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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, Is $223 expensive for a dentist checkup & clean in Sydney suburbs? Seems so to me but not had to see one until now so don't know what it should cost. Thanks
  2. we r in the throws of packing container arrives in the morning so yes it is manic here but can any one tell me how clean stuff has to be for packing and do they tear your stuff apart checking in oz cheers chel
  3. Heathfamily

    How clean?

    Probably been asked many times :biggrin: How clean do tools such as spanners, socket sets, hammers etc need to be? Do they need to be like new, and what about rust spots? Also power tools, like drill, saw, sander? These are all personal tools not used for work/job. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks.
  4. Amy Rose

    how clean???

    I have been scrubbing my bike today and my inflatable Kayak and have covered them (and my self :mad:) in Jays fluid to be shipped over. Unfortunately I was not able to use my pressure washer as planned so I am worried I may have missed spots, I have been over and over them but like on the bike there are lots of little places thats hard to get to and the tyres keep showing up little bits of dirt as they dry. How thorougher does it have to be, do they need to look like they just come out the shop?!
  5. So then we have been reading and advised by shipping agents that we need to ensure our bikes, golf clubs etc are all clean from soil and muck. So having set about giving them all a goodscrub over the weekend, they still seem to show signs of dirt - mainly staining and engrained rather than loose, if you know what i mean. Therefore does anyone know if that will cause a problem when they are inspected. Thanks:biggrin:
  6. Clean Up Australia Day - Official Site? Dont forget its Australia Clean Up Day 6th March .........you can register to clean up any park or reserve of your choice by going online to the above site .......I am site leader:yes:...:biglaugh:...to clean up my local park (a 30 second walk) .....i have been issued with a red jacket :embarrassed:......lots of bags ,gloves (that will come in handy fir gardening) first aid kit and a sharp object box(that will come in handy as money box)......:wink: but seriously this is a good cause and helps the enviroment ....im doing it for the childrens sake .....i have permission from the ranger to take my kayak on the lake to remove any plastic bottles ect (and the odd duck for the BBQ ).................probs a couple of hours work and the children will enjoy and feel good about themselve too .... Give it a go at your local park/reserve or just volunteer online to help out.............:policeman:
  7. Guest

    clean up oz day

    :jiggy:how did your day go ,,,ideal time to meet your neighbours and look after your little piece of oz..................
  8. Just getting all my tools ready for shipping. Obviously going to clean off all dirt but some bits are a bit rusty...do these rusty bits need to be removed also?
  9. Guest

    How to clean after you dog??

    Hey dog owners :biggrin: I don't know what you do to keep your house clean and have a dog at the same time and no bad smells, but I've always had problems with it untill I discovered a few helpful tips! Thought it's a good idea to share them with you and make your life a little bit easier :wink: We all know how much dogs like having a bath :nah: Well, they don't because dogs can smell the chemicals, and they can make their skin itch. So what I do is make my own natural dog shampoo! What you need: 1 cup of water 1 teaspoon liquid soap or soap gel (preferably castile soap) 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel ½ teaspoon olive oil Mix all the ingredients together and use like any other shampoo. Clean your dog's bed! If it has cushions - give them a good shaking or if they are washable - put them in the washing machine. To wash the basketwork: warm soapy water a soft bristly brush (could be a toothbrush) Mix some baking soda and water in a spray bottle and spray over the basket to remove the bad smell. If your dog makes a mess on the carpet it's important to clean it straight away. Otherwise, the smell will remain and the dog will think that it’s OK to do it again. Sometimes the smell doesn't go away thought so what I do in those cases is use professional carpet cleaners. Try using natural cleaning solutions!
  10. I am having my stiff collected tomorrow to be shipped across to Oz and I am a bit confused over the no soil requirement. I have jet washed, shoes and bikes etc but they are not absolutely spotless (although no loose mud). Is this good enough? Really appreciate someone's help of this Thanks Weasie
  11. Guest

    Australia Clean and Green?

    I used to think it was but after my second visit i didn't think so. It now seems the Australia is 15th in the G20 low carbon competitiveness report, that's the lowest position of any industrialised country. I'm not a tree hugger by any means but the disregard for the environment in Australia was a shock to me, especially the open mining and abandoned quarries just left like gaping wounds on the landscape. It seems that the mining companies will go to any lenths to feed Chinas need for resources, Australia is Chinas quarry.
  12. Hi, wonder if those of you who have already made the move could help us a bit. OH is tape and jointer/painter decorator and as money will be tight we were hoping to take as many tools out as possible. Thing is we had people in to quote for shipping the other day and they said that most of the stuff would have to go as they were covered in paint/plaster etc. He started to look at brushes/roller cages etc and realised that just that stuff would be over £200 to replace. We are currently trying to clean them up as much as poss but just how clean do they have to be? Paint still on the inside bits of the rollers and paint splatters on brush handles etc other than that not to bad. Just how clean do they have to be? Hope you can help as we can really do without having to buy everything new over there. Thanks Sarah :arghh:
  13. Ok...cleaning garden stuff as we speak!! Power washed them...jayes fluid'd them!But lawnmover has grass stains embedded and the patio heater has rusted inside....anyone got an advice on whether we'd still be ok to take them? Cheers, Lisa
  14. Guest

    Up early to clean again

    Hi All Well got a viewing at 2.30pm today (these people cancelled on Tuesday 1 hour before they were due to turn up) hope they turn up today? Going to ASDA to buy flowers and a green candle, The couple are looking at 5 houses today, we are the last one (save the best to last I HOPE):arghhxmas: Speak soon PAULA :emoticon-signxmas:
  15. Guest

    Time to come clean.

    First.... Well done to “Tim” and “the armchair detective” in noticing my I.P address now emanates from the UK. I have been back in blighty for over two months now and only one other person on P.I.O knows I am back as I told them on a personal message.., I will leave that up to them to “out” if they want to. Reason for not saying anything is the fact that I feel people would not feel I am not justified posting on PIO if I was in the UK, but I wanted to carry on as it is so much fun and I have got to know so many good and not so good folk. I know this will be a bitter blow to my supporters but I feel I will have to make this my last ever post. Perth was not for me but when I worked on the water treatment plant near Bunbury I loved the place and can see why Brits do settle here and enjoy Australia. Anyway if you are in Australia coming home or just planning the great adventure I wish you a fantastic Xmas and an interesting New Year. Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye? The Earl 2006 to 2008. P.S Fiona you will love Perth and I am just sorry that you will never ever be able to buy me that pint you promised.
  16. Guest

    How do I clean power tools?

    Thinking of taking some power tools to Taz, drills, circular saws etc. Has anyone done this and did you have to strip tools down and clean the insides. Cheers, Butt.:wacko:
  17. Guest

    How Clean Is Extremely Clean.

    Hi all, just wondering how clean is extremely clean, meaning tools e.t.c, we are shipping some tools and other items to brisbane and were told that all tools must be extremely clean, i have cleaned about six items in 6 hours sanding them down scraping of old plaster (i am a plasterer ), fair play they are pretty clean, but is this clean enough, and i still have about 30 more items to clean, any advice appreciated, thanks.
  18. Guest

    Are the hospitals clean?

    Hi Have just been reading about our local hospital and how there are lots of cases of people getting MRSA or C. Diff. Does anyone know how clean the hospitals are in Oz and do they get these bugs or anything else? Surely they must be better than here?:unsure: Helen
  19. Hi, Can you tell me What you cleaned your bikes with before moving, I suppose this goes for shoes aswell. We have been told by packers and other info that no dirt is allowed on anything as it will be checked at customs and either cleaned of destroyed and we would get charged for both. We also have to sign a form saying what we have cleaned things with. Our packers have sent us a dvd which i think we will have to sit down and watch. Haven't watched anything for ages with all the move going on so i expect I will fall asleep watching it!!:biglaugh: