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Found 10 results

  1. Carpenters required in Melbourne for full time work on a permanent basis. Tools & vehicle supplied. Sub-contractors welcome to apply. Previous stair experience preferable, however comprehensive on the job training is provided. https://www.seek.com.au/job/35193877?type=standout&userqueryid=18d8ffed992cce8258cab2e129acbfa4-4558356
  2. amibovered

    That chippy in Mornington

    the one run by the Brit, what's it called? we'll be passing through next week and I fancy some fish & chips :biggrin:
  3. Still waiting for my tools to come over by boat atm,so pretty much stuck getting a proper carpenters job.So in the mean time im looking for any type of work,labouring,maintenance,gardening.Can turn my hand to most things,been in construction for over 20 years and a carp by trade and a gyprock installer as well. And yes b4 anyone asks i have sent off tons on jop apps,must be the wrong time of year i guess cause no replies as of yet. oh btw incase anyone wondering this is miss kittyboo's husband :biggrin:
  4. Guest

    Best British Chippy in OZ

    Hey, If anyone is in Brisbane for whatever reason you must swing by Chumley Warners British fish and chips . They are absoluley DELICIOUS !! The bloke who runs it is from Yorkshire and he had all his fryers shipped over from Birmingham. There is a fantastic menu which includes cod and haddock, pickled eggs and all of those british favourites, its definatley a taste from home - yum !:smile:
  5. hi iam simon and new on this site heard mixed stories about the work front can any one help
  6. Guest

    chippy's in Perth

    Hi everyone, we have just joined. Can you please tell us what work is available in Perth for a carpenter. What hours and pay is please, is it day or price work?. We are thinking of emigrating but with 5 children is a big decision if no work available. Thanks Brian.
  7. Guest

    Bon voyage chippy 2 good luck

    Have a good trip chippy 2 ,i will miss your well worded posts ,and threads. Your mature advice ,and unbaisesed attitute to your experiences in australia ,is very refressing ,and informative,even when provoked from certain quarters.so good luck, and keep us all updated on your new adventures.cheers mate ,and thanks for our time together.
  8. Hi, have read a couple of threads recently that have worried me... Looking to come out to QLD on a 176 visa, chippy is still on the CSL list, but is there a shortage of work? What are the chances of finding workout there? Work is looking very bleek in the UK i have not been able to find work here for 3 weeks Jake
  9. chippy2

    chippy 2 on tv

    :notworthy:hia eveyone,strange things have happened to me lately,i have been approached by a well known prime time television programme wanting to know my experiances of moving to this great land only to find out that the so called critical skills list and the vast amount of uk tradies needed here is absoulute complete rubbish,lots of friends in the uk say there are loads of expo on all around the country saying australia is crying out for skilled trades when there is no jobs available for us who are already here.i think personally these people are scum offering false hope to uk trades to pack up,sell houses etc and to come over here to the land of opportunites.they are trying to cash in on this recession,but dont care whos lives they destroy so long as they get your money.just wondered especially from other trades if they feel cheated like i feel as i will tell my experiances of life here and all the crap you have to go throug eveyday,ie the licence route,agencys advertising none existance jobs,high rents brougth on by immigration,very bad driving standards,aussies that try to make us brits feel second class and above all no decent curry houses hahaaha:goofy:
  10. Hey all! Been a while since I last posted, hello! Ok so I'm going to O zin Jan on a temp WHV, The plan is to 'try before you buy' We all know the cost's involved in moving to O z so this way work's good for me! Anyway, I'm a carpenter trained to NVQ2 level & was hoping to work in Sydney in my trade, I am sitting the H&S test's (IE green card) when I arrive & plan to do domestic work. I understand that I cannot do any construction work untill I have my NVQ/AFQ3. Has anyone or is anyone working on a green card? Just after some info really, what work I can / can't do etc & any info from peeps who are in the same situation Cheers!! Paul.