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Found 16 results

  1. ALIK

    Accountant - Plz Help

    Hello everyone, I need some help to understand am I eligible for the accountant category to claim points. Plz review my profile below: OBU (bachelors) Sep 2012 Started work Jan 2013 Masters (M&A and Private equity) Jun 2016 ACCA membership Jul 2018 Based on the above dates, from when will the authorities consider counting my experience. Appreciate support provided. Thanks
  2. waterbaby76

    CIMA Part qualified

    Hi there, I have realised I have a certificate at the entry level to CIMA, as I am studying a degree which is not entirely related to Accountancy but does qualify me for exemptions. I also have relevant work experience if this is necessary and two thirds of my degree under my belt. Would it be appropriate to apply to CPA now to see if I could get a skills visa? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
  3. Hi All, My 1st post here so please be kind! I am a newly qualified Management Accountant (CIMA) and looking to migrate to Australia with my toddler and husband. As the main visa applicant I'm hoping I can avoid the additional cost of a migration consultant and was hoping you can help. The process I was going to follow is... 1)Apply to CPA to get membership through their agreement with CIMA - I'm under the understanding that I should not need to complete an additional exam to prove my knowledge? 2)Complete an English language assessment in order to gain the extra points for SkillSelect Application: Proficient / Superior English - 20/10 pts Other points are Age 31 - 30pts Qualification - 15pts Work Experience 5-7yrs - 10pts Total - 65 / 75 pts 3) complete medical assessment 4) Submit Skill Select Application Wait for ITA for visa. Does this sound like the correct order and have I missed anything? Is there any other way I can prove superior / proficient English skills and a native English speaker? Any other advice / guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Becky
  4. Hello All, After having spent a year in Australia on a WHV me and the better half have decided to submit an EOI for an independent migrant visa subclass 175. I have just signed up for an IELTS exam and have been looking at the CPA website in order to get a skills assessment and was wondering if anybody could please advise me if it would make any difference if I picked the ANZCO code for a Management Accountant or a General Accountant. I'm guessing that from the occupation ceiling list where accountants are grouped together under a 2211 code that it wouldn't make a difference but really I was just looking for confirmation of this. Bit of background I am a CIMA qualified accountant with 5+ post qualified years and I know from being over there that CIMA have a reciprocal agreement with CPA Australia so I don't think there would be any problems in getting a positive assessment but I'm really just interested to know how the ANZCO code would affect things. Also from research I don't think it would count for anything but would having worked in Australia as an accountant for 6 months count towards anything? Thanks, Steve
  5. benthomas010

    CIMA Students

    Anyone else still studying for their accountancy qualifications with the aim of applying for PR as soon as they are qualified? Or been in the situation previously where you were just waiting to get through those last few exams to start the process? I am potentially 6 months away from qualification, so prob 9 months away from starting the application process. Just waiting on results of a re-sit which I will receive this Friday - which will allow me to sit the Strategic Level Exams in November. So much rides on this one result, failure now means I wont be starting the process for at least 15 months. Going to be one nervous as hell week. Cannot wait to move myself, and my family over to Aus to start our new life together. Its been my dream for 10 years to come back one day - and i'm finally getting close to making that a reality. Ben
  6. Hi All Just wondering if there is anyone on here who has successfully applied for a 175 visa as an accountant after only being recently qualified (CIMA)? My situation is this - can only apply after July 2011 as currently not enough points. Age 39 (9 months till 40!), IETS 8 achieved, CPA Skills Assesment waiting result after further documents sent,, should pass OK now,, but......on the work experience I've been a Finance Manager (duties of management accountant ANZSCO) for 3 years 2 months. Do you think I can count this as relevant work experience despite it being before I qualified?? Without it I will be short by 5 points, seems like State Sponsorship would need the same requirement of 3 years experience so don't think I cna gain it here either. So this is the crunch - 3 years experience does count, I can meet the requirement, if not I can't. Any ideas really appreciated, Thanks
  7. Purplethunder

    Time's running out!!

    Hi All, Been on this road a long time now and time is running out..well has ran out for hubby so we're going to try on my qualification instead. I'm CIMA qualified which is part of the CPA mutual recognition programme, so I could be a member of both bodies but I don't know whether to do this or to just get my skills assessed by the CPA as I don't have a degree? Anyone got any ideas or advise on this or been there and done it?? Thanks Debs
  8. I am currently waiting for the results of my IELTS and want to get my skills assessment in next weekend if I have the required 7 in all areas. I am looking for SA SS but this is where my dilemma comes in. I could apply as either Management Accountant or Finance Manager. SA states they require 3 years experience for Management Accountant but there is no experience requirement for Finance Manager. Checking the FAQs in the SA website it states that any work experience required must be post qualified. I qualified in May 2008 but have been off work for the past 8 months on maternity leave (I am also now redundant so not gaining work experience). So it looks unlikely I would be awarded SS for SA using Management Accountant and would probably need to go for a 175 visa. Finance Manager is not on the SOL so if I go for that occupation and SA have used up all of their places for it before I apply for SS then I cannot apply at all. My thoughts are to apply as Management Accountant and apply for a 175 visa rather than going for SS. I realise this will take more time to process but I am aware that the jobs market is not great in the UK at the minute and I do not want to get to the point where I have been off work for a full year and so cannot apply either. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi there, I was wondering whether someone can give me advice about the following: I will shortly be moving to Sydney as the spouse of a 457 visa holder for 2 years. I am CIMA qualified and have 4-5 years experience working in various Finance roles in the Public Sector in London. I also hold undergraduate and Masters degrees in Management/ Accounting. - Is there a demand for someone with my qualifications and experience in Sydney? How competitive is the market there? I am open to Permanent and Temporary opportunities there. - I have the option to move to Sydney between Dec and March. What is the best time to move there, keeping in mind the number of finance jobs available? I would appreciate any help/ advice whatsoever. Many thanks Matt
  10. Guest

    CIMA & Mining

    I'm in the process of applying for migration to Australia. Therefore i wish to seek advice on how to penetrate to Mining Industry or Oil & Gas Industry. Besides working experience, is there any certificate or courses that might help in order to gain an edge. Thanks in advance.
  11. I am CIMA qualified and need to apply to get this recognised, but I'm a bit concerned as what I've read so far says you should have a degree as well! I don't just went straight from AAT to CIMA... is anyone in the same situation or is there anyone who has had CIMA recognised without a degree. Help.. really getting worried now Thanks Jules
  12. Guest

    News for CIMA members

    Apologies if this has already been posted here on a different thread. If you're a CIMA member, you can now apply directly to CPA Australia for full membership, on the basis of the Agreement signed between CPAA and CIMA 2 weeks ago. CPD hours accumulated will apply to both bodies. Good news for me, definitely, cos I was preparing to do the CPA program to get membership and this means I don't need to go through the practical experience requirements again! Hope this helps someone.
  13. Hoping someone can help. This is my first post so please bear with me. I am a fully qualified CIMA accountant with 3 years post qualified experience in logistics industry. I easily passed the skills assessment with the ICAA. We have not fixed a location in Oz yet, as we will move to where the best job prospect are. My question is : is my CIMA qualification recognised with employers and are there many job opportunities?
  14. I think I can score 90pts with asco 3211-11 (40pts) as i'm a CIMA finalist & therefore classed as an advanced diploma. However, with state sponsorship I would get an additional 10pts to give me 100pts. Is it worth me getting my skills assessed, & once positive feedback received, apply to WA for sponsorship. Is this a viable option or is there a better option for success?? I have 10yrs mgmnt accounting experience eg std costing, budgetary control, forecasting, variance analysis etc. many thanks in advance, Helen.
  15. Guest

    CIMA skills assessment!!

    Is anyone applying for a skilled visa with CIMA (Management Accounting) qualification. Just after some advice, I'm getting conflicting information..... Do I need to sit more exams for the skills assessment or is the qualification by itself enough to get me through??? And what is the process for getting the skills assessment?? Has anyone already done this? Help!!!! Not really interested in becoming a chartered accountant in Australia, just want to get there! Thanks Jules
  16. Guest

    Accountant - CIMA

    Hi All My wife and I are looking to emigrate to Australia on a Independant Skilled VISA (175) and I am a little confused as to whether my qualification as an accoutant (CIMA) is enough for me to pass the skills assessment. Has anyone been through this themselves ? Thanks for you help and we look forward to speaking to you all as we go through this exciting process ! Mark