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Found 13 results

  1. desreb

    AU tax on a second P45?

    Hi, I'm due to move from the UK to Australia around Christmas. As part of the move, my company is closing my employment contract in the UK on 31st December, and commencing my Australian one (same company) on 1st January. Hence I'll get a P45 referencing 31st December. However - I'm in sales and get commission, which is paid a month in arrears, with typically a large amount of it in December. My company said they'll pay my commission in a special January 31st payslip, and issue me a second P45 right after that. So, once I land in Australia, I'll get a GBP salary payment into my UK bank account, which I assume will be declared to the HMRC under PAYE, and which I'll need to declare on my first Australian tax return after July next year, and I assume pay tax at the prevailing rate. I expect to handle it as a split tax year between the UK and Australia. My question is - is it better to receive that payment in my UK or Australian payslips - assuming I can choose? The higher-rate income tax rates are pretty similar, I'm a part-year resident in each, and the amount is the same, just whether it's in one currency or another. The payment relates to work in the UK, due under my UK contract, so I assume its natural home is in the UK. It seems there's little difference in which country's payslip I receive it in, but i thought I'd check.
  2. Hi all, I'm desperately trying to talk to someone at the British High Commission (Canberra, Melbourne, anywhere really!) but all I get when I call the number is a hugely irritating voice message that just directs me to the website. Does anyone know how I can actually talk to someone? Thank you so much for your help, Rachel
  3. Hi, We have applied for our visa(176).PCC uploaded,medicals to be done.Today my OH -the main applicant,has received a call from the local australian embassy confirming his designation.he Few hours later,his manager has also received a call and has been asked to confirm OH job duties. This sounds very scary!!:wideeyed: Is this normal prior to a grant?Is this part of the security checks? Any advice? Thanks in advance:notworthy:
  4. Guest

    Estate agents commission

    Hi All, Can anybody tell me, roughly, what is a typical estate agents commission on a sale in Australia? We are thinking about selling up this time next year and heading home, our place is currently valued at $475k. Thanks D
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if someone would be able to answer my question regarding Pakistan PCs. I filled out an application form for Pakistan Pcs and sent it to High Commission here in Australia but i dont know how long its going to take before i get them. Hopefully someone will come up with something. Cheers Asad
  6. Hello everyone, I am only being given 7 days to provide my CO with Pcs from Pakistan. I sent her a certificate from a Station House Officer from the area about month ago but she doesn't accept that. CO asked me to contact the nearest Pakistan High Commission to obtain a police clearance. I live in Melbourne so where is the nearest Pakistan High Commission here? I am so freakin nervous and shaking. any advice will be appreciated. cheers asad
  7. Guest

    Commission rates

    Hello, We're selling our house and the estate agents have said the commission rate is negotiable. Has anyone got any suggestions or advise?! Cheers!
  8. Hi everyone My husband and I are planning the big move for early next year. We've taken some initial advice re pension transfers and it looks like our best bet is to transfer our existing UK pensions. The advisor firm have quoted us a charge of 4% of the fund value to sort this out for us. Is this a normal charge or are we being over/under-charged. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking at this message. Kelly
  9. Can anyone please guide me the procedure of HEC verification of degrees from Australian High Commission in Islamabad. It is very urgent and I need it to be done on highest priority. Please guide me as early as possible. Regards,
  10. Anyone out there who has had experience of using a Financial Adviser to move their UK pensions, investments etc to Australia. We are presented with a choice of taking the Commission route where the Migration Financial Planners keep the commission and not charge a fee. but clearly this means less of our money actually being invested versus Paying an up front hourly rate fee. Can anyone let us know their experience?
  11. :unsure:We have just been informed by our agent that our application for Immigration has been sent to the high commission in London. My agent tells me he can see nothing wrong the with our app, as he has checked everything thourghly. " By the way, we are going on 175 skilled visa. OH is a skilled chef". The job my OH is doing a is cook in a primary school . Our application contains documentation which proves she has gained all qualification at college, experience and references from past employers going back 15 years, which include, resturants, football grounds, factory kitchens, homes for the elderly. Our agent said the only thing that might be a problem is the job OH is doing now, the High Commission might think its pre cooked food and not made on the premises, (they thinking if thats the case OH is not a cook/chef but a kitchen assistant)agent explained that if this is the case we would need prove of the job OH is doing.. ie through job discription,(which we sent along with everything else) or by the high commission by contacting the Employer, (which is okey as we told them they could get a phone call asking about job)..... Or it could just be that our application was picked out from hundreds as a spot check file... (due to high numbers of fraudlent claims last year) Should we be worried? Our agent hasn't had this happen to any of their clients before... Any advice is greatly recieved Mick:arghh:
  12. Just a word of warning for any poms trying to renew passports here in Oz. The mail/phone system used by the British High Commission is an unworkable nightmare. After applying well within the recommended time, a mate has just had to make an emergency trip down to Canberra (600km round trip) in person to retrieve his old, as yet unprocessed passport back from the High Commission so that he can make his holiday flight to Fiji tomorrow. He applied weeks ago. After hearing nothing for ages after his initial application he was finally told the advertised processing times [20 working days] start AFTER they bank your cheque ... all phone enquiries are dealt with by a contract call centre that has no connection the the British High Commission and they charge an exhorbitant service fee for each 0500 call - which consists of a series of "if you want a visa, press 2 ..." recorded messages. Fortunately he was able to get his old passport back which still had four months validity. Now he needs a holiday to get over the stress it has all caused. Bottom line: if you want to renew your British passport in Australia, get in VERY early.
  13. hi, just start my application and wanted to lodge my app. today went to the australian hicom. in mauritius to enquire about how to pay and thay couldn't help us they just told us to go on the web to c.my question is what is the purpose of having a DIAC in your acountry and they just can't help u.but thanks god he put someone on my way to tell us to make bank check to DIAC AND send as attachment to adelaide.my question is does anyone has any advise to give me from how many time it will take. TRA assesed:18 april/07 application send:04 july now WAITING