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Found 22 results

  1. Guest

    English classes

    Hi I am moving to sydney in january for business reasons, we are spanish My wife does not speak english yet, and we are looking for an intensive course. Can i ask you for recomendation about 2 - 3 centers/academys around sydney where i can get information and start an intensive training in january? Thanks
  2. Hey folks! I'm just realizing that the number of visa grants for 885 were at happening pace close to end of financial year and now there isn't much news of people getting grants. :daydreaming: I'm talking on the basis of updates been added to spreadsheets. It looks like COs have slowed down a bit, not sure if anyone else has felt the same!? Or may be it's just the reaching the peak of wait time Grr!!! :err: Cheers!
  3. Hey Guys, Just wondered if anyone knows of any spinning or fitness classes around Perth or SOR?? Will give anything a try! Thanks
  4. Guest

    dance classes NOR perth

    Have got a 3 year old girl that loves dancing and really want to get her into some dancing classes, not just the kind where they play and sing nursery rhymes, i mean proper dancing where it might involve them say doing a little performance somwhere etc. We are in quinns rocks, so if anyone knows of anything around this area that would be great, thanks.
  5. Guest

    music classes for 10+

    hi my names katy and im 10 11 in october im moving to red cliff in october 2011 and i play piano and i want to carry on so if u know some classes please name some if u want to ask questions about piano please ask and i will try to answer thnks :hug:
  6. Guest

    Adult Dance classes

    Hi, anyone know of any adult dance classes NOR jazz, tap etc. Am very rusty but would like to get back into it. :cute:
  7. Hi, my children go to Irish dancing in the UK and would like to carry on in Perth. We are hoping to live in Kinross or that area. Any info will be much appreciated. Thanks :smile:
  8. what pearls of wisdom can you pass on to those poor souls who have yet to embark on the journey of parenting, you know, the stuff they never tell you about in the books or at the antenatal group..... I'll start things off, please, join in Early Days mums, if you think you're tired now in the latter stages of pregnancy, just wait to see how you feel when you've been through a gruelling labour, then tried breastfeeding without much success for days, with a baby who cries every time you fall asleep, AND THEN see how you feel a couple of months later after weeks on end of minimal sleep dads, wave goodbye to that sexy lascivious woman you fell in love with, she'll morph in front of your eyes into a bloated screaming mess, foaming at the mouth, with the emotional stability of a bipolar rottweiller, and less interest in sex than Mother Theresa at a eunuch convention dads, if you like travel, then you'll have to satisfy your wanderlust with frequent trips to Tescos/Coles for more nappies, nipple shields, haemorrhoid cream, and of course, booze
  9. Hey all Does anyone know of any adult ballet classes on the Gold Coast? Not for me I hasten to add I have two left feet :wink: My OH use to goto classes in UK and is missing them. If you know of any please could you provide some contact details. Much Appreciated
  10. Guest

    The 'Middle Classes' Protest.

    As some of you will know I have a very keen interest not only in politics, but peoples own responsibilities to their country, and I have and always will advocate the need to make our concerns a day to day occurrence and make sure our thoughts are at the forefront of the politicians minds. In this respect I have been following the Egyptian riots and protests with some interest. I have through a family friend an 'aquantince' out there who often posts on one of the forums I am on. He posted recently that the 'Middle Classes' in Egypt are the ones who are fuelling the main protests and demonstrations. I should clear up one point, the middle class in Egypt are wholly different to what we may seem as that class. For instance a graduate doctor out there average a monthly salary of £40, not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but still classed as middle class in Egypt. So with this said, and even though I know an awful lot of us are going through some very difficult economic conditions, would we truly act as Egypt has done IF the middle classes in this country were affected as the Egyptian middle classes have been. It seems to me that in this day and age, the people at the top of the tree, (no problem with this by the way) will very rarely protest as things don't affect them as much. And the working class,:mad: are lets face it, getting smaller by the year, and in so doing, do they really matter and any protest they perform would just not get the population behind them.:mad: So, does it take the middle classes of this country to be well and truly hit hard, and I mean hard, and this is the only time we will see protests on the streets, demonstrations, organised 'flare' mobs. The middle classes in Egypt have been hit very hard indeed and it 'seems' as if this has caused the unrest to a greater degree. Will the day EVER come in this country where MILLIONS turn out in their droves to protest at what we (some) see as unfair , etc. I honestly don't know if this will ever happen in this country, and even though the so called middle classed are the largest majority in this country do we care enough to do such a thing, or have we become to apathetic to do anything until it may be too late. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  11. Does anyone have any recomendations? The free paper this week has adverts for quite a few classes so trying to find out a bit about them if possible as they are advertising enrollment days. Elise Carroll Dance All about dance company Betty Bentley Dance or any other Just looking for something fun and not to serious for my 7 year old who is missing her dancing class in Scotland (hip hop, street dance and freestyle) Mandy
  12. Looking to book classes for the kids. Is this a reasonable charge per month. Sounds a bit pricey to me though they can go 4 times a week for half hour each time. This is for a class in Wangara. Grateful if anyone has any experience of these things to offer Cheers Michael
  13. Guest

    Yoga classes

    Can anyone recommend a good yoga centre/classes/teacher within reasonable distance of Bulimba (walking or public transport - no car at moment)? I can't do evening classes as I have a six year old at home but anything during the day while she is at school. I am also interested in finding a teacher who can give me private on-to-one classes either at my house or elsewhere. Recommendations gratefully recieved. I wnat to do as much yoga as I can possibly fit in while daughter is at school! :biggrin: Alison
  14. Hi everyone, My first post on this forum! Does anyone know of any Scottish Highland Dance classes in Perth? We're due to move out around November time and my 7 year old daughter would be gutted if she couldn't continue with her Highland Dancing. We haven't yet decided on where we will settle so information on any classes SOR or NOR would be greatly appreciated. Jane
  15. Guest

    Swimming Classes for toddlers

    Hi Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good swimming class for toddlers (my daughter is 2) in the bayside area? Thanks! Claire
  16. it's NSW turn for suspension: Department of State and Regional Development Temporary Suspension of NSW Sponsorship for Some Skilled Migration Visa Classes On 7 May 2010, the Australian Government announced that it would temporarily suspend the acceptance of applications in some offshore visa classes until 30 June 2010. These visa classes include: Skilled Sponsored 176 visa Skilled Regional Sponsored 475 visa As a result of this decision, Industry & Investment NSW will not accept applications for NSW sponsorship in these visa classes until after 1 July 2010. The Australian Government has not suspended visa applications in the following onshore visa classes: Skilled Sponsored 886 visa Skilled Regional Sponsored 487 visa Industry & Investment NSW will continue to accept applications for NSW sponsorship in these onshore visa classes.:yes:
  17. Guest

    Irish Dancing Classes

    Irish dancing classes for children 3yrs and up being held in Kinross and Butler. Enrolments for 2010 are now taking place as well as any new students that would like to start before the end of the year . for more infomation please do not hesitate to contact obrien_irishdancing@hotmail.com .
  18. Art Classes for kids of all ages at "The Little Red Smock" 1/53 Cliff Avenue Port Noarlunga South. This is a brand new venture for my friend and I and we would love to see you down at the art studio in the holidays and then term time as well. Take a look at our website www.littleredsmock.com.au . Here you will find class information and timetables. Alternatively contact Tania on 0433 978 181 or Heidi 0423 967537. for more information. Thanks and hope to see you there. Heidi x
  19. Guest

    new classes

    Hi, Wondered if anyone could shed any light on how schools decide which classes the children go into each year. My son started year 5 in Perth at the begining of September 08 and settled in very quickly, made lots of new friends, sung at the talent show, invited to birthday parties etc, then today we went to the school to see the class list before thet go back on Monday. He is now refusing to go into year 6 as all the kids he made friends with are all together in the one class and he on his own has been put into another year 6 class with no children he knows. How can they do this to a child, newly arrived into the country and who had already made friends. It is now 10.30 pm and he is still awake crying and saying he will not go back. We don't understand it as he got a glowing school report from his teacher, praisng how well he has settled, how many friends he had made and how very bright he appears to be. Do anyone know how thay pick the classes please. Thanks from one very anxious mum.
  20. Guest

    Mornington keep fit classes

    For any of you living in the Mornington area....I have been attending keep fit classes at Bentons Square community center ............and I have gotta say....they are great and would highly recommend them. Will also assure you that there are peeps there of ALL shapes & sizes & NO possers?! Here's the link for info..... Getting Britvic Fit .......... The instructor is English & really knows her stuff.........even if you only come along to meet people it's worth it. Lesley
  21. sandramcd

    Opportunity Classes??

    Hi there, Can anyone tell me if it is possible for your child to sit the NSW test for these 'Opportunity Classes' in the UK? I have a very bright 9 year old who will have spent 2 terms in primary 6 in Scotland to go back into year 5 in Oz and could probably benefit from being in one. Thanks! Sandra
  22. Guest

    Dance Classes

    can anyone help with dance classes my 9 year old does Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Tap we need to find a dance school/classes around the labrador/runaway bay area i will drive her further if needed.