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Found 24 results

  1. Guest

    Comments please

    http://articles.cnn.com/2011-09-19/entertainment/salahi.divorce_1_tareq-salahi-michaele-salahi-divorce-petition?_s=PM:SHOWBIZ My main cribbing is that when Tiger Woods did something behind the scenes he became so ashamed he actually lost his game. And here this lady doesn't even seem ashamed by the sounds of it!!! Question: Is this kind of scenario a realistic concern for couples in Australia or is this just one of those American things??? How many houses would this lady loose if she did this in Australia??? :wink:
  2. Hi all, We just arrived in WA last week and have signed a 12 month rental for a property in Merriwa. The house is on the Merriwa/Butler border, but I think Merriwa Primary will be the closest school for my kids. I have a 6yr old and 3 yr old, and I'm just looking for thoughts/opinions on this school, please? Does anyone have kids who go there, or have you heard anything (good or bad) about this school? I believe East Butler Primary and Butler Primary are both very good, but I don't think we'd be in the catchment area for them. (And apparently they are both full!) Any comments welcome. :yes: Thanks, From Catherine
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking around for agents and I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on the ASA Group? Would you be interested in your experiences... Thanks Stuart
  4. Unsure which room is best for a rant ??? :confused: Greetings one & All.... After Lemmings Excellent thread about Books Covers & Judgements I just want to have a Rant about a personal situation that's been bugging me, but cheifly it affects my Husband. He is a really great guy. Circumstances have meant that he is currently out of work. He lives in inner North Brisbane. Now he may not have a paid job but he is far from Lazy & has been working hard doing voluntary work, hoping to get a paid position, or to be in a place where he meets people, who can give him a heads up if they know of any jobs going. He has worked long hours at a charity depot on the loading dock. Also helped with labouring & rebuilding during the Brisbane Floods & also helped with pyrotechnics at Firework & monster truck events which were to raise money for the flood victims, He's often been doing 15hr days all unpaid trying to prove himself & get taken on by an employer. At the well known charity organisation he has proved popular with his co-workers & customers & has really made a difference in terms of their profits, I'm shocked at how much these charities throw away. He has been trying to stop so much being wasted & spotted several antiques the other guys wanted to trash & sent things through to the shop. One of the shop managers told him she'd taken $6000 dollars in one day with stuff he was organising & sending through to the shop. My husband is intelligent, hard working & a very polite guy, he is also scrupulously honest & very highly principled. However There is one man on the managerial side of the company, who has taken against my husband. It can be only based on his appearance as he is a Goth like me. For work he dresses in casual clothing the same as anyone else. But He does have one complete sleeve of Tattoos another large Tattoo on the other arm they are artistic tattoos & not ugly, a neck Tattoo & Several ear piercings & a pierced eyebrow. He has short but spikey black hair. & Is slim. Male Goths are often thought intimidating on initial appearance when not working he dresses Goth Smart good shirts & alternative suit jackets & Leather pants, ankle length leather coat in winter Goth boots etc. But for work it's just casual so I dont think he can appear any different to any bloke with tattoos its not unusual. However new people start working for this charity & get employed & he kept getting past over. So he asked several times if he had a chance at employment & was encouraged to keep trying. This has continued for several months while he's been working hard to get other jobs & been trying to help me sort my Visa. He asked a couple of weeks ago is their any chance of being employed EVER, after the latest new guy started there & was not only employed but also given a $500 voucher to furnish his unit. That guy was in a really similar position to my husband but was given preferental treatment my husband has bought loads of stuff & always paid for it, no vouchers for him. This charity takes on people with all kinds of social, & mental health issues. My husband Has No issues that prevent him from working , has No drug or alcohol issues & no criminal record. But this particular manager is very prejudiced. So speaking to an under manager my husband found out there was a rumour that he was Never going to get a paid Job because he was " too sick to work " he enquired what was supposed to be wrong with him & was told they'd found out he had advanced Kidney disease & was thus unemployable. He was baffled as how such a rumour came about. & went to clear things up with the manager who treats him badly. He told the guy that he had No kidney disease or issues that prevent him from working. & the manager said " oh I didn't realise you were wanting a job" so infuriating. So he asked my husband if he'd be a truckers off sider, & my husband said sure no problem he'd take any oppotunity & was also willing to go on any courses they'd send him on etc. so the guy said he'd bear him in mind. Well on saturday, my husband went to work & everyone he normally gets on with were being a bit off with him, & he found out the latest rumour is that " a guy who works on a saturday (HIM) has been passing goods on to people without payment & hiding furniture so people can retrieve it without paying. That would be totally against his principles & he is outraged to be placed in a position where he is under suspicion & spoils his reputation. Just so this guy isn't forced to employ him. It's all been set up as an implication, no real evidence but just enough to cast doubt over his honesty & integrity. But I doubt he can get so much as a refrence after months of working his butt off for a charity that wont even give him a fair go. So I've said just never go back, I'm All for making a stand but this is one we cant win. So this is another delay in my getting over to Australia. It would really make a huge difference if my husband could get full time paid work so anyone know of jobs in Brisbane let me know. Another issues in getting employed has been the fact he doesn't have a car, most jobs stipulate the need for your own transport. We've been advised it would help our Visa application if we could spend more time together. We are trying to be responsible by putting the search for work at the forefront of our plans. We dont have money to fritter away on flights but if anyone knows of any real cheap deals on Brisbane to London etc also let me know please. It's tricky searching from this side as most searches are showing flights going the other way. It will be for a three month return trip from now onwards..... Thanks your thoughts & advice appreciated :notworthy:
  5. My OH has submitted an application to both VIC and WA, more optomistic about hearing back from WA, as been waiting since 4th November 2010 from VIC. If those both fail, I am a Social Worker and about to submit my skills assessment form in when completed.(Got some questions that need clarifying before I do so- on a previous thread about AASW form) Very worried about not recievig it back and send getting DIAC form in on time, very likely I wont get it back in time of the July deadline. Hence the need to know how hard the IELTS is. I understand there are several acedemic and something else. HOw does it all work? How easy is it to pass? (Get 8) Do you have to be a rocket scientist to get 8 in all 4? Thanks In Advance, Aymie
  6. Guest

    Awaiting DIAC's comments!

    Capitalism at its finest! This is so disappointing! Union accuses Maersk of exploiting workers Updated Mon Feb 28, 2011 6:04pm AEDT The AWU claims Filipino workers are being paid less than $3 an hour on the North West shelf (ABC Rural) Map: Karratha 6714 The Australian Workers Union has accused a Danish company of trafficking Filipino employees to work on Western Australia's North West Shelf gas project. The AWU says the workers are carrying out painting and maintenance work on one of shipping company Maersk's oil rig vessels for less than $3 an hour. :mad: The union's Scott McDine says delegates have also found the workers have not been officially recognised by Australian authorities. "They were shocked to see these workers do not have their presence in Australia stamped into their passports, even though they come in and out of Australian waters," he said. "They are being trafficked; if they don't exist as far as Australian passport authorities are concerned, it is extremely easy to mistreat them." Mr McDine says the Government needs to take action. "We want to see them shut down the rorters and deliver a fair, transparent guest worker program," he said. "The AWU/MUA Offshore Alliance was approached by the Filipino workers, many of whom are scared of retribution against them and their families back in the Philippines and they were quite simply asking for the union to protect them and provide them with support." Both Maersk and the Immigration Department have been contacted for comment.
  7. Hello all, can someone help with comments and feedback on Westminster and Innaloo as places to buy in Perth please. The hubby is looking at Westminster as a developing area and to be fair a good $50k cheaper for better properties, the last crime stats looked high though? I like Innaloo so again and help would be appreciated:biggrin:
  8. Recently moved to Sydney currently staying in the north, but considering moving to Cronulla, can anyone give use some information about the beaches, living in the area. If any one can give us some pros and cons of living in the South it would be a great help in making our very difficult decision. I have found the Northern Beaches quite expensive, but would welcome any comments that will give us a better insight in to the areas.
  9. Thanks everyone for all your replies cheers
  10. So far the family in UK have been very supportive of our decision to move. OK we don't even have that much family here. 3 Aunts on my husbands side, one of which we see regularly. BUT yesterday at a family BBQ said Aunt kept saying to my son and Daughter 3 and 6, we are never going to see you again so you better behave. And when my daughter had a strop about something small, she said "save your sulks for Australia, we are never going to see you again so be happy for us" this was not said in a caring way either more a jibe. Now I can understand she will miss us and it will be hard - but don't take it out on the kids!! My daughter is so excited about going and seeing her aunty and grandparents in Australia that so far she hasn't given much thought about who she is leaving behind. I would like to keep it that way as long as I can as she is quite a sensitive soul. Just makes me mad....I can only ignore it for so long.
  11. AAP Immigration Minister Chris Evans says he would very, very rarely use his new powers to veto skilled migration applications. The Senate legal and constitutional affairs committee is considering a government bill that would give the minister the right to terminate future bids for residency. Senator Evans could be granted extra powers if the committee agrees with the bill. This could lead to a possible Senate vote in June. But Senator Evans insisted he would exercise his power judiciously. "This is a power that we would use very, very rarely if we need to manage the program in that way," the minister told ABC Radio. The government wants the power to terminate future applications made when the independent body, Skills Australia, updates its skilled occupation list. Senator Evans said the government needed to be able to select people based on skills needs rather than rely on applicants who thought they could study in Australia and buy a place in the migration program. "This is a bill that gives the minister the power to deal with situations where we're getting too many people in one occupation distorting the program," he said. Asked about giving a future minister too much power, Senator Evans said it would be up to any successor to argue their case in public. The Migration Amendment (Visa Capping) Bill 2010 passed the lower house in May. From July, the number of occupations under the skilled migration program will be slashed from 400 down to 181. Occupations removed from the list include cooks, hairdressers, acupuncturists, piano tuners, journalists and naturopaths. © 2010 AAP
  12. At the current Senate committee hearings: OMARA is no more aggressive than MIA Reasons why processing has slowed down in some areas, boat arrivals are a huge distraction to management and consumers of resources. 84 DIAC staff and 412 other contractors on Christmas Island, for 2,295 arrivals as at 19/5. 124 of the workers are local residents. Would those 84 staff make a difference if their positions and budget were instead placed in the area of application processing for skilled migrants - how does 84 people compare with say staff numbers at Adelaide or Brisbane DIAC offices? And the number will grow: Watch this space - The Attorney General's figure for clients on Christmas Island was 2437, DIAC only say 2295. 142 people did not arrive there in the two days between report dates of DIAC and the A-G. Why are DIAC's figures lower (still within the limits of accommodation available whereas A-G figures are not?) DIAC are going to have a serious hole in their funding soon, watch them try to retain fees and refuse claims for third party costs required to make an application. The budget for next year is $13 million more from students than this year, and DIAC own staff are saying how student visa applications have crashed, and IDP said I think a 27% reduction in student registrations already : But the news hasn't reached DIAC's planners... For 2009/2010 Application for migration to Australia, the estimates that were in are $136.319 million; Applications for permanent visas onshore is $150,097,000; applications for resident return visas is $20,827,000; applications for student visas is $157,577,000; applications for temporary resident visas is $73,613,000; applications for visitor visas is $96,274,000; miscellaneous revenue is $3,150,000; the second instalment visa application charges is $274,897,000. Sponsorship fees for applications under the employer nomination scheme, $5,995,000; and sponsorship fees for temporary residents, $9,317,000. A total of $928,067,000. For 2010/2011: Applications for migration to Australia in 2010-11 is $101,145,000; applications for permanent visas onshore is $119,811,000; applications for resident return visas is $20,663,000; applications for student visas is $170,400,000; applications for temporary resident visas is $74,989,000; applications for visitor visas is $100,158,000; miscellaneous revenue is $3,420,000; the second instalment visa application charge is $303,908,000; sponsorship fees under the employer nomination scheme are $6,743,000; and sponsorship fees for temporary residents is $8,274,000, bringing it to a total of $909,511,000. Reasons for change in SMP policy.... The Points system might not change much: Mr Speldewinde— The proposal is that we would not be changing weightings. Most of the occupations on the new skilled occupation list were represented, at least at an aggregate level, on the old skilled occupation lists. If something was a 60-point occupation under the old list, we would not be proposing to change that under the new list. And July 1 new SOL should stuill see the old points system in place:quote: Senator Chris Evans—Effectively it is a subset of the old or reduced list. There are a couple of changes, but effectively it is a subset. So the points that were allocated before will be allocated on the new list. The point I want to make to you so that we are not misleading you is that a formal review of the points test is occurring. There has been consultation and a discussion paper published about that, so it is part of the overall reform package. A review of the points test itself is occurring. But from 1 July effectively the old points test or the current points test will be replicated against the new SOL. I do not want to mislead you. We are actively considering the way the points test works—whether it is still meeting our needs and whether it requires an overhaul. There is a discussion paper and submissions from industry bodies and all that process is underway. Points might yet be used to choose people perhaps like NZ with an EOI and selection for assessment based on points : Senator Evans - But part of it is the points test review and our selection methodology. Those, if you like, are the next two stages in the reform process. Someone asked about delays in 485 processing in another thread: More analysis from the next day's Hansard later... What struck me about the current hearings is the casual and disdainful attitude evident in some DIAC presentations to the Senate, as evinced by a lack of preparedness in senior staff not having answers for common questions, omission of explanations if a Senator was evidently missing a key point that was to the detriment of DIAC and the Minister. CEO Metcalfe was notable for apparently driving the process of change as the Minister referred to definitive legal advice taken by DIAC before DIAC was speaking to the Minister. Usually one would only have a legal opinion and then get firm position just before a decision was to be made. In this case DIAC went to the Minister with a firm legal position. It was also apparent that common info like the numbers of DIAC staff posted overseas, key budget changes and overall headcount were not at the CEOs fingertips. DIAC were roundly castigated for senior management not knowing what was going on in delegated areas with the two reviews into DIAC deporting Australian citizens. Leadership usually happens at the top, or not as in this case.
  13. Hi George These explanatory notes would be amusing if they weren't so terrible. Uncertainty about what skills would be on the new SOL? There is none. Everybody knows the main content of the list as it has been draft published, and that it's smaller than the existing one and might yet add or subtract a few occupations. But for the bulk of cases who already know that the new shorter list is unlikely to include their occupation or know they will nnever be off it - hairdressers and cooks off; nurses doctorsand engineers on - what's there to be uncertain about? Likewise, preventing applications from those who may not be in such shortage - everybody again knows that the new SOL is the cut down starting point and the researach system to add new occupations has not been established yet. And with the State lists not being ready yet - again backed by non-existant research systems - then who can accurately say at this point in time exactly which occupations are or are not in demand? Therefore, the people who are on the existing SOL who will in all likelihood get back on to it once their profession becomes more organised at lobbying are in the meantime being shut out deliberately, the only reason for this is DIAC hold more applications than they can process. This is just using any excuse to cut down the inflow of applications, no matter how they dress it up. I wish for once the Minister and his spin doctors would just be direct and honest about things. This misdirection only harms the confidence of the market whereas plain speaking does not hurt it to the same degree.
  14. Dear all, after search on domain property, it appears to me that suburbs like newport, south kingsville and altona, which are also along the bayside, are much cheaper than the suburbs on the other side of the bay, like hampton and sandringham. anyone has any ideas in this please provide feedback! cheers, Bill
  15. HI all. I have been here in Oz/Melb for about 4 ish years with my partner. I came over on the working holiday wanted to stay, so did a Occupational Visa for 2 years and I am now applying for a 457 visa. The job front is excellent and the long term prospects with this company are good despite the recession. (Dental Technician). I am still young enough and have maximum points or there abouts. So my problem has occoured because my boss is a slacker, too laid back. We have a HR Department which deals with staff and visa issues as we are large company with branches throughout Oz/US/Malasia etc. Long story short...I end up doing my own application, decided not to use the agents as I had previously done. I applied online, paid for all three sections with just two days left on my 442 visa. Unfortunatly, I filled out one section incorrectly and therefore had to relodge this part after my 442 expired which meant I was given a different catorgory bridging visa plus they slapped Condition 8101 on it. No work rights. That was unexpected, financially unprepared I just kept on working whilst 457 is being processed. The boss dont mind. My questions are... Its so far been three months, 2 weeks...is this a reasonable processing time? And I have have continued to work. I need the money, bills rent, living. Will they check this as well? Does the tax department speak to the immigration department? I did speak to my case officer last Monday, she says "check your inbox by friday" Still nothing... If so then I think I might be up merde creek without a paddle. Its absolutly crazy, the stress is unbelivable, not knowing whether Im staying or going. The annoying thing is that I tried to rectify this as soon as poss, tried to change the status of the bridging visa, but my case officer:arghh:, it seems, does not give a merde .... Anyway, if anyone has any experience or comments, they would be much appreciated. By the way, it was a beautiful day here in Melbourne. 25 degs
  16. - Peak period is december and january - Good properties have in those times up to 50 applicants, and 10 generally very good ones - References are vital and you need lots - People can spend weeks and apply for many many properties before getting one, for example applying to 5 a day! with no luck - You need a job or it gets tough - You need some money in the bank - You need a utility bill and drivers licence So, basically...it sound dreadful frankly. in the uk, you see a property, you put down the deposit, they do some checks on you, you move in! you dont "apply" for it. what are other peoples experiences, am i going to be homeless or something, this is not sounding so good.
  17. I'm moving to Perth in Mid october, and thinking of moving to Bently which is only about 9km from perth CBD, since I've not being to WA could someone provide some good location in Bently, with easy access to public transport, school, I intened to rent with in the range of 350 -400 pw. ( 3 BR ) thanks
  18. I daily check 'pomsinoz' and am getting more and more annoyed about the comments re us POMS.... 'Rose tinted glasses' , 'make sure you do alot of reaserch', 'poms not wanted'. For a country that is ment to be in great need of skilled workers, they are not making it appealing at all... Not only is the whole Visa process stressful and never ending, but then you hear all these comments and you really do think 'why am I putting myself and my family through it'. What the hell have they got to complain about.... We are all planning to work and not sponge, we will then pay taxes which all inturn help them and there country. Do they realize what we have all given up to be there, it's not just a whim.... Do they realize how much time, money, effort, hurt we all have to pay to get there..... And they still want us to beg on our kness to be excepted.... This is the first time I have logged a email like this, I have been so excited about my move but when I read honest questions getting ratty answers I can't help but get mad... WHY, I ask you? WHY what have we done?
  19. Hi There Just wondering if anybody has experienced negativity from their family when you told them you were emigrating... My parents were devastated when I told them wish I had kept it quiet now, I know they will really miss us and vice versa and I feel bad for taking my girls away from their grandparents, my sister just refuses to talk about it with us its all a bit weird :sad: but at the same time we are really keen to go :cool: Life is never easy Carrie x
  20. MichelleNeil&Mia

    Mixed Emotions... Comments Please

    We just had a positive skills assesment through over a week ago, which is great news, but i am constantly finding my emotions and feelings are all over the place. I have read that this is normal, but how do i know whether its just aprehension about moving or something deep inside telling me its not the right thing to do??? Okay so we probably have a good 9/10 months before were gonna go, if we do, but its not that long is it?? The main things i m worried about, and if anyone can help or comment on any of them, please do, because i am going out of my mind on a daily basis!! Firstly... Friends, yes i will make new ones and so will OH and daughter, but i KNOW my friends here, i know who i can trust, call at 2am if i need to, just pop round with no notice and above all, just know me and know when i need them... how do you cope having to start all over again making new friends??? Secondly..Spiders, :eek:now okay i might be being a bit stupid here but i am absolutely petrified!! i have seen the pictures of huntsmen spiders and i just want to cry, i KNOOOOOOW they cant hurt me, but i cannot bare the thought of coming across one in my home. I really need to know how likely it is that we will encounter these beasties and redbacks, whitetails etc realisticly, if i can expect to find maybe one a year then i can probably cope, if its one a week, im not interested!! Also, my sister is in NZ, along with an aunt and uncle we have, i am kind of verging on wanting to try there instead, my head is so confused!!!!!! I think i am just having major doubts and this is natural, OH just reckons we should go and see how it works out... i'd really like to hear from anyone whos there already and went through this or had similar doubts, how are you now and was it really the right thing to do??? Oh, and by the way, its Perth were planning on heading to!! xx
  21. After a round of exhausting house hunting I have finally made out the highest value/price ratio suburbs in Melbourne, not Hoppers Crossing or Point Cook, but Taylors Hills-Keilor Downs. It only takes 30 minutes train to Southern Cross and the houses are real beauties. Just the neighbouring suburbs are not so good--St. Albans, Sydenham. What are you comments on this area?
  22. Myself & my boyfriend are prob going to look into the student visa route (as we have no trade) and would like to thank people for the info they've given us on this site in the last few days! Been looking at different courses on TAFE WA (as hoping for Perth), but just wondered if anyone knows if a trade course in something like bricklayer/plumbing is cheaper than other types of courses - ie youth work/welfare work? Found a site that says its better for PR to go for a trade such as bricklaying ?? I think the student visa route is the only option for us, but I'm just a bit worried about the whole cost of it all!! Would appreciate any comments!
  23. Hello My wife and 2 boys aged 7 and 4 are looking to leave the UK for hopefully better times is Aus. Unfortunately I have no real labour skills as I am more an entrepreneur. I have sold a business in the UK. I am thinking of buying a Nando's franchise in Applecross WA. Am i correct in thinking that the only way we can enter Austrailia is on an investment visa? Does anyone have any other comments on Applecross. Thanks in advance
  24. I was watching Thursday's 'Wanted Down Under' about bubbly northern couple who have emigrated to NSW Central Coast. They absolutely LOVE it there (I think the lady said she still pinches herself to believe she is actually there?) I sometimes reply to posts extolling a 'pro-living in England' point of view although I love Sydney and intend to live there again. I couldn't cope with my workload in my last Sydney job and I started doing more and more overtime - every night plus all day Saturdays - but I still could not cope. (cue violins) Lack of confidence made me think that I had a normal workload but I just did not work fast enough. (cue even more violins, much sobbing) To compound it, I was doing a degree part time at UNSW. Eventually I was made redundant and returned to the UK for a holiday. I did not intend to stay this long but I've got a job with Royal Mail that is SO GOOD compared to my Sydney job. I work exactly 8 hours a day (not a single MINUTE's overtime) with zero stress and no commuting hassles as I work late shift. The thing that scares me about returning to Sydney is that I might have to do another awful job. No one will ever convince me that commuting in Sydney's rush hour is better than any other comparable big city. Anyway, that's why I may sometimes appear to be saying 'Australian Heaven Can Wait - I prefer living in UK Hell. Dave