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Found 58 results

  1. Hi, I'm a 22 year old male looking for like-minded people to meet up with to go for lunch, explore Melbourne and see live music I moved over from England in 2011 and looking to make new friends and see all that Melbourne has to offer, not having seen a lot of it in the 4 1/2 years I've lived here. If anyone's got any suggestions for meet up groups, clubs or is interested in meeting up, let me know!
  2. Andy L

    Bsac dive club

    Hi guys I've been almost 10 month. Just wondering if there was anyone else out there that would like to start a Bsac diving club in Perth Ellenbrook area? We need 8 people to start the club.
  3. Hello to all readers! I live in Ormiston, Bayside, Queensland and I wondered if anyone would fancy joining me to start up a book club in Cleveland? There is a coffee club (coffee shop) that opens reasonable late so maybe once every month we could meet up, have a coffee and cake and share our thoughts about a book that we all read. Maybe we could all take it in turn to decide on the book for the coming month? In the Bayside Bulletin there is also an offer of buy a coffee and get a coffee free most weeks so we could have a couple of coffee's over a couple of hours and only pay for one! I appreciate many Mum's or full time workers may find it tricky to commit to a couple of hours so I am happy to be flexible on the day and time of the club to suit others....morning, afternoon, night or weekend? I am a Private Tutor and work from home so I am free during the day until 3.30pm and after 7pm. I am also free weekends. For this reason, I am fairly flexible so I hope to include all those who simply fancy a couple of hours out once a month for a light chat! If anyone likes to read, eat cake, drink coffee, have a natter with other readers and fancy a couple of hours a month light chat - let me know. I will collect numbers and Private Message all those interested and we can go from there. Hope to hear from you soon! Kip :arghh:
  4. Take a look at these two very recent stories: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/crime-scene/post/oscar-ramiro-ortega-hernandez-charged-with-attempt-to-assassinate-obama/2011/11/17/gIQAZC9BVN_blog.html http://news.yahoo.com/nyc-mayor-al-qaida-sympathizer-arrested-014501683.html Do you notice the convenient absence of the word 'terrorism' in the one and the emphasis paid to it in the other? It really hurts me when I see the duplicity and the partiality in the media...
  5. The Pom Queen

    Golf Festival Long Island Club Frankston

    TheLong Island Country Club in Frankston will be running the Festival of Golf from November 11 to 13 with a Celebrity Pro-Am on the last day. The event is open to all members of the Victorian Golf Association or equivalent organisations interstate and overseas and is expected to bring hundreds of visitors to Frankston each day. Competitors will be battling it out in men’s, ladies’ and mixed Stableford, Open Stroke and Handicap events against some of the best club golfers from Victoria and beyond. Long Island Country Club was also awarded Best Victorian Pro Am Course for 2008 and 2009.
  6. I wondered if anyone would be interested in starting a book club. Nothing major was thinking we could plan to meet up either monthly or every other month and chat about a book. I used to do it in London with friends and we'd take a turn to recommend a book and also the person who had chosen the book would find a new bar for us to try. I thought it'd be fun way to meet people so thought I'd see if anyone else fancied it! Fiona
  7. Jackboots

    book club?

    :GEEK:so what about a pio, book club, well sort of. i love reading and im sure a lot of the other site members do , do you have any favourite , types , authors, good summer read?? bring them on and lets see if we can gain a few interesting reads from this! my personal favs are fiction ; fantasy , and thrillers, with a good old romance thrown in. I have just read a trio by david gibbins.. atlantis , crusaders gold and the last gospell, great if you like a bit of myth with thrillers thrown in , a cross between indianna jones and dan brown! just starting a sloppy by james patterson, called sunday at tiffany's...any good ones reccomended?:smile:
  8. The Pom Queen

    Chicken Clicking Club

    I thought I would get a new Chickin Clickin thread going to help all the newbies reach their purple bars. :hug::hug::wubclub:
  9. Guest

    On the buses fan club

    Hello from ON THE BUSES fan club to everyone in OZ. You remember Stan, Jack, Olive Arthur, Mum and of course BLAKEY er sorry I mean inspector Blake and the number 11 bus. So if you fancy a trip back in time down Memory drop by my web site you would be most welcome Also I am always on the look out for any ON THE BUSES trivia, so if you have any or come anything of interest, old tv mags, articles etc; across please get in touch. Are there any x bus drivers or conductors on this forum I WONDER? Gawd there may even be the odd Inspector, perhaps I should have phrased that better, or maybe not DING DING Steve ON THE BUSES fan club web site; www.onthebusesfanclub.com/ Now in our 11th year Nostalgia Never goes out of fashion
  10. Guest

    Club scene!!!

    Hey guys! I'm a 23 yr old guy coming from Scotland in December to Brisbane to work in the oil and gas industry. The clubs/pubs are a big deal for me, please tell me good things... I hope the Ozzy's know how to drink ?
  11. joemilmoss

    Wado-ryu Karate Club

    Hi can anyone please tell me if there is any wado-ryu karate clubs south of the river, my son is 8 and whilst we lived in the uk he trained twice a week and would like to carry it on here. We are living in secret harbour . Thanks
  12. Someone recommended it on another post. I swam at Redleaf and my friend Cynthia wanted to meet me at the Icebergs. She lives at Bondi on the same road where I parked although I did not know it. I was just looking for a place where I could park for free. I walked along the coastal path in the dark - luckily there was a full moon which made made the view over Bondi spectacular with the waves crashing and foaming. The club itself has a fantastic location looking out over Bondi Beach. It must be a lovely spot to sit out on the balcony overlooking the pool and the beach beyond. I signed in as a visitor - all you need is a drivers' licence which they scan in on a little machine - oh and you MUST live outside the 5k limit. Sometimes in those cases they will get a member to sign you in though. Or you can join on the spot. $50 for Icebergs which is dearer than most but I noticed that steak and chips is $15 for visitors & $10 for members I had a chat to the doorman - asked him if he is a local? Yes, born and bred. 'It must be something to have been born in Heaven', I said. He was telling me how to eat oysters - I've never tried them. I was chatting to the young ladies on the bar too, asking them the same questions, 'are you local?, where is your favourite beach?' (yes, Tamarama or Clovelly because Bondi gets too crowded.) It's easy to get on with people really. If I go a few more times they'll recognize me. So, join a club, get talking to the staff, become a 'local'!
  13. Guest

    Boxing Club? Perth

    Hi there, can anyone tell me if any boxing clubs exists in North Perth. Many thanks.
  14. Hello, Is anyone fed up without the football ? - I am setting up a Liverpool ** supporters club which will meet the first Friday of every month during the season, the meeting place will be the Hogs Breath Cafe at Raby Bay. Looking for like minded fanatics (as I have just renewed my season ticket even though I am here) to join, not only guys - bring the better halves and lets make this new season one to remember. Let me know if you are interested, Paul
  15. I've always prided myself on knowing which programme was on which day of the week but am I right? Monday - Muffin The Mule Tuesday - Andy Pandy Wednesday - The Flower Potmen (NOT the ones who wanted to go to San Francisco!) Thursday - Rag, Tag & Bobtail Friday - The Woodentops I'm worried now, just when I should be thinking about football and getting a job I am going to obsess about this. 'Sarah Brown has a toy, as naughty can be, he goes twiddelly dum & he goes twiddely dee?' PS NO Googling though it's permissible to ask your mother.
  16. Guest

    Mating snakes wreck Cairns club roof

    A seven metre female python and her harem of male snakes are literally bringing the roof down at a Cairns sports club. Six scrub pythons measuring at least 3.5m and weighing up to 50kg are fighting over one female in the roof of the Hekili Outrigger Canoe Club at Yorkeys Knob. The amorous males have dislodged the ceiling boards in their pursuit of the female python, which club members have dubbed 'Nagini' after the giant snake in the Harry Potter series. Club coach Sue Lockwood said the roof was replaced just three months ago after it was damaged in Cyclone Yasi. 'The whole board underneath the eaves has basically popped open and now they're entering and exiting through that hole. When we're inside the shed we can hear them moving around,' she told AAP. 'We've only just had our ceiling replaced because it caved in when Cyclone Yasi hit us. 'It was pretty well much a mess for a long time, it's all just been replaced and now the snakes are breaking the roof.' A snake catcher has removed two of the males but the others are proving elusive, Ms Lockwood said. 'He can see where they're going but he just can't get in there so we have to wait until they come out.' She says bite marks found on one of the captured pythons show they have been fighting over Nagini. It's not the first time snakes have used the club's roof as a mating ground but this time around the males are bigger and there is more of them, she said. Some club members are unsettled but Ms Lockwood says the snakes are mostly harmless and only bite when startled. 'The irony of it is is that we paddle canoes in croc-infested waters and we have marine stingers for six months of the year, and we have tiger sharks and bull sharks in the bay where we paddle, and big huge saltwater crocodiles and yet everyone is scared of a little snake,' she said. Wednesday, July 20, 2011 » 04:48pm
  17. tonyman

    The Pomsinoz Union Club

    now this club is a little different from other clubs on this site .......here we offer help and advise on almost anything ........if something is on your mind and you dont know where to turn then ask us..........no matter how silly the question may sound , it doesnt matter , football questions and discussions , music , movies ,cooking (curry ) and NOT WOMEN AND NAKED WOMEN PICS , thats so simple and easy to draw attention ......we turn know one away unless your a red .......we have the HMC but this has died , the womens thread has lived on , im pleased to say ......we will of course be looking for a couple of members to help out ....:yes: apply within if you can help..........
  18. Guest

    18th March Email Receiver Club

    Dear Please mention if any one (who have already got 18th March email) - have any update after sending PCC and Health Report ?
  19. I am a memeber of Dover sea angling club and love it, we have had a fantastic year with some massive catches and loads of personal bests, this is one thing I will really miss if I make Oz, anyone a member over there? http://www.dover-sea-angling.com/
  20. Mandy28

    The Over 40's Club

    Hello, I just wondered who was in the over 40's club. I'm 40 and my OH is 44 and is 45 on Friday. We have managed to get our Visa lodged this morning with DIAC talk about cutting it fine! We were waiting on Vetassess skills test result! We are hoping to go to Queensland area but will consider anywhere really. I have heaps of rellies in WA but we do like Queensland. So now we join the queue with all the other Category 3 applicants. Mandy GSM 176 family sponsored Visa (SOL)
  21. Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me whether there are any Before and After Care clubs at primary schools in WA? I can't find any info on the school websites.:eek: We have been living in Melbourne for the last 6 years, where our 2 children aged 6 and 10 go to school, but have decided to move to Perth, hopefully next year. :yes: We came on state sponsored visa initially but really wanted Perth from the start. It's difficult to move again once the kids have settled, which is the only thing that has really put me off. However we've decided to make the move and hope to be over in Perth next year, before my son starts secondary school. We aren't really sure at this stage where we want to live, it really depends on work (I'm a special education teacher and my OH is a builder carpenter) but where ever we go we will be working and here in Melbourne have relied on the school's for out of hours care for our kids. Any ideas on areas and schools would also be gratefully received. :confused: Thanks Mandy
  22. Guest

    PIO book club

    Here's a chance to talk about great books you've read and would recommend to others... For starters: 'his dark materials' trilogy by phillip Pullman difficult to describe this really as it's like nothing I've read before or since. A mixture of fantasy, sci fi, horror, a critique of organised religion, a love story and with the widest scope imaginable, spanning multiple parallel universes which are all interlinked. The main character Lyra inhabits a world (Oxford) which is much like ours but with profound differences, most notably the existence of a daemon or soul outside the body: a physical presence in the form of an animal which reflects the person's nature. Children's daemons can change but on entering adolescence they become fixed. In the second book Lyra meets up with will, a boy who inhabits our Oxford. The scope of the narrative is immense, and contains the most amazing imagery. The first book was made into a film, the golden compass, which didn't do justice to the book IMO Anyway, I'd thoroughly recommend this trilogy and would like to hear of other great books, or of your thoughts on the above
  23. tonyman

    Kayak club Wa ....

    ive just got a kayak as a Christmas presant from a friend and would like to start a PIO WA Kayak Club , which would mean getting out once a month or more ......no harm don , just cook our loved ones a caught meal ...........anyone fancy it ....there are 3 of us up to now ........
  24. Has anyone had any experience of Club Med here? Planning our first "proper" family holiday in 3 years and really fancy the all inclusive experience they offer. Just deciding between the 2 resorts. Have heard a few horror stories lately about "Bali belly", so am a bit wary even though its the easiest option for us from Perth. Any advice/experience would be appreciated.
  25. tonyman

    PIO Singles Club

    Due to popular demand , i and other feel the need for a singles club on PIO .......there are many people who are single , lonley and maybe heading for depression ....but if this thread pics up with the amount of viewers PIO has im sure we could make some people happy......if i were single i would help you all out ........even if its a 2hrs drink , or a night at the movies , or a bbq .......dont beat about the bush ...we all want someone , a companion .......so if any of you guys and girls are single ....make yourself known ...and i / we will help in finding that friend......hope this thread helps someone ....as i wouldnt like to be here by myself.........:wubclub: