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Found 10 results

  1. scrappydoo

    Child Visa 101 Queries

    I've already applied for a Child Visa 101 for my 5 month old. Since the processing time of that visa is really long, can I still migrate to Australia (already have a SubClass 189), look for job etc and hopefully migrate my family later when the visa is granted or I have to wait till the visa is granted as I have submitted my proof of income and employment verification letters? Need a little guidance here.
  2. My parents and brother came over on 457 3 years ago and have had PR for a year but I stayed behind to finish University. I graduated July (2014) and have come over on a Working Holiday Visa. I want to do a Masters however it is $25000 a year for 2 years. However if I apply as a child dependent on my parents I could get domestic fees ($6000). The problem is the rules state that I could not apply until I have started the course in February but the Uni won't charge domestic fees until I have PR, and if I don't have PR by the end of March they will charge a whole year up front and would only be able to reduce the fees from the next semester. Has anybody been in a similar situation with any help or advice? Thanks in advance.
  3. ambha

    Delay in child Visa 101

    Hi All, I have applied for child visa (subclass 101) on 31st December 2013 and till now I guess even case officer is not assigned. I need to travel to Oz by first week of June cause of my work commitments, what are my options if child visa is not granted till then? Can I apply for visitor visa for my 20 month old baby ? My wife and I'm having GSM 175. Quick help and guidance will be really appreciated. Regards AB
  4. I know the answer to this depends on each application but I am just wondering. We applied for our child visa 101 at the start of April 2013 and were told 6-7 months at the moment. Our visas expire in December this year so I am just wondering if anyone else has had their child visa granted and what their timescale was. Thanks :biggrin:
  5. Hi Were emigrating to QLD in June. Myself and my husband will be entering on a previously validated visa, however we have had to apply for a separate visa subclass 101 for our baby boy. Submitted 31th Jan 13, appointed CO 5th Feb with estimated processing time of 7-8 months. We are allowed to emigrate with him before his visa is processed, but we are unsure on the type of visa we will need for him to enter and reside there on until his 101 visa is processed. I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thank you :smile:
  6. inspiracoon

    child subclass 101 visa!

    Hey everyone, I'm in Year 10 of schooling and I'm from Singapore. My mom's currently an Australian citizen - she's been there since 06, and I'm planning on settling in Australia permanently after I graduate from university, which will be in 8 - 9 years, an extended period of time due to Singaporean military service obligations (2 years). I'm planning on applying for the Child Subclass 101 visa now, while I'm still under 18 (heard the dependency issue becomes hard after that), activate my visa in January next year, then complete my schooling in Singapore (2 years), go for military service (2 years) then possibly university in the UK, USA, not really Australia, since there isn't an uni particularly strong in what I'm planning to major in, but still keeping that in consideration due to lower costs if I were to be granted the visa. I'll be visiting Australia this end of year for a month, after my A levels for 2 months, after my military service for 6 months or so while waiting for my university course to start (probably for a working holiday of sorts). The issue, however, is that my visa will expire midway during my freshman year at university, and after I wouldn't have fulfilled residency requirements (2/5 years, if I wasn't wrong) to qualify for a new 5-year Return Resident Visa. After I complete my degree, which would be probably 3-4 years after my visa has expired, would I be able to qualify for a 3-month RRV for me to Australia and thereafter settle, or what'd happen after that? What should I even do now? THANKS FOR READING!!!
  7. babybronco

    Does Child visa 101 need validating?

    My husband and I were granted PR visa 175 in June 2011, we validated it with a trip to Oz in Nov. 2011, we are planning on emigrating approx June 2014. Since our visa was granted we have had a baby girl. :biggrin: We are aware we need to apply for a child visa 101, and it looks like the current processing time in London (where we need to apply) is 3 months. My question is, do we need to validate the visa with a trip to Oz, and if so, what is the time scale for that? My worry is that if we are granted the visa too quickly, we may have to do an expensive validation trip before we are ready to make the full move! (But then if we leave application till nearer the time and this gets delayed, it may hold up the whole move!) Any advice much appreciated. Many thanks.
  8. We sent in our application last week with Police Checks and everything enclosed to try and speed things up. All we need now is a Case Officer and to get the bub's medicals done. Can anyone tell us how long it took you to get a Case Officer allocated? Just wondering as I am checking my emails every day obsessively since we only have til Dec 2013 to make the final move. Thanks :biggrin:
  9. Guest

    Child visa 101 help

    Hi guys, been a very long time since I have posted but I have been backwards and forwards for info! ok so we got our PR 176(or175 state sponsored one lol) In 2011 just me and hubby. We activated in sept 2011 while I was pregnant with our little boy (found out about pregnancy after visa granted). so we are having to apply for a child visa for the little man, which I have started now. My question is ththis do we have to activate his child visa within a certain period like we did ours or can we get his visa and go when we are ready? to be honest we are going the end of the summer with any luck so might not make a difference but just incase don't want to have to enter by xxxx date and can't so lose baby's visa. hope that makes sense? hope someone can help cheers guys dan x
  10. Hi there, I am posting as i need further advice about my Child visa 101 (offshore) application, that is about to be lodged by my migration agent.... I am aged 23 years old, female, a British citizen, and currently a student (but about to graduate in 3 weeks with a First Class Honours Degree). Last year i appointed a registered migration agent to help lodge my application, my parents used them about 4 years ago when they emigrated to Australia permanently, and to date they have been helpful to me.......However, i have found something out, very recently, that could affacted my eligibility for the visa, of which the migration agent has not made me aware of (which is strange!). Basically i have been advised that i might have to remain a student until the visa is granted, rather than at the time of being lodged... I wanted to know if this is the case and if anyone has experienced problems with this? I have been exploring my options if this is the case, and the main option would be to undertake a Postgraduate course, full-time, which is for 1 year (of which will cost me alot of money!!!), but this would give me an extra year for the visa to go through (hopefully). Alternatively, if i graduated and then remained working part time in my job, whilst still receiving money from my parents, would i still be classed as dependent on my parents, even though i wouldn't have my student status? I will be speaking to my migration agent about this also, but just wanted some advice from others who may have experienced anything like this, or know about it. Thanks Jennifer