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Found 14 results

  1. Hi Folks, In the ACS result letter, they have recognised a 6 months' full time IT course I did as equivalent to Australian Bachelors with minor in IT. There's no mention of my non-IT engineering degree or Masters degree. The problem now is that the institute from where I did that 6 months' course no longer exists. All I have are the identity card, marksheets and the holographed certificate. Now if DIAC tries to contact the institute they wouldn't be able to. That could engender doubts in their minds. I was hoping that they would recognise my IT experience but would not recognise my qualification(non-IT engineering degree). Then I could have got my non-IT engineering degree assessed by VETASSESS and claimed the qualification points. My degree and Masters institutes are well known and very much alive - so DIAC verification wouldn't have been a problem. I am now thinking of - 1) either going for ACS assessment again without mentioning the 6 months' IT course. 2) or enquire ACS about this apparent oversight. 3) or apply for 175 and take a chance with my hard earned 3000 $. Please let me know your thoughts. Regards, Joy
  2. tracy123

    Another thread closed

    Yet again another thread is closed by these so called do gooders who are sooooooo perfect, such a shame they can't leave a thread alone so people can get the advice they need without being told how wrong they are......... Well done :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
  3. State Migration Plan South Australia 1 July 2011 - Immigration SA – General Skilled Migration - State Sponsorships The General Skilled Migration State Sponsorship Application System remains closed until further notice. The new State Sponsored Migration List and the associated requirements/criteria will be posted on this website as soon as it is finalised. Please continue to monitor this website for updates. http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/sa/immigrate_from_overseas/state_migration_plan_south_australia.jsp
  4. The Pom Queen

    Closed Threads

    Hi all I believe people wanted to know why the "cost of cigarettes" thread was closed. The mods were following the forum rules and guidelines and should not be questioned for something that they are asked to follow, if any of you have any problems with threads closed, please send a pm to myself or Rob. We do have a rule (although I am sure a lot of you don't read them:wink:) which states "Out of respect for the Original Poster, please try to keep postings on-topic, do not steer the thread in another direction without good reason. If required please start a new topic within a relevant forum. If posters do not adhere to these guidelines then they may find that their post is edited or deleted. For any deliberate or continued breech of the rules, moderators may issue infractions or warnings" Now this thread was started asking how much a price of cigs were, it then moved to a debate as to whether smoking was bad for you, and then on to alcohol, obesity, coffee etc. So as you can see none of this is irrelevant to the cost of cigs, if you want to start a debate on smoking then that's fine but please don't hijack someone elses thread and keep within the forum rules ie no personal insults etc. I am sure you understand that the mods allow a lot of leeway on the above rule,as inevitably threads do steer off topic, however, it isn't fair on the Original Poster. REMEMBER play by the rules and no threads will ever be closed, it's quite simple really lol:notworthy::hug::wubclub::hug: Kate Ps Yes I am closing this thread:wink:
  5. Guest

    Newbie ~ door closed?

    Hi all, Firstly, congrats to all for a wonderful website with lots of helpful advice and great stories of people who have been there and done it. We've been to visit our niece over in Oz a couple of times and have always enjoyed our time there,we also have a friend/old neighbour who has now gone out there and is making a life for himself on a skilled visa. I/we feel 'trapped' now in a way, we 'found' Australia late in life,...does the door close to all of us/those over (or just over! ), age 50?. I'm non-skilled but my other half has some financial qualifications that 'may' be useful. My question is ,(and I'm dreading the answer as I see our dreams crash and burn),...is there anyway to migrate for non-skilled/semi-skilled folk with no direct family?, as I said,we have a niece but it's not direct family. Having looked at a lot of the info' on here for quite some time,I'm almost certain our dream may be just that now, a dream,...in which case this will probably be my first and last post.:daydreaming:
  6. hi all my migration agent wound up his buisness in my home town, now i need to contact the head office of the agent for everything which is faraway. can anybody tell me how to inform DIAC( my application is already in the pipeline) about scrapping of contract with agent? can i unilarerally end the contract? reply would be higly appreciated
  7. Guest

    ACS - Status 'Closed' means?

    Hello all, I recently applied for ACS skills assessment. Today when I checked the online status, it shows the status as 'Closed'. I've heard of the status as 'Finalized' but never heard of the status as Closed. What does it mean? any body any ideas please... online status pages shows as follows Given Name : XXXX Date Received : 09-September-2010 Event Type : General (PASA) Status : Closed Managed By : XXXXX Grade : Applicant I didnt get any email sort of thing. Thanks
  8. Hi there guys, new user to the forum here - I'm thinking of moving down to Australia sometime next year but wouldn't mind some answers to some questions before I do! My work background is software development (specifically Oracle database development in case you're interested!) and I've been working in this sector for nearly 12 years now. Having spoken to a couple of mates who have either worked down in Australia themselves or know of someone else who has, I've heard that there is a bit of a closed shop mentality when it comes to employing non Australians. From the experiences of people out there on the forum, is there much truth to this? Is it a case of who you know, not what you know (another thing that I've seen popping up here a bit as well!) Any info would be appreciated - I'd love to come and work down in Oz but don't fancy leaving a perfectly good job here to be unemployed down there!! Thanks a mil, Geoff
  9. Hi I wonder if anyone can provide any insight into my situation? i am a registered nurse & wish to apply for a 176 visa. I do not yet have state sponsorship and I need SS to have sufficient points. I understand from the DIAC website that the procedure is now that I submit my 176 visa application to DIAC first, and then apply for state sponsorship. However if the states are currently not accepting state sponsorship applications, what will happen to my 176 application if the state does not confirm their support within the 28 days? will it go into the pool (presumably then to be processed once SS confirmed) or would it be rejected as insufficient points and my fee lost? any ideas?
  10. Guest

    Act closed until 1st august

    The 2009/2010 ACT Skills in Demand List (SDL) is closed for applications from 30 June 2010. It is expected that the 2010/2011 ACT SDL list will be published on 1 August 2010. In the meantime, the ACT Government is able to accept 176/886 sponsorship applications from clients with occupations on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Skilled Occupation List (SOL). Full details are available on the DIAC website www.immi.gov.au
  11. kellyjamie

    SA loop hole closed?

    Hi all, someone should prob read DIACs news regarding the changes to GSM just to see if im right or not on this one, but the way i read it they have closed the SA loop hole, as they have amended changes to the 175,176,475 by stating that you must of worked 12 out of 24 months in the nominated occupation to qualify. previously for a 40 point job not sure about 50/60 you only had to of worked in a closely related skill or had recent work exp in any job on SOL, hence the loop hole SA were using. Could be wrong, but if not it will be interesting to see if SA change their list again as they did on sep 23rd. They were the first to change their list within hours of DIAC realeasing the new CSL. agents we spoke with in the past have said that SA are desperate to populate their state and thats why they were happy to use the loop hole? Well we will defo not be getting 475 with SA now:no:
  12. The Tasmanian government has temporarily closed SS/SRS sponsorship operations from 17 March to 19 April 2009 due to a policy review. New applications will not be processed during this period. The unit will resume the programs with an updated policy on 20 April 2009. Existing applications as of 17 March 2009 will be assessed against the updated policy guidelines after 20 April 2009. Only applications with a job offer or strong existing link to Tasmania (i.e. relative/family living in the state and/or studied in Tasmania for more than two years) may be approved before 20 April 2009. Kind regards Cheryl
  13. My situation is a bit odd, I have done 4 yr bachelors from a university which was closed last year due to financial meltdown. It use to be a really good university. I want to apply for australian immigration but am affraid it will be turned down because DIAC wont be able to verify my degree from the university. I have the orginal degree and the transcript. Can anyone please tell me what to do...does DIAC go physically to the universities or how do they verify the degree so i can arrange for that and get my immigration case going. Please help people... i would be really grateful. Thanks
  14. Kazzarazza

    ASPC - Closed Monday

    Just wanted to let you all know that it is a Public holiday in Adelaide, South Australia, on Monday 9th March. It's Adelaide Cup Day. So, for all you people obsessed with checking your status (like my step-daughter) or if you were planning on ringing tomorrow - DON'T PANIC, if you get no response. Cheers.