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Found 21 results

  1. Hi everyone ~ We wanted to put together an overview of where the AU$, GB£ and major currencies currently stand 6-months post-pandemic lockdown. As always, feel free to give us a call/email if we can help with any more in-depth numbers and conversation. www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/whats-been-happening-in-the-currency-markets-since-the-arrival-of-the-pandemic/
  2. Chinese state media has issued a "red alert" advising students not to enrol in Australian universities after a series of public accusations that Canberra was delaying visas for politically motivated reasons. Many Chinese students and scholars have said that their Australian visa applications have been taking "oddly long" since 2015, with most of those affected from an engineering or technology background. "Australia thinks we are academic spies, or that there is some kind of grand conspiracy behind us," one student said. "Isn't that ridiculous? We just want to go there to study. It's not that complicated at all." Earlier this month, the China Scholarship Council under the Chinese Education Ministry also alerted students that "in order to avoid unnecessary losses caused by Australian visa applications, we'd like to remind students going to Australia to make plans in advance". "Research Australian visa policies, and carefully choose the country and institution you want to study in," it added. The accusation of delays in processing visa applications follows an increase in tensions between the two nations. Last October, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop issued a blunt warning to Chinese university students affiliated with the Communist Party, urging them to respect freedom of speech in Australia. China also reacted furiously to proposed foreign interference laws, accusing the Australian Government of making "irresponsible" comments which have hurt "political mutual trust", after Australia unveiled the biggest overhaul of espionage and intelligence laws in decades amid growing concerns over international interference in Australia. The Global Times, a state-owned Chinese newspaper, recently blamed the "anti-China rhetoric" in Australia for the prolonged visa processing time for Chinese students. The newspaper also told students "do not go to Australia" for the time being: "It's not worth it to let the narrow-minded Australian Government sabotage your future!" Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-22/chinese-students-angered-by-visa-processing-delays/9574838?section=politics
  3. Hi all, I have just received an email from my companies' travel agent concerning Non Australian Citizens and travel from Oz to mainland China. As I am on a 820, word is there have been restrictions implemented that are now in place until 'mid November' before they are expected to be relaxed. Apparently as my visa has no finish date (or return visa date as described on the Chinese visa site) and just says "indefinite" until my 801 visa is granted - that is what they are worried about. Now this is a he said-she said scenario. This is coming from a company which sorts out Chinese visa's on behalf of my companies' travel agent. Talk about multiple middle men! So, I am assuming I have two options but would love to hear anyone else's advice please: 1) Fly to England and fly back to China - guaranteed entry but potentially a 50 hour flight 2) Go into the Chinese visa processing center on Elizabeth ST myself and see if I can get a straight answer. Any help or experiences with the matter would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  4. Sveta Khalbaeva

    Police Clearance Certificate

    hello how to get PPC from China? i was studying there in beijing more than 12 month and now i need a certificate for my visa. im currently in australia, is it possible to get it from here? thank you in advance and happy easter!
  5. I've been told that we have a big meeting where most of the region will be in Beijing for a meeting. While this is great and all, I've got serious concerns for health. China must be a cheap option of us to all travel there, however I am seriously concerned nobody has given people's heath consideration. If you're unfamiliar or wonder why I sound so ungrateful then checkout the Australian: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/chinese-question-official-solutions-as-pollution-returns-to-blanket-beijing/story-e6frg6so-1226560414616 So the last thing I want to do is go there and then get sick; work I enjoy but it's not something I want to get ill over! So - can I be "made" to go? My contract probably says I need to travel, as I meet customers all the time. But this is an internal "all hands" kind of thing. Advice appreciated!
  6. I am trying to get China Police Clarence Certificate for foreigner who has worked in China. But this seems to be most difficult task. I have followed undermentioned instructions which is written on the DIMA Website, but here in China it seems to be impossible to get it. Can anybody please help me who has already taken this certificate from China Guangdong, Guangzhou Province Please find the undermentioned information for getting police clearance certificate from Local Province. Relevant document – ‘Notary Certificate of No Criminal Convictions’ Apply Applicants (or authorised person) must apply in person at the Notary Public Office in the province/city/district of previous residence in China. Obtain the “No Criminal Convictions Certificate” from the local police station. Application by mail will not be accepted Provide: Citizens original ID card, original Permanent Residence Registration (hukou) booklet, original ‘No Criminal Convictions’ certificate (wu fan zui zheng ming) from the Personal Dossier Department, and authorisation letter (if applying via a third party). To obtain the ‘No Criminal Convictions’ certificate from Personal Dossier Department, applicants must apply with the following documents: original ID card, original file card (cun tang ka), and the authorisation letter (if applying via a third party) Non-citizens original passport (or copy of passport, original Temporary Residence Card (ju liu zheng) or Temporary Residence Permit, original Police Clearance certificate (wu fan zui ji lu zheng ming) from the Chinese Public Security Bureau (PSB), and authorisation letter (if applying via a third party cable). To obtain the Police Clearance certificate from the PSB, non-citizens must provide the following documents: original passport(s) (or copy of passport(s) – including both the current passport and any old passports in which the Chinese visa was attached, a letter from the work unit or university/school where the non-citizen worked or studied while in China, and an authorisation letter (if applying via a third party). The PSB will only issue Police Clearance certificates to applicants with Z (Work), X (Student) and J1 (Journalist) visa classes. Holders of other classes of visa will need to enquire directly with the PSB for local procedures to obtain police clearance certificates Note Application procedures may differ slightly between different provinces, districts or cities. Applicants are encouraged to confirm the procedure directly with the local PSB and/or Public Notary Office. Obtain a notarised translation of the certificate. Provide both the original and notarised translation of the “No Criminal Convictions Certificate” to the office processing the application.
  7. According to Australian immigration and citizenship minister, Chris Bowen, this year has seen India become the top source country with the largest number of immigrants to Australia. When visiting recently, Mr Bowen told The Times Of India: "The strongest link between Australia and India is people to people through immigration. India has for several years been our third largest source of permanent migrants. This year so far, India has been the largest source; it has beaten China and the UK." In the past there has been some negative press regarding attacks on Indian students when studying in Australia. Regarding this subject, he told The Times Of India: "Those incidents are in the past. Indian students are now again one of the highest numbers in Australian universities". Also mentioned were recent positive changes to the Australian international students program, potentially enabling more students to apply for the Australia visa application for students.
  8. From November 8 CSair start flying into Perth. Perth-Guangzhou-Beijing. It would be a 2 stop trip to UK but worth a look if it's cheaper. More competition for International flights in and out of Perth is good. Flight schedules are..... Beijing-Guangzhou CZ319 17:30 20.45 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Guangzhou-Perth 22:00 Next day 6:30 Perth-Guangzhou CZ320 9:55 17:50 Wednesday, Friday, Sunday Guangzhou-Beijing 20:00 23:10 *During the initial stage after the flight course will be put into operation, adjustments might be made to the time to put the flight course into operation and the fight schedules due to the uncontrollable factors, such as government operating standards and airworthiness requirements. For more information, you can find the notice on the website.
  9. Hi everyone, Have been searching for flights for later on this year and Air China and China Eastern are over a £1000 cheaper for our family of 5 than the bigger airlines. Has anyone flew with them? any advice most welcome. Thanks

    Anyone used China Eastern Airlines?

    Hi All Am just looking at flights for next jan/feb for validating our visa and these are coming up about approx £2700 for a family of 4 compared with other airlines £1000 plus more for the same dates. They give you a free accomodation in with that flight for one night in Shanghai, the connection going out is 3 hrs but coming back its 17 hrs hence the reason for the hotel room. Just your thoughts please.... Thanks
  11. tracy123

    Air China

    Has anyone flown with air china? Their flights are coming up at 1/2 the cost of everyone else, as I'll be flying on my own I'm not to bothered by in flight entertainment, they seem to have a 12 hour delay in China but I wouldn't mind having a stop over and see the great wall...... Anyway if you have flown with them, some info would be great :wubclub:
  12. Guest

    Gob Smacking Fact, China.

    Just heard on the news (radio) that if EVERYONE from China walked past you in single file the line would NEVER end. Because of the birth rate in China at the moment the population is growing so fast that the queue would simply never end. That is somewhat amazing, well at least to me being an anorak.:embarrassed: I feel the easts turn is coming, move over western society, hopefully they will make a better job of it than 'we' have. Cheers Tony
  13. hi, I am a new comer from China. My name is BEN, an electrical engineer. I am applying a 175 visa to Australia.:biggrin:
  14. So it's all good, interest rates are on the up, our economy is spot on. It may be hard to get a job but lets not forget inflation needs stabalising the best way for this apparently is raise interest rates. We here in oz are booming lets hope china feels the same way and keeps on buying the australian resources because i for one do not want to think what australia would be like if China went elsewhere.
  15. Hi all I am looking to fly back for my best friends wedding in June (Syd - LHR) and have been trying to look at flights without my heart palpatations starting! Anyway have found a good deal with China airways - has anyone flown with them? Every time i have flown i have always come with Singapore or Emirates - although once with BA and never again! So I know i have been spoilt! I just wondered if there is a reason they are so much cheaper? Does the plane have only one wing? Do they serve food? Etcetc All advice gratefully received! Thanks Nat x
  16. Hi, Even though this is my first post, I'm a regular visitor of PIO. I've been reading posts on PIO regarding dodgy agents promoting VET courses as pathway to PR that have been linked to India and the sub-continent, and China. I'd like to share an advertisement of a MARA registered agent that appeared in an Indian community newspaper (latest October 2009 issue), published in Melbourne: [link removed by Gollywobbler] This is just one of the many advertisements that appear in these newspapers which are being distributed freely around Melbourne and Sydney. As one can see, the agent is clearly promoting PR pathway courses and offering bonuses to students as well!! I DO NOT blame Indian or Chinese students to abuse the pathway - clearly the Australian Government is to be blamed as they have issued visas to these students, allowed dodgy operators and agents to flourish their business! Majority of students have been misguided by their agents (including MARA registered agents) and this can be justified by the discussions held on SBS channel a couple of months back: SBS Insight
  17. The Ozcans

    $50bn WA gas deal with China

    A friend in Perth just told me about this. She mentioned 10,000 jobs, but the article says 6,000. http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/natural_resources/article6801160.ece
  18. Air China are looking really cheap for our migration flight in December (and they offer 30kgs as standard checked baggage from the UK) Only problem is that all reviews seem to be really bad Has anyone flown Air China and had a good experience or are all the bad reviews true?? hmmmm
  19. hi if you have flown or know someone who has flown with air china please could you let us know how you got on wat they were like many thanks ron
  20. He likes chinese culture and his daughter married to a chinese. It's obvious his daughter become a hostage between China and him. He could never say "No" if China want to buy Australia's famous company like mining company. Australian have to keep an eye out for him. Remember John Howard ever say "No" to block another country company that want to take over our oil company. John Howard is a great man although he made mistake at workchoice case. I miss him.
  21. motherof2

    Selling china (not the country!)

    OH and I have begun to declutter this weekend. Unfortunately we have decided that we will not be taking our wedding dinner service with us as we have only used it a handfull of times in the last fifteen years. Has anyone else sold their china or be able to recommend a company that may be interested to buy it off us? We are in SE London/Kent area.