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Found 71 results

  1. Banks dilemma!! what would you choose ANZ or Commonwealth. We need to open an account undecided between ANZ or Commonwealth would like to know what you guys think? Please help x:cute:
  2. Hi everybody :cute: , We are new here, just joined today and really need some opinions. We are applying for 163 visa for either Western Australia or Queensland and we would like to hear opinions from people who live and work there about standard of life, weather, living costs, accommodation, etc.. I know it is getting more and more expensive but which state would have the most opportunities? I have a small drylining business and I am hoping to do the same there that's why I am applying for this visa. We have never been there and we know that we're taking a gamble by putting all our eggs in one basket but we're really sick of weather and recession over here (even though we're supposed to be out of it now). Any advice would be much appreciated.
  3. Well, we officially love NOR :yes: We are having a problem choosing the areas we may like to live in though :wacko: So far we love Mindarie & Hillarys ~ But they are way over our budget! :embarrassed: We are looking for a modern (ish) area, walking distance to school, park, shops would be great We dont mind moving away from the Ocean ~ Say up to 20 minute drive Any ideas? :cute: Thankyou in advance
  4. Guest

    'Choose' Your Nationality

    Don't get me wrong, I am EXTREMELY proud to be a Brit,:jiggy::notworthy:, I love this country and 'some' of the people, and wouldn't have it any other way. I am also very lucky that I hold Aussie citizenship, but that was from bloody hard work rather than luck. But in a make believe world (the one I prefer,:goofy::biglaugh:) what nationality would you like to be and why. I've got two picks. 1. Bahamian, for no other reason than I have never met such a bunch of laid back people, any more relaxed and they would be in reverse.:notworthy: 2. Brazilian (stop it,:mad:) because they seem so passionate about everything in life, I know the country has it's problems (away from the tourist areas) but they seem so passionate about most things in life, and if truth were known I like their national flag as well.:notworthy:
  5. Would you choose an area to settle because of the reputation of a school? :wideeyed:
  6. Caroline Baxter

    Which school to choose

    We are moving to Melbourne in January and are currently looking for schools for our two children, one will be 11 when we arrive and the eldest will be 15. We have seen two schools for our eldest, one is Bayside P-12 and the other is Point Cook Senior. We were wondering whether anyone knows anything about either of these schools to give us any ideas which one is best :confused:, also any ideas of any good Primary schools for our youngest. I have looked at lots on the internet, there are so many to choose from lol. Thanks x
  7. We are looking to ship about 6 tea cartons of belongings (mainly the kids toys and books) when we migrate in February. I have found a few names that people have used in the past but was wondering who people have used recently. Also have tried to get a quote from Seven Seas but can't get any further then the first page - has anyone one else had this problem? Many thanks for any thoughts :wink: Est
  8. Guest

    Which agent to choose

    Hi Hopefully this week we will be appointing an agent to apply for our visa. Our dilemma is we are not sure which one to pick. We have narrowed it down to two. The first one is a company called immigration 2 Oz and we are dealing with John Adams. He has quoted us £1800 plus vat for a state sponsored visa. Another company has quoted no visa no fee. Would anyone have any feedback on Immigration 2oz or used them in past ? Or has anyone used a company in the past that offered them no visa no fee. Any feedback would be welcome. Thanks
  9. Guest

    How to choose a school?

    So, if we head to Perth, we have a school sorted out. However, if we head to Brisbane, how do we go about finding a good school to send our son to? My wife wants to pick a school first, then based on that decide where to live - I'd rather see where my job is, and decide where to live / where to school from that. My wife of course will win the argument..... So, how do people go about picking a school, and making sure it's decent?
  10. Just starting process and at the minute just deciding on a state seems to be giving us problems.. We have already gone from Victoria to NSW to Perth.. How did YOU decide.. And are you glad you chose the state you did :0):jiggy:
  11. There are all different kinds of Usernames on here & throughout t'internet . Some use their own name, others something more creative or meaningful. What made you choose your Username ?
  12. I have been to NSW TAFE website: https://www.tafensw.edu.au And checked out the courses listed there . But there are just overwhelming number of courses available and I am not sure which one should I choose. Basically I will need some thing that will prepare me for formal official environments and improve my Australian English. I have found one course speically interesting. It is "Skills for Work and Training". But I can understand the difference between the two links I am mentioning below. Because they appear exactly the same except one is Certificate II (NRT) and other is Statement of Attainment (NRT) https://www.tafensw.edu.au/howex/servlet/Course?Command=GetCourse&CourseNo=9072 https://www.tafensw.edu.au/howex/servlet/Course?Command=GetCourse&CourseNo=9069
  13. Guest

    which suburb to choose?

    My husband has just been offered an amazing opportunity in Oz so we are moving to Sydney at the beginning of Oct. I was last in Sydney 10 years ago, so have no idea of the best areas to live to ensure a good education for the kids (aged 3 and 5) - any advice is welcome. We need to be fairly close to the city centre within a 30 min commute if poss. Areas I know and like are Balmain, Paddington, Surry Hills, Glebe, Bronte, Bondi - does anyone have recommendations for primary schools within these areas? I'm also looking for an area with a community feel - do any of these tick the box? We have temporary accom on arrival but I'll need to be making enquiries before I head out to ensure the mnimum gap in my 5 year old's education so help is appreciated to whittle down a short list.
  14. Harpersgirl

    How Do You Choose a Doctors Surgery?

    Have a couple of poorly kids. Nothing dire but its made me think :err: I did take one of my older ones to a close by doctors for a required medicheck for employment purposes and it was ok but am wondering how anyone else identified which surgery they wanted to register with? I've tried looking for some kind of directory but am not getting very far so any suggestions of where to look would be greatly appreciated...:wubclub:
  15. cartertucker

    How to choose a Primary School???

    I am wondering how on earth I go about choosing a Primary school for my Son (aged 8) ~ Do you go by ofsted type reports? :confused: We will be moving to WA & living NOR ~ But not 100% on which area yet :unsure:
  16. My husband has just been offered an amazing opportunity in Oz so we are moving to Sydney at the beginning of Oct. I was last in Sydney 10 years ago, so have no idea of the best areas to live to ensure a good education for the kids (aged 3 and 5) - any advice is welcome. We need to be fairly close to the city centre within a 30 min commute if poss. Areas I know and like are Balmain, Paddington, Surry Hills, Glebe, Bronte, Bondi - does anyone have recommendations for primary schools within these areas? I'm also looking for an area with a community feel - do any of these tick the box? We have temporary accom on arrival but I'll need to be making enquiries before I head out to ensure the mnimum gap in my 5 year old's education so help is appreciated to whittle down a short list.
  17. With so many options, I thought it might be interesting for people to share why they chose a particular area. I would have found this really helpful when making our decision on where to live. Maybe you have lived in a few areas...rented in one and bought in another... Please let us know if you are renting or have bought there, why you chose it...great features of the place etc....and why you moved on if you have. This is NOT a chance to bash other people's areas....just say what you like about your area, Tell us what you learnt about yourself and the area if you did move on...keep it nice though, no nasty remarks. For example, Someone posted about living bendigo recently, this made a really interesting read. You may live in a Melbourne burb, or a Victorian regional area...all really interesting info for the 'soon to move' members! For us, we settled in berwick because we wanted an affordable safe area within 30 min drive of the city on weekends. Hubby's work was to be in dandenong, so looked at about 10 areas in that vicinity. We liked the opportunity to buy a new or established house in our price range at a later date, or to go rural but still be in reach of where the kids have settled etc. We are now 1/2 an hour from the beach....used to live in walking distance...but going to the beach has now become a treat, so that's all good to us. Soon we are moving to cranbourne north as we decided we wanted to build a new house, stay near the kids schools, and have a 'lock up and go' type of house and lifestyle....more money to spend visiting the states and other countries rather than putting all our spare cash on the mortgage. That's us....what about you?QUOTE][WRAP][/WRAP]
  18. I need your advise. You know someone was trying to get an access into my online banking and now my account is blocked moreover it’s already closed. I m going to open another account but not sure what bank to choose. I feel so unsafe coz of a lot of money laundering. I just need to know maybe someone knows the way to avoid illegal entering into online banking? Have you ever used text alerts or mobile banking? What bank would you offer to open the account in? Thanks
  19. Guest

    Which route to choose??

    Hi, I'm new to the site and although have found other people's comments helpful, still need advice on my own situation please! My parents and brother moved to Oz 13 years ago and are now citizens. My sister and her family have just been granted a 457 visa as she is a mental health nurse and has a sponsor. My questions are, firstly, is there any way possible I can be sponsored by my family without being on any list? Just to clarify, I'm not on a list as I'm a teaching assistant and my husband is a construction worker/ machine driver and doesn't specifically fit into any of the professions either. And the other question I have is, if I went out and found an employer to sponsor me, do I also need to be on a list again? Or could I get a job in anything? We're looking into going over for xmas this year anyway so would it be worth doing a bit of job hunting too?? I already know we can't qualify for 'remaining relative' too as we have children. I don't know what to do and really want to be closer to my family!!:confused:
  20. I applied for 175 in November 2009 and don't have a CO yet. According to client service chart a CO will probably be dedicated to my file in the next 2-3 months. To accelerate my application, I applied for SA SS which was approved Yesterday. But, now I have no idea what to do: wait for 175 or apply for 176? Choosing 176 might accelerate my application process and increase chances of success but with 175 I'll have the chance to look for a job everywhere. I'll be happy to hear your comments
  21. How do you go about choosing an agent, do you approach by email or telephone enquiry and what questions should we ask? Do they just help with the actual vias applications, or do they also help with finding removal companies, schools, housing and can they advise on how much things will cost, what we will need to be earning per month to live reasonably, etc thanks Cal
  22. Hi everyone, Just hoping I could get some advice from a group of people who know since they have been through the process. I'm an Aussie girl who met and fell in love with an English guy on the internet about 2 years ago. He came out here last August and lived with me for 6 mths before returning home to work and his family. We know now we want to be together more than ever and are wondering which is the best way to go about it. I thought it best to apply for an intention of marriage visa so he can come out and start work straight away and after we get married apply for a spouse visa. My boyfriend thinks it is better for him to come out on a holiday visa then get married a.s.a.p and apply for a spouse visa. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance
  23. Can anyone help me with the choosing of services please? Gas Electricity Water Im in Victoria and about to move into a rental property who will set them up but worry that the companys they use wont be the cheapest/best suppliers. Thanks:biggrin:
  24. zoedan24

    which visa to choose hmmm.....

    hey all, me and my partner are travelling to auz and are yet to get our visas, time is going by and we really need to decide! he is a mechanic and is eligable for a skilled working visa, however it is a lot of money and do not want it to be wasted if we do not like it out in auz. so the current plan is to go out on a working holiday visa but this may make him less employable? i would like to know what the diffrence is between an independant skiled working visa and a sponsored visa? and in terms of price? also can partners go on skilled or sponsored visa's and do they have to have any proof of living together ect? thanks for all your help/advise. zoe xx:cute:
  25. zoedan24

    which visa to choose??

    afternoon everyone :biggrin: me and my partner are looking at coming out to auz in february 2012 but not sure what visa to get. He is eligable for a skilled working visa as a car mechanic, and from what i understand its going to cost around £2,500 for an independant skilled working visa. So we are thinking should we go for a working holiday visa so we can travel around and see if we like the auzzie lifestyle ect, or go for the skilled working visa? (we have never been to auz before). The last thing we want is to go to auz on a skilled working visa and not like it, so we would have wasted a few grand, but the option of a skilled working visa seems more secure. On the other hand, we both have no family ties eg children in the UK and are both young (21 and 23 years old). Any advise would be much appreciated :biggrin: