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Found 12 results

  1. if you miss good old fish and chips go to kingsley drive fish and chip shop in kingsley north of perth i was sick of geting crap bater on me fish, the mushy peas are lush ask for scraps or bits and they dont look at you as if your daft as well english owned carnt beat it .:yes:
  2. sandyhex

    Gold coast fish n chips

    To all you Gold Coast POI members. Do you ever fancy good ole English Fish n Chips? well you can have them, Try BROADWATER PARK SEAFOOD MARINE PARADE SOUTHPORT Open 8.30am-7.30pm 7 days Serves only Fresh Fish and proper Spuds (chip them themselves) Cod n Chips wrapped in paper $7.50 Cajun Barramundi $11.00 Best Burgers on Gold Coast also fresh sandwiches and baguettes made by Mel my Sister in law A few doors up BICYCLE WORLD MARINE PARADE for new, repairs and spares, services carried out by my Brother Stephen Give them both a try meet 2 more very friendly Brits. Purely for feedback if you go to either mention PIO. Both Stephen & Mel are employed at these business's not owners, have been on Gold Coast since December 2008 and loving it. Sandy
  3. Guest

    Fish & Chips

    Anyone know whats happened with the british fish and chip shop that used to be on stud road, dandenong? or does anyone else know where another one is ? please help :arghh:
  4. G'day all New to this site, but would like to let everyone know about me British Style fish and chip shop for those in the Melbourne area. I am ex Yorkshire (Bradford) bored with life and crap fish and chips, about 4 months ago, started me own chippie at 30 Stud Road, Dandenong, Vic 9794 6451. If you like good fish and chips, pop in and say ello. I have ordered North Sea Haddock and Cod, but don't hold your breath, I am no Harry Ramsdens, so the order may not be big enough for me small chippie/cafe. Their are tables for 14, with HP and malt vinegar as you would expect. Tables can be reserved, and I should have a BYO license soon. Everything is fresh, nothing pre cooked or frozen, with such goodies as Yorkshire fish cakes, mushy peas, haggis and black pudding, English pork pies, pickled eggs, gammon steaks and lots of other stuff. I am also looking for a business partner, so if if you, or anybody you know is looking for some easy work, making millions in the first year and retire in the second, give me a call, or pop in. Open hours are 4 - 9 pm Tues to Fri and 12 - 9 pm Sat - Sun. A good sense of humour will help :-) Cheers Vic
  5. Guest

    Curry vs Fish and Chips

    I don't mind a curry but can't really see how it achieved preferred takeaway meal status in the UK. I like the Malay type biryanis, so many varieties to choose from I suppose. But fish and chips is something else. I've had a few feeds in the UK, certainly the best I've tried. In Australia it's mainly cooked by Greeks, some of whom don't do a bad job. In my opinion it's the best take out meal.
  6. Guest

    To many chips,,,,,,,,

    Two years in and over it ,any one else been there. Over it after two years ,seems to me that there are to many people with to many chips ,any one else been there , :idea: Was going to put this in ctf ,but ...... Is this a 2 year thing ?. Gone off the ozzies in the last few weeks tbo.
  7. Guest

    Fish and Chips - help

    I have been here four years and truely love the place - we now live in Carina having got our PR in July - pool, spa the lot ! However what i miss more than anything is a good british fish and chip shop . Although i think the aussie fish and chips is ok (( I aint a conosseur)I miss british chips( well scottish actually ) and battered fish. Anyone found a place in Brisbane environs ( i will travel to quell the cravings !)that does a British fish and chips. If not then there is a huge opportunity for someone
  8. hedgehog

    Best fish chips qld

    I hate Australian chippies, frozen chips and no fish I like. If your like me then check out real chips and imported fish from uk at chumleywarners in Bridgedale. British fish andchips it was worth the hour drive to get there. Highly reccommended
  9. Guest

    Fish and Chips request!!!

    Anyone in Victoria know where I can get some good fish and chips??? somewhere out there must make chips on site rather than the frozen ones that seem to be used in all chip shops. I have been here 4 years and looked everywhere. I went looking for the British chip shop in Dandenong but it had shut!!! also went to Sorrento looking for dlish fish after reading about it on this forum, but there was a chip shop of a different name in the place where it was supposed to be and surprise surprise frozen chips :cry: I did have cod for the first time in years when I was in QLD last year, but again frozen chips lol If someone could come up with a chippy in Victoria that makes there own chips, and has vinegar I would be a very happy chap. and if they also sold cod and mushy peas my life would be complete
  10. Australia has a reputation for being a healthy, sport loving nation, so why on earth are there are so many fast food restaurants over here? There seems to be more 'Maccy D's', Red Roosters, Hungry Jacks, Chooks, Chicken Treats and KFK's per square inch in the suburbs of Perth than there are houses. Some main roads are like the junk food equivalent of the Vegas strip. It's made even worse by the constant advertising as well. Every other advert on TV has some dopey looking guy on top of a crane enjoying his 'wrap and a cap'. We're told that McDonald's is the only place you should get your breakfast, Hungry Jacks is the perfect solution for lunch and the Red Rooster is the best place to buy your Sunday roast.. what happened to buying a bird and cooking it yourself? It's an accepted fact that lots of parents in the UK are now getting away with murder, but I was hoping it wouldn't be the same here. It's a pity the Australian government aren't focusing on the problem of obesity a little bit more. The Biggest Loser aside, there doesn't seem to be much on TV to tackle the issue. The GB govt may have some rather far-fetched and ludicrous ways of trying to find a solution, but I guess at least something is being done. Nicola Roxon (the Australian Health Minister) is trying to phase out junk-food advertising on television before 9pm, but lets be serious that will never happen. What on earth would they fill the airwaves with? More car ads? Perhaps they should start by showing the food how it really is, instead of the plumped up version they like to portray. I used to do the advertising for McDs, and trust me, that ain't real food you're looking at! From what I have seen on trips over East, even Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane didn't seem as bad as Perth for fast food restaurants, and friends who visited from Sydney were shocked at the amount of places over here. Is the East coast different to Perth, or has the country been completely been taken over by chicken nuggets and chips?! Of course I expect some comments to fly back telling me I shouldn't let my kids watch any TV or it's up to me what I feed them - true and it is. But advertising goes way beyond just the TV, and my kids should be so lucky as to even get a sniff of a chicken nugget! :twitcy:
  11. Lynandsean

    British style fish and chips

    Don't know why but have got a hankering for british style fish and chips! don't get me wrong, I love what the aussies dish up but just got a fancy for some! Does anyone know of one on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane or up on the Sunshine Coast? that's worth a visit? Lyn x
  12. Guest

    Fish & Chips!!