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Found 13 results

  1. JoandJon

    What colour vet bed...

    I know it's silly and unimportant, but they all cost the same and I'm wondering what colour vet bed I should buy to put inside Satch's kennel? And yes I know it'll be chucked after her flight so doesn't matter in the slightest... Or do different colours help dogs relax? Satch (see my avatar) is a soft golden labrador and my decision is between: Black, Blue (sky not navy), Brown (pale-ish) Grey, Lilac or Pink (quite pale, not fluro) Help anyone? ** edit ** Oh and white as well..
  2. HI How many people have done this - ie scanned in colour docs without getting them certified? Just checking because am about to do this and can't find any reference to this being allowed on the DIAC website. Don't want to do anything wrong!!:jiggy: Also a technical question about uploading each doc - did you save each doc as a separate file and name accordingly for example - skills_assess.pdf OR save all docs together in one file under the applicants name i.e. - HappySAD.pdf ?
  3. Cerberus1

    Forum colour scheme

    Over the next couple of months, it's our intention to upgrade the forum software to the latest version. As a result of this upgrade, the current template (design/colour scheme) will no longer work as it's not compatible with vbulletin4 (the forum software). With the new version we've decided to install 3 templates which members can choose between. Admin will be choosing 1:cute: and we've decided to run a poll to help us choose the other 2 templates. Below are 10 choices, please feel free to vote for a favourite. 1) Royal Flush (click for demo) 2) Aesthetica Blue (click for demo) 3) Creative Creatures (click for demo) 4) Crystal Clean (click for demo) 5) Funky Fresh (click for demo) 6) Orange Theme (click for demo) 7) Skylight (click for demo) 8) Totally Pro (click for demo) 9) Aesthetica Orange (click for demo) 10) Aesthetica Purple (click for demo) The new version of the forum software offers a variety of new features such as the ability to create 'wiki' style articles, facebook integration, enhanced user profiles etc. The new sister forum - LifeinVictoria.com is the first of our sites to use VB4 (currently using the 'default' template)
  4. Guest

    whats your fav colour

    mines blue,i suppose its a boy thing--did you know that up untill the 1920s the colour for baby girls wuz blue,and the colour for baby boys wuz pink--strange that init--so what does you favorite colour say about you,and what is it,and why:wubclub:
  5. Hi Everyone Just completing my SiLs GSM application with her. I know that you can attach colour scans of colour documents, without needing to have the copy certified. But my problem is this: the marriage and birth certs are in colour, they have a green tinge to them (Irish). But when I scan them, you can't really see the green in the scan. It must be some sort of security thing?? You can tell that its not a black and white photocopy though, and you can sort of see the watermark of the harp. I am paranoid about getting this right - so do you think that these documents will be acceptable, or will I need to get certified copies done as well???? Many thanks.
  6. Guest

    Colour scanned docs query

    Hi, I'm about to lodge my app for a subclass 176 Visa. I have had some correspondence with the London service centre of the Aus High Commission. In one email the following comment appears... NB: If you scan your supporting documents in colour they do not need to be certified. If you scan your supporting documents in black and white they need to be certified. Can anyone verify that coloured scanned docs need NOT be certified copies as this would save a huge amount of extra work? cheers Jen
  7. swifty99

    Photo evidence colour???

    In the process of completing our Spouse visa off shore and wanted to know if the photo evidence needs to be printed off in colour, we have scanned them in dated them and put the location and who is in the photos but just wanted to know if need to be printed in colour or if black and white is ok? Thanks
  8. Guest

    Which Colour Sunnies.

    Which tint sunglasses do you have on? From left to right. 1. Black sunglasses. Refuse to see anything bad in Australia and the UK. 2. Clear glass. Allows a lot of light in, and only sees the good side of the UK and Australia. 3. Rose Tinted Sunnies. Wearers of such sunnies know that all will not be plain sailing and acknowledge the pros and cons of Australia and the UK. It's a laugh folks, is all. Cheers Tony:cool:
  9. I've read on some threads on here that when it comes to the certified copies of documents needed for the visa applications, colour scans are acceptable without having to have them certified. Would anyone who has done the Vetassess stuff know if Vetassess accept colour scans too? Thanks
  10. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Firstly, I am sorry for asking a question related to certification but having trawled the forums and DIAC it seems extremely difficult to find a definitive answer. I will provide my situation and question below. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are 175 applicants from UK (married couple) and have collected all the documents together. We are NOT using an agent (I know that some agents are now authorised to certify docs). The documenst we have are: Birth Certs Marriage Cert Colour copy of Passport pages Degree certs and Ternary, secondary education certs etc Skills assessment Refreences from empoyment on letterheaded paper Pay slip(s) Deed poll certificate (wife changed name prior to us getting married) IELTS pass certificate As far as I can tell, all of these documents have some colour on them. 1.)I am not using an AGENT. If I make colour scans of these and upload them is that sufficient? 2.)In the event of requiring certification, I know several Doctors and Pharmacists and university lecturers. Are any of these professionals acceptable as certifiers or does it have to be a solicitor/notary/JOP/magistrate? 3.) I'm a little concerned about the passport pages as they don't really have much colour on them from the scan. Do these need certifying? I would greatly appreciate your help as I am hoping to resolve this issue today/tommorow. Kind regards,
  11. Guest

    LG Television No Colour!

    Hi Everyone I have just had Austar installed.The television we bought in Australia works fine but our year old LG LCD HD TV which we brought with us from the UK gets a picture and sound but no colour. any suggestions please? Hezza
  12. The Broughtons

    Where has the colour gone!

    Is there anyone else suffering this problem at the moment. I open up poms and it's all colourful. I go to the forum page and yup, it's still colourful. I go in and try to read threads and they are white and difficult to follow. Please help - it started last night and I hoped it was a blip but it's still as bad now. Anyone else got this too? Felicity:arghh:
  13. Guest

    I wanna be in colour!!

    Hi, how do I add colours & different types of writing to my messages. I wanna be in colour like everyone else!! BOO HOO :cry: :cry: