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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions regarding visas that maybe people can shed some light on. I am Australian and my boyfriend is British, we currently live in the UK and are moving to Aus this year. I’ve read on here about registering the relationship as de-facto… does doing so waive the requirement of 12 months living together? The reason I ask is that my boyfriend and I have only been living together for 3 months so far in the UK. (We’ve been in a relationship for 16 months). During this time I have been transferring him money for half of the mortgage and bills but my name isn’t actually on them. We also both transfer an amount each month to a separate account we call the ‘Fun Fund’ which we use for shared expenses (groceries, restaurants, holidays etc) but it’s only in his name. I do have my own bank/credit card statements with our address on it. We are planning to move to Australia this year however there will be a few months where we will not be living together. This is due to my UK visa expiring and me having to leave the country and him not being able to leave his job just yet. We will go on holiday together during this time but won’t actually be living together for about 3 months until he can move. Even though we're not apart by choice I’m guessing this doesn’t look good on an application. So what I’m wondering is, when we are living together in Australia, have a joint bank account, insurance etc. and register as de-facto, do we have grounds to apply even without 12 straight months of cohabitation? We are looking at the possibility of him entering on a working holiday visa then applying for the partnership visa shortly after. Is it correct that we could apply at any time and be put on a bridging visa enabling him to work until it’s decided? We are also looking into the option of him transferring with the company he works for (a large well-known company with offices in Aus). Is there a separate visa to transfer in the same company or would he need to apply for a 457? His qualifications/experience is in marketing, account management, sales and E-retail management. He is also a rugby referee here in the UK and is hoping to do the same in Aus. Could he work this second weekend job on a 457 or can he only work for the company who has sponsored him? Thank you!
  2. Guest

    Marriage Versus Cohabitation

    As some of you will know I am about to marry my good lady,:wubclub: for the second time around after being divorced for over twelve years.:goofy: I have been married in between this time as well, even though I knew the lady concerned for eight years the marriage only lasted four months.:biglaugh: Too long to explain, BUT. In this day and age, the modern society etc, where to be 'cool' seems all important should we bother with marriage at all. My own thoughts first. Even though my marriages to some extent ended in disaster I am STILL adamant that marriage is a good thing. I truly believe that marriage shows a commitment and love that binds us together. OK, some time down the line it may fall apart, but at the time of the ceremony I 'think' it shows that the bond formed should be recognised formally and that 'commitment' is there for all to see. I have no great faith, I believe in something bigger than us all, and I hope there truly is a God, so in one respect I am acknowledging my commitment to Ruth in the eyes of God. But more importantly I am showing those around me that I am taking the marriage very seriously and will do my utmost to hold true the bonds that are said on the day. I hope God is looking down and helps me along the way, but in all honesty I just think that marriage for all its hiccups and hurdles still to this day forms a bond and commitment that hopefully will not be broken. Old fashioned maybe, old school, yes, I hope so. But in this ultra fast paced world we live in do you reckon marriage says anymore than, 'Well, it's just a slip of paper is all', something that has been said to me many many times by ALL generations. Each to their own, I have no problem with how people view marriage, but do YOU think that today a piece of paper is all important and does it really have any credence in the world we live in today. Many thanks Tony.:wink:
  3. I am looking at qualifying for the 175 visa and currently get 115 points + the extra 5 points if my partner qualifies for the secondary applicant - which she does apart from the spouse/defacto criteria. We have been together 6yrs but have no financial commitments together as we both still live with parents. We are desperate to get to OZ so we don't really want to wait for another 12 months to pass the co-habitation rule. We obviously plan to get married in the future anyway but if we were to bring this forward and get married in the very near future before we sent off our application and set up some commitments i.e. joint bank account/joint car insuance etc would we satisfy the criteria for the spouse part (secondary app) of the 175 or would we still need to cohabit for 12 months before starting the process? We understand why the co-habiation rule is in place as it proves a committed, long lasting relationship but apart from financial aspects we hav proof of this going back 6 yrs (mobile phone bills/travel docs/holidays/photos/invitations/stat decs etc). *Note if we were to get married we would be living at same address but still with parents still so no joint bills etc Any advice would be much appreciated :wacko: W&W