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Found 38 results

  1. Guest

    Childrens Car Seats

    Hi, Wasn't quite sure where to put this, so apologies if it's in the wrong section. I was just wondering whether anyone would mind recommending which childs car seat to go for over in Australia please? We'd like it to be a Group 1, 2, 3 (at least that's what they're called over here) so suitable from 9months until the child no longer needs a car seat, have side protection head rest and a 5 point harness. Can anyone give me a pointer please?
  2. Hi all, I don't know if I'm correct in thinking that these nurseries have recently been taken over???? I have read some things on the net and what I understand experienced qualified staff seem to be leaving, I was wondering what the reason for this is. Are all the childcare jobs (nursery nurses) in private day care in Australia?? I am an NNEB qualified nursery nurse and I am trying to find out any info as to what sort of job I could do in Australia. I qualified about 17 years ago, I first started working in private nuseries in the UK, but for the past 8 years I have been a teaching assistant in a school working with children aged between 9 and 13 years of age. Do schools in Oz employ staff from overseas or are these jobs easlily filled with australian residents???? Any advice would be apprieciated Oh one more thing, do you know which are the best nurseries to work for? Many thanks Jessie:cute:
  3. Hi there, We have recently arrived about 4 weeks ago in Mornington im 36 my hubby is 34 i have 2 children 2 and 4. I have managed to get my 4 year old into kindi and looking to go to a playgroup with the 2 year old so i can meet up with other mums. Im enjoying it here and it seems a great place for us. Also anybody knows a good hairdresser? thanks bridget:biggrin:
  4. Guest

    Childrens spectacles/dental

    2 of the children wear spectacles, here in the UK the sight test is free and you get a voucher once a year for new glasses, dental is also free. How does it work in Oz and is it different in each state? QLD is where they are going.
  5. Hi, New to the site so appolagies if this is not correct format. My step son is 17 and step daughter is 22. They are not coming to Oz with us but will they need health and police checks? Please can anyone advise what the age limit is. Thanks
  6. My little girl turns on june 9th need to sort out a bday cake for her. had i been in england still granny wouldve made one but as Im not I need to find somewhere i can buy one from as I am USELESS at making cakes!!! thanks
  7. We're coming out for a reccie in April and would like to know what suburbs are easily commutable for the mater childrens hospital. I would be using public transport and would likely need to be there for 7ish in the morning and late at night? Thanks for any advice! Jo(28), Mark(37), William(2)
  8. I have a pine single bed for sale. It is sleigh effect. perfect for child. Quick sale needed due to move back to UK. $65.00 2 X Single mattresses for sale $40.00 each 04165 25389
  9. mrsb

    Childrens passport photos

    Where's the best place to get this done? I know australia has different regulations for photos, and I don't trust those booths! I've heard of some places doing it online or should I stick to a photo shop?
  10. My daughter bless her managed to leave her hearing aids on the plane in singapore when we travelled back to the uk and the airline have not been very helpful even though they were informed as soon as we realised. I have spent the last week trying to sort out new ones the travel insurance company will only give me 500 dollars even though when i booked insurance they stated would come under medical now they are saying they are accessories . (not an accessory i think we all want) I have spoken to nhs hospital but they say because i have been out the country more than 12 months but hae been back twice they class me as a paying patient and i dont get any help in australia as i am on a 457 visa :arghh: My daughter is 0bviously very distressed by this also the fact she is missing out on conversations any help advice would be appreciated
  11. ok, i know that every one thinks this of their sons, but i have a very talented football player as a son he is nearly 10 and another one in the making who is 8 and another son who is 5 and as yet not showing such a pashion We are hoping to make it to melbourne, if we get our visas, we are non csl but state sponsored and have already done medicals requested by C/O and police checks we where awaiting visas just before the 23rd Sep changings And we are wondering how much football is played in south to south east melbourne, have children got the same chances of success in melbourne, as they might have in essex/london in england this might seem like a minimal questions, but it is very important to us, or the boys atleast,
  12. k8bug79

    Childrens citizenship

    Hi, my husband was granted citizenship by descent the other day, and received his certificate :biggrin: His Dad is an Oz citizen who has lived most of his life in the UK It got me wondering what that means for my 2 children with him. The old citizenship website was a bit easier to understand. i know that for them to gain citizenship by descent he would have had to be an Oz citizen at the time of their birth, which obviously he wasn't. I also know had he been an Oz citizen at the time of their birth he would have had to lived in Oz for a minimum of 2 years, which he hasn't. but what I am wondering is if when we get over there and he has lived in Oz for 2 years there is any option of them becoming oz citizens or do they have to wait for the 4 year rule that apples to PRs??? :eek:
  13. The Pom Queen

    Childrens Week 24th October - 1st Nov

    Hi All For those of you who are in Melbourne with young ones, Childrens Week starts this weekend and there are lots of activities throughout Melbourne. For a start on Sunday 25th October Melbourne Zoo are holding a family fund day with the Mr Men and Blinky Bill, entry is free for all children under 15yrs. Sunday 1st November Melbourne Museum are having a family fun day with lots of free activities, again free admission. Also the councils are having events which include Teddy Bears Picnics, Bike Safety, Kids Day in the Park for more information or to find events in your area have a look here: Childrens Week - Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Kate:wubclub:
  14. nurse sue

    childrens medicals

    Hi not sure if anyone can help I have applied for visa going on 457 had medical but they now want a specialist report for an accident I had 10 years ago :arghh:also been told im a little "Flubsy" couldnt find it in dictionary but told means well padded :twitcy: I am also worrying that I havent been asked for my children to have medicals one is 13 and the other is 16 both will be going into full time education can any one advise thanks
  15. I am a chidrens' nurse hoping to gain state sponsorship for a position on the Gold Coast. Can anyone help? Really could do with some advice about the whole process. I am not adult trained. Would love to hear from any chlldrens' nurses and their experiences. Currently work in a large Childrens' A&E but have 14 yeras experience in general wards and HDU. Any advice much appreciated.
  16. Hello ive just moved to Kallaroo and would love to meet some new friends and maybe children for my son to play with. He is 2 and a half. Thought could do Hillarys or go Bananas if its raining? Anyone fancy it? Carla and Callum :hug:
  17. just to warn anyone our here who has kids to be careful when getting braces .Shop around and get a few different quotes...I could not believe the difference between 2 orthodontists.....saved me some money and my daughter is getting the same care and treatment for $800 less....:jiggy:
  18. Guest

    Validating childrens visas

    Hi i wonder if anyone can help. My husband and i did a reccie in November after receiving our visas, this validated them but we didnt bring our 3 children because of costs and wanting to get all the reccie things done quickly. We still havnt sold our house and our childrens visas need validating before September, can anyone tell us if the childrens visas can be extended or will we have to reapply and what the costs involved are, other than this we will have to make another trip before September.:confused:
  19. Guest

    Childrens parties in perth

    My daughter will be 7 soon and I can't decide where to have her party. Anyone tried childrens swimming parties here? Any other ideas? Anyone had one just in the park?
  20. Hello If i get no replies then obviously no one else is doing this course but it would be nice if there were some fellow poms on my course!!:hug: Georgiex
  21. Guest

    Childrens nursing

    My partner and my 4 kids are considering a move to Queensland but cannot decide where to go. We want to live somewhere with breathtaking scenery and plenty of space as we currently live in rural Wales and would not want to live in the suburbs. However I need to be within commuting distance of a hospital or anywhere I could work as a child trained nurse. Brisbane seems to be the place where I could work easily but we really like the idea of living in the Gold Coast hinterland but does anyone know if I could work there? Or commute from there? I'm getting pretty confused as to where I can work as I am just paeds trained only. Any advice much appreciated!
  22. My partner and my 4 kids are considering a move to Queensland but cannot decide where to go. We want to live somewhere with breathtaking scenery and plenty of space as we currently live in rural Wales and would not want to live in the suburbs. However I need to be within commuting distance of a hospital or anywhere I could work as a child trained nurse. Brisbane seems to be the place where I could work easily but we really like the idea of living in the Gold Coast hinterland but does anyone know if I could work there? Or commute from there? I'm getting pretty confused as to where I can work as I am just paeds trained only. I would consider the community but apparently that ay not be possible? Any advice much appreciated!
  23. beastmaster2452

    Childrens vaccinations

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone help, my family and I are moving to lovely Wagga Wagga NSW on the 3 Nov 08 (not long away). My children who are aged 4, 6, & 9 years of age and are all girls (lucky me) have had all the required vaccinations here in the UK, but Is there any vaccinations they require prior to moving to Aus. Many Thanks Matt & Family :mask:
  24. Hello Everyone Might be grasping at straws here but had a thought!! My ex husband and father of my children was born in NZ which is obviously on their birth certificates. We have no contact with him and he left the UK last year and now lives in Australia (Perth) ..... in hiding somewhere from the CSA ( another story). I was wondering if we can use their descent to help us get into OZ ..... long shot I know but maybe?? Thanks Jen x
  25. The willy s

    your childrens reactions

    what reaction did you get from your children when you told them you were thinking about moving to oz? for ages we decided not to tell our boys as we did nt want to worry them if it did nt come off. we then decided that we have to give them some warning. it feels wrong talking about this behind their backs, and we would like to take them to meet ups etc. we ve now told them we are going to go for it. the younger two boys (7 and 4) are ok. my 10 year old however has taken it very badley, crying and shouting, im not going, leave me at nan s etc!!! very worrying :unsure: xx