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Found 14 results

  1. We have a 12 month 600 visitor visa and are heading to Australia in May. We applied for a 143 cpv in June 2015 so, providing we don’t develop any nasty illnesses before the medical, we should be granted pr during our “visit” We are shipping our furniture & stuff with Doree Bonner & while awaiting a reply from them I thought I’d post my query here. I’ve been looking at an info leaflet on sending unaccompanied personal effects. It seems to say you can’t send clothes if you’re not a permanent resident. This seems a bit strange when furniture and even furs are allowed. If we send clothes what happens if they’re not allowed? Are they confiscated or is there tax to pay? Here’s the link https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/Factsheets/Documents/sendingpersonalbelongingstoaustraliafinal2015feb17.pdf
  2. Hi All, As many of you know we are here on a 457. With 2 children under school age and the fact that we cannot claim any Centrelink Benefits (Family Allowance) etc, I am looking for a new venture that I can do from home. I am opening a ebay shop initally with childrens character PJ's in ie, Bob, Dora, Lazy Town etc. However I have got the oportunity to get my hand son some NEXT kiddies clothing mainly tops/jumpers/cardi's etc also Oshkosh and maybe Gymboree. My question is who anyone buy NEXT kiddies stuff in Australia?? Obviously it would be mainly people from the UK as they know the brands, but would that demand be enough? I am just trying to do bit reseach before I put my backside on the line and shell out the money to buy the stuff in. Any feedback would be welcome. Thanks Em x
  3. We have pretty fair skin in our family and I don't tan. I do most of my swimming / exercise before 8am but once my son gets in the surf he tends to hang around in it and dip in and out of it most of the day. When he was little there were plenty of kid sun suits available everywhere. his last few times in Oz have been during winter so we have not needed anything except a tee shirt over the shoulders. Has anyone got any recommendations for adult protective swim / surf gear? it will need to be pretty durable so it won't rip when getting on / off boards and comfy too? I see plenty of stuff online but am hoping some members have used some? Millie x

    Plus size clothing

    Hi ladies I am what one would call a BBW over here in UK we are looking at Melbourne and I am wondering what is it like for buying larger size clothing over there are there specialist stores? Many thanks for reading this
  5. We are in the process of sorting out a move to Canberra in a couple of months. I have a small Ebay thing going here in the Uk selling used/new clothing. I have amassed a good pile of things to sell but my questions is whether to ship it and sell it on Ebay Australia or try to get rid of it here before moving out. We are moving from a large 4 bed house so imagine we will be using one of the larger containers so I dont think the actual shipping will be an issue. It just whether to try and get rid of it all here or whether there is a good market in Oz to sell ladies high street clothing (river island, Marks and spencers, Per Una, Jigsaw etc) Its just an extra thing to have to do while here amognst a million others and if there is a good market for second hand clothing from the Uk there I can just cross it off my list of things to do and postpone till later till we are there:biggrin: any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Angela
  6. Coming out to Sydney in a couple of weeks for 3 weeks, what sort of clothes should I bring for the kids and us, BBC weather, God Bless, suggests it's like a British summer, warm then cold.........help!
  7. BestyBlue

    Clothing - NEXT

    Hi all, I've read on here a fair bit that clothes shopping isn't all that great in Aus. Did you know that Next now deliver to Aus direct? I'm not too sure how long it's been set up for, but I will certainly be using the service when I eventually make my move. :biggrin:
  8. I was just wondering how I should pack things like clothes, shoes, duvets, and towels? The shipping company we are using is not doing the packing for us. We dont have enough suitcases for all these things to fit into. Are bin bags allowed lol?? I have seen mixed reviews on here about vac packing. What did you all do with your coats, blankets etc? Do they also have to go in boxes? or can some go in suitcases in the container? If anyone can help, thank you very much! :unsure:
  9. Apparently Dorothy Perkins are offering 25% off everything until 4th April. You have to put in a promo code. If you visit UK to You and go to the red bit at the top, you should be sent the promotional code. Hope that satisfies your cravings LOL. I guess it would also work for people in the UK too! Love Rudi x
  10. My Husband bought me a really nice brown leather jacket for Christmas ( when we didnt think we would be emigrating until 2012!) Well my question is as it takes up rather a lot of room in my suitcase, would I really be likely to wear it in Perth. We are arriving mid winter 1st July so do you reckon its worth bringing it?? and all my fleeces etc??:wideeyed:
  11. Don't know if you this is old news but stumbled upon this website for Kids Pyjamas.....as struggle to find non fleece ones here... Welcome : Kids Pyjamas.co.uk - Quality Branded Kids Pyjamas At Discount Prices Enjoy and yes they ship over to here as well. Reminded me of Primark :sad:

    clothing in plastic

    hi i read somewhere that it is not good to take clothing in plastic due to mildue is this correct ? also is there anybody who has moved and used those vaccume packs for putting clothes in or are these not recomended ?
  13. Oh.. i forgot to say this yesterday when i was on... i know some of you are worried re childrens clothing in Oz etc and will miss your Next stuff... Well a close friend of mine told me on Wednesday that Next are apparently stopping doing childrnes clothing as it is not profitable for them any more... Her sister is a designer for clothes and told her they have had a few new menbers start where she works who have come from Next - due to the soon to be redundancies in the designer 'R&D' department at Next as the childrens section is being stopped.... I don't know when or even if this is right.. but i suppose if you can pay £2 for a t-shirt at George Asda then why pay £8 at Next.... min x:wubclub:
  14. Hi This is probably going to sound really stupid...but: After reading numerous posts regarding childrens clothing and how there appears to be a lack of good cheap childrens retailers i have decided to stock up on t-shirts, shorts etc to last until my lot are at least 21!!!! Question is though... and i :embarrassed:at asking.... if going to Perth do i need to get long sleeved t-shirts and fleece tops etc.... (thinking winter etc)... :goofy:Min x:wubclub: