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Found 17 results

  1. Guest

    Change in circumstances

    Hi All I applied for GSM 175 (online) in August 2011. However, since then, I have had to renew my passport owing to which my passport number has changed. I have a few questions on this since I am doing it all alone, without the help of an agent. Any pointers would be sincerely appreciated. 1) I know there is a "change in circumstances" form which needs to be sent to DIAC. Since I uploaded all documents online, should I upload this form also to the same document repository, or should I email it to DIAC instead? 2) How many times can a "change in circumstances form" be uploaded/ emailed during the course of the application? I am asking this since I am staying in a hotel in Australia at the moment ( on a business visit) and will go back to my country. So will have to update the address change as well. 3) When i generate the forms for medical (160EH and one more), it comes autogenerated with my old passport number (since that is what I submitted the form with). Is there a restriction that I have to autogenerate this form, or can I simply download the blank form from http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/ and fill up manually? Thanks for all the support in advance Cheers IND175
  2. Hello Dear Forum Users! I am long time reader of this forum but posting 1st time. I am in a very difficult situation. I applied for visa 176 (SA State Sponsered) in Dec2010 and Got CO in April 2011. As I am from HR country (Pakistan), so my application will take many more months to complete. At the time of lodgement of application to DIAC, I was happily single:biggrin: and no dependent was in my application. Now, I have fallen in love with a girl and she also loves me a lot. So, up-to here everything is fine. Now the difficult part:realmad:. The girl is already married and have 2 children from her husband :goofy:. We have been together from last couple of months and we think that we can live together happily for ever. So my question is if she gets divorced from her husband and we got married before finalization of my visa application, then can I add her along-with her 2 children in my visa application? What formalities I have to do for this?:err: Also, in case my visa application gets finalized before her divorce, then how can i bring her along-with her 2 children?:err: P.S: I am 26 years old and the girl I am in love is 23 years old.
  3. Hi there, I have ben living in Australia for 5 years now, studied 2 years and now working full time as a chef! I have applied for the 485 but looks like it is going to take ages so my employer had agreed to sponsor me (in the NT) for the rsms. Problem is , i need from my employer a letter of Exceptional circumstances for skills as i only have a trade Certificate III as a cook. I was wondering if anyone ever applied for the same thing and if you would have an example of a letter to help me. It need to state that my employer could not find anyone australian for the position (been working there 3 years now including part time during my cookery studies), also needs to show all the effort they made to find someone australian and that it did not work. last thing it needs to explain why i am suited to the position and what skills and experience i bring to the position!! really would appreciate some help to make sure the letter is great and helps my application Thanks a lot for your time Aurora
  4. Hi Everyone, I have put in a Visa application -175 in April this year. I have uploaded all relevant documents from my current employer and also provided FORM 80. I am now considering changing my job and moving to a new employer. My questions are: 1. Do I need to complete & upload the change of circumstances form (form 1022) right now itself or shall I wait till the CO is allocated? 2. Does this have any adverse implications on my application - like increased assessment time or more verification etc? 3. Anyone who has had similar experience in past? Cheers
  5. Hi There I wonder if any has any experience of the special circumstances and applying for PR if a 457 is granted and your in the 45-50 year age band.... I am in the running for a job (no offer yet) that comes with an Employee Sponsored 457. Unfortunately I turn 45 in October this year (2011) If the visa is granted under the special circumstances for 45-50 year olds, would that also mean my future application for PR after 2 years in Aus would be looked on favourably as at that time I could be 47 or even 48?? Any help / comments or experiences would be gratefully welcome as the big fear for us is going over on the 457 - then getting PR knocked back once there. many Thanks Mark
  6. Roberts13

    Exceptional Circumstances - AGE

    Hi I am wondering if anyone can help ??? My mum is currently here in Australia working on a 457 visa - she is approaching her 3rd year working with the company and they have submitted her nomination for the 856 visa. Mum is 52 and on her application will need to provide details as to why a waiver should be considered for age in her circumstances. We were wondering if anyone else has had to do this and if so what sort of details they included in the application. We understand its each individual circumstances however was hoping someone may be able to direct us with to how to detail this supporting evidence what to include/not include. Thanks in advance for any help with this matter.
  7. Guest

    circumstances have changed !

    well since new bosses have taken over a very busy freight company in WA with lots of contracts to nearly nothing , half decent staff and everyone having there share of the pie to no virtually no hours . i need to look at another route .... im a a truck driver for said company but also a mechanic by trade ( i have my tools already here also ) city and guilds trained etc but left the trade about 15 odd years ago ........ the mrs is on a student visa so i get to work 20 hrs ..... now ive been talking to a few people that weve meet in our time here and they all telling me to change over to a 457 on the mecahnics side . which i understand would be a sensible move. what would be involved in pursuing this . i never done the tests back in the uk as i wasnt planning on going back on the spanners but it seems like the only door thats open for me at the mo ........... !! ...... many thanks guys ..... i know some one has the answer out there and probbaly been down the same road without a doubt ..... :notworthy:
  8. Not sure if it is the same with all visa's but you need to have health insurance set up in order to get a 457. The insurance is sorted and the visa was approved just before Christmas (we are heading out end of February) but my husband has not been feeling too great recently and is being tested for diabetes next week. If this test comes back positive (which I hope to god it doesn't!!) obviously this will change our health insurance....will this effect the visa?
  9. Hi all, another one of my Qs for you all... As you know we have sold our house and need to vacate by Friday (01/10/10), our internet will be closed down sometime Thursady morning. Not able to be back on-line for approx. four weeks due to no line in our new house and not able to be layed until 12/10/10. FORM 929 is the form for a change in circumstances, I found this on the DIAC website and yes, it is straight forward to complete. However, it states that it can not be saved to a file and seems to require posting by air mail. Our Visa is a e-visa and not sure if posting is the only way to provide a change in cicumstances. Is there a way it can be done via the internet please? Thanks Ley x :notworthy:
  10. Guest

    Worried about circumstances

    Hi everyone, I'm moving back to England in November with my two sons. We will have been in Australia for 2 years 10 months. We are all very excited about going back. Since being over here, I have been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my spine and this is restricting me in many ways. When we get back, would i be entitled to any benefits at all as I am unable to work now. I need to be near my parents as my youngest son has special needs so that they can help out. My eldest son, just about to finish year 12 over here is going down to London to live with his dad for a year. I'm worried about how we can rent a house too as we can't stay with my parents for more than a couple of months. Hope someone can help Karen :sad:
  11. Hi, havnt been on here for ages as the change in processing times depressed me so much i just needed to put australia to the back of my mind for a while. however, i now need to inform the dept of a few changes and cant seem to find the answers to some questions i need, so wondered if anyone on here knew: * do i have to inform them when i change employment (it is still the same profession) * the form about changes says what office did you process your application with - well it was online, so how do you know which one it is, or does that instantly mean that it is adelaide and is that what i am supposed to write. sorry for being a bit thick, just having a stressful few weeks at work, etc and know i am not thinking straight. appreciate any help i can get. thanks g
  12. My permanent resident visa has already been granted through the GSM process. My de facto partner has been added to my application (secondary applicant) and helped me with 5 points, once she is also an experienced professional. Therefore, she got the visa too. However, even without her 5 points I would score 130 points. We are still overseas and our first entry did not happen yet. I would like to know what would happen if we ended our relationship before our first entry. What would happen to our visas? This is only a hypothesis. I am just curious about it. Thank you all!
  13. Mine: Statement by 'L' about her relationship with 'T' 'T' and I met in April 2006, when I was working and living in London, United Kingdom on a Working Holiday Maker visa. In July 2006, we began a relationship. In September 2006 I returned to Australia, but planned to return in March 2007 to be with Tom. When I returned in 2007, 'T' and I lived together at his parent’s home initially for a short time, and then moved to a room we rented in West Harrow, London. We rented this room informally from the owner of the house who also lived there, so did not have a formal lease. I returned home in October 2007 to prepare to for my university study that I intended to recommence in 2008. 'T' planned to join me in Australia later that year so we could continue or relationship. In December 2007, 'T' travelled to Australia on a working holiday visa that I arranged for him (evidence attached). Initially he stayed with me at my parent’s home. However, shortly after he moved to a share house nearby in Auchenflower so he would be able to meet friends in Australia and we continued our relationship. On my 21st birthday that year (**.**.2008) we decided we were committed to a long-term relationship, and intended to stay together permanently. However, shortly after we had made this decision and intended to move in together, 'T' had an opportunity to travel overseas as a professional musician, so returned to the UK in June 2008. We agreed I would join him in November that year and we would live together for the duration of my university holidays at his parent’s home. I arrived in the UK on 22nd November 2008 and lived with 'T' at his parent’s home before returning to Australia for university in Australia on 22nd March 2009. On the 22nd of July 2009, Tom travelled to Australia to live with me, and we rented a house for 2 months. We registered our relationship with Centrelink as I was receiving Youth Allowance (evidence attached). On 22 November 2009, I once again travelled to the UK to live with 'T' at his parent’s residence and then returned home on the 22nd of March, once again to attend university. At the time of writing, 'T' has booked a three-month holiday to Australia, 14th July – 11th October 2010 during which time we intend to live together again. If the application for our visa is successful, 'T' would ideally immigrate to Australia in February of 2011, to allow him time to save ample funds to support us in Australia for the initial period (two years) while he finds a suitable job. His: Statement by 'T' about his relationship with 'L' 'L' and I met when she lived in the UK in 2006 and begun a serious relationship very quickly after we met. We were both quite surprised about the intensity of our feelings and although 'L' had already arranged to go home later that year, she decided to return the following year so we could continue our relationship. We consider ourselves exclusively committed to a shared life and future. We are both quite involved with each other’s families. When I have been in Australia I have provided childcare for 'L'’s younger sister, as well as helping her father with renovations to his house. In the past we have gone on holiday with my family (in Cornwall in 2007) as well as with her family (in Byron Bay in 2008). It has not been practical for us to live together at all times. Initially, in May of 2008 when we planned to move in together and live permanently in Australia I was offered a once in a life time work opportunity to travel to Ibiza as a professional musician in the hope this would lead to a lucrative record contract. Because 'L' has been involved in tertiary study in Australia and I have been perusing a opportunities to work as a professional musician in the UK – we have only been able to live together during 'L'’s university holidays and when I was available to take a break from both work and my music commitments (touring the UK quite extensively) in England. Financially, because of the distance between our countries and the obvious currency discrepancy, we have remained fairly separate. Also – because 'L' is a full time student and I have been involved in my band, we have had very little money. However, we have supported each other when the other has needed it. 'L' has often paid for things for me on her credit card and paid it back with contributions from her parents as well as by using small portions of her student youth allowance. Similarly, I have sent her money via Western Union to contribute to her airfares to the UK and also for repairs to her car when it broke down. Two examples, of which we have clear evidence of shared expenses, are the two holidays we paid for on 'L'’s credit card – to Spain in early 2009 and Paris in late 2009. 'L' also paid partly for my ticket to Australia to visit her in 2010. More recently, because we have decided I would immigrate to Australia in 2011, we have opened a joint account that we intend to use to save for our home in Australia. Although 'L' intends to seek a job in addition to her student payment, I will be the main contributor to the account, because I am now concentrating only on finding full time work as a plasterer to save for moving to Australia. However, because we have such a strong relationship I am happy to provide as much money as I can save for both of our living expenses while 'L' completes her degree. Similarly, I intend to study in Australia when 'L' has completed her degree, and she has said she is happy to support me financially while I do this. Do you think that we are a good chance of getting a visa?????? We would be applying as de factos? I am happy to answer any questions, can't think of what else to tell you!!
  14. Hi Everyone! I am looking into permanent residency in Australia. My past in Australia has been strange. I am currently on a student visa. I have completed 1 year of physiotherapy. I am transferring my 2nd year of schooling into the Masters of Science in Biotechnology. I am also the owner of an Australian Business (Vinaka Group PTY LTD located in Armadale VIC)... which I have been owner & director of for almost 6 months. Here is my question. I am selling out the business to a good friend and he really wants to keep me as the proprietary manager and director of the company. The company is small but meets all the required criteria for the ENS 121 as an employer sponsor. He is willing to arrange a contract for employment offering a full time permanent “office manager” position paying $45,000/year that is available for the next 3 years. He is also willing to comply to any other immigration standards. As for me, I am trying to meet the requirements of the skill level for “office manager 3291-11”. The actual position is such a mix of things but my main job duties would be Co-Directing the center, managing the Medical clinic, coordinating the yoga & meditation classes, working as a massage & exercise therapist, and lecturing in Human nutrition & biochemistry seminars as well as instructing first aid courses and sports training courses. The list goes on because I will essentially be managing the entire business… meaning financial, marketing, advertising, admin, etc… Now here is where things get tricky. I am well qualified for the role as I have a Bachelors of Science in Biology with specialization in Chemistry & Biotechnology. I also have completed internships at family medical clinics in America where I essentially learned how to run & operate a private medical practice. In the USA the degrees are broad and I have taken courses in economics, business, and finances. Nothing amounting to a degree… but still worthy of education consideration. Now, the problem is that I do not exactly have 3 years experience in “Office Management”. This is where we are looking at exceptional circumstances. Primarily, I own the business… and hence most of what is being turned over to my soon be Employer was created by me… so I have extremely specialized skills that could not be found elsewhere. Not saying no one else could do the work… but to find one person to fulfill all the duties I am going to cover without training would be near impossible. The other exceptional factor is that I will be training & working closely with his wife to help run the center… whom has a medical condition (Bi-Polar). I understand this condition and know how to work with it and am willing to work with it. This is critical for the employer because this adds another layer to the already complex list of duties that one person needs to fulfill. The final exceptional circumstance is that I have, in one form or another, about 1 year full time experience carrying out the defined duties of an “Office Manager” which are the organization and control of administrative systems and personnel. Most this experience & work has been self employed or in America where getting evidence may be difficult. The last HUGE factor is that I served in the US Armed Forced for 4 ½ years. Nearly the entire time of my service I basically carried out the defined duties stated above! Sorry to drag this out. As with anything “exceptional” it is obviously going to have a little background. First step is to ensure my skills are assessed and deemed equivalent. I do not see a problem with this considering my background and the actual nominated skill I am pursuing. If anyone can offer any of their experience or maybe give me a little of what they have heard, that would be awesome! Although we are completely competent… we are seriously considering the help of a Migration Agent so we do it right. So if anyone know a good agent that is fair, please pass them on. We are looking to process the application ASAP! Thanks everyone for the help! ~Jeremi
  15. Guest

    Change of Circumstances

    Hi, My home phone number is changed. How soon should you have to inform DIMA for the change?? can I wait for some time cz I i think i am going to change my job in couple of months and think i'll provide both the info together. BTW i am April online applicant sub-class 175. If I change my mind about the job and have to inform only about the phone number then should I use "Form 929 Change of address" or "Form 1022 Notification of changes in circumstances"???? and do I have to provide any evidence?? in case yes then what would that be???? thanks.
  16. Hi, this is my first post on here, We are looking at applying for defacto spouse visa, My partner is Australian and we have been together since Jan 2007. He starts a new job in Sept and we need to be in Oz at the end of Aug. Our problems is that although we have been together for 15months, and was staying at mine, eating, sleeping etc from about april, We did not make us living together 'official' until september 2007 as i was awaiting the financial side of my divorce to be settled, and beleived that his living with me could have caused problems with my ex, ( we moved him in when we learnt the ex was living with someone himself) I got my devree absoluet in March 2007, however the finacila side has never been settled ( i have since given up on getting any settlement as the legal fees were too high) Sorry to waffle........ so my dilema is has anyone had any experience of a visa being granted without evidence to fulfill the 12 month co-habitation rule? we have evidence that he paid for weekly shopping ( and he even kept the recipts that may show my personal items being paid for), we also have a stat dec from his mum saying that in june when she visited it was clear he was not living in his flat as no food etc and that she beleived us to be co-habiting from early on. I also have a letter from my car insurance confirming he was on my car insurance as a named driver since April 2007, joint bank account from aug07, My other question is - does anyone know.... if they deam this not to be enough evidence will they just wait until we fulfil the 12 months and then grant the visa? in which case will they allow me to travel to OZ in August for a couple of months on my current ETA and then come back to the uk and hopefully get the visa granted then. Really sorry to go on and on ....... PLEASE DONT SUGGEST A Prospective marriage visa - I just got divorced and am now happy with de-facto for the time being!!!!
  17. Guest

    spouse visa circumstances

    Hi Im currently 3 months into my tempory spouse visa which is 2 years and hoping to go permnant in the future. can anyone tell me if i have to notify them when there is a change of circumstances. Its all for the good ie we are having a baby in 6 months and we are noe engaged which wasnt on the agenda when we applyed. I cant seem to find anything on the web site, has anyone been in a similar situation??? thnx Rob