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Found 34 results

  1. Caroline Baxter

    Getting closer and closer

    Really excited, we are making the move in January to Melbourne. OH has a job so we have had lots of help already from them and the relocation company. We have had three removal companies to see us for quotes, OH chosen his company car and we have had two choices sent us today for somewhere to live for the first month before we sort out our own rental house. One in Williamstown and another in Sanctuary Lakes. Schools for the children is slow going but I am sure we will get there.:arghh: Party sorted for November. Weeks seem to be flying by and we have so much to do. Bring it on :wink:
  2. helene73

    Another step closer!!

    I am soooooo excited just had my WA SS granted woooo hoooo
  3. WOHOO! I just received my IELTS exam results and all the hard work (practised like mad for two weeks) has paid off : 9/7.5/8.5/9, overall 8.5. I needed 7 and was not expecting those results at all, SO happy! :jiggy: I also had an email about my skills assessment which sounded positive, all that's needed is a further confirmation of my employment dates because there was a typo in the original reference... And now the job hunt starts! How scary! And exciting! Scary exciting!:biglaugh:
  4. Major iron ore project in the Pilbara one step closer Updated August 09, 2011 13:49:25 The Environmental Protection Authority has recommended the State Government approve Aquila Resources' West Pilbara iron ore project. The project involves the development of eight iron ore deposits south of Pannawonica, and a heavy-haulage railway from the mining area to the proposed new port at Anketell Point, north-east of Karratha. The EPA says a number of conditions should be imposed on the project, including measures to protect rare flora and fauna. The EPA report is subject to a two week appeal period. Aquila says work is continuing with the State Government on the design of the proposed multi-user Anketell Port. First posted August 09, 2011 13:36:03
  5. mcmillsa

    One step closer to home

    After ten long months on the market our house finally completes on Friday. We moved into a rental yesterday until we save enough money to pay for shipping, travel and a holiday on the way back. The feeling of homesickness was immense today I think its because I am just about free of the mortgage which has made me feel so trapped. Although I am ok here I do like Australia and we both have good jobs but after 4 years its time to return. We didn't leave the UK cause we didn't like it it was just an adventure and to try another lifestyle which worked well at first. I spent 4 and a half months over last winter in England which only re-enforced our decision to return. My 6 year old son asks daily to return to see his Grandma's and get on the plane he just loved being in England last year. It brings back what is important to us as a family. I have increased my hours at work to bring our dream towards us quicker. Our only dilemma is whether I return first and find work before my husband but would like to all return together. I found work easily last time I returned and have re-newed my nurses licience ready and have gained valuable experience here which I am truly grateful for. For all those coming to Australia follow your dreams, it has I believe it has been a wonderful experience which I will never regret but for us the UK is our home. :biggrin:
  6. Hi All, Due to the success of the last meet up arranged by Andy in the CityWest Hotel Dublin we are looking at another meet up for Sat 7th of May. Not sure of location as of yet as will wait and see who is planning on coming. We may change location this time to a more child friendly place. Andy suggested a Park and maybe we do a BBQ which sounds great (Weather Permitting) and we can meet earlier in the day to give more time for a catch up. Anyway leave your details and everyone is welcome. Look forward to catching up with everyone.
  7. well we had our medicals today in Manchester. 2 adults and our 3 year old. medicals x 3, chest xray x 2, blood tests for myself (midwife) and also for oh- main applicant (boilermaker). all went well apart from the cost of £725.00 and then told that because i have crohns disease mine would be referred. i was expecting that so no suprise. What i was confused about though was this, my fella who is the main applicant, his details were registered on the e health system, so too were our daughters. but mine were nowhere to be seen. Anyway the doctor who was superb, especially with my little one, asked me to email DIAC to enquire about why i am not registered on the system and to request that i am put on, otherwise my medical will have to be dealt with as a paper copy. Does anyone know if this will cause a problem, or will it delay things in anyway. I have to email the doctor who we saw today to inform him of my case officers reply. Has anyone else encountered this????????????????????/ many thanks nicola
  8. We are looking to move south in the later part of the year. We have been looking at properties around these areas but really don't know if some are quieter or more porblematic than others. We would very much like to be within walking/cycling distance of a christian school for our younger children (yr 10 and yr 6 NT). Can anyone let us know if any of these areas are more appealing than others or if a move to somewhere like Redcliffe/Deception Bay would be more advantageous. We like peace and quiet but in a nice small community. Our requirements are about 30 mins communte to Brisbane Airport and close to a christian school. Any opinions on schools would also be helpful. Thank you
  9. Hey all, This is now our 4th week and we are not getting anywhere fast. Aparently its the worse situation ever in the Illawarra for rented property. Theres nothing anywhere!! We are now having to seriously consider our options as we cannot afford to carry on living in very expensive serviced apartments, esp with our stuff due to arrive early January that we may have to pay storage for! Warning to you all before you head this way!! If anyone can help we are trying to get a 3 bed house with a bit of garden space for a trampoline. Nothing special so long as its not decrepid like the few we have viewed recently (it amazes me the standards that real estate agents will accept)!! For any decent property we have seen, there is aproximately 20 - 30 other applicants going for it too! :arghh: With the situation so dire here, I have even come across a real estate secretary who has refused point blank to accept my applications for numerous ridiculous reasons that amazes me! She has a clear issue with British people! So we are faced with this Christmas in our temporary home which wouldnt be so bad if it had an oven! If anyone can help, knows someone in real estate who can help, or knows of any rental property going, please can you get in touch! We would be eternally grateful to you...:wubclub:
  10. Guest

    Getting closer to the Prize!!

    wooohoooo!!! our agent e-mailed this morning - our South African police checks are with DIAC now and CO says our file is undergoing routine processing and should be finalised in 1-2 weeks!! SO SO excited All my plans are working out!! I can resign at the end of Term, and we can hopefully still be in Australia by the end of September!!!
  11. Guest

    Big day getting closer!

    Alright Sold our house and moving out in about 2 weeks. That hasn't bothered me but in 10 mins a guy is coming to collect my pride and joy. My VW bay camper. Gutted It better be worth it!
  12. Hi all, Very grateful for any advice. I checked on line this morning and on the documents page everything has changed to MET, does this mean we are one step closer to being granted a visa? Thanks in advance Jim bob
  13. Guest

    one step closer!!!

    Hi all we submited TRA paper work this week anyone know how long these take
  14. ali

    Another Step closer

    At the begining of Feb, we sat our citizenship test, we passed and put in our application on the same day. I have to say that the last few weeks have taken me back to the visa wait, I've been checking the mail box everyday. Today I got my letter (hubby's still waiting for his), to say that our application for Citizenship has been approved. We now have to wait for our Ceremony to make it official (apparently this can take upto 6 months - lets hope Melville are quicker than Rockingham Tim!), our visa will then cease as we'll be classed as Aussies. I guess this is another part of the future for PIO - first there were Visa grants, now as some of us 'old members' have been here awhile, we'll get more and more citizenship announcements. Good luck to Jo and Cal who I know will as some point be doing theirs, lets hope we can have a real aussie celebration when we get together in October!
  15. :mad:im new to this so bare with me please,started our application 7 months ago and was advised to go for the skilled independent(175)subclass(I'm a plasterer) i was taught by a time served plasterer but didnt gain any nvq,s etc.i have been in the trade for 18 years and supplied my migration agent with plenty of references and proof of my work,he then informs me (after£3000) that don't meet the criteria.I have now gained my nvq.My agent has informed me that the temporary work visa 457 would be my best avenue., for this i would need a job offer,how do go about getting a job in oz when I'm in the UK, has any one done it this way,or is there another visa for me to go for, any help would be much appreciated as its starting to do my head in.
  16. Guest

    One step closer

    Hi everyone, just a quick update on my visa status. Checked on line on Saturday and I've now moved to ' processed further ', so I now take that to mean that I have a case officer. Meds and X-ray were done last month and are now in Sydney, and police check has been done and has been sent off by the agent. Hopefully I'll hear something before christmas, and I can't think off a better pressie!!:wink:
  17. Hi After the euphoria of OH passing his practical last week and getting that step closer, my mind has flicked onto the Visa and even though we've not even lodged yet, I've started thinking about that day when we have to say goodbye. How on earth do you say goodbye to those you love without breaking your and their heart in 2? I know I'm being a bit premature here, but up until now I've just pushed those thoughts and feelings to the back of my mind and tried not to think about it while I concentrate on the Visa, but all of a sudden those thoughts keep cropping back up, and I find myself crying thinking about it. Now, people I've spoken to who don't understand the whole Visa process, just simply say, "well no-ones forcing you to go!" and I know all that and I know I could just stop the whole process now, but thats not likely to happen. I look into my parents eyes when they're thinking about it, and encouraging me and giving me insightful pieces of wisdom and I know that its breaking their heart. I suppose to go and not even consider the people you're leaving behind would make you inhuman, but talk about the toughest thing you'll ever do!! More insightful wisdom needed please:unsure: Thank you people Distraught and questioning myself!!
  18. I've been living on the sunshine coast only for four months, but its not for me. I would like to move closer to Brisbane but not to close. Is there any-one who can recommened a family friendly area with good schools. Which makes me ask another question State or Private? Any advise would be gladly recieved:notworthy:
  19. eammon

    Hopefully one step closer!

    Hi We got a message from our agent today to let us know our state sponsorship had been granted yippee :v_SPIN:!!!! On to the visa forms now - which we have started filling in, but was sort of doing it slow time whilst waiting for Vetassess and state sponsorship. Now I just want to get it sent off. oooh .... it all seems real now... and really exciting.... who knows this time next year :wubclub:
  20. The Flinns

    Getting Closer

    Just checked my state sponsorship progress (I've been checking every hour for the last 5 weeks) and the decision is APPROVED Now to complete the electronic app, get the house up for sale, sort out medicals, police checks, removal costs, what to do about the animals............... ....Crikey!! I need a lie down.
  21. Guest

    1 step closer!!!!!

    Woo Hoooo Skills Assesment Accepted today..........Can finally file visa application:jiggy:
  22. Received confirmation today that I have been invited to apply for my trade (general plumber) practical assessment:jiggy:The next dates available for me are 20th - 24th October, if vetassess receive/process my practical application form in time (sent back today). It's a only a small step closer but it's stopped a bit of worry as i know i should have done more with my profile. Now I've got to strut my stuff in either Accrington or London to progress further, i can see a few nights in the shed brazing until the early hours coming lol haven't done any for ages, and if anyone needs a shed base, my concreting is a little rusty too lol
  23. Guest

    One Step Closer

    Got an email from our agent this morning to say that my hubby has a positive skills assessment from the ACS with the Oracle MODL recognition!! :chatterbox: One step closer to the dream, I can now put the house on the market and tell my family we are emigrating! :wacko: Online Visa application will be lodged on Monday and then it's just the long wait!
  24. Guest

    Another Step Closer

    Hi All, :notworthy: Just wanted to share our good news, our agent has sent an e-mail saying that the DIAC have recieved our application and it is all being processed. So we should have some news soon - Let's keep our fingers crossed that it is good news on the way. The excitement in our house is high at the moment, I can't imagine what it will be like IF we get the visa!:goofy: Looking forward to the Essex Meeting on Sunday! April & Richard Croydon
  25. Guest

    Another step closer.....

    Just received our confirmation of receipt of our visa application this morning. Not cause for a massive celebration, but still another step closer and comfort of things actually moving at last....... at least we know somebody is actually looking at it now and it didn't get lost on it's way!! :yes::jiggy: Hopefully we will receive our official acknowledgement before Christmas and get the police checks and medicals organised ready for when a case officer is appointed - fingers crossed. :cool: On the down side it also means the money for the visa has been taken from my credit card - but at least it's far enough from Christmas to hopefully get it paid off before it gets more of a hammering!!!!