housing is really getting to us! We can afford to go back to the UK mortgage free but if we chose to stay in Sydney we would have to take out a mortgage! we have looked at the Central Coast in the past but decided the travel would be too much but we have started to re-think things.....my husband would work N.sydney so the travel wouldn't be too bad for him but for me it would be tough. My job is in Mascot! Would I be absolutely crazy to move to the Central Coast and work in Mascot? I really don't want to change jobs as I really do enjoy my job and I'm paid very well. Does anyone have a similar journey to work? Is it really too much? We don't have children at the moment but plan to in the next year or so? my thoughts are OZ is such a great place to bring up our kids, it would be a same to move back to the UK just because the cost of the housing. any input would be greatly received! Thanks all!
  2. Hello My family is moving to Sydney (we're Brits relocating from Melbourne where we have lived happily for four years). 2 daughters: youngest year 3 and at a public primary, the other just started (bad timing) year 7 at a private girls school. Husband will be working in Crows Nest, I will be in CBD or Kings Cross. We like the idea of the lifestyle of north shore or northern beaches but are concerned about travel time. I hear the bus is better than driving? Also, although we are both professionals we are certainly not 'mega earners' and are wondering if areas like Mosman (which has been recommended to us) is a bit 'rich' for us. Lastly schools are a huge concern and a deal breaker area wise if we cant get into good ones. (Very aware we don't have their names down and will be trying to jump in mid year). Any views / advice would be gratefully received!
  3. Hi my partner and I are moving to Rockhampton next June. Iam a chemist so lots of opportunties in Brisbane especially with my current company in the UK. Considering living in Brisbane full time but also having a small place in rocky for my partner to live whilst working 4-5 days a week, then him flying back to Brisbane. Does anyone else do this or in a similar situation in another part of OZ, does it work?? Trying to consider all options we both need to be working. Any advise much appreciated
  4. I've read quite a few threads on commuting GC to Brisbane and was initially put off the idea, however when we arrived I really didn't fancy living in Brisbane or it suburbs (no offence meant and I'm no stranger to the area, lived here before) so our initial accommodation was a serviced apartment in Southport - Meriton, highly recommended. For the first few weeks we alternated between driving and taking the train from Helensvale, it was just a bit too longer commute for me, at least 90 mins each way in the car and longer on the train. However much of this was actually getting to the freeway or train station. We've now settled in Hope Island and been doing the drive for 2 months. I have to say its not bad, provided we leave by 7:00 we're in the CBD by 8:00 9 out of 10 days, occasionally 7:45. Travelling home is similar, we leave at 4PM and are home around 5:00. Nearby areas with similar commutes would be Helensvale, Pacific Pines, Coomera etc. None are on the beach but Paradise Point is 10-15 mins drive and Labrador another 10, 10 more to Surfers if that's for you. We've all but given up on the train, it is punctual but so slow and so crowded, its known as the Bombay Express due to overcrowding. One thing to mention is the driving on the Pacific Motorway has to be experienced to be believed! As you can pass on both sides basically you get 3 lanes of 110kmh traffic driving at most a couple of car lengths apart, and even then some folk swerving between lanes to make up the odd position. Traffic get heavy around Springwood and you have 10-15 km of stop start traffic, currently there are roadworks. Also as my wife and I travel together we get to use the T2 lane, but TBH I don't think it makes a huge difference. All in all, the commute is a pain, but I love living on (or at least very near) the Gold Coast and for us that's the compromise as neither of us are likely to find work there in the foreseeable future. I don't visit the forums much having been in Aus for a while but though the above may be useful to people looking to move to SEQLD.
  5. Guest

    Commuting times to CBD

    Can anyone give me any advice re commuting times etc from areas such as Butler, Clarkson, Quinns Rock, Kinross to the CBD area ? Also any other tips / warnings about commuting that distance . Thanks
  6. Hi we are looking at re-locating from Brisbane to Melbourne quite soon - but know many of the suburbs we like the sound of are very expensive for a young family. We really liked some of the hinterland small towns in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast (a few minutes inland from Noosa) as they have decent acreage, friendly communities but don't feel too hillbilly. Does anyone know if there are hinterland townships around the Melbourne region (also not too hillbilly) that are commutable to Melbourne and not too far from transport links - or is this a ridiculous question!!! any info gratefully received
  7. Hi all, could do with some opinions..... We're coming to Perth in July :biggrin:. My workplace is next to Perth station which means we have a good choice of places to live. We have friends in Halls Head and think it would be a good idea to live within easy reach of them as they have a good social circle which we can hopefully join to help us settle in. The intention is for me to travel to/from work on the train from Mandurah. My wife wont be working initially and will be looking after our kids who are both pre-school. I know its about 50min on the train which i think is do-able. Are there any alternative areas en-route to the CBD which are on the Mandurah line and worth considering? Does anyone out there already do this commute who can advise on whether it wears you down over time? We know its not ideal but think it will be important to establish a social network quickly (if you're at home all day with 2small kids without adult contact.....) Any advice appreciated. thanks, Steve.
  8. ozziepom

    Commuting GC to South Brisbane

    I'm planning a move from Sydney to SE QLD and my office will be based near South Bank in Brisbane. I really fancy living on the Gold Coast but I'm wary of the commute. I've been checking the webcams on the Pacific Motorway and early morning the traffic doesn't look too bad. I'd hope to leave somewhere like Coomera or Helensvale at around 7:00 and head back around 4PM, given that the office is about 1km from the motorway would the drive be possible in around an hour? I was also thinking of Redland Bay but to be honest it looks like it would take nearly as long. Really I'm just trying to figure where to look for accommodation, don't fancy inner Brisbane too much so any idea's welcome, looking for a fairly modern place not to far away from civilization but not too close either!
  9. Hi All, We're an irish couple about to apply for the 175 visa and looking at area's to rent that would have good kindergarden/Pre-primary for our 2 boys (4.5 & 2.5) & also primary schools in the future. We see in these area's that the houses are much nicer/bigger as well as been cheaper!! and are slightly more country feel about them but wonder would they be ok for commuting by train/bus . One of us will have a car but the other will have to use public transport for a while anyway to we see if we need a 2nd car or not. How far would they be from CBD, though we would not be 100% sure that both jobs would be there.. Anyway if ye could rate each area under the following points ( I know, I don't ask for much!!!:biggrin: 1 - Transport links (probably to CBD) 2 - Kindergarden & Pre-primary schools 3 - Nice place to bring up young kids 4 - Local Amenities Thanks all, AM
  10. Hi, I'm possibly moving to Aus soon, the offices where i will be based are in Macquarie Park, i was was wondering if anyone knew where the best areas for housing would be within commuting distance, i'd be looking at a budget of around 450k, looking at some of the posts on here most seem to shy away from the western suburbs, ideally we would want a 4 bed (and kids want a pool :smile:) but I'm unsure of the areas/locations suitable for a family with 3 kids etc. Any help would be most graciously recieved...
  11. We are moving to Sydney and are looking to rent on the North Shore. What I can't seem to find out is how long it will take in peak time to drive from one to the other. My husband work is initially based at the Rocks but will relocate to Lane Cove. We want to live somewhere that won't take him more than an hour to drive to CBD from North Shore. We have two children (1 primary and 1 high school) so looking for nice family/community based suburbs with decent schools. I've been told to look at areas like Killara, Chatswood, Lindfield, Pymble, etc, but still not sure if my husband could drive to The Rocks from one of these suburbs in an hour. Any advice would be great, also other areas on North Shore that we should look at with an hours commute. Thanks.
  12. I know this question has probably been asked a million times but......We're considering moving to the north of the Gold Coast and OH alternating driving or going by train to Brisbane. He's used to commuting to London and leaving at 6am to miss the traffic. I was thinking he could try and work from home one day a week, drive 2 days and get the train 2 days to break it up a bit. If he drove he could leave really early and go to the gym in Brisbane before work or something. If he went by train he'd go from Helensvale. My questions are what time does the motorway traffic build up both ways in rush hour? And would he get a seat on the train in Helesvale around 7.30am? Do the trains have good aircon and are you able to use your laptop on it? Thanks in advance. Cheers Gail
  13. Hi, I'm exploring my options ahead of starting work in Darling Harbour in a couple of weeks, and as well as the usual suspects (The Shire, North Shore etc), I like the look f the Hills (Castle Hill, W Pennant Hills etc). I see that there are express busses which look to take about an hour, just wondered if anyone had experience of the commute, i.e. how reliable, can you usually get a seat, cost etc? Many Thanks, Mike
  14. Tomdickanarry


    Hi folks...complete newbie here and as such i apologise if this or similar question has been asked before. Moving to Melbourne sometime this summer (rather, winter for you).....work will be in Kilsyth area.....can't make up our minds whether to rent a house relatively local to work or (current favourite) to rent an apartment down town somewhere. We're a middle aged couple (ok, 48/49....aka old to most of you i'm sure!) who like to eat out/socialise. What is the commute like from CBD to Kilsyth (bearing in mind we would seem to be going against the traffic flow) and back. Are properties 'local' that much better value for a couple without kids who really only need a smallish place to comfortably crash out from time to time? ps....(daft but extremely important) my wife is terribly afraid of spiders and has been spooked by stories.....hence partly the preference for something downtown (and as far off the ground as possible!!):laugh:. Can we have some sensible input on that aspect please? Any input/advice gratefully received. Cheers!!
  15. I may be working in Brisbane next year (St Lucia - Uni of Q) and the family like the beach and surf. Is it feasible to live either on the Sunshine Coast (e.g., Caloundra) or on the Gold Coast and commute in to Brisbane (car, train, bus)? Any comments, experiences or options would be appreciated. Thanks .
  16. Guest

    Commuting into Melbourne CBD

    Hi folks (new to the site) Melbourne is defo on our list of places to be. We've also looked at Brisbane as both places appear to have work opportunities for us. DH has Melbourne as his first choice though for the work opps in his field. Looking at the Eastern suburbs, may I please ask what a 'realistic' distance is to live outside of the CBD? I know Frankston is commutable but is it really too far in all honesty? I love the look of Mount Martha but I imagine the drive may be okay at first but probably takes its toll after the novelty has worn off. Well over an hour I have read elsewhere. Thanks for your help...
  17. Hello again gang, I am in negotiations over a job in Moss Vale NSW (see my other topic We'd like to live near the coast, and looking around it seems like Shellharbour or Wollongong are good places to live. What would the commute be like by car? I was told about 45 mins - is this accurate (or close to)? And feasible to do every day? I've had a quick look at rentals and it seems like there are some good places for decent prices. Tell me, what is the cost of living like? Would a salary of 68k AUD go far for a couple? I've been looking at the pics in the 'what's Illawarra like' and it looks really, really nice.
  18. We are flying into Perth on the 1st of July and will be moving initially to a holiday rental in Secret Harbour, I love the look of it there but OH reckons he would have a huge commute to work which he isnt prepared to do, he hasnt got a job yet but he reckons must of the job vacancies are just east of Perth meaning an hour commute according to Autoroute, does anyone no the genuine commute times and does anyone no where abouts the industrial/manufacturing sites mainly are. Many thanks in anticipation of your help:wubclub:
  19. Hi all, Just doing a bit of research before heading over, I'm most likeley to be working in the CBD and heard that lots of people commute in from Mornington. How long would this take and when would I need to set off to be in the office by around 9:00? I guess either driving in or getting the train. Cheers, Mike
  20. Hi - I am after some help planning my commute into CBD from the northern end of Northern Beaches i.e. Mona vale and up? I see there are quick buses (L90) which do the journey. Is this the best way, or do people go via another route? Any experience of this would be useful, especially if there are any gotchas, such as the bus is packed between 7-8AM, so you may as well not bother... etc. Also - a dense question, but how do buses 'work' - do you just get on and pay, or do you need to prepay or do you need some kind of bus pass, if so - how do you get them? But really, any commuting advice into Sydney CBD is appreciated Thanks in advance! CC
  21. Hi there, I lived in melbourne for 2 years and used to commute daily to city with a motorbike. It was the year 1999/2000 and I guess it didn't rain that much in those years. I had no problem commuting. When it rained, I used to put on the suit. Hopefully, I will be back (I'm about to lodge the visa app), but this time to Sydney. Any bikers in NSW commuting to the city for work? I would love to hear your views Does it rain a lot, I mean, is it feasible to go to work with bike everyday? It's just so convenient and efficient plus driving the bike every morning is like breakfast :wink: Cheers B1K3R
  22. Considering Bundeena as a place to live when we arrive in January. Would possibly work in Woolongong or in Sutherland Shire. Has anyone got an opion of this. We are aware that 'the Sire' can be quite parochial and are unsure if we would 'fit in'. Comments welcome and appreciated.
  23. Does anyone commute from Melbourne to Geelong/Werribee? I know there's plenty of traffic from Geelong to the big city but what about living in the Eastern Suburbs and working in the West? Would it be easier as you'd be going against the traffic? Also, please could anyone tell me re any ferry/hovercraft plans. Thanks again!
  24. My wife and I are coming out next month. She has a job in the CBD and I hope to work there too. We are looking at rentals on the Mornington Peninsula. The ones closer to CBD are in general expensive and small. By contrast there are some superb properties in Mornington, Mount Martha and Mount Eliza. We are just wondering how practical the commute is. I know we would have to get to Frankston if we went by train. My wife will be working shifts and is concerned about travelling home late at night. I currently commute into London and am used to 2 hours each way. We were hoping to get away from this kind of thing but some of the Mount Martha properties in particular look stunning. Anyone got first hand experience of the commute?
  25. Guest

    Commuting times.......

    Trying to decide which side of Brisbane to live , OH has a job in St Lucia at Queensland Uni........ Ive been trying to find out commuting times on trains from different areas and am not having much luck.........can anyone advise please. Or if anyone does commute by train give any advice good or bad. Thanks Claire. XX