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Found 6 results

  1. apickerell

    Rent, church and clothes

    Hello, So in 10 weeks my family and I are going to be moving to Canberra on a 457 visa. Just waiting for it to go through got a couple of questions 1. What is the best way to get a rental in canberra from overseas. my boss said she would go look at rentals for us but we dont know if tat would help or not. We need at least a 2-3 bedroom house or apartment as we have 2 children. 2. We are non denominational christian. Does anyone know of a good church that is spirit filled and has a good childrens program 3. if we fly into sydney becuase it is cheaper is there a train we could take to canberra? I have heard there was but I am not sure. 4. How decent are prices for clothing? WE live in Mauritius where there is no winter lol. well not really. ( I am from the states so I am used to the cold. ) Is there a walmart, kmart, target? anything like that? Sorry about the random questions! Just lots to think about! thanks! :wink::goofy::tongue:
  2. A CHURCHGOER ripped out his eyeballs as a priest gave Sunday mass yesterday. British-born Aldo Bianchini, 46, stood up calmly and tore them out with his bare hands then collapsed in a pool of blood. His mother tried to help him as the priest called for help. But surgeons were unable to save his sight. He told doctors in Viareggio, Italy, he "heard voices" telling him to rip out his eyes. Dr Gino Barbacci said: "To do that requires superhuman strength." Priest Lorenzo Tanganelli, who continued his service after the horror, said: "I've never seen so much blood." In the Bible, Jesus says: "If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell."
  3. Hi can anyone help me please, ive recently moved to mullaloo from the UK and am looking for a spiritualist church near mullaloo any help would be gratefully appreciated thankyou.
  4. Hi We are looking into the posibility of emigrating on aCPV 173 or 143 (undecided as yet). I am female 57 years old so will be around pension age if/when it happens my husband is 2 years younger than me so has working life in front of him. We have a little money (not as much as we would like after paying for CPV etc etc) and I am not ready for retirement just yet, frankly would be bored to tears :cute: We would love to have a little bit of land for a hobby farm just on a small scale free range chickens and the like, but bottom line is we wouldnt have enough money for land and everything else that goes with it. In the UK a lot of farmers rent what is known as 'church land' and farm for years from them, there are certain exclusions as to what you can do. Does anyone know of anything similar in Australia...... If we were to go to Australia it would be Queensland on the Southern Gold Coast as that is where my daughter and grand daughters are, they live in a suburb about 20 minutes drive from Surfers Paradise but we dont have to be on their doorstep, even a couple of hours drive away would be good. If anyone has any knowledge of leasing land/property I would very much appreciate some info. :smile: Thanks Phoebe
  5. Guest

    Getting married in the UK

    Hi! My fiancee and I are both living in Australia on sponsored 457's and after lots of fun with the engagement we're now trying to figure out the best way to get married. For family reasons we both feel that it would be right to marry in Britain (although Oz would be wonderful too!), but looking for some guidance about how to go about arranging this from Sydney. For a church wedding we know we'll need to have banns read, but will a UK church accept this if we're in Australia (hardly in the parish!) - my parents live in the neighbouring parish to where our ideal church would be. Alternatively can we get a civil marriage over here, honeymoon on the way to UK :-) then have a ceremony in the UK? As we hardly have much holiday available we won't be able to return to the UK much before actually getting married so relying on parents to help us be our eyes and ears on the ground over there, but if anyone has any experience/advice about the best way forward that would be awesome. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, My husband and I are interested in moving to Australia, probably Tasmania, I am a Midwife Lecturer and he is an Architectural technician. we have looked at the LDS.org website and have located the churches in Tasmania. We are also interested in Adelaide and brsibane. Please can any fellow LDS members give us any advice on jobs? Housing? Where is nearest temple? Thanks so much :laugh: