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Found 17 results

  1. Is this the default message that everyone has when their visa application has been lodged or have they really begun processing my application? :wink:
  2. Hi guys, Just saw DIAC website indicating that SMP for NSW have commenced on 3rd March 2011 but I am not able to find the sponsored job anywhere. Any ideas? Here's the link: State Migration Plans
  3. We are nearly there with all the processing, even getting abit of interest from Aussie companies regarding work now....things looking up.....Finallllllllllllllly. We would love to hear from any air con or fridge engineers. just done 2079 last week, seems a waste now, ce la vie or however you spell it.
  4. Is this the norm? Does it mean that we are now in the long wait like everyone else, like it is a generic status? Or does it mean more?
  5. Guest

    processing commenced

    My 475 ss was done on-line in 2009 September.We have SA sponsorship. My OH always checks the status of our application, this time i checked. It says processing commenced and the message for each of us reads "You and /your dependants are required to undergo a medical and /or x-ray"...Makes no mention of PCC. I am so confused.OHsays he checks for e-mails from the department everyday.Can anyone tell me if we only do meds when requested by e-mail by a co. You and/or your dependant(s) are required to undergo a medical and/or X-Ray.
  6. Finish the sentence please................ I really feel like screaming at the bloody computer, kicking it and smashing the screen, only to collapse and cry and look totally pathetic causing me to fall apart laughing,
  7. Guest

    Processing commenced

    Hi all PIO readers, Ever since I submitted on 22/ 04/ 09 my online application shows "processing commenced." I am CAT6 and I understand that they are next to be dealt with by DIAC. My worry is that I have changed my email address and although I submitted form 1193 on 16/ 06/ 09 ( communicating by email with the department ) I am unsure whether they have amended their records. I have sent an email to the department but received the following reply: This e-mail address, has not been authorised to receive communication relating to this General Skilled Migration application so by law we are unable to provide any specific information. I am so concerned that they wont be able to contact me via email, so I have decided to telephone them to ensure they have my correct email address and to ask them how far they have got with the processing of my application. Does any reader have experience of communicating with DIAC from the UK by telephone and if so what is the best time to call them and the best telephone number to use. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks and kind regards, gmac
  8. Guest

    processing commenced

    Hi all, new to pio could anyone tell me if PROCESSING COMMENCED on the DIAC online visa search means a CO has our file? Much app.
  9. Guest

    Processing commenced

    When I check on the progress of my online application for my 175 visa I get the following message: 12/9/2009 Application received - processing commenced I think that previously it didn't say "processing commenced" but I can't be too sure! Does this mean that someone is looking at our application and we should get allocated a case officer soon? Thanks.
  10. My Diac online status shows Processing commenced & has done since 10/06/2009, does this mean im still a long long way of receiving my visa?? My document checklist also shows that lots of paperwork I have already sent off is still reuired, can anyone give me any idea of why this would be? Thanks
  11. Hi All, There has most probaly been mails regarding this before, but here goes! I have submitted my application for 176 family sponsered (trade-carpenter&joiner) recieved on the 03/04/09- on the application status page it states 'processing commnenced' Does this mean my application is in review or someone is dealing with it? As far as i was made aware by my visa agent, this application will be on hold until further notice (very frustrating but what can we do!) We are now thinking of jumping on state sponsership to maybe have it go through quicker, but with the influx of people doing this i imagine this is also delayed- is this the case? Can any one inform me of time frame for state sponsership for either WA or SA? Melboure is our ideal place as i have lots of close family living there, but as things stand with the 176 family sponsered visas we are looking at a grant no sooner that late 2010 or 2011 which is also very frustrating ;-( Any help to the questions or general info on time frames would be much appreciated. Cheers Kevin & iza
  12. Guest

    Processing commenced further

    Hi My IMMI.gov/checkstatus has changed with the abovementioned sataement. Any idea of what this means? I'm hoping it means a case officer is assigned.... Thanks
  13. Guest

    Processing Commenced??

    What does that mean? On the DIAC status page of our application that's all it says. Is that the standard entry or is something actually being done? Does anyone know? All this talk of the level of migrants being allowed in to Oz next year being restricted is making me panic!
  14. markntracey

    Csl has commenced

    Not sure if this is old news but i thought i would post in anywy just in case. Tracey The ASPC is currently in the process of identifying and allocating all State or Territory Sponsored applications. In addition, allocation of cases with occupations on the CSL has commenced. CSL applications are allocated in date of lodgement order. To check current allocation dates, please send a blank email to: aspc.processing@immi.gov.au
  15. Hi, After becoming obsessed with checking the online application screen on a daily basis I nearly drove myself and husband around the bend so we decided to stay away for at least a month - I have just checked and our details were updated on 10/12/08 saying Further processing commenced - does anyone know whether this means we are nearly at the end of our wait ???? We started with the trades assessments back in Sept 07 (Bricklayer) which seems years and years ago. Our main visa app was lodged online end of April. Medicals & police checks have all been finalised. Patience is not one of my strengths LOL.
  16. I have just looked on the e.com immi gov site and put in details and noticed that it now says further processing commenced with fridays date does this now mean they are actually looking at us as I don't want to get too excited could be ages yet thanks everyone