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Found 47 results

  1. Guest

    What's Brisbane really like?

    So we're now moving to Brisbane due to work. Bit of an abrupt change of plans but all good. Clothes wise - I've heard a lot it's humid all year round with a slight dip in 'winter' months. I take it we won't be needing any suit jackets/work wool tops/jumpers/stockings? Bedding - no duvets? Also, I'll have a read through the Brisbane section, however any advice about nice family friendly areas to live that are no more than 45 min commutable (by train/bus) would be appreciated. All advice appreciated, thanks.
  2. So, moved out here at the beginning of June 2014. Husband and I lucky enough to get a permanent residency visa with no conditions, which means no stipulations on where to live or what job to have. We're making the most of this opportunity by travelling around the country for 12 months or so, before deciding on somewhere to hopefully buy a plot of land and build and grow our own. Touch wood, everything's going well so far, my only slight point of confusion is what shops are the equivalent of UK ones? eg what's the nearest thing to Boots chemist? or TK Maxx for decent discounted clothing and random items? In general, very happy to be here, don't miss much about the UK yet, would be nice if I could have brought all my family and friends out though! :ssign19:
  3. Hi All We have been here now for just under 3 weeks. I know a lot of you wonder about costs and so forth. Here are some of the unexpected costs we have had. Satnav $150, essential for finding our way around. Plus I spent $30 on a decent map book, fab for looking at localities when driving around. Printer $150 plus ink $150, must admit we bought a slightly better than basics printer, but found necessary for printing the numerous forms we have had and CVs for job interviews. Driving Licence. $110 each. this was not necessary, but we had bought a car from a friend in Sydney so made the transfer easier. This also made taking out a rental easier. Working with children registration $80, hubby wants to work in a college, to obtain the necessary paperwork we had to pay out this cost. Food Costs Our first shop came to about $300, but you have to remember you have to start from scratch again, so all the stuff you take for granted in your cupboards, oils, bin liners, toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, bug spray, washing powder. Its unlikely back in the Uk I would have bought all of these at once, but were needed here. I did not buy too much food in that shop either, bread, milk, beans, cereal and some meat maybe. Since then we have spent about $130 each time, and added more essentials when we go, probably at the mo going every 5-6 days. If you are switched on you can get some good buys, the first time we shopped we got Heniz baked beans for 97c, so bought a few tins. Also meat and veg seem cheaper than in the Uk, and if you look out for the specials. Alcohol is a ridiculous price, I drink souther comfort, so glad I brought a bottle in my case, as $60 here. Also brought Pimms as again $50. Bring you allowance in your case, I am then asking people who (hopefully) visit to restock us! The wine we drank at home which was australian was £8 in the Uk is $17 here. Eating out In the first week, we must have spent a fortune on food and drinks, this was from being in the car all day driving around looking at houses, so budget more for food. An average medium coffee is $4.50, and bottled drinks are about $3 upwards. We kept bottles of water in the car which have been bought at the supermarket. Food costs for an average meal, e.g. pizza has come to $100 for the 4 of us, and a Mcdonalds was $35, so much more expensive than back in the UK. Subway was also coming in at $30+ for 4 of us. Now we are more in the habit we are planning better. Fuel Cheaper than in the UK at approx $1.50 per litre, and the supermarkets give you 4c off a litre as well. Clothes I have had to buy a few bits and pieces, as did not pack for this wet spell we are having. Clothes are more expensive and don't seem as good a quality. My mistake was not bringing a decent work suit for an interview, thinking I would get one here, big mistake, costs a fortune for a suit which feels cheaper than next, but probably cost double. Will now be ordering from Next as they deliver here for free if over $30 plus M & S also deliver for free. (not sure how returns work...) Other We have also had to buy stuff that will become necessary once we have our long term rental next week, while we wait for the container. This included Beds for the kids, plus bedding, kids needed new beds anyway. Bed for us, plus bedding, which we will use as a spare once ours arrives. Table and chairs, left ours behind. Sofa, again left behind. Iron and ironing board, didn't think to pack, left in my rented house. New school shoes and uniform. School has summer and winter uniform. Summer starting the 7 Sept. Pens, paper and other stationery bits, again more expensive than back home. Essential for kids homework and form filling! Will update this thread if people find it useful, once I become more aware of more costs. Cheers Nikki
  4. Just stumbled across this today. Millie http://www.ezibuy.com.au/next/womenswear.html
  5. Hello, just wandering if anyone can advise me on what clothes to bring and what to leave behind before hopefully moving to Brisbane this Christmas ? Will I need my warm boots for the chilly evenings or a heavy coat ? Is it worth bringing our duvets or will they still be too warm for the temperatures there ? Did anyone bring all their clothes and found out that they did not need most of them ? thank you Gwen.
  6. Hi I am a graduate moving to Perth to work for a mining company. My job is office based and I was wondering what the dress code in Australian offices is. I found from interning in a UK based engineering office that you are expected to wear a suit. Would it be likely that the same applies in oz? Thanks!
  7. apickerell

    Rent, church and clothes

    Hello, So in 10 weeks my family and I are going to be moving to Canberra on a 457 visa. Just waiting for it to go through got a couple of questions 1. What is the best way to get a rental in canberra from overseas. my boss said she would go look at rentals for us but we dont know if tat would help or not. We need at least a 2-3 bedroom house or apartment as we have 2 children. 2. We are non denominational christian. Does anyone know of a good church that is spirit filled and has a good childrens program 3. if we fly into sydney becuase it is cheaper is there a train we could take to canberra? I have heard there was but I am not sure. 4. How decent are prices for clothing? WE live in Mauritius where there is no winter lol. well not really. ( I am from the states so I am used to the cold. ) Is there a walmart, kmart, target? anything like that? Sorry about the random questions! Just lots to think about! thanks! :wink::goofy::tongue:
  8. Hello My husband and I and our 3 year old daughter are moving from the UK to my native Australia in January. We are unsure whether to take everything or if it will be more cost effective to just take our clothes and some of our most treasured possessions and re-buy the rest in Australia. Also, if you are someone who did take everything, are there some things you now wish you didn't bring because they proved costly to ship or unnecessary in Australia. Looking forward to your thoughts! Thanks.
  9. Angela820

    Clothes needed for moving to Canberra

    We are busy de cluttering and chucking out lots of things in anticipation of our move to Camberra in the next 2-3 months. I just wanted to know what clothing will I need to bring for us and the kids. People say it gets cold there - but how cold. I have the usual winter/summer type clothing for the UK - lots of coats and big jumpers, but I dont want to bring everything if Im not going to use it. If anyone could let me know what I definatelly need to bring and what I dont. I dont want to have buy a load of new clothing for the kids and me as we just got rid of it here in the Uk and I understand clothes are expensive there. do I need wool coats/sheepskin jackets? Or lighter ones. Jumpers? help!! Summer - same as UK - t shirt and shorts? dresses etc? Jeans. Is Canberra relaxed in clothing.. if that makes sense,. Sorry if this all sounds a bit stupid, its just we have TONNES of clothing for th family and I just want to know whether to rbing it all or not> Angela
  10. Hi, Has anyone used the vacuum seal storage bags to move?? We have had quotes for a 20ft container and are just over the size limit - am wanting to vacuum packed clothes and linen etc (to save some space). Was wondering if anyone else has done this and if they had any problems with it eg mold and mildew sue to the heat and sweating inside the container on shipping Thanks guys - looking forward to some advice! Visas approved Skilled 176 (Aug 2011) - hoping to be outa here in October! Tina
  11. Hey i am from the UK and currently living in Brisbane Does any one know any good clothes shops?? I am used to shopping in River Island, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Asos and Lipsy back home, so all high street prices. I have found a good few little shops but find there is not a lot of choice Any suggestions would be great Thanks
  12. Guest

    clothes shopping in perth

    Can anyone recommend any good clothes shops in Perth as I am sure they don't have a TK Max:wub:
  13. Hoping any Mums out there can answer this one for my OH. Basically we have a 9 year old and a baby who is 1. As we have heard from friends and people on here how expensive the clothes are over there my wife was thinking especially for the little one to buy a good deal of clothes in some of the cheaper shops over here and take them over with us, basically for the baby up until the age of 3 or 4. Now I know there will be certain items we will buy over there but the sort of everyday clothes if ya know what I mean. has anyone else done this? We were also thinking the same about the likes of toiletries like perfume, shampoo etc etc
  14. Hi All, We've got the removal company coming at the end of the month, so just trying to find out what to do with our clothes and linen. Is it packed in paper, in boxes, as with all the other stuff? Or are we supposed to pack them in suitcases? Also - Do you think it's advisable to buy those gel sachet "things" that absorb the moisture to put in the boxes with things like this? Any advice most welcome! :hug: Thanks a bunch. From Catherine -----------xx-------
  15. I have both a chinese wedding end of the month and a food industry apprentices showcase thing on May 22. Id love to get one of those gorgeous chinese silk dresses! Its weird, but there dont seem to be any chinese clothes shops in perth! there was a famous one everyone recommended called winnie's boutique but its gone (the retails space is up for lease). dammit! i would buy online but im pretty broad across the shoulders even for a caucasian, so i dont like the idea of buying before trying on...are there any places that anyone knows??? thanks in advance
  16. Hi all, New member here ... first week in Melbourne ! I have a couple of boxes of clothes and shoes (approx 20kg each) that I want to send from the UK via FedEx. I have to complete a commercial invoice which lists the contents of the box. Does anybody know if I have to list every item individually or if I can just state "clothes and shoes" as the contents ? Also, I understand that if I value the box at over $1000AUD then I have to pay GST and duty on it ! Does anybody have any experience or advice on how to complete this form to easily get through customs ? Thanks in advance. Tom
  17. Hi everyone I am due to fly out to Sydney in two weeks and will need to bring enough clothes to get me through whilst the remainder of our items are shipped out. Now I appreciate that this may sound like a 'girlie' question, but what sort of clothes will I need for the beginning of March until around May time? I only have a baggage allowance of 20kg so want to make sure I am bringing the right things. Any help would be appreciated! Cara
  18. Guest

    Clothes shops in australia

    HI all, I was hoping if all those poms in oz could tell me about nice clothes shop that are similar to those like Next,H and M,New look,Tammy and M and S. I cant seem to find anything of much use on the net. thanks Jodie
  19. I just wanted to share KidsStyleFile with any Oz newbies who haven't already discovered it... It is a brilliant resource for child-related shopping, especially when you want an alternative to the usual "high street" stores. Check it out and discover lovely shopping and even lovelier discounts! :smile:
  20. Hi as we know next store do not deliver to australia and i have really struggled to find really nice baby clothes in oz. As my little boy is now getting older i have decided to sell all his baby clothes. They are all in excellent condition most as new. Most are from next, mothercare & debenhams etc.... Our favourite uk baby brands. I have started listing on ebay this evening so please check out the baby items. Here is an item number to one of the items and please check out the rest. 110569143050 regards mark & mel
  21. Guest

    Womens clothes??!

    Hey all, Been here 3 months now, and still yet to find a decent clothes store. I miss Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and River Island SO much!! Can anyone help? Where do you shop here? Even online?? And whats the size conversion?! Thank you xxx
  22. Hi there, theres 4 of us moving to Melbourne, hopefully July/Aug time. We dont have our rental as yet but should do in July. Anyway, my 2 daughters have loads of shoes, handbags, scarfs and clothes so i thought can i not send some stuff in a box with alot of our clothes and shoes, and have our Wii console and games, laptops, and a printer sent in the box and take the clothes that we really need in our cases. I dont know who to go with and how much it will cost for 1 or 2 boxes, depends on the size of the box. How long it takes to arrive? any help on this will be much appreciated. Gillian:wubclub:
  23. abz123

    Rotary clothes dryer

    I'm trying to track down a four arm outdoor drier (ideally Brabantia) but Google Oz is failing me. Any suggestions where I'll pick one up (Perth).
  24. Although I feel very much at home here, I still have not 'found my feet' when it comes to clothes shopping. In the UK I would shop from various places, I like Boden (they deliver to OZ!) but also Ted Baker, Jigsaw and Zara for example. My style is quite informal, possibly best described as top end of the High Street. I am taller than most and a size 12-14 mostly like to dress in jeans with a nice top, heels or flats and 'dress it up' with nice handbag and necklace etc. Here I have been buying plenty of nice custom jewellery but have bought quite a few items or clothing that I liked in the shop and did not get on with once home.... Any tips are welcome, either for online shopping (with a guide to sizes please) or on the 'high street', brands or shop names.......
  25. :cool: Hi all Can anyone help me? I am getting there with my visa and hope that it is'nt going to be too long now till we get there. I have a 16yr old boy who is well into his designer clothes! and a 11yr old boy who will just wear anything to do with sports (He be fine!!) I have heard that the clothes over in Oz are not up to much is that true? Do they have shops where you can buy branded clothes? We are moving to Gold Coast Queensland. Over here my son shops at BANK, JD Sports, SAVAGE etc he likes Ed hardy, Henleys, Gio Goi, lacoste, Bar Denim etc. Are there any shops like that over there? I know most of the time the kids will probably just be in shorts, t shirts etc, but he wants to know if there are any good clothes shops for when he goes out at night or whatever. Thanks for that, any info would be greatly appreciated. Jan