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Found 54 results

  1. Hi Just a quick question for anyone else who has done a AFP certificate for immigration reasons - my certificate did not have anything written on it that it is for immigration purposes even though I filled out code 33 (for immigration purposes) at the top of my application form. Is that normal? Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  2. Dear All, I falling under ANZSCO CODE: 262113 - Systems Administrator in latest SOL1-2. It is clear that I have to go for State/Territory Sponsorship (or Nomination) in few of the below ones. Australian Capital Territory New South Wales Northern Territory Queensland South Australia Tasmania Victoria Western Australia But I am unable to find which of the above are open for my ANZSCO CODE: 262113 as per new list. :confused: Please suggest. Thanks in advance.
  3. Mr Fabricator

    Perth post code ??

    Hi All , while on the net searching for all sorts , it would be helpfull to fill out the oz post code equivelent box Can someone loan me theirs so i may use search engines and give my virtual location as perth . Burbs are fine , its just so i can search for things near ish to perth . thanks in advance . lee
  4. hi, I am a SIEBEL consultant with 5.6 years experience. Below are the list of designations I had in my employee history(its in order). 1. Technical Associate - 2 years 2. Senior Software Engineer - 2 years 3. Software Engineer - 1.6 years I worked as a SIEBEL technical consultant for all the 5.6 of my career. Which of the below ANZSCO code should I nominate my application? 261112 SYSTEMS ANALYST 261311 ANALYST PROGRAMMER 261312 DEVELOPER PROGRAMMER 261313 SOFTWARE ENGINEER If I go with my designation, I should go with software engineer. But if I decide based on my experience and profile, I should go with either Analyst programmer or developer programmer. It would be great if someone could help me on which ANZSCO code should I should use? Rgds, Phoenix
  5. Hi I am trying to apply under the following (System Administrator) and was wondering if anybody had applied for the same and could forward me their work experience /job description. I want to get an idea of what to put down on paper. I have heard that is had to be a detailed two page description Thanks H
  6. I applied to ACS under 'Developer Programmer' for which I have a positive assessment. (wasent really sure to go for that or software engineer at the time) I didn't get it back in time to meet the old points test and I am just short under the new points test. However I just noticed I should be eligible for NSW sponsorship http://www.business.nsw.gov.au/live-and-work-in-nsw/visa-and-migration/skills-in-demand as a Java programmer as that is what my experience is in. Unfortunately on their wanted skills list its listed under software engineer rather than Developer Programmer which is a bit of a bummer! Has anyone got a review assessment from ACS to change their ANZSCO code? Its more money and time and I am a little worried should they find me unsuitable under the new code my previous positive assessment may not be valid.
  7. Guest

    Help with ANZSCO Code.

    Hi All, I am a Java Developer. Anyone know wat ANZSCO code should I be using to lodge my skills assessment application according to scehdule 3 of the SOL ?? Anyone who can help ??
  8. Guest

    Promo code for emirates

    Hi All Does any one know, if there's a new promo code you can put in when you are booking a flight with Emirates or any other airline. Thanks Paula
  9. Guest

    Highway Code

    Does anyone know if there is a Highway Code for Western Australia? My daughter is heading for 17 and wants to start learning their rules and not bother with Britains.
  10. Hi there ! I have been given an ASCO Code of 2129-79 Computing Engineer by Engineers Australia - does this sound right if anyone has heard of what job I do ? I work as a building managment systems / controls engineer which involves a mix of computers, hardware, electrics and HVAC control systems. Thanks if anyone knows ! Dominic
  11. Hi All, I have been talking with our agent and she said that the code that Vic SS use for Registered Nurse is different to the code that DIAC use. DIAC are not recognising us as priority 2 because of this!! Is anyone else having this problem? If so what was the out come.. Thanks in advance!
  12. smitsav

    ASCO or ANZSCO code

    Hi, I have a successful skills assessment letter with an ASCO code and I am ready to apply for my visa online. Does anyone know if I should request to get my code changed to an ANZSCO code before submitting my online visa application. Scott
  13. I am currently waiting for the results of my IELTS and want to get my skills assessment in next weekend if I have the required 7 in all areas. I am looking for SA SS but this is where my dilemma comes in. I could apply as either Management Accountant or Finance Manager. SA states they require 3 years experience for Management Accountant but there is no experience requirement for Finance Manager. Checking the FAQs in the SA website it states that any work experience required must be post qualified. I qualified in May 2008 but have been off work for the past 8 months on maternity leave (I am also now redundant so not gaining work experience). So it looks unlikely I would be awarded SS for SA using Management Accountant and would probably need to go for a 175 visa. Finance Manager is not on the SOL so if I go for that occupation and SA have used up all of their places for it before I apply for SS then I cannot apply at all. My thoughts are to apply as Management Accountant and apply for a 175 visa rather than going for SS. I realise this will take more time to process but I am aware that the jobs market is not great in the UK at the minute and I do not want to get to the point where I have been off work for a full year and so cannot apply either. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  14. Anyone else had doubts for which ANZCO code to apply from the following and which one did you choose in the end? 261312 Developer Programmer 261313 Software Engineer 261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec
  15. Hi, I just read a thread in agents information named "Computing Professionals - ASCO-ANZSCO mapping" and first point mentioned is as following Applicants cannot change their nominated occupation; Computing Professional (NEC) in ASCO does not currently map to an ANZSCO occupation on Schedule 3. Does it mean that people who have got earlier assessed as 2231-79(Java in my case) will not be able to reapply to ACS for some other code say for example 261311,261312,261313 for analyst programmer,developer programmer and software engineer. If they do then does it mean rejection as nominated occupation is changed. Cheers Mands
  16. Hi All I have just found out that my BEng degree does not get me access to Washington accord as it is not accredited with EC-UK. I now need to go down the CDR route for Production or Plant Engineer, ASCO Code: 2126-13, ANZSCO Code: 233513. I Have downloaded all the documentation from the EA website. Does anyone know how to get a copy of a completed CDR to help guide me with what exactly EA are looking for/expecting. Thank you to anyone who can help / assist. Norrie
  17. Ozwannabee

    Immigration for ANZCO code 342413

    Hi all, was just wondering whether anybody has immigrated via the telecoms line worker code 342413. I am considering going over myself and have looked at the SMP's for all states. The issue i have is that the job code that would have been perfect for me wouldve been 342411 or 342412. I see that they do have them on the older lists. So my question is whether anyone would know, if i will be ok using this code in my skills assessments? Sorry about the noob questions.
  18. Guest

    ASCO to ANZSCO Code Mapping

    Hi, My ASCO code is 2231-79 Computing Professional (Network security) that is in Schedule 4. What is its equivalent ANZSCO code? I found 2231-79 Computing Professional -nec =261399 Software and Applications Programmers nec But my profession isn't programmer. I need to provide my occupation code but only ANZSCO code are provided. Regards,
  19. Hi ALL, Anxious to know if I can equate either of the ANZSCO codes 261111 ICT business analyst 261112 Systems analyst for ASCO 2231-79 IT Professional nec. I am a SAP functional consultant.,35 yrs age and would like to apply for ACS assessment with RPL route after the new SOL is announced. Any help from experts in the forum will be of immense help to me Regards Mahesh
  20. Guest

    nurse with Asco code

    Hi wondering if anyone can shed some light on my situation. Im a nurse who when i applied for my ANMC skill assessment and state sponsorship my asco code was 2323-11 and that is the code i used when i applied for my visa back in July this year. Obviously the ANZCO codes have now come in to play so just wondering which code i will fall into. Im a district nurse so was assuming i would come under community health but how do you know which code you use and do i have to inform immigration . Confused.com !!:wacko::wacko: Thankyou in advance :wub:
  21. Guest

    promotional code

    Hi All Just wanted to ask if anyone know's of a promotional code for Emirates or any other airlines that can be used to make the flight cheaper, or any one know's the cheapest way to get to Aus over Christmas period for my neice and Husband. Thanks Paula
  22. paddygunner

    occupation code changes

    I have just applied online for a 176. Originally got skills assessment for secondary school teacher in April which referred to the old occupation code. Since July, the code has changed for secondary school teacher. I just forwarded a copy of the skills assessment. Do I need to do anything else.
  23. Hi there, Apologies to anyone who has read my previous post, I'm still a bit confused about whether or not I can apply for a 457 visa. I've used the ANZSCO search facility to find my occupation. The code is ANZSCO (Physicist) but I'm actually a medical physicist, which looking at the definition is a 'specialization' of physicist and therefore has the same code. The 457 visa lists physicist (234914) but doesn't mention any specializations. In fact, looking at the list, all entries are unique ie specialisations are not mentioned at all. Does this mean that any specialisation (like me, being a specialisation of 234914) can be used for a 457 application. My potential employers seem a bit confused about this too, so I'll hand it over to you guys, the experts! Many thanks in advance, Jonny Lane.
  24. Hi everyone, I got my ACS assessment last year which is ICT-recent graduate, I'm planning applying for re-assessment under the ANZSCO code. I know that there has to be at least 65% relevancy of nominated occupation, but I can't tell how relevant they are. I am looking at 261311 analyst programmer and 261312 developer programmer. but I am still not sure which one is the best suit for me. or any other suggestion? Thanks a lot in advance. The course structure is as following: Bachelor of information technology and systems specialisation: multimedia applications 2009 DIS2105 digital imaging DIS2907 3D animation DWG1103 Visual thinking and communication FIT3040 Studio 2 2008 FIT1003 IT in organisations FIT 2001 Systems analysis and design FIT2002 IT project management FIT3033 principles of educational multimedia FIT1001 computer systems FIT3008 Digital video post production FIT3023 Interactive environments FIT2029 Studio 1 2007 FIT1002 Computer Programming FIT2012 Digital media authoring FIT2026 sound and video VCM1001 visual communication FIT2015 Foundations of 3D FIT2016 Human computer interaction for multimedia PHO1203 Photomedia imaging 1 VCM2002 Multimedia imaging(animation) 2006 FIT1004 Database FIT1005 networks and data communications FIT1012 website authoring VCM1002 Multimedia Imaging
  25. Guest

    ASCO Code 2231-79

    Hi My OH was assessed under ASCO code 2231-79(network security). We got the letter on JUly 1, 2010. Now that Victoria SMP is out, I have few questions: 1. Can we use the old code or do we need to re apply for the code. The old ASCO code maps to two of the ANZSCO code on vic smp. 2. How do we proceed now? Do we need to apply for Victoria state sponsorship now and then file the visa application. Thanks