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Found 13 results

  1. whichway

    Closing the door

    Hi Folks, Anyone who has been conversing with me on this brilliant form will know I am going home.:biggrin: Since I started the return process (even although I have been unhappy here for several years) I was doubt full that this is the right decision for me and my family..... But my decision was reinforced about a week ago.... We had a beautiful house, the most beautiful and biggest house I think I will ever have the good fortune to live in, I had a good job, the best I've ever had in my life. About a week ago our house sale went through and it was time to move out. So we cleaned it out and shut the door. The thing that struck me most of all was how much I had loved this house but in the end I had no emotional attachment to it at all. Normally before moving out of a house I would have a sentimental stroll through, but I didn't and had absolutely no desire to. Just before I shut the door I looked into the lounge and all I could see was how lonely I had been there. To put it into context, if in a year I had 100days off work 95 of those days were spent by myself. And everywhere I went I went by myself. All that house was to me was almost like a cell. If I am ever questioning my motives for returning, I'll just remember my big fat lonely cell.
  2. Bayside Council has announced it will cease operating its two long day child care centres by the end of 2013. The Sandringham centre will close by December 2013 and the Hampton centre will close in December 2012. The regulatory changes to child care services mean that the cost of operating the council’s small and ageing centres will increase significantly as a result of the required reduction in the number of childcare places from 80 to 65. Prior to making this decision, the council also considered the cost and feasibility of building new centres but found the multi-million dollar land and construction costs to be prohibitive, and realised the need to establish priorities for its limited resources Bayside Council operates only two of the 20 child care centres currently located in the municipality and believes there are plans for new centres to be established during the next twelve months.
  3. Well its a sad day for the workers at Tetleys brewery in Leeds the brewery has been running for nearly two hundred years and due to lack of demand, mainly due to pubs and clubs closing down in droves, the great brewery is closing its doors. Its on the news that the workers are holding a wake and i hope the beers free for them. I am not a beer drinker, but ......... i do like the odd pint of Tetleys smoothflow ............
  4. SA have decided to close SS applications from 2nd May in order to process those in the system before the new points system comes in to effect. State Migration Plan South Australia :: Make The Move I wonder if the other states will follow suit?
  5. pablo

    Closing thread alert!

    Wtf!:mad: ive just spent what feels like 2 hours tobeying me finger all round this keyboard(about 700 yards i reckon going on 2 inch movement per letter typed)writing a perfectly normal reply to geoffs thread,a very insightfull and well intentioned one i might add:wideeyed:,on the subject of these pro/anti uk and oz threads:SLEEP:,anyway,abv version...... some threads are banter and "set out to be as an op",so will invite banter and fair do's,OTHER threads are more serious,people pouring their hearts out about difficulties in oz or the uk(and its normally not hard to tell which are banter and which serious)and its these threads where the banter and snarling over which place is best needs to be knocked on the head,its not hard is it??thread and a place in other words Anyway yeah the thread title! there MUST be some kind of way of warning people that the threads closed AS they type:unsure:,thats about the third time in a week! It wouldnt be as bad if the back button hadnt stuck as i pressed it,just as i was having a a chong:goofy:,TOOOOoooo SLOOOOooow to react:frown:all erased and start again,so i typed it twice!!so .....warning or no? i'd sooner gouge me eyes out with spoon than do all that typing for fa again:mad:
  6. Will this affect the applicants from Pakistan in any way?
  7. tikbalang

    Agent closing shop, help please!

    Any help appreciated. Got SS, application lodged to DIAC, waiting for WA SMP. Now rock bottom with SMP as only salvation, but agent folded in the interim. What's the best course of action please? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi All I will really appreciate if some one can paste the Most Recent Skill in Demand list of ACT which was in use just before the closure of SS. Actually i want to check for the presence of few ASCO codes in that SDL .. Thanking you in Advance Cheers
  9. Guest

    DIAC Easter closing

    Hi all, can anyone tell me if DIAC close for easter good friday and easter monday. As we are checking daily. many thanks Sam.
  10. Minder Wanted For Island Paradise - Yahoo! News UK
  11. Guest

    are they closing the doors?

    Hi guys im wondering if anyone can give me some info as im really worried. My boyfriend heard on the radio yesterday that the australian governement are going to put a hold on people entering the country due to the recession out there. So all the people wanting to go need to hurry up to sumbit their visas as they may close the doors for a while!? After 5 years of going to college, and working to get skills. passing the vetassess and being so close i feel like i could cry! Luckily we now have all the paperwork so im off to the solicitors this week and will post all details to agent straight away so hopefully will have our visa submitted this week. Has anyone else heard this? What are your views i just wouldnt know what to do if they did as our lives have been practically on hold all this time while we are working to get ourselves out there! :cryxmas:
  12. Guest

    Closing date for July Vetassess

    Does anybody know the closing date to get the paper assessment in for July practicals? it's not listed on their website and I can feel the panic setting in!!!:arghh:
  13. Guest

    Closing dates

    We were given 70 days to submit further information, get medicals and police checks done etc., and submitted it well before the 'closing date'. Will this speed up the application or will we have to wait until the 70 days is up before it is processed? :?