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Found 6 results

  1. Well I have, at long last found a good British Fish and Chip Shop in Cairns. He does a pommie special, fish, chips and mushy peas for $10 and you can even have batter bits. They do a great curry sauce as well.
  2. Firstly I know that news is a 24/7/365 animal, and in as much it is evolving on a second by second basis, no news item stays in our mindsets for too long, as I said the news is an animal that constantly morphs and changes, much as us, and headlines from one day to the other are bound to be different. Maybe its a boredom thing, where if we are not fed constant updates about TOTALLY different things then we become ever so slightly restless and say such things as, 'Oh no, not again'. Maybe its me, overanalysing again, always looking for the perfect world, blah, blah, blah, and I hold my hands up that this may be the case. And if I am totally honest, what I find interesting may well be the most boring subject on the face of the earth for someone else, BUT. I just think that in this media crazy world we do miss certain certain things because they are not broadcast enough, often enough, or the particular story may in some people opinions have a 'shelf' life, as most things do. And I wholly admit that if we really wanted to we could delve into the internet and find what we are looking for about certain issues that interest us, but to me this isn't good enough. I fully admit that we are interested in all aspects of news, celebs, sport, politics, funny, sad, the list is endless. But there are certain issues that I think should take precedence on a daily basis in order tho keep them at the forefront of our minds. The biggy for me is the war/conflict in Afghanistan, particularly when a young soldier has lost his life, surely this takes precedence over Ryan Giggs, Jordan or the X Factor winners and losers. I am sick to the back teeth of seeing a news 'report' (more often a snippet) often fifth or sixth in the running order of the news of a young servicemans/womens life being lost in the most terrible way in a foreign land. Or the murder of a person in the most horrible way being relegated to a place in the news following a 'report' on the latest scandal surrounding a 'celeb' or 'icon' of our times,:mad:, I think I have mentioned this sort of thing before, so excuse me if I am boring you (not all at once please,:biglaugh:) but I happen to believe that if certain issues are not raised on a DAILY basis then as human beings we tend to forget what is happening around us on the more serious issues. Sorry if this is coming over as a rant but since the beginning of the year 18 service personal (thats just the ones we are allowed to know about) have lost their lives in Afghanistan, and in the last two weeks two service personnel lost their lives in hostilities. Unfortunately these events took place during a 'busy' news period where Ryan Giggs got caught out and the X Factor was taking place, in so much the deaths of these two service personnel received no more than a couple of seconds on ANY news channel/paper,:mad:. And can anyone name (without googling) the soldiers concerned,:no:. Other issues that should be paramount are the Haiti earthquake, how are things going on out there? The troubles in the middle east where thousands of people are sacrificing their lives on a DAILY basis in order to try and gain freedom from despots and dictators. I know I am boring, I really do, but it just seems to me as of late we seem to have our priorities all mixed up, and surely if the press 'purport' to reflect what we are interested in as a nation then what does this say about us,:shocked::mad:. OK, rant over and I realise I have banged on again about something that may seem bloody inane and boring, but there you go, made me feel better.:yes: EDITED TO ADD. I don't think they use old newspapers to wrap fish and chips now do they? They tend to use that horrible white paper, so the title of this thread could be misleading, and lets face it, fish and chips from a newspaper can't be 'battered', (sorry couldn't resist) Cheers Tony.:wink:
  3. Who said Britain isn't multi-cultural. Fish and chip shops accused of selling Vietnamese cobbler as cod - Times Online
  4. Hi Folks, I'm looking for some help and advice on were best to open or buy the best Fish and chip shop you ever saw, Mushy peas and a great line of homemade batters for seafood etc. Looking to live somewhere close to a paragliding site within reach of the Ocean to live and work, Cheers JC
  5. gail39

    chip butties!!!

    doctor told me my cholestrol is high and I MUST NOT EAT BUTTER ON MY BREAD!!! NO MORE CHIP BUTTIES FOR ME THEN:nah:
  6. Ello I am seeking a business partner for me new British Style fish and chip shop/cafe. You don't need experience, but must enjoy people, and be prepared to learn. Not a big cash outlay, as it's still early days. My Dandenong shop is growing slowly, and good systems are in place. My general plan is to find a partner I can train, and set up another shop/cafe in a different area. This may be bayside or in another good suburb. If your interested you can email me at vicz@dodo.com.au or phone the shop on 9794 6451 4-9 Tues - Fri and 12 - 9 Sat - Sun. Now, if your really wealthy, we can buy Harry Ramsdens, it's for sale at 25 million squid, a bargain for the 32 shops :-) Cheers Vic