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Found 35 results

  1. anithacu

    Choosing a school

    Hi, I am not sure whether I understood the school enrolment correctly. We are planning to move to Glen Waverley in Dec 2011. We are from Singapore. My son was born in June 2008. He will be 3 as of April 30 2012. When must he join prep and when must I apply by? Is it 2014? There seems to be some exception when the child can start earlier. In which cases is this allowed? In Singapore, the child starts level 1 the year he turns 7. I was wondering whether he can start in Australia at the same time. Thank you.
  2. I am looking for info on good schools around Ipswich and surrounding state and private as I am not sure. I have a 12 soon to be 13 year old son in final year of primary but from what I understand he would be jumping straight into secondary so I am looking for a school that is not too intimidating but good and friendly as he is currently in school in a small irish village. He is outgoing and loves sports by the way. On the other hand I have a daughter who will be 11 in her second last year in primary. She is quiet and doesnt like huge crowds so a big school might be difficult. I would appreciate any information as I am getting more confused on locations to settle. I just want to make sure we settle in a place where they can get a good school. If there are any Irish who have moved to this area with kids I would love to hear your views on the schools and education system and if it is a big transition from what we are used to. Thanks in advance D
  3. Guest

    shipping company

    We moved from Sussex to Australia, back to Sussex and then after a brief 3 months we were ready to move back to Australia again. So I believe I know what I am talking about when I say be really careful about what shipping company you choose to assist with your move. Do you homework, get quotes and ask questions. Some companies charge heaps for marine shipping insurance and some are reasonable. I would recommend doing the insurance yourself and save money. We obtained 5 or 6 quotes, after all it's everything we own being packed up again, we discounted a few removal companies almost as soon as they were in the door. We were looking for someone who had actually done the job before, someone who had started on the ground floor and worked their way up. We were looking for a company who did not use ill paid don't give a dam sub contractors but most of all we were looking for someone who we could trust. Trust is a big thing, after all you are talking about your furniture, photos, personal items and memories. I think you will know after you have seen a few reps who you can trust. It was in the end the last person to quote us was the person we choose. He was actually the company owner, he had started on the shop floor, he was trustworthy, he was enthusiastic and Global Moving Systems did not use sub contractors. They actually had employees, who were great, polite and efficient. Because of all the above I am letting others know, if you live in the South East of England or Home Counties or wherever give them a go. I have absolutely no interest or benefit from Global Moving Systems but we had a great service all the way through I am recommending. I have never done this type of thing before, and it takes a fair amount of effort to write this, it's hot outside and I am off for a beer. Thanks Brian, Jade and all the packers that assisted us!
  4. Hi I remember on an episode of Wanted Down Under, in Brisbane I think, they showed a showroom or shop that they called a house supermarket. Apparently you could go in and choose a house design!! Can anyone throw any light on this? I also wanted to ask if anyone is familiar with the process of choosing and buying a steel kit home!! Any idea of the costs involved? :wubclub: Thanks Sheena
  5. Hi We have had 3 quotes so far and 1 more to go, but just wondered if anyone could advice what they looked for (apart from price???). Also who you went with and what made you choose them??? Thanks in advance, trying to get sorted then move on to the next thing on my endless list!!! Kim
  6. Elliott-Family

    choosing your footy team

    Being a non oz how and why did you choose your footy team? We're a divided house at the min and have been since we arrived. :wacko: Back in the UK it was easy, Derby County, The Mighty Rams all the way!!:jiggy: I'm leaning toward the saints being a local(ish) team to were we live, the boy is a hawks fan....don't ask me why and the mrs varies depending on the kit colours!!:arghh:
  7. I will be starting a fantastic contract opportunity in Brisbane in just over 2 weeks time. I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations of umbrella companies to deal with. Also, how do you go about choosing your super fund? This all seems a bit of a minefield.
  8. Hi, A friend of mine in Oz sent me a link to this website which provides a star rating different financial products. Hope it's of use. Louise http://www.canstar.com.au/
  9. Guest

    choosing options in australia

    I'm 14 & have recently chosen my GCSE options in England. We got our visa accepted on Friday and i was wondering when I move to Australia will i have to chose my options again or do i something else ???
  10. redditchcouple

    choosing schools

    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone knows of any good websites where we can review school performances? We have 2 girls aged 7 & 11 and are looking for a decent school in Toowoomba, QLD. Anybody with any advice would be greatly appreciated cheers
  11. Guest

    Choosing a City

    Hi all, This is my first post on these forums but I have been having a nosey in recent weeks and there have been some really useful threads. I have just been offered a job in Oz under the 457 sponsored visa scheme and given a choice of various locations. I have narrowed these down to Brisbane and Melbourne and am now in such a dilemma on which to choose. I appreciate that there are numerous websites (and probably threads deep down on this site) discussing cities in Oz and their positive and negative points but I'd be keen to hear of peoples experiences/opinions of the two cities. There are only so many websites and You Tube videos I can put up with! I am in my mid twenties, single, and will be emigrating alone. I’m very excited about the move but also rather cautious too. I’m not the biggest fan of hugely hot/humid days but I don’t want this to be the single reasons I choose Melbourne over Brisbane. I’m quite a social person, enjoy evenings out, pubs etc plus I do like my sport. I drive but probably won’t go seeking a car over there – so public transport matters to me – or the possibility of getting a nice apartment in the centre. A bit of a shot in the dark I know but I’d welcome some discussion. Even better if there’s somebody else out there who is in the same shoes as me – perhaps we can hitch up for a beer on our arrival! Cheers guys!
  12. Hey all, Currently in the early stages of looking to go out to Oz on a permenant basis. Ive done the skills test online and i passed this, but i only just scraped it :jiggy: Anyhow..... ive been looking at Working Holiday Visas. What i would like to know is if i was to go out to Oz on a Working Holiday Visa, after 3-4 months of being on that Visa if i wanted to apply for a Full Time Perm job position, is it then ok to apply for the Full Visa with sponser from an employer? And if so how much will this cost me to do in Australia and how long does the process take? The Skilled Visa i passed the test for is looking unlikely so i think this is another way i could do it? Thanks for any help given, if you need any details from me to help answer my queries, just shout out Paul
  13. Hi Everyone, We have been searching on realstate.com.au and domain.com.au for a right suburb in NSW.But the more we search, the more we are confused :confused: My friend suggested to start with suburbs like Westmead, Epping, Liverpool, Ashfield and Croydon.We prefer an unfurnished Studio/1 BHK apartment rather than sharing one. We would be extremely grateful if somebody could suggest a suburb which is extremely safe, reasonable, near to railway & bus station,grocery shops and markets. Thanking you in advance, Erin, India.
  14. Hi We are planning to move to QLD and I have three job offers on the plate. Are there any kind doctors/nurses ( especially mental health ) around who can shed some light on the current working conditions at GOLD COAST HOSPITAL/LOGAN HOSPITAL/ REDLAND HOSPITAL. We would prefer Logan as it is slightly closer to Bribane but would be very helpful to get some further information from people working there. Any kind souls?? Cheers
  15. Hi everyone, I got my ACS assessment last year which is ICT-recent graduate, I'm planning applying for re-assessment under the ANZSCO code. I know that there has to be at least 65% relevancy of nominated occupation, but I can't tell how relevant they are. I am looking at 261311 analyst programmer and 261312 developer programmer. but I am still not sure which one is the best suit for me. or any other suggestion? Thanks a lot in advance. The course structure is as following: Bachelor of information technology and systems specialisation: multimedia applications 2009 DIS2105 digital imaging DIS2907 3D animation DWG1103 Visual thinking and communication FIT3040 Studio 2 2008 FIT1003 IT in organisations FIT 2001 Systems analysis and design FIT2002 IT project management FIT3033 principles of educational multimedia FIT1001 computer systems FIT3008 Digital video post production FIT3023 Interactive environments FIT2029 Studio 1 2007 FIT1002 Computer Programming FIT2012 Digital media authoring FIT2026 sound and video VCM1001 visual communication FIT2015 Foundations of 3D FIT2016 Human computer interaction for multimedia PHO1203 Photomedia imaging 1 VCM2002 Multimedia imaging(animation) 2006 FIT1004 Database FIT1005 networks and data communications FIT1012 website authoring VCM1002 Multimedia Imaging
  16. Guest

    choosing where in QLD

    Hi ...sorry so many questions... We are moving from Adelaide to QLD next year and are hoping to narrow down where we would like to go QLD has so many beautiful places its proving hard to know where will suit us best and so far our "short"list is growing by the day....i really should stop looking! I was hoping more experienced ppl on here may be able to give us some opinions on some of our fav options so far, we have only been to brissie and sunshine coast so not seen alot of QLD, we have 3 young kids so really want somewhere that is safe and nice to raise a family we are looking from townsville to north brissie ( however im not at all keen on the big city life so bris isnt one of my top spots) we would be keen to find somewhere that is good for work (hubby does anything had yrs of being at meat works and as a storeman/forklift driver warehousing farm hand tractor driver you name it now works for landscape supply etc so we were keen to look at townsville cos there seems to be a fair bit of work up that way? im thinking Bundaberg looks great but would really appreciate if anyone could shed some light of the work situation there?as well as any other info someone who has auctually been there may have......if we win lotto we are taking a BIG trip seems like a good place for kids from what i have found on the net? also like sunshine coast but the rent is alot more $$ in some areas of sunshine comapred to likes of bundy, we dont want a tiny town but in saying that we are even considering gympie :confused:just a tad confused both love the hervey bay area but wasnt too sure on hubbys work choices being very abundant there. anyone got any advice on where to avoid or where is good for families we would be so grateful! :chatterbox:sorry for the rather long post!
  17. My husband and I are both 30 with a current combined income of just over £50,000 p.a. (he's a computer nerd and I work in accounts). We enjoy cycling, cooking, wine, walking, market shopping, picnics and BBQs (the exercise is mostly to work off the food!). We'd have to rent at first, and would like some advice on which suburbs may a) suit us and b) be within our price range. We're not sure what salaries we could get in Melbourne but any help based on the above information would be much appreciated - we are hoping my OH can improve his salary but not planning on it. Ideally we'd like either a house with a decent garden or somewhere with a park/open space nearby and not more than an hour's commute to the CBD (as thats where I'm guessing we'll end up working). Thanks in advance :wubclub:
  18. hmsmark

    Choosing an agent

    Hello, I'm thinking with all of the changes going on with DIAC, I'll need an agent. I'm an American living in the US. 33yo, male, secondary and special ed teacher married to a 30yo certified ophthalmic technician (which has no Australian equivalent position, on or off of the SOL, that I can see). No family in OZ. I want permanent residency of some sort and am liberal about where I live, but I don't want to live in the middle of the outback either. My skills assessment is in to AITSL as of 9 June. So, I'm looking for an agent and to get an idea of cost. I find websites but... who knows if they aren't any good and just have a good IT guy? Basically, I'm looking for references here. Thanks!
  19. Generalis

    Help with choosing suburbs!

    Hi Hopefully someone on here can help us with this. We are moving over to Brisbane beginning of February next year and have started looking at the areas we want to live in. We have narrowed it down to Ferny Grove, Ferny Hills and The Gap. Can anyone give me any info as to what these suburbs are like to live in/what the schools are like/services etc. We are also looking at Narangba and possibly Burpengary so any info would be great on these areas too. Cheers Martyn
  20. tracy123

    Choosing the right area

    Just wondering how much research is put in when choosing an area in Australia? It seems the key areas that people look at (from PIO posts) are - How far away are beeches - What can the kids do - Schools - Jobs - Crime - Price But what about all of the things you do now? Are you into clubs/pubs/nightlife, history, city life, country life, culture/the arts etc because people seem to be so wrapped up in these other things that they forget about the every day things that mean a lot to them at present. I bet and I maybe wrong, that the ones that have settled and doing well are the ones where their life has not been turned upside down by the move and feel their life has got better and are not missing out on anything! Or the things they are missing out on are limited compared to the things that they have gained. It may sound silly, simple or basic but just think about it..... You live in London, you’re surrounded by shops, history, nightlife, culture etc it’s all on your door step then you move to a Suburb in Brisbane close to a beach the weather is great the area is great etc everything YOU wanted! But how long does it take before you miss your old life? You miss going out, you miss the old buildings, people etc all of a sudden the beach, the weather mean nothing to you because your missing out on the important things in your life.......... BUT............. If you moved to Melbourne or Sydney where you had all of those things on your door step (granted not as old or as many) and you had the beach on your doorstep the weather you may just find that your life becomes more enriched by the move. It’s the same if you live in the country and move to the city, now I know there will be people that will come on and say the opposite, that by having a sea change has been the best thing that could of happened to them, while others that have moved, like for like, who are still not happy! Not everyone will love Australia and there is no guaranteed formula, I just think that with any move you really need to think about what you have in your life now that you enjoy that you would hate to give up, and then find those areas that suit you...... Then look at all of the extra things you want to enrich your life. Sorry if I’ve told anyone to suck eggs....
  21. Guest

    Choosing the right school

    Hi, This maybe has already been posted here before but being a newbie and all thought I'd share it anyway. My wife's (soon to be) new boss sent us this link that allows you to compare individual school performances to the state and Australia generally. It seems to be quite good - for Toowoomba schools at least! Find a school | ACARA Hope you find it useful too! :biggrin:
  22. Guest

    Choosing a migration agent

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone could recommend an agent to go through for our visa application...?? We have registered with one but they just don't seem very interested or helpful so before we get too far it would be nice to know we are paying all our money to a decent agent!!! Hope someone can help Thanks
  23. Guest

    choosing an agent.

    I've decided to go with an agent after some long debate, but now I just can't decide who to go with. Are there any specific criteria I should be looking for? Such as should I go with a local agent, or one 200 miles away or even in australia? What about price? I've been quoted everything from £700 up to £1200. Do you think some agents give preference to skilled migration because alot of their sites seem to focus on that more. We're going for the Interdenendent visa though. Also, finally, does using an agent add any weight to the application decision? Cheers Sam
  24. kelmart

    Choosing A Local Football Team

    This is one for the footie enthusiasts: I am an Aston Villa fan here in the UK and my husband is a Birmingham City fan. I would like to support a local team in Australia. I have recently heard of Perth Glory only because they have made an illegal approach to buy Kevin Philips and may be playing Wolverhampton Wanderers soon. We are looking to emmigrate to the Brisbane area but I don't want to pick a dodgy local team like WBA or be a glory supporter to the likes of Manchester United either !!! Some may not think that I have good taste but in any event I need some help in picking a good team especially if my husband and I pick rival teams !!! Cheers Kelly x x x
  25. Guest

    help choosing migration agent!

    Got a complicated situation, thinking about a remaining relative visa, for myself and 22 year old son. We have no skills or training but all other relatives are in australia. Has any one else had a similiar case if so can you reccomend a migration agent who is good with complicated cases?