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Found 10 results

  1. Guest

    Clocks Go Back

    Sunday 3rd April we turn our clocks back 1 hr in eastern Australia. :yes:, so its 12.11 in Tasmania right now, not as late as I thought!
  2. 2tigers

    Clocks forward in the UK :-/

    Don't forget peeps - clocks forward tonight in the UK :goofy: AU is next weekend :v_SPIN: Oh, and don't forget to change your central heating clock too!
  3. Guest

    clocks ticking!!!!!!

    hi guys, wondered if anyone else has been told this? i am meant to be going through state sponsorship but have had a disturbing email from my agent today, she says that time is running out for lodging my application before the changes, I am currently waiitng on my TRA lodged (24th feb) i didnt think it would take that long and she originally said we would get it in in time, do i have to also have passed the vetassess before it can be lodged is that the problem??? also she has said maybe we should think about sponsorship by my brother-in-law who lives out there, how long would this pathway take as im very eager to get out there as all you who want to go can understand!!! thanks in advance phil
  4. Hi All I got up this morning feeling dead virtuous. Instead of spending an extra hour in bed, I was up an hour earlier than usual according to me. Then I checked the time on my computer just now and wondered why it hasn't changed automatically? Then I checked the current time zone in London. Then I changed my watch and all the clocks back to BST again for another week. I get this wrong every single year but I sooo thought that I was on top of the game in 2010!!!! :cry: Cheers Gill
  5. Happy Lass

    Clocks go back tomorrow

    The clocks go back an hour at 2 a.m. tomorrow morning for Tasmania, NSW, Victoria, the ACT and South Australia.
  6. Guest

    UK Clocks Going Forward

    Hi All I read in the newspapers yesterday that several psychologists have predicted that millions of people living in the UK would feel thoroughly out of sorts today, with the clocks having gone forward during the night. I had no alcohol last night and went to bed an hour early. I very rarely set the alarm clock on a Sunday and I left the alarm off. I didn't bother to re-set my alarm clock or my watch last night in case I woke up before 2am and ended up feeling totally confused about what time it was. According to the clock and my watch it was 7am when I woke up this morning. I thought, "Right. 6am. An extra hour to do things today." I got up, made some tea, felt well & truly smug about gaining an extra hour and switched on the computer. Once the computer was fully booted up, I saw that the clock on the thing said 8.30am. I thought, "What is wrong with this bluddy machine? That clock should say 6.30am?" The penny then dropped. Now I feel thoroughly out of sorts, exactly as the psychologists predicted......:mad: Cheers Gill
  7. We have been here a year in December and detest this country. Sorry if I upset anyone but it is a backward country in camparison to the UK. The banking, nursing for sure, supermarkets, I could go on for ever. The UK is not really that bad! Just make sure anyone who is in the process of coming over that it really is not the land of milk and honey! Good luck is all I say!
  8. I know you are all probably aware, but just in case, like me, I have just remembered. I believe it is from 1am Sunday morning they go forward but I will change them when I go to bed. We lose a whole hour's sleep. :cry: Does that mean that Perth will be 8 hours ahead instead of 9? Claire
  9. Do you turn the clocks back an hour and forward an hour in melbourne the same as at home regards TRAcey, I will sign my name this way untill we have passed the TRA:skeptical:
  10. It must be this Sunday 25th is the changing of the clocks :biggrin: Australia go backwards 1 hour and UK go forwards 1 hour giving a 9 hours time difference so all us peeps down under get an extra hour in bed !!!! :yes: will make it slightly eaiser for all those phone calls back home as 9am in uk will be 6pm in oz won´t have to stay up so late slugging the wine and then slurring down the peeps back home so they can´t understand me !!!!!