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Found 28 results

  1. Hi my name is Mike and my wife is called Heather and i`ve a daughter Holly-Jane and yes yet another Pom wanting to move to Auz. I`ve been thinking about it for sometime now and am thinking of starting the process of emigrating. Not really sure as to where we`ll be moving to, but thats the plus side of my job, they relocate me to where i`m needed. But i want to be able to buy my own property, send my daughter to school, have children out there, live a nice lifestyle with my wife. But what i`m unsure of is, is the Medical and dental treatment good? How about the education i hear the state schools out there are simialar to our private schools? Is living out there cheap, ie buying food, paying electri/gas/water bills, clothes, utilities etc..And finally how often do you come across deadly bugs in your home??My wife has a terrible fear of spiders, and worried our little girl would play with them. Thanks for reading my essay, but some assurance would be great.
  2. whoiam


    Just wondering aloud --adopting or fostering--which is better? has anyone done either?
  3. Hi me and my partner who is American citizen is decided to get married in mid next year , I know I can apply for prospective marriage visa for him to come here get marry and then apply for spouse visa for him to stay here but then I wanted to know can he come with the visitor visa ( which we don't have to wait and less hassle) then get marry after the marriage apply for spouse visa without trouble for him not leaving the country ? Thanks
  4. Hi, this is my first post on here although i have been raking through the threads on and off for about 3 days trying to weigh up the pros and cons of different Visa options and i cant quite Decide/fathom it out, below i will explain my situation and would be greatfull for some advice or if anyone knows of a suitable thread already discussing this that i cannot see, thanks, Well Im b Born and bred british 26 years old, Male. Im Single and im a first Class Metal Machinist to trade (on the SOL Schedule 1) and have been for just over 10 years. I have no dependent children. Also my father lives out in Oz and last year became a citizen and so will sponsor me if need be, not sure if it makes any difference but i have already been in Oz for the one year working holiday visa 4 years ago. Im now left with the choices of 175, 176, and 475, my ability to gain points seems okay due to my age and skills but im just not sure which visa will be best/fastest/easiest to at least start the ball rolling on, as far as i can make out i have the choice of all 3, Any input/advice would be greatly appreciated Regards, Lydon :confused:
  5. WonnaBeInWA

    Is this the right choice?

    Hi All. My girlfriend wants to study nursing. She has tried countless access to higher education courses over here in the UK. all of these have been cancelled for various reasons, but mainly because the other students are dropping out. So this year she decided that she was gonna do normal college with the school leavers hoping so would get to finish a course unlike the past 3 attempts. She got accepted on to the courses she wanted to do. A couple of weeks later we found out she was pregnant so we informed the college of this, they weren't best pleases and removed her off the course. We have had no luck at other colleges due to her being pregnant. We have given up on the British education system and decided to try for Australia because this was our goal. She applied for a college in Perth and within 2 days got a reply saying she been granted a place starting in April 2012. This isn't a problem because our second child is due in December. With this the college asked would she like to reply to any uni's and they could help. Within 2 weeks she got 2 conditional offers. Starting January 2013! We know the College course is gonna cost us about $17.5k and then university around $22k a year for 3/4 years plus the money we need go show for living cost to get the visa granted. Do we need the $35k it says we need if we are planning on living with family? My family have said we can live them for as long as we need rent free (just buy or own food). So do we really need that much?? We won't have the money for uni before we leave this country so hoping to save for it whilst we are working. Do people who have experienced this think this is possible?? Sorry about the stupidly long thread.
  6. Nine in 10 expats think they made the right choice in moving from the UK, which may be in part because of the austerity measures - backed this week by the International Monetary Fund - which are causing financial pain to many in Britain. The mood around the world is mixed, and the perception of future economic growth varies dramatically. For example, expats in China, Australia and the UAE are very confident about their financial future, according to the NatWest International Personal Banking fourth annual Quality of Life Index, with 96 per cent of expats in China expecting strong economic growth. In contrast, those in European countries fear a much slower economic recovery. Europe is still subject to far greater economic concerns than countries elsewhere, with the bail-outs of Greece, Ireland and Portugal all combining to cause concern. Spain has not asked for help to shore up its economy, but there are still fears that this could happen. Dave Isley, head of NatWest International Personal Banking, said: “It is encouraging to see that expats express self-assurance about their ability to triumph over the recessionary pressures which are causing uncertainty and cutbacks in many multi-national businesses. There is a marked difference in optimism between those expats based in Europe and those based elsewhere. “However, it is encouraging to see that despite these variations, the majority of expats present a reasonably confident view of their situation and future prospects.” Related Articles British expats say quality of life higher than at home 21 Apr 2010 New Zealand is 'best destination for expats' 17 Jun 2009 Expats say Canada is best place to live 20 Apr 2011 Retired expats ‘happy with their life abroad’ 29 Aug 2010 Moving abroad can 'give you better perspective' 04 Aug 2010 Eight out of 10 expats happy with their move, says survey 20 Dec 2007
  7. AUSTRALIAN retailers must explain why they charge huge mark-ups on products that cost half as much from overseas internet companies, consumer group Choice says. And global companies with a presence in Australia prevent local customers taking advantage of cheaper prices offered on their overseas websites, it says. It comes after a study yesterday found retailers were marking up products by as much as 142 per cent unbeknownst to shoppers, with clothing and shoes the most expensive of the lot. In its submission to the Productivity Commission's retail inquiry, Choice says the strong Australian dollar should enable local retailers to pass on savings to their customers. It has found that the same pair of Nike running shoes costs $240 at a major Australian sports retailer while consumers can buy the same shoes for $134 from an online store based in the US. Choice says the top 12 music albums cost 73 per cent more if purchased from the Australia iTunes store instead of the US iTunes store. But Australians are barred from using US iTunes. The popular video game Portal 2 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 costs 91 per cent more from a major Australian online retailer than from a website based in Asia. "There are too many examples, from white goods to motorcycles and TVs to video games, where we pay more," Choice campaigns director Christopher Zinn said in a statement. "It's up to those in the supply chain here in Australia to justify why this is the case. "Importers and retailers should not cry foul if consumers chase better prices, wherever they may be.... Last December, big retailers such as Harvey Norman, Borders, Target and David Jones waged a campaign against the $1000 GST-free threshold for retail products purchased overseas. They labelled it unfair and argued it would cost jobs. The National Retail Association representing 3700 small shops followed suit. The debate urged the Federal Government to announce a Productivity Commission inquiry into the future of Australia's retail industry. Choice said overseas retailers offered better prices, better service and a much larger range of products. Eliminating the GST-free threshold would do nothing to dissuade Australian customers from continuing to enjoy big savings from buying online. Choice also attacked global retailers with a presence in Australia for preventing the use of Australian credit cards on their overseas sites. "We are challenging global corporations to drop the artificial technological barriers used to block competitive prices online, such as those affecting software and music downloads," Mr Zinn said. "There is no reason why Australians should pay more than consumers in comparable countries for digitally delivered items like software." The Productivity Commission has been asked to report on the current structure, performance and efficiency of the retail sector and the broader issues contributing to the increase in online purchasing by Australian consumers. May 27th 2011
  8. I have recently accepted a job in the Gold Coast, the office is in Helensvale. My partner and I are in a dilemma for a number of reasons and are really confused as to what to do. I'm British but have been living in Singapore for almost 4 years, my partner is Singaporean. I've accepted a position for around 90k before deductions. After calculating tax & outgoings for each month for everything we can think of, it seems we're left with about 1k a month for generally stuff and trips etc,. I know it will be less than that as there is always things we can't account for without experience. We decided to move for a better life but it actually seems like we may be in the same position or probably a little worse off than we are here in Singapore, of course there are other benefits like less crowded, less stressful etc. I'd just like to get an opinion perhaps from other people living there under the same kind of package or at least can advise on whether they think its doable comfortably. We're both in our mid-late twenties and don't live a lavish lifestyle, it would be nice to have a nice little one bed to come back home to, maybe somewhere where we can sip a cold beer on the balcony after work, we were looking at places so far for around $300-$350 a week. we're also bringing our kitten which makes things even harder! We're also both worried that my partner won't be able to find a job. Obviously we don't mind struggling for a while and supporting ourselves on one income source, but it worries us that she may never get a job. Shes a graphic/multimedia designer with only around 2 years work experience. We're thinking to live somewhere around Labrador / Hope Island / Helensvale where she can access the train for jobs in South Brisbane as she doesn't drive. The right location for us is also a worry. We both like a laugh but don't really want to be landed in Surfers having to wade through the drunken louts every night or stuck in some sleazy condo full of loud partying holiday makers. We're making the move on a shoe string budget, pretty much putting all we have into the cost of the move so we're at a big crossroads now and are both pretty stressed :-D Thanks in advance for any comments, we both appreciate any comments. We have crawled the online forums for information over the last few weeks but decided it might be good to post in case anyone is in a similar situation or has some advice!! Ade
  9. I read posts all the time claming one Country is better that the other all the time on PIO, we have debates on who has the greatest crime rate, who has the cheapest food and commodities , we are so lucky that we have countries that most people in the world would give their right are to get into. I love both Countries but admit I do retaliate when I see so many posts knocking the UK all the time with any bad news at every opportunity which I respond to saying things are just as bad in Oz which gets me negative response from a lot of members……think about it…we have the choice of two fantastic Countries that are the envy of 90% ot the world…let’s try and get on with it and celebrate 2 fantastic Countries. lets stop this tiit for tat folks.
  10. George Lombard

    ACS Insights on Occupation Choice

    After some discussion with ACS about a lack of transparency in processing of skills assessments, particularly from onshore graduates, the following (which has been negotiated with ACS as a general statement of principle) might be helpful: ACS Assessment of Recent Graduates 1. The Problem. Recent Graduates must nominate an ANZSCO occupation code against which they want their qualification assessed. These codes are, by definition, related to skills which are expected to be possessed by those working in the nominated occupations. Recent Graduates who have not worked in those occupations cannot demonstrate that they have acquired those skill in a practical environment. What they need to do is to demonstrate to the Assessor that the knowledge which they have acquired in their degree would enable them to work at an entry level in their nominated occupation. Choosing a code related to an occupation which an Assessor would normally consider would need some practical experience to attain – 135111 Chief Information Officer is an obvious example – is not likely to succeed. 2. How much of a degree needs to be “closely related” to the chosen occupation? The criterion used by the Assessors is that at least 65% of the number of units needed to constitute an ICT Major in the degree need to be closely related to the nominated occupation. For a typical 24 unit Bachelor degree, this translates to 5 closely related units. For a Master degree with an ICT Major and which has a prerequisite of an undergraduate degree also with an ICT Major, 2 units will need to be closely related to the nominated occupation. For a Master degree with an ICT Major which does not have a prerequisite of an undergraduate degree with an ICT Major, 5 units will need to be closely related to the nominated occupation 3. Which ANZSCO codes are the safest choices? For graduates of Information Systems Business Systems types of degrees, there would normally be enough relevant units to satisfy 261112 Systems Analyst. These would typically be named Systems Analysis, Systems Design, Database Organisation or similar. For graduates of Computer Science types of degrees, there may be sufficient Systems units as above to satisfy 261112 Systems Analyst and units in the areas of software development to satisfy 261312 Developer Programmer. Software units would typically be named Program Design, Software Engineering, Data Structures or similar. Graduates with both systems and software units should satisfy 261311 Analyst Programmer. For graduates with technology or engineering degrees, there would typically be units related to hardware and network operation which would satisfy one of the 2631xx codes. 4. How strictly are the codes assessed? The Assessors have said that there are not specific units which are prerequisites for specific codes. Many degrees may have sufficient units to be suitable for more than one ANZSCO code. However, the choice of code must be realistic. It is unlikely that a degree in Network Engineering will succeed if the occupation choice is 261112 Systems Analyst. In a working situation, an ICT Business Analyst would be expected to have had some practical experience in the analysis, design and operation of business systems in a working ICT environment and an Assessor may be reluctant to approve 261111 ICT Business Analyst as a suitable code for a graduate without any such experience. It is important to choose a code which is related to the subjects comprising the degree, not one for the career which the ultimate goal of the graduate and may need some working experience to satisfy. Any further constructive feedback would be gratefully accepted. Cheers, George Lombard
  11. Guest

    which visa?? to much choice

    hi all, heres where i stand, i have recently fell in love with an australian lady,(who lives near brisbane) and we plan to marry at some point in the near future, she has just flew over here to the uk for a week but sadly just gone back , i am planning on moving to oz to live with her as soon as i can with my 8 year old son, thought about the pmv visa but she going through a divorce so no good. i am 42 and self employed as a plasterer and have been for 6 years , but have no qualifications , so do i go for a skilled independent visa ( before change in july) or try and get a sponsor for work, but thats not that easy also will have my son so will that make things harder to get in, my house is up for sale so will be taking lot of money into oz with me, and will be staying with my oz g/f and buying a house together will be going for a visit for a month in april and need to get a holiday visa for that, but will that visa affect any other visa's i apply for, so to sum it up, i want to get to oz with my boy to live with my girl friend asap and start up my own business or will work for someone, any help appreciated cheers chris
  12. Guest

    Is Choice A Bad Thing.

    Hi All. Having a laugh really, so. I am fortunate enough to have Virgin cable media at home, in truth I only got it for the documentaries, sport and nature, but in the same package came a whole host of other channels. So there I was channel hopping last night and thought I would take a look at some of the other programmes on. Amongst them were: Help, I Can't Stop Masturbating'. The Twenty Stone Ulcer. My Child Eats Worms. Cross Dressing, Fact Or Fiction. Penis Envy. The 21st Girls Guide To Oral Sex. Will I ever Achieve Orgasm. I Breast Feed My Seven Year Old Daughter. Now, I'm all for choice. And you could say a lot of the above programmes do indeed educate and inform those interested, AND there is an off button. But I was amazed at some of the show titles. I must admit I stayed tuned to Penis Envy for far too long and went to bed feeling rather inadequate, :biglaugh::biglaugh:. But I suppose at the end of the day people do watch these programmes other wise they wouldn't be made would they? And if I was honest, I would have to say I have to have a sneaky look, just to 'educate' myself of course.:wubclub::embarrassed: So who else can't resist a quick shoofty? Cheers Tony.:wink:
  13. Guest

    Tafe choice in Brisbane

    Hello Everyone - This is my 1st post and was hoping I could get some info from you kind folk. I'm looking to come over to Brisbane to study Horticulture in February. It's not for residency purposes as I know it's off the modl list. I was recently made redundant so I've decided on a career change as I'm still young, and have loved Brisbane from my previous holidays there. My problem is.... which Tafe to choose between Brisbane North or Metropolitan South? Does anyone, living in Bribane or previously studied at either, know of their reputations or standards? Hope anyone can help Paddy
  14. Guest

    Clarification on visa choice.

    I my of asked this question before but with all the changes going on I wanted to check if we still had any options. In April 09 we applied for a 176 family sponsored visa as a project administrator, in March 2010 we were granted WA state sponsorship as off list nominations for a temporary visa 457. we didn't apply for the temporary visa as we didn't see any benefit at the time and then there was the hold on any of that catagory applications to be made. Regardless of what we do now we have a long wait ahead of us but I wan to know are we still able to use our state sponsorship and would it help or would we be waiting just as long? Thanks
  15. We've had a few shippers in now, and Robinson's are looking the cheapest but we don't necessarily want to choose on cost alone. Has anyone used Robinson... What you're experience? Also, I've read on all the quotes we've had that these do not include any customs charges at Oz. What is this for? How much can we expect to have to pay as hidden costs on top of the shipping? Also, I've been looking at options for shipping some excess bags via air to get their quicker. (work clothes mainly). I reckon 3-4 standard tea chests. I've had prices ranges from £300-£900. Anyone got any recommendations on this front? thanks in advance. Andy
  16. noel2538

    was it the right choice?

    Hi Allbodies:wubclub: Why do I feel like Ive jumped from a plane only to discover half way down that I left the parashoot on the plane???? We've been in Oz nearly 9 months...sold house in UK, both left jobs, left family and friends and lovely neighbours...left my eldest daughter in UK and took my youngest with us...bought the dog and spent money and had loads of stress and for what? I really dont know at the moment...my daughter is settled but my hubby has a job but they treat him like hes stupid, only been a welder for over 20 years!!!! Ive started in Tupperware which has got me out and meeting people.....a good thing. But Im getting so stressed and worried about our future here.....we just have less income coming in and more expensives going out....its a nightmare!!!! We've bought land here with our equity from UK house but the bank took three months to give us the funds to build. Now the builder is working at a snails pace...we have to pay rent plus all the bills that are now coming in for our new house...I just cant see how we'll be able to pay both the rent and the mortgage!!!! Alot of things are more expensive than the UK and then some things cheaper...Im just so stressed that my IBS is really bad...Im so miserable and keep crying...Ive been through divorce and bereavement and feel this is so much worse. I feel I dont have any options....cant go back to UK, couldnt even buy same house as before...job wise theres nothing....so Ive got to stay here...with no family or friend support...sorry I just feel so awful!!! ...I just dont feel settled.... Debbie
  17. Just seen Boddingtons Bitter for sale in First Choice, Helensvale, in the UK beer section, just over $13 for 4 cans. Never seen it before (though maybe they stock it everywhere and I've just not seen it!) Nice New Year treat maybe! Jo
  18. Thinkig of moving to Freemantle, pros and cons please folks! Thanks! :biggrin:
  19. Hello, everyone, hope I can get some informed advice. My husband is on the second 417(work Holiday) visa. He is young 24 and a trade qualified boilermaker/welder.He is british I am older, 35 ,(cougar I know!,I know!)and am a tattoo artist.and canadian. we are in the process of starting a tattoo studio out in brisbane. i have been living in asia( he commuted when he was off work), and only moved here in march, on a 3 mo.tourist eta at the mo here is our dilemma. My husband has worked offshore in oil and gas and lived out in perth and regional wa for the last 18 months. he was going to be sponsoerd by his employer last december, and then we were ging to apply indepedanlty for pr for him, and then bang! he broke his arm offshore. needless to say, the employer didnt want to sponsor him since he would be off work for quite some time. so, we spent all our savings while we fought for work cover, and didnt have the money to put to pr. it was tough and scary times. he went back to work in april, and we are doing ok again, but dont have much savings! his 417 expires in october , and i need to get the right to work asap so we can get the shop up and running. now, we are trying to figure out our best option to get this happening. he cant seem to find another sponsor for 457, and probably wont , as in his work they normally work for many employers as contracts come and go , and none of these kinds of companies want to sponsor. i was told by immi that its taking up to 15 months for pr, and we dont have that time.... so, basically, our shop is in brisbane, we are renovating now, and we live above it. but my husband works out of wa, and keeps a post box in perth, and uses perth for all his correspondance. he is in the metal fabricator/boilermaker classification on the sol and modl.we dont want to move regionally as i wont be able to ply my trade there. also we have friends and ties in brisbane. im so worried, as our whole life is here now, and the thought of having to leave oz and our business and our life is making me sick, and actually making me freeze up on what the right course of action is. we went back to the uk when his arm was really bad, and it was so scary and depressing there because of the economy, we couldnt go back again. please , if this isnt to convoluted and confusing of a story, could someone please advise? 1.do we have a chance to get a skilled sponsored pr visa from wa before october? 2.would we have to actually live in wa once it was approved? 3.could we use the post box to apply or would we need an address physically? 4.if so do we have a hope in brisbane, queensland? 5.is it only reginal state sponsorship thats being fast tracked or all state sponsorship? 6. would this be an onshore application or offshore? 7. how long is state sponsorship taking? 8.would he be eligible for a briding visa if neccessary? or........is our only hope the 457? thank you for your replies
  20. Hi! Am new to all this... I am a Primary School Teacher and my partner is a Banker, but a secondary school teacher by qualification and he speaks fluent Spanish too - gets me the 5 extra points there for community languages!!! We are looking at moving to WA as our first choice as we have a number of expat friends who live in metro. WA I am at the moment trying to work out whether it is worth employing a migration company help fill in forms for migration or not. What do you think - is it worth it, or shall we do it by ourselves?? Also - reading through your threads - I am a tad confoosed... Right, can we apply for the 175 skilled independent visa - and if we don't get it they AUTOMATICALLY put you in for the 176 skilled sponsored visa or are they 2 very separate visa applications? Having completed the initial points asessment, I have 125 points and my partner 120 points - I guess then it is worth going for the SIV? Last thing is - any teachers in WA.... Can you advise the process for becoming "qualified" to teach in WA schools? I understand it is: have your visa accepted, apply to WACOT for license - then what? Thank you to all who read and an even bigger thank you to those who can help this MINEFIELD! To those of you who have done it, reassure m it is not that difficult!!! Thanx xx :wacko:
  21. Ive been trawling through the related threads on here and still really confused. I was told that I was required to take out PHI by my employer who has sponsored me on a 457 visa. 1. Do ALL 457 people need to have PHI? - I think the answer is yes? 2. If I dont sort it till I get there, will this cause problems at airport? i.e. Do you have to proove you have cover at arrivals? The next problem I have is on the cover to choose. I do not understand if I need to get Overseas Health Cover (also called Visitors Cover I think) OR am I allowed to get the same policies (which are much cheaper) that residents of Australia apply for? Then the next hurdle was which PHI. I did some research on here and at the moment its between: Australian Health Plans - think its around $750 for years basic cover Australian Unity - $230 / quarter for basic cover Exfin - $787 per year for basic cover Now all of the above are quotes for specific 457 people which says to me that you need to take one of these expensive quotes. However ive seen other threads in the forum where 457 people have been fine on getting standard cover for lot cheaper. Would really appreciate some help on this.
  22. Hi We have been looking at Perth as our destination but I've been doing some research on Brisbane tonight and quite like what I see. So with the following factors what would you do :err: 1. H is a Drainer, also training as bricklayer 2. I work in IT Support 3. We have 2 young daughters aged 5 and 2 so will be after good schools, recreation choices etc Thanks in advance
  23. Im hoping this works! We have found the process in choosing where to go very difficult. We know that we want a more relaxed lifestyle for our family with a warmer climate and generally happier. My OH is a bricklayer so Jobs are limited in NZ but better in OZ. I am a childcare worker/family support worker so can work in schools or community. We have 2 children aged 9 and 11 and my mother who will join us when possible. Anyhow I just wondered where you would live given the choice. Please if you can give your reasons why I am just interested in other peoples point of view! ps I hope the poll works click the link below Where would you choose. Where would you choose
  24. Mike@Bonbeach

    Choice of Satnav's.???.

    Hi everybody Now that we're settled in we are thinking of investing in a Satnav to go touring around Oz. We've been to few places to look at them and they all seem to be much the same. Does anyone have any idea of which ones are the best, ie easiest to use :wacko: , or which ones to avoid?. Looking to spend around $400-$500. Would appreciate any suggestions. Not particularly bothered about options such as bluetooth, just something to get us from A to B. Ta Mike.
  25. Guest

    Too much choice

    :huh: Me and my family want to emigrate to the great land down under. Perth area. Looking through the internet there are so many migration agencies who all offer the same sort of help, but i am not quite sure which one to choose. Can anyone offer any advise. I have done lots of online assesments and spoken to a few agents but i need to be pointed in the right direction. Many thanks Alfie.