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Found 24 results

  1. Do I need to clear the finance on my car before I import to Australia, The cost for shipping and tax is higher than I thought. I was going to clear the finance but might need to keep it going and pay from Oz. Can this be done?:confused:
  2. gaznem

    Do you have to clear UK debts?

    I have noticed some migration checklists advising you to pay of debts before you go - is this just because it is good advise or does it come from either migration requirements or perhaps UK loan terms and conditions?:err:
  3. Hello PIO's, As the subject says; I am in need to some clarification regarding our 856 ENS application. My husband's company lawyer had lodged his application in August with me as the non-migrating partner. I returned back to OZ on a Tourist Visa and the lawyer had my husband sign a letter advising DIAC that he would now like for me to be added onto the application. I am not sure what else the lawyer would have sent with this letter to advise DIAC to add me on. We have asked the lawyer to clear the doubts but its been extremely frustrating for us to get anything out from him as he's not helpful at all. That is why I need assistance with the following; 1. Should'nt I be on a Bridging Visa already? I am concern as I do not want t be unlawful should I still remain assuming my Bridging Visa has kicked in when my Tourist Visa expires. I am also afraid to contact DIAC to enquire incase I alert them to the fact I am applying for PR whilst on a TV. 2. Would'nt DIAC send some sort of an acknowledgement to advise that they will add me onto the application? Many thanks in advance for any assistance provided with clearing my doubts. SW :hug:
  4. Guest

    Steer clear of the West

    Hi Please help. Heard from lots of people to stay away from the West suburbs of melbourne - Why is this? Isn't Newport, Altona & Williamstown in the West yet these are meant to be desirable places (correct me if I am wrong) with lots to do and good schools? :goofy:
  5. Hi Me and my OH have already got our visa which we validated in August last year, but we have had to delay everything as my OH got diagnosed with Bowel Cancer early on this year. I was wondering if anyone else has moved to Aus after receiving treatment and getting the all clear for cancer. Would love to get some advice on how you got on and if you still got screened when you moved. Thanks for you help. Lynne
  6. Good afternoon everyone I understand, according to the Skilled Occupation List, that Veterinarians are in need down under. My girlfriend is a Veterinarian Nurse and I was therefore wondering whether her occupation is needed down under? The Skilled Occupation List strictly says 'Veterinarian' but a 'Veterinarian Nurse' nearly does, and most can do the exact same job as a Veterinarian. If anyone could point me in the right direction or clear this up for me I would be a very happy chappy. Thanks Scott
  7. tonyman

    clear kidneys

    armadale hospital held a free kidney day last week , who went .......? my blood sugars were 5.7 urine test spot spot on even then the bmi was bang on ........well 26 one over ......:laugh:......blood pressure is being kept at the level too...........:policeman:
  8. Ho who else has been waiting ages for their medicals to clear ?? Had mine on the 23rd March. Medical centre f***'d something up and parts of mine were re sent on the 8th April.. Partners cleared on 6th April now mine still just saying received on the 25th March :arghh: E mailed HOC and my CO. HOC never responded buy my CO says that the Local Clearance Unit is experiencing delays in processing medicals. I also read from old posts that all of the student visa medicals are starting to be processed at this time of year. Accounting for this and the recent holidays. How much longer will I have to wait ?? I don't even know if mine have been reffered as still just says received. Rant I know but I have no nails left :realmad::twitcy::eek::unsure::fish::witch-dramaqueen:
  9. andyperiam

    Please help clear my mind

    Hi all, This is my first post as I only discovered these forums last Friday. A little background on me I moved to Australia (Sydney) as a single man about 15 years ago. Since that time I married an Aussie girl and have two children aged 8 & 6. I work in the Banking industry as an analyst and earn OK money here and have a small mortgage and live quite well. As a family we would now like to move back to the UK (at least for 4 years) toi the Midlands area as this is where my family live. I am truly worried about this move and also very excited as I am very home sick for lots of differenet reasons. My main concerns are as follows; Salaries seem quite low and I am worried I could not support the family and have a reasonable lifestyle Schooling, worried my kids would not fit in, not make friends I am worried I could not find a decent job Would love some advice and your thoughts on this just to ease my mind more than anything. Many Thanks Andrew
  10. Guest

    Can any one clear this up???

    Hi guys I am an electrician and looking to emigrate from uk have heard about a skills assesment to obtain an ARTC (australian recognised trades cert) aparantly I need an ARTC to get an electricians licence when getting to oz. I pulled this from the PDF ARTC guidelines and requirments. It states a person is eligible for an ARTC if you have completed succesful traineeship and formal qualifications combined with work experience totaling no less than 4 years There are notes at the bottom which states applicants who have not completed any formal training will need to have their skills assesed by a skills assesor. My question is this guys, if you have your formal electrical qualifications ( which I have ) do I need to pay an extortionate sum of money to these skills assesors when it comes to applying for a visa? if they are saying they will issue me an ARTC on the basis I have formal city and guild qualifications above level 2 , then when or why would I have to pay vetasses or TRA to asses me????? can anyone please clear this up as if I dont need to shell out nearly a grand for a pointless demonstration you can do the job youve been doing for years and are (more than) formally qualified in. seems like a milking excersize to me and If there is no need for me to do it for my visa application then I would like to avoid paying all this money out. Thanks guys , I appreciate all the advice
  11. Ok, bit contentious, but having spent a fair bit of time in all the major Australian cities (except Perth) I reckon Melbourne should be touted as the best choice for all new UK arrivals. Obviously your Australian destination may be dictated by family or job opportunities but if you do have a free hand then I think Melbourne is the clear winner. One of the things I have learned over the years here is that many ex-pats arrive in Australia thinking they want a fully outdoor life-style, but very few of them adapt happily to a consistently different climate. I expect many look at Melbourne (or Tassie for that matter) and think "hmmm, why would I possibly move to Melbs, when I could be in Sydney, Perth or Brisse", but I think after a certain age, your climate control has programmed limits. Melbourne, despite some obvious faults, is best suited to the British personality - it is variously warm, cold, rainy and very hot, has proper seasons, is sport obsessed, retains a sense of community through its collection of villages feel, has significant European influence/architecture, is 'arty/cultured' by comparison to the rest of Australia, still has some proper pubs, likes a pie and a pint but also has the fine dining, great beaches out of the cities, beautiful parks, vineyeards etc... And most of all, despite the creeping gentrification, most of the people here aren't too up themselves or pretentious and you can be yourself (I think Melburnians get the UK sense of humour better than other parts of Australia). I'm probably a bit biased as i chose to settle here, but there you go. Anyone agree/disagree?
  12. Guest

    Let's Get One Thing Clear

    Brisbane is not Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast. I'm constantly seeing reccie and immigration reports headed "Brisbane" and on reading the reports, folk are going to Helensvale, Surfers, Coomera, Caloundra etc. I don't know whether to feel sorry for them, or whether they know that the locations are poles apart? It's a fair commute, and facilities, opportunities etc, are entirely different. Brisbane is an entirely different ball game compared to the above, so do your homework or you may be driving for hours, heading to your place of work etc. kev
  13. khurrampc

    clear my ANZSCO confusion

    As my ASCO code - 2231-79 (Oracle specialist) doesn't exist on DIAC's new SOL, I want to get my case reassessed (paid) for equivalent ANZSCO code. I have a bit confusion please clarify me that confusion , before paying the fee i want to make sure that it would not be invain again as before i have already wasted lot of money for OZ immigration. I am with 9 years of experience in an "occupation" with different path within IT professional capacity i.e. First 5 years Analyst Programmer then 1 year Software Developer then 1 year Oracle Database Administrator then Since last 2 year Designation is Database Administrator but performing as well Business Analyst I read the "tasks" and skill levels for this unit group 261111 "Business Analyst" and believe myself that this is one which I am. For last two years , I have served my employers by performing tasks and assignments that match beautifully with the ANZSCO 261111 description unit group. But my current employer has bestowed upon me dual responsibilities (Database Administrator & Business Analyst) across my current employment for last 2 years under the assigned title “Database Administrator”. For example, my job-title/designation is "Database Administrator” but being an experienced member of IT Technical Staff (due to my job profile and responsibilities with previous employer as an Analyst Programmer 5 years and Software Developer 1 year as well having Post Graduate Diploma and Master in Computer Science ) they have assigned me also as full time “ICT Business Analyst” role across my current employment. While filling ACS online assessment to select the current occupation pertinent to my current employment designation that I enter "Database Administrator" my employment “Designations Title” unsuitable for ANZSCO code 261111 “Business Analyst” but my additional responsibilities are suitable altogether for ANZSCO code 261111 “Business Analyst”. Now, the main question is ... can I claim for the ANZSCO code 261111 Business Analyst which is a bit close to my current employment title “Database Administrator” but more closest to my responsibilities which I have been performing with my current employment for last two years as a Business Analyst will ACS accept this ? Secondly if i apply as a Business Analyst then dont you think it would be like a question mark in accessor that with my previous assesment for ASCO code 2231-79 (Oracle Specialist) i mentioned more responisbilities for DBA and a little bit for Busniess Analyst , now this time sudden i come to prominent as a Business Analyst.At that time for ASCO code i understand better not to show both respnsibilites to avoid confusion, i made prominent myself as a database administrator but a bit Business analyst , i showed 10 responsibilites for DBA but only two related to Business analyst within affidavit.Would it be a big question mark to accessor if i go with 261111 more prominent this time? Please shares yours valuable thought, i will remeber you all in my pray for good thoguhts. :confused:
  14. My application is SOOOOOOO close. My meds and new passport request from my CO were processed last Friday and have been changed to "met". The funny thing is that the Overseas Penal Clearance still says "Requested" even though I uploaded it way back on December 23rd. This is the last unmet requirement on the list. I did email my CO to make sure she had everything but he has been unresponsive. Does anyone know if he is actually the one that clears that document or is there another body that verifies them? As you can tell I am getting very anxious
  15. Hi all just moved here in March on 457 visa advised my my migration agent. Just discovered that we are not entitled to any help with childcare costs so now have to pay $400 a week until we eventually get residency. If we were residents we could claim a %50 rebate for full time working parents. Funny too because I thought we were full time working parents paying tax but obviously this doesn t make any difference to oz government as long as they can get us out quick to fill jobs in their hospitals. Im soo peed off cause things were going great and I was so ignorant that I should have looked into it before I came out:arghh: Sorry for the rant just a tip if you have kids and dont have any family out here to help you out AVOID 457 visa its a con! Lou
  16. Guest

    PC's...all clear!!

    Not that there was ever any doubt.......but glad to see it in black and white..lol what now where do i send the certificates to? should i send to agent to forward on? Thanks Lou x
  17. Hi We are flying into Perth on a Permenant Resident Visa in Jan 09 - How long does it generally take to clear all the immigration & customs & get out of the airport??? Thanks Rachel
  18. I'm looking to speak to anyone in Clear Island Waters, Gold Coast. I have started work with Ray White Broadbeach selling Real Estate. I have been an agent in London for 20 years which should mean I have been dealing with property longer than most here. It is a different system in Aus as you don't have the luxury of joining a company with a database of buyers, here you need to build that database from the ground up. Spoken to lots of Brits here already which is refreshing and all have been friendly and polite obviously understand my position as the newbie. Give me a call if you will be looking to buy as I have properties for sale from Hope Island in the North, to Varsity Lakes in the south. I am a sympathetic ear if you have found the Aussie agents too much:goofy: Andrew 0488 217 803
  19. :err:Hi Could I ask your advice on what would be the best thing to do in terms of transfering our money to Aus and opening a bank account. This is our situation: I have an ISA with the Halifax which contains the majority of my savings for OZ I also have a current account with Barclays for wage etc (know Westpac is sister bank and can use current account card at Westpac ATM's) OH and I have an HSBC joint account for bills etc (no mortgage as rent) not enough money to upgrade to HSBC premier!! OH has HSBC current account for his wage etc Heard of Hifx We fly out on the 24th Nov to Bris. Thankyou for any advice you may have!! Dugong:wubclub:
  20. legoman

    clear that oz debt

    I lived in Oz for nearly 3 yrs, had an absolutely awful time with bad luck health wise. being ripped off jobs etc, everday was turmoil and ground me down, to the point where I had a car accident wrecked both my car and other drivers car, ( thankfully both not hurt ), Anyway it was the final straw and i came home in a daze booked my flight home and 3 days later was back in uk, brought my family back 2 months later after getting my tenant to leave. Anyway to the point. It seems some of the debts i had in Oz $4000. is still outsatnding and i have been contacted by a credit recovery company, I got sent the details to my address in uk and freely gave it to them as i have every intention of paying it back, I have now built up my business here doing very well with small mortgage and health wise i have recovered. I am now in a position to pay back the debt. I owed the money to commonwealth bank yet a credit recovery company are requesting payment, is this ok?. and I eventually want to return to Oz and give it another go and sell up taking $400k+ with us. what will happen re this debt even tho it will be paid. I will re emphasize it was unintentional and I was close to a breakdown. My credit rating in uk is and always has been excellent and I have never been in debt before. I would appreciate helpful advice. thanx
  21. Guest

    UN Clear and in need of help

    Hi All Im very un clear with the use of an agent Who do i use and how the hell does it all work!! They all seem to want money upfront is this right? I need some help ere as i need to get the ball rolling asap really so if anyone can give me a clue of what to do. Thanks xx
  22. Hello, had our last day at work Friday night and went out on a big bender saying goodbye to everyone. now it's saturday morning and we have just 2 days to clear our very furnished flat into an unfurnished one so we can get our deposit back. but my head is hurting and i can't find the painkillers! Owwww.:wacko: back home up north for a week to say bye to family and have a few more goodbyes to do but at least we won't have the flat to clear. see you in OZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!
  23. Hi Veronika I tried to copy you in on a PM a few miniutes ago but the system says your PM box is. Please delete some of your sent/received mesages. If you need to keep them, the easiest way is to copy and paste them into Word documents but make sure you keep a note of your correspondent's user name too, I suggest. Many thanks Gill
  24. hi ,we have just had our meds done in end of may and our pc,s we applied for and got back in jan 07 (applied for a bit early)we were waiting to get a more recent pc as someone told us this would give us more time to activate (if granted)a 136visa is this true or will the jan ones be fine,any help would be much appreciated thanks,lisa:nah: