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Found 17 results

  1. Following the transmission of ABC's Four Corners program earlier this month, which aired allegations that criminal gangs lure women to Australia and then force them into slavery in Sydney and Melbourne brothels. Australia's student visa program will be investigated following allegations that women entering Australia on student visas are being forced into the sex industry. It said that if they refuse, the women are beaten and their families are threatened. The Immigration Department routinely carries out compliance operations in the sex industry with the Australian Federal Police (AFP). The operations are designed to ensure brothel owners are not employing foreign nationals working without a valid visa. But Immigration Minister Chris Bowen says following this month's "particularly serious and disturbing allegations", a thorough analysis will be done. "Allegations of illegal work and the exploitation of workers in any industry by unscrupulous employers or migration agents are taken very seriously," he said in a statement. Mr Bowen says if any links to human trafficking are found they will be referred to the AFP for further action.
  2. Just wondering if there are any UK insurance companies that would accept my Australian no claims bonus. I had read a thread on here sometime ago with a few companies listed on it but I cannot find it now. Thanks guys.
  3. Guest

    Heritage and Claims To Fame.

    Another thread got me thinking about this, some of us have maybe a 'family' member (*no matter how far removed) who was/is famous/infamous, or had an experience others will know about. No matter how hard I look I can't find any lineage to royalty, millionaires, or even the infamous, my only claim to fame is that my great great aunt, (may have been great, great, great aunt) was on the Titanic when it went down, and she SURVIVED,:shocked::notworthy:. So thats it really, nothing spectacular but interesting nonetheless, so what if any 'links' family wise do you have to someone/something we may have heard about? Serious, funny, whatever,:yes: If anyone mentions Big Brother/X Factor I will close this thread,:biglaugh::biglaugh::policeman: Cheers Tone.:wink:
  4. hi just looking to see if my car insurance no claims bonus is recognised in oz?
  5. Guest

    Car Insurance - No Claims

    Hi Please can anyone tell me of their experience .... Do you have to start Car Insurance from scratch with no years no claims or how do they get proof of no of years no claims and do they take this into account as its UK insurance? I'm just wondering as I've had a lease car from work - I have got a letter from my employer to say I have got a few years no claims but not a letter from the actual insurance broker ... I'd welcome any advice ... Thanks!
  6. We're looking at taking insurance with either Kay International or InsureYourMove.com. Given that insurance only becomes relevant when you have to make a claim can anyone give thumbs up/down to the 2 companies in relation to how easy it was to deal with them for claims?
  7. Some are saying that 90% of rejected Afghan claims for refugee status have recently been upheld on appeal -seems Julia Gillard has not been mentioning this though when she's been stating that a high percentage of Afghan refugee claims this year have been rejected. Many rejected Afghan refugee claims upheld on appeal
  8. Hi just wondering if anyone has used their no claims bonus from Australia for car insurance in the UK? Also any recommended Insurers would be much appreciated. Many Thanks Jason:biggrin:
  9. BBC News - Australia halts Sri Lankan and Afghan asylum claims
  10. Guest

    no claims bonus on cars

    Does anyone know if it is to our advantage to have a letter confirming our no claims bonus for car insurance purposes in Australia? We are having problems canceling our insurance over here as they want to charge us over £110 for the privalige. Is it worth us paying this money here in order to save money on insurance policies over in OZ. Or should we just cancel the direct debits and run.....!!! Help!!
  11. Alistair Brownlee claims world triathlon title Gold Coast Sport | goldcoast.com.au | Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia There was also some local cheer to with Gold Coaster Courtney Atkinson romping in fifth Well done Courtney, remember; its the taking part that counts..:wink:
  12. Hello, Can anyone offer any advice on insurance for household goods shipments? We have selected Pickfords for the move and are not sure whether to use their insurance or to go with Letton Percival, who have provided a much more competitive quote. Has anyone had to claim from either of these companies during their move and if so, how easy was the process and did the payment covers any losses? Also, we're not sure whether to go for 'all risks' or 'total lost'. Again, any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you. :eek:
  13. I will be moving to Oz shortly (Darwin in December!) and have a quick question regarding car insurance. Do Aussie insurance companies offer no claims discount? If so, will they take into account any NCD I have on my UK policy? Cheers. ScottK
  14. Guest

    Taking 'No Claims Bonus'

    OH would like to know if there is any point taking evidence of 6 years No Claims Bonus on the car insurance - I said you don't take credit score, so couldn't see the point. He said can you ask all the helpful people on PIO - so anyone got any idea? Thanks.:skeptical:
  15. Guest

    Small Claims Court

    Yet another stressful situation added to the list. I had a court case back in July/Aug to get an order to allow us to take the kids to OZ. That is all sorted now and we have the order but the solicitor that I used at the time was completely useless and his bad advise almost lost us the chance of getting the order. I have since refused to pay the remainder of this bill with a long list of complaints and have now taken my complaint to the Law Society. As a reaction to that, the solicitor has now served court papers on me for the whole amount plus court costs and admin fees. I asked The Law Society about it and they said it is a completely separate issue to the complaint and they could not advise me. I know I've got nothing to lose by going to court but I am nervous since I am up against a Solicitor who knows all the legalities. Has anyone got any pearls of wisdom or any experience of this kind of thing? Heeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!:arghh::arghh::arghh: Pleeeeeeeaaaaase! CC x
  16. I have read that it is possible to use my UK no claims over in Oz as some insurance companies will accept them. Can any one shed any light on this and recommend any insurance companies worth checking out? Cheers
  17. Hi, Is anyone aware of whether or not the no claims that we have built up in the uk is transferrable to Australia. Its just that I have six years built up and the difference in costs is massive. Also whats the deal oin driving out there on a UK licence, are we only allowed so long before we need an Aus one or can we get away with it? Thanks